Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tay And NiNi To Collab Soon??

Its said that ex enemies who were majorly involved in the #TAYVSPSR war NiNi and Tay are gearing up to release a new song TOGETHER which if true, will mark the first time that those two have ever collabed in anyway. This story comes from TMZ which is semi-reliable when it comes to topics like this, but 89% of the time they are right about what they report on since they have extremely reliable sources at hand. Tay also may have confirmed this as she posted #DOPE, hey I finally snagged up the queen lol" Snagged means basically "Grabbed up, secured, "got" yeah you get it, so is she referring to the fact  that she finally got NiNi to collab with her? Maybe, maybe not, but are any of you looking forward to a collab from NiNi and TiTi? Click here to view Tay's tweet, and click here to view the TMZ article that first broke this story.......

Cymphonique Surprise Mixtape #C4

NiqNiq has surprised us with an unannounced unexpected mixtape which is her 4th. We still don't understand the title its called #C4 but we assume its due to the fact that "C4" is a deadly explosive and its her 4th mixtape, and the "C" stands for her name, but that's just our guess, although we still don't know why she hashtagged it, but many artists are now hashtagging their mixtape, album and even movie titles so hey. The mixtape dropped at 8am this morning and is being sold worldwide, on her site and the PSR site for $4.99 and it has sold over 56 million copies so far. Online downloads crashed multiple servers, including Itunes and the PSR site and its very the game and in the streets. Its produced by herself, Just Blaze, Solo and NiNi and has features from Snoop Dogg, NiNi, Pharell, Romeo, KeKe Palmer, 2 Chainz, Ari, Big Sean and Tyga. It is number 5 on the hot hip hop charts which is excellent, and the mixtape is Hip-Hop/R&B/Swag Girl/ and Pop. Click here to purchase #C4" by Cymphonique......

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Madonna Slanders NiNi, The N's Respond

Madonna and NiNi always have had issues with each other, just like her and MiMi, they been having  tension pretty much forever and even fought a couple years ago, but supposedly they put it to the side and collabed mid last year on the fight for cancer and bullying campaign. Madonna, who has been talking a lot of nonsense lately, has a memoir if you wanna call it that called "25 Things You Don't Know About Madonna" and number 7 says "I want to meet President Obama. Seriously why haven't I met him yet?, He needs to invite me to the white house, maybe I'm just too shocking for him. Maybe if I was Demure and married to Beith, I'll get invited, hey, if he's willing to take on a second wife, I'll be married to Beith" Almost instantly, the N's hit Twitter bashing her, with one girl posting "Doesn't @Madonna have a new album coming out? what better way to promote it then by fucking with people who been here way less then you but are so much bigger then you smh #marketing #washedup" It got so bad that Madonna herself had to respond and she posted "I said "Demure" doesn't any of you know what that means, it means "polite" "graceful" "respectful" everything I'm not, so how did I diss her??????" One fan responded saying @Madonna, no it really refers to a woman who's a goody two shoes and thinks its all about her, nobody cares about you anymore, just shut up" She responded "Honey get a dictionary and check the word "Demure" would ya?" The N's continued attacking her and she attacked them back, until eventually she signed off and created the hashtag #ScaredHerOff" Madonna is right though, Demure means exactly what she said, but the being married to Beith part shouldn't have been said, but hey, that's her and we honestly feel she was joking, she reminds you of 50 cent, she jokes but sometimes the jokes aren't all that funny or necessary and many people take offense to them (remember when we all thought she was racist when she made the joke "2 white people walk in bar and sit down, didn't realize they were at a KKK club and they got hung from a tree, what a way to end a hard day of working in those cotton fields") which made people think that she was saying black people think they're white, but after dating that black dude, that kind of left everyone's mind. But regardless, we don't think this is a "beef" its just her being her, and NiNi didn't respond either, so she probably knows she didn't mean it how it sounded. Click here to view number 7 from "25 Things You Don't Know About Madonna"

Queen B Takes Care Of NiNi's CR Fees

The two queens have finally paid up the money owed for copyright to Hungarian singer Nulu. Quick recap: the two singers were sued late last year for copyright on the song "Drunk In Love" where the singer claims they stole her voice and modified her beat in the song and she asked for 300 million dollars each from NiNi, B and Jay-Z. A judge found them all guilty and although Nulu didn't get the 300 million each that she asked for, she did win, and she won 1 million each from all 3. The judge also ordered that they give her credit in the song which is now the new version we hear everywhere with "Nulu" in the beginning. After 6 months though, the queens still didn't pay and Nulu was complaining. The total amount that they all owed was different, but the 1 million for Nulu wasn't it, they also had to pay court fees, and they each got a fine, so NiNi is said to have been fined over 567,000 dollars ON TOP of the million dollars that she had to give to Nulu. Recap over......Now the queens have paid her up and paid their super expensive court fees and fines. But Queen N didn't do it, a source close to her says that B paid more then 2 million dollars to the courthouse this morning, but not in her name, it was in NiNi's name, then she paid close to 1.5 million for herself. NiNi wasn't with her, but security camera's show her receiving 2 separate receipts and if you zoom the footage close, you see the receipts when she is putting them in her purse, one says "Dontanisha King-Nichols, and one says "Beyonce Knowles" She also received a warrant suspension notice, which means the warrants for their arrest is canceled, She went super early as soon as they opened at 6am so not many people were out, so besides the security camera in the courthouse violation department, no one else saw her. That's loyal to the fullest, guess that's why she's number 1 huh. She refused any requests for comments and her reps haven't returned our calls. NiNi also isn't responding to our requests for comments. Click here to view the footage from inside of the courthouse (zoom in close at the 2 minute mark, and pause at 2:02 and 2:15 and you'll see the names on the receipts and the warrant suspension notice). *UPDATE* A security guard who works at the courthouse has been fired and fined for releasing the footage. Being that the cameras are inside of a law type place, no leaking is permitted out of respect to the victim or suspect and for safety reasons, the man, whose name is Antonio Jameson, was trained on this and knew better, but being that it was B, he just had to leak it, and sources say he's been fined over $500,000 for threatening a civilians safety. Good for his ass.......But now they are officially done with Nulu, everyone makes mistakes so lets just put it behind us....

Monday, March 23, 2015

Jordin Officially Confirms Split + Announces New Album Prod. BY NiNi

Jordin Sparks and ex PSR artist Jason Derulo have been having many public fights, mostly over social media, and for a while its been said that the two split up around the time he was dropped from PSR, but neither one of them actually confirmed that, but today Jordin has confirmed that they ARE in fact split, and she also confirmed the rumors of infidelity as the reason why they split in her own way. In her interview she gets asked "So Jordin, you've went platinum so many times, you had the highest selling record at one point, but even through all that, your biggest headline was Jason Derulo, and now we're hearing you guys are no longer together is there any truth to that?" She replied "Yes, we have went our separate ways, I tried my best to stay but it just was too much, so ladies enjoy him,, if you don't mind the big no-no, then he's a really great guy (laughs)" We all know the "big no-no" means cheating and he's been said to have been doing that as early as 1 week after they began dating (that's ridiculous) Jason himself responded tweeting #NeverMeantNothing" Many took that as him saying even though he did his dirt the girls were nothing to him or that Jordin never meant nothing to him, but he denied it saying that that is the title of his upcoming new song and he didn't hear the interview yet, if you say so buddy. On the interview she also announced her new album "The Heart Whats What It Wants" is over 75% completed and she is hoping  to have a release in early April. This will be her 3rd PSR album and she said the entire album is produced by NiNi and has a slight twist than what her fans are used to hearing her in, but promised its nothing too extreme. She also addressed the video that leaked of her and NiNi arguing and then fighting that was posted to YouTube saying that there is no beef, they were just acting stupid when NiNi popped over her house to work on some music since they live less then 4 blocks away from each other and calls NiNi her biggest inspiration besides her family. Click here to check out her interview on the Today Show. She is also featured in a new song by Romeo and Iggy called "My Cinderella" Click here to check it out....

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nicki And Meek Over? Argument On Stage + Is NiNi Having Issues With Birdman?

Nicki is currently on the first arm of her "pink print" world tour and she is performing with her rumored boy toy Meek Mill. But during the show the two had an argument on stage. They had their mics down so no one heard what they said but if you look at their lips it seems meek says "fuck you bitch" or something like that, and she smiles and it appears she says "you old news dude" of course since we couldn't hear them, we can't actually confirm that that's what they said, or if they actually were arguing, but Meek stormed off stage and nick canceled the remainder of the show, so we think they argued. Some sources report nick was seen crying backstage after that happened, but once again that isn't confirmed. So is it splits for the new so called "hip hop power couple" Click here to view the video, we're they arguing or just talking, if so why did he storm out and why did she kill the rest of the show? . In other news, lately nini's name has been more and more in beefs, and not in music, fashion and all the other shit she does, in fact the beef talk is so much, her movie is not even in the headlines as much cuz that's taking over. Besides Tahiry, now it's said that her and her 2nd mentor Baby AKA Birdman are having issues and he's blaming her for the fall of Cash Money. Check out this tweet "nowadays man niggaz get whipped over bitches and my dude who I practically raised by myself as my own son ain't wit it, he got shit in his head from the higher ups especially that main one who so called runs shit, and the lil nigga turned on me, regardless it's all good because I'll still keep it "platinum" with or without u shorty" Being that hes talking about running the game  (Nini does that) and he put parenthesis around "Platinum" (Platinum Sound Records) he may be subbing at Nini. But it's unconfirmed and he is currently unavailable for comment on his tweet. He deleted the tweet within 10 minutes which also says alot. So are Nini and birdman beefing? Nini hasn't responded and is unavailable for comment. Stay tuned.....Click here to check out his tweet. *Update* Nini responded we think. She tweeted #LikeFatherLikeSon.....We all know what that means right?

A New Beef? + Demi New Album


A new beef seems to be popping off, and its not the un-named girl Nini fought earlier, it's supposedly  Tahiry Jose (from LAHH). The reason why we think there's a beef is due, as usual to Twitter where 94% of all beefs start. Tahiry  first posted "Man is this the "entertainment"industry or a boxing ring?, I'm hearing about fights and arguing non stop when I dont even hear your music much anymore it's disgusting #Queen" Yeah she hashtagged it with that name which is why everyone thinks it's about Nini and the fact that it seems she is referencing the fight earlier with NiNi, and all her other "fight" drama lately. Nini responded but not directly and posted "Sigh, exactly what I mean from earlier #BrandNew" Does she mean brand new as in its a new person now she's beefing with? We feel 99.9% yes. Do we feel it's a new beef with them yes 99.9%. Click here to see their tweets. Tahiry didn't respond to NiNi's tweet although maybe she did posting "Lol, what am I laughing at #notimportant" hmmm. In other news, our girl miss Demi has announced her 5th psr album will be dropping in June, but she will be giving us alot of new material and a mini tour to hold us until that time. Check her announcement tweet here....BTW, sorry about the comments sections, it's down update fix soon.....

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ninis New Movie Dropping April 3rd

Nini's movie "Revenge" is set to hit theatres on April 3rd according to a reliable source of ours. The trailer is supposed to be releasing this Monday but we still have no extra details like the cast list or further plot info. Click here to read the full article.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Selena New Song + Who's The Second Artist To Forgive Tay?

Today a new song released by Lena Ft Fallout Boy called "Hot Tub" Pretty cool song which combines her signature pop style with pop hop. It is produced by "Scott Storch. It also is co-produced by NiNi. It is number 7 on the charts so far. Click here to check out "Hot Tub" by Lena Ft Fall Out Boy. In other news, the PSR VS TAY war has been over for a few weeks now and so far only one psr artist has forgiven her besides Nini and that's nicki. But another person has forgiven her also and that's Kat. She posted a pic of her and Tay posing and hugging with the caption #NoMore. Who's next?

Congrats To KeKe

Looks like stress can bring on an early pregnancy. Evan has officially called off the engagement which sources close to Keke say left her "devestated" and shortly afteewards, she went into labor 4 days early and was in labor all night. Today her manager reports she gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 7:12 this morning. Evan was NOT present in the room. But since he's on the opposite side of the world right now on tour, it is unknown if he is on his way or if he can't bear to see her right now. Keke however seems to be in good spirits though as she posted a pic of her 3 hours after giving birth with a smile laying down in the hospital bed with her gown with the caption #Newmommy #BestFeeling" We don't know when or if we will see the first pictures of her baby, or if she might sell the first pic for a magazine cover like so many other celebs do. Buy for now congrats to KeKe and Evan, hope they can work things out....

NiNi's Plane Makes Unscheduled Stop In A Ditch, Dina Jokes About It

Fear ran super high today as NiNi's plane had to make an emergency landing in a ditch just outside of Philadelphia when one of the engines caught on fire. NiNi and her crew were on their way to Minnesota coming from Boston where they performed last night which was a non-stop and should've been a 2 hour flight. The plane reached its cruising altitude of 50,000 ft and Witnesses report that midway during the flight the plane began shaking more then usual, and the captain informed the passengers over the loudspeaker that it was turbulence and that bad weather is approaching. After 5 minutes of constant shaking, the captain told everyone to fasten their seat belts, sit down and to put on their oxygen masks and that they would be making a nose dive but he didn't say why. The plane suddenly dropped and began going down nose first at 37,000 mph. Some people were getting sick due to the sudden drop and they report that everyone was screaming and the plane was shaking like crazy and warning lights began beeping all over the cabin. NiNi and her crew were in first class and they report that their oxygen masks wouldn't come out so they curled into a ball around each other to keep their oxygen while the plane huddled down to the ground. When they were about 7,000 ft people began seeing buildings and many people report seeing "thick black smoke" on the side of the plane, and many thought they were about to hit a building. The plane flew lower and lower and then landed forcefully and lost control and began spinning around before finally coming to a stop. The pilot and the stewardesses quickly rushed everyone off the plane and within 10 minutes everyone was out and once they were out it was apparent what the problem was, the entire right side of the plane was lit up in flames and everyone ran away from it. The fire crew was there within 2 minutes and they were able to stop the flames before it exploded, although the engine did explode, it didn't create enough force to blow up the entire plane. Medics were on scene checking out those who may need medical help, luckily, besides a few bumps and bruises, no one was seriously hurt, which is good because usually when a problem happens 50,000 ft in the sky, you don't have a good chance for survival. NiNi and her crew called up a limo for themselves and an few extras for those who didn't have any transportation or didn't want to ride with the police. It was 122 people on the flight and all 122 survived. The airline later stated that the engine catching fire is a "shock" and "not understood" because it's a brand new engine and was just thoroughly checked and serviced before take off. Planes have between 4 and  engines, and a plane can still make it to its destination safely even if 3 blows out, in fact its very rare for one engine to blow and they say that on almost every flight an engine goes, but the passengers never know because it doesn't create any problems, but they say it is "very rare and unusual" for an engine to actually catch fire mid flight. Police and airline officials are checking into the possibility of foul play. NiNi tweeted about it posting "OMG Scariest experience of my life! And its not much in this world that scares me, but that scared the HELL outta me, I was crying like a big baby and still shaking, no more planes for a while #neardeathexperience" Wow glad everyone is OK....But one person who is making jokes about this is NiNi's new enemy Dina who posted #Boom, UGH she always so lucky why couldn't the part of the plane she was on have blown up and the rest of the people survived? #MaybeOneDay" Was that a confession? or maybe a threat? Cops aren't taking that statement well either, click here to see what I mean.....

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another Copyright Claim, But The Person Isn't Suing

Another copyright has been brought up concerning the queen and its by Avril Lavigne's popular song "I'm With It" and her manager says that she ripped her off, from some lyrics to the beat just changing it around. The song in question is "Party Over Here" by NiNi and her manager says that its the beat to Avril's song and has some of her lyrics and he wants credit and a check. But Avril doesn't feel the same way though. NiNi first replied to her manager posting "#NERD #FALLBACK #FUCKOFF should I keep going?" Then a short while later Avril responded posting "LOL @NiNi I love how you speak your mind no matter who the hell it is, don't even worry about nothing, I know the deal, don't worry about him :)" She just put her own manager down for NiNi and sources say that her manager is pissed because that isn't cool when he was just trying to protect her, but the thing is, he deserves it because those 2 songs sound NOTHING alike, not even a little tiny bit, nor do the lyrics sound similar in ANYWAY! Seems like her manager just is trying to get some extra money for Avril, but it's not gonna work. Click here to see all their tweets....

KeKe Palmer Cheating On Evan Ross

Whoa, big news coming from News Exclusive today. KeKe Palmer is cheating on her fiance and father of her first child, Evan Ross and no that is NOT a rumor. News exclusive aired the story first and they have official pictures of KeKe with an unidentified Yellow man (that means light skinned, so don't call me racist) and they were in what looks to be a park and they were being affectionate as in he was holding her from behind and kissing her ear and cheek, and the position they were in and her facial expressions looked like they were having sex, you know just pull your pants down a little bit, that's all you need, but after looking at  the photos we feel that even though her pants are slightly down, its just a sag, which is becoming a trend with ladies now with sweatpants that sag and show lady boxers. But she also was spotted hopping into the car with him and since they have no tints, they were shot kissing in the back of the limo while pulling off. Paparazzi was all over that park, and that's how they got all these pictures, and those two had no idea they were being photographed because they were in a very private spot, so I guess they assumed they were good, but mtfs were hiding in bushes and that's how they didn't know. If that's not enough proof for you, check out this statement from KeKe herself. "I am deeply sorry for the hurt I caused to those around me. My momentary indiscretion has caused severe trouble for me and those who I love, especially my one true love and the most important person in my life Evan. I am so sorry, I didn't mean to, I love him, I love him so much I really love him" and yes that's an actual statement from her in her voice. She is only days away from having her baby and only weeks away from marrying Evan so this must be a huge blow to him. Everyone has been trying to get in contact with him for comment but he is making himself unavailable to everyone although he did post "these hoes ain't loyal" shoutout to my boy Breezy, he said it best! #Thot" Sources close to him say that since this came out, KeKe has went her separate ways with the guy but they say Evan has called off the wedding which has been delayed for over 6 months now due to her work at PSR and her tour. Now that she's on Maternity Leave, she was supposed to marry during then, but seems like that's not gonna happen. It's sad because they make a couple. Sources say this is the end to "Kevan" is this the end? Will they work it out? Click here to see the 33 pics that was shot of those 2 being beyond affectionate in the park, and click here to hear her statement admitting it. Smh.....and yes many people are attacking KeKe and "the new guy" See what I mean here

NiNi Speaks On Erica Mena + Speaks On Dina

A statement released today by NiNi and she speaks on Erica Mena and the so called "beef" and she says its no beef and that it was a quote "a big misunderstanding" Erica also spoke up about it over Twitter posting #NOISSUES @NiNi WHAT UP GIRL!" So no beef there, but Cyn isn't happy about their new friendship and she posted @NiNi is the bomb, so why the hell she cool with trash like her ugh, still love ya girl lol" Even though she made it out to be a joke, we all know she was dead ass serious on that one. Click here to listen to the queen's statement. But Erica isn't the only person NiNi spoke up on... Yesterday, she and up and coming backup dancer and model Dina who goes by "DiDi" were involved in a heated Twitter war and Dina let it be known that NiNi doesn't see her husband and that she doesn't have sex with anymore due to A$AP Rocky. Today NiNi posted a lengthy tweet addressing her. She posted "I'm sure everyone is aware about my situation, one thing I'm not is a liar, nor am I a bully, everyone knows how I operate, and I let that be known to any new artist, dancer, make up artist, whoever you may be, I'm a huge fan of hard work, and if you're on my team I expect you guys to display hard work, especially the new up and coming ones because you guys are the ones who have so much to catch up with so you should be wanting to work hard anyway. For the most part, everyone I work with is understanding and they do what they have to do and I appreciate and love you guys but this motherfucker Dina must've lost her mind. That Ol' chicken head over there was the most laziest broad I ever seen in my life, she wanted to eat when it was time to work, she doesn't like to follow orders and she constantly asked for breaks even if we just had one 5 minutes before. And you actually are trying to break into the modeling business, you wont get far mama believe that and I let her ass go, and No i sure as fuck didn't pay her, she worked for 2 hours before she decided to act like a fucking dipshit, she followed no rules and she expected to be paid, who gets paid after 2 hours of work tho?  all she worked for was $2.50 and she asking for 2 million wtf is wrong with you, but I'm the bad bitch because I let her go right, keep feeding into the bullshit she tells you, I usually don't work with any unsigned's, whether its artists dancers or whatever, but I know they need luv 2 its hard to make your big break so I tried to help and this bitch took my kindness for weakness, at least I know I'll never work with any unsigned's every again, sorry y'all but you blame that bitch for that!" Dina replied simply posting #Thirsty #Thot blah blah blah hehe" Hmm so yes it is a serious beef going on. Do you guys remember about them when NiNi kicked her out and her and her manager demanded the money and NiNi told them no and they almost fought until security had to drag them both out? We do, now its getting big and #NiNiDinahBeef" is the new hashtag for it. Click here to view her full tweet....

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A New Beef

Why is it that Nini is in so many beefs? She's already possibly in a beef with LAHH star Erica Mena, now someone else called her out and that's Dina Jackson AKA DiDi who is a video hoe (I'm sorry video "model"). Usually We Get subs but this is not a sub as she called her our by name posting @NiNi calm down that ego trip you're on, don't get high off your own supply....omg did I just say that? Oh that's right I did hehe.....#LeftSwipe" Nini responded with her famous line posting #WhoRU" She replied "Yeah you act like you don't anyone except your muffin munchers lol ☆" After a brief twitter war Dina posted "I'll bet you I'll have your man by the end of the week I heard he big you wouldn't know tho huh #ASAPROCKY" which fueled the rumors back up that she doesn't want to have sex with her husband because she's dating her artist A$ap Rocky which was huge back in January. Nini replied "lol don't worry girl I'll see you around'  that's when they ended it and both signed off. Why are these two beefing no idea, but we do know for a fact that Nini does in fact know her because she was a model in one of her videos so maybe this is personal who knows. We'll dig, give you an update soon.....

Tinashe Preggo? + NiNi "BB"?

The Internet is buzzing that hip-hop singer Tinashe is pregnant by her rumored boyfriend Tyler The Creator. She was seen sucking a "pregnancy pop" which is used in women who have morning sickness which is a major symptom of first time early pregnancy. She was out in LA this afternoon promoting her newest mixtape before her show tonight with N & T and she seemed to be trying to cover up the lollipop, but it also seemed like she didn't want to take it out her mouth (since the nausea returns when you stop sucking it) Its long been rumored that Tinashe is with Odd Future member Tyler The Creator, and despite her denying it several times, people still associate them two together, mainly because she doesn't know how to stop being around him. Its many talks of pregnancy around PSR though, not just T. NiNi is also said to be expecting baby number 3. For the past 2 weeks she's been posting weird photos to Insta which created the hashtag #SubHints"  such as one with her in front of one pink crib and one blue crib (which is the symbol color for boy and girl), with the caption "???????" Then she posted a pic of her in the sand on the beach and she was fully covered in sand except for her head, and in her stomach area it was made to have extra sand around that part and it made her look pregnant with a sand belly, and many people took it as she was trying to tell us in a sub way and she received over 2 million congratulations comments on that photo (and she still didn't take it down, wouldn't you take it down if it was sending out a wrong message?") Now today, she was snapped walking on ATL BLVD and it seems she has a Baby Bump. A professional photo analyzer (that's a person that is an expert at looking at photos and judging them) analyzed the photo and says it appears that she is rocking a baby bump, but also notes that it is an unusually windy day in Atlanta today and that it could be possible the wind caught the bottom of her shirt and instead of flying up, the wind is moving on top of the shirt instead of under it creating a "hump" appearance. See the photo here. Is NiNi expecting baby number 3? Another one is Nicki. She still isn't confirming any relationship with Meek, but she still hints and she hinted once again yesterday with a tweet of Meek performing on stage and she captioned it #DopePerformer, hope the JR got that swag #GetIt" Being that she posted "JR" which is referred to a fathers first son, many take that as a sub pregnancy announcement. But her and Meek are remaining quiet about everything and its honestly irritating us, and a short while later, she deleted the picture which seems odd to us as well. Ari was rumored to be pregnant when she first wifed up Big Sean but they both confirmed not yet as they are too busy too get into the kid life right now. Another is Cymphonique who has been dressing like a tomboy for the past 2 weeks and rocking clothes 3 times too big and we all know when celebs do that they're trying to hide a bump. Even though we still don't know who the father of her first born is, many think they are expecting number 2 or else why is she rocking huge clothes and always avoiding questions about possibly being preggo again Her father also tweeted her @NiqNiq congrats baby" Even though it was really no reason to congratulate her since she hasn't done much recently. Sources also report that she is having terrible mood swings and eating constantly. Hmmm....So which one of these PSR artists are actually pregnant, or are any of them preggo at all? Neither one of them want to speak up about that topic so who knows, but trust me we will find out because big clothes or not, women cant hide their pregnancy forever, you get big duh. So who will be the lucky winner? N? T? Niq Niq? Nicki? We'll see

KC And Nicki Collab + Cyn Speaks Up On Erica Mena/NiNi Drama

KC & Nicki

KC has released a new song today called "It's All Bad" which makes this the first time in over 2 years that she has collabed with her ex enemy Nicki. The song tells a story about a man (or woman) that is doing bad things, like cheating and acting out in a relationship, but when the other person does it, he or she gets mad. Lately, Kc's songs have been about cheating and heartbreak which is probably due to her super rocky marriage. The song is uptempo R&B and Hip-Hop produced by J Blaze and Fetti Rock. KC sing raps on the song and Nicki raps the last verse and as usual she drops a diamond on her verse. The song is being received well, and is receiving good reviews and is number 3 on the charts. Click here to check out "It's All Bad" by KC Ft Nicki. In other news,  yesterday NiNi and Erica Mena had a small exchange over Twitter and it seems like they have some issues with each other, and naturally people assumed its because of jealously, Cyn also thinks its jealousy, but not that kind of jealously. Being that Erica and NiNi are both her ex's, she occasionally gets asked about them, and since her two ex's are SUPPOSEDLY beefing, assumingly over her, today was the perfect day to ask her about them, and in an interview she was asked "Do you feel that Erica is jealous because of NiNi due to what many people say you left her for NiNi?" She replied "Jealous of her success probably since she has none and will never have any, but other then that, no, and I didn't leave anyone for anyone, that been over and done with long before she came in" That reply sparked even more controversy between those two and they had a huge battle on Twitter but you can read their blogs for that. NiNi is quiet in all of this, and she didn't respond to our requests for comments on this new "beef" Erica is known for being WAY TO cocky, conceited and basically trying to start with everyone which is said to be the main reason why Cyn and her broke up and their relationship was always viewed as "The Nice One and The Evil One, so it just may be true, but neither Erica or NiNi are confirming that, so we can't be sure if this is a beef brewing or just two females around each other, and we all know how that goes. They also didn't deny it either though so........ We will find out.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"On The Run" Releases On DVD March 21st

The super popular movie "On The Run" which stars Ali Larter and NiNi released back in November of last year and it became the number 1 action movie of the the year, besides Carmen 2. Now the movie will be hitting the shelves at video stores worldwide on Saturday the 21st And will feature the bloopers, behind the scenes footage, and rare audio commentary and personal info on each actor. Don't miss the chance to own "On The Run" this Saturday, one of the best movies of 2014. "Carmen 2" will also be releasing to DVD soon, but no word on when yet.......The soundtrack to "On The Run" will be hitting stores Monday the 23rd, the soundtrack to Carmen 2 is in stores NOW!

Another Beef For NiNi?

Erica Mena
Looks like there may be amother girl beef about to pop off with NiNi and Erica Mena. LAHH star posted "When I get down I play hard" stuck in my head #StupidRight ugh" That line is from Nini's newest song "Dat Bitch" and it seems weird she tweeted that and said "ugh" Well Nini responded and posted "Dating a dude who's half your size and half your age, "Stupid Right" #Grandma" Erica responded posting "#Iain'tworriedboutnothing #NobodyThinkingBoutU" Although they didn't use the "@" signs to speak directly to each other, nobody feels this was all coincidence and we all feel they were sub dissing each other over Twitter. What makes it even worse, when an interviewer asked Erica last week how she felt that Nini was once involved with Cyn, who is her ex, she laughed and walked away, which is considered an insult as if you're not important enough to talk about. So are these two beefing? We really think so, it mightve been sub, but it was still direct. What do you guys think?

NiNi Avoids Jail Pays Copyright Fee +JLS New Song


The other day a judge issued a warrant for both of the queen's to be arrested for failing to pay their copy right fees, but today they both issued a check to the singer known as Nulu and the judge lifted the warrant. Apparently neither queen was happy, Nini posted #Ugh. And B posted #NoLove #DownTheDrain" But seems like Nulu responded as she first retweeted both of their original tweets, then she posted "#DontWantYourLove #BeSmarterNextTime #Ugh" which seems to go directly towards both. B didn't respond, but as usual NiNi did posting #WhoRU" and for some reason that hashtag is now trending because technically, besides her home country, no one has ever heard of her, so for NiNi to go on that level just made it even funnier since no one actually knows her. It didn't evolve into a twitter war, but obviously these ladies all have tension. Some are saying that the queen's shouldn't even be acting like that since they stole her vocals without permission, others say who cares she isn't anyone anyway. How do you guys feel? In other news, Jamie Lynn Spears has released a new sing which is her 2nd called "Always Faithful 2 U" which seems to be directed to her husband. It's a really sweet song and we're sure he's super hyped over it since she puts him up like he's a god (sorry) But the song is doing well and is most popular with females with boyfriends in the age range from 17-21 (the puppy love range) and it is number 4 on the charts so far. Click here to check out "Always Faithful 2 U" by Jamie.....

Tamar Starts Her BDAY Off With A Billion Ft Cake And 60 Boxes Of Wings + Ex Enemy Shares Her BDAY Today


Big Ass Cake

Happy 38th to Tamar Braxton. She started it off by ordering the largest cake that we ever seen in our life. It was so big that the bakery couldn't box it up and had to have 10 men carry it with no cover and it arrived to the PSR building at around 10am and could barely fit in the door. Then about 20 minutes later, a local pizzeria showed up with a large truck that looked like a moving truck and they had 60 big boxes of buffalo chicken wings. So after the cake that was big enough to end world hunger entered the building, many people tried to get in on the "party" as they thought that that was going on since that big ass cake walked in, and 60 huge boxes of wings, but security prevented anyone from getting inside the building and some fans were upset (I mean really, did y'all think y'all would get in just because the cake was bigger then the PSR building? SO WHAT! that don't mean they are sharing with y'all) Sorry that was my rant. Anyways, no one went in or out of the PSR building for at least 2 hours, so we can only assume that all of PSR were chowing down on cake and wings, which is a weird combo, but hey, to each his own..Click here to check out footage of the massive mountain cake and the wings being delivered to Tamar. Sources say that the massive cake was over $6200 dollars, and the 60 boxes of wings was over $1,000 dollars, not sure who paid for it, but that is unconfirmed. Speaking of birthdays, today is also Rita Ora's birthday HAPPY 24TH!! She didn't do anything over the top like her ex enemy Tamar except for wishing herself a happy bday over Insta. We'd like to say happy 38th to Tamar, and happy 24th to Rita.....Oh and speaking of Rita, she is back in the studio working on her 4th PSR album.....super cool.....

How Does Ariana Feel About Her Rapper Hubby Mentioning Her Billion Dollar Box?

Her Response

A few days ago, rapper Big Sean dropped a song with the now famous line referring to his wife, and her.....private parts. He raps "I got a million dollar girl with a billion dollar pussy, every time I cum, I swear to God I feel rich" But for those who feel worried that Ariana might have been offended on airing out her lady parts, don't be.... because according to Big Sean she doesn't mind one bit.  'She's super supportive. It's cool, because she was a fan of mine before anything. The first thing she said when she met me was, "Yo, I love your music," and she rapped my verse from "Gang Bang" with Wiz Khalifa. She was just an actress on TV at the time.
"I don't have to run  lyrics by my girl, but she heard it and she's good,""I played her the whole album before it came out, so she heard everything." Well, seems like that's settled then. And Ari also acknowledged the line, jokingly posting "Oh why  thank you *blush* I would've settled for a Milli, he said *Billi" oh my lol :)" #LaidbackintheD #NotTheOnly"D" Those two are getting super close these days, and sources say that NiNi is beginning to get upset with Ari since all she wants to do is be with her husband. A source says "NiNi is married, so she knows exactly how that urge feels when you're just married, or just dating, all that matters is him or her, so she gets it, but Ariana still has a job to do, and her love for Big Sean is getting in the way of that, and it's costing the label and NiNi lots of lost income, NiNi has tried to be understanding and patient since she was once in her position, but she is growing tired and impatient of Ari's behavior like taking off for a full week, and constantly texting and talking when she should be working" All of this is unconfirmed though. Did you guys hear the new song where he shouts his wifey out in the most extreme way? Click here if you didn't.

LWN Is Back! + NiNi Isn't Prepared For Head CEO + Purchases Itunes

The hit hour long reality show Livin With NiNi" has been on a break for over 7 months now due to NiNi's hectic schedule but today VH1 has announced that the show is back and after so much demand from fans and new episodes are being filmed now, and her schedule and the legendary "Legends Tour" will be worked into the show. The show has been picked up once again by VH1 and renewed for season 3 and signed on until season 5. The premiere of season 3 will happen on April 15th at 8pm, and on the VH1 site, they offer a 15 minute sneak peek of the new episode and it looks good and seems to show about the new signings, the shootings and the fire and the war with Tay. That sneak peek teaser really teased us, and anticipation has increased even more. NiNi tweeted about it earlier on Insta with a pic of the preview title card with the caption "#LWN #SEASON3 #5.15.15" Click here to check out the sneak preview of LWN.....In other news, sources report that NiNi is not prepared and not liking being the boss of the music game, mainly because in addition to her own work, she has to supervise other's work, even those who aren't signed to her,, and in addition to her own problems, technically its her job to help others with their problems as well. Its said that everyone and their mama (I mean that literally) is turning to NiNi whether it be help with projects, or help with legal stuff, or just to get a beef stopped, everyone comes to her because, lets face it, I mean she is everyone's boss. Remember a few days ago, Amber and Tyga publicly reached out to her on Twitter to help with their bs?But the source reports that although she knew it would be hard work running the entire music industry, she accepted the offer because it was an honor from Russel Simmons, but now its just starting to be too much, and with everyone running  to her for everything, her job has become 5 times as hard, and 5 times as busier, and before that it was already 5 times as hard, and sources say she literally is being dragged ate chewed, swallowed and spit out everyday. NiNi refuses to take any time off though, despite her managers and her artists insisting that she do, she is in the middle of her Legends Tour, she is working on her 14th studio album, and she is working on the new season of LWN, so she feels that its no time to be taking off right now, but doctors worry since the average human body can't handle that amount of exhaustion and she passed out from dehydration just a couple weeks ago, but NiNi keeps her red bull, coffee and she exercises and diets healthy to make up for the extra stress on her body, unfortunately, doctors say that isn't enough (speaking of diets, click here to see her "Guide To Healthy Eating" for all you ladies who want to stay in shape like the queen) Do you guys feel this position is too much for the queen? Also Nini and the other one (that's what they're called) have jointly purchased the popular iTunes for a whopping 225 million dollars. Why they purchased it is entirely unknown but sources close to them say that they have big plans for it and plan to make it better and easier to use them ever before with amazing new features. Hey don't question it, you will never understand why rich folks do what they do :)

CiCi Accused Of Ripping Off Usher For "I Bet", JD Calls Her Out

Although Ciara's newest hit song directed at her ex Future "I Bet" has been out for a while now, many people are starting to speak up saying that she ripped the song off of Usher's "U Got It Bad" and the main person that's talking is Jermaine Dupri who made his song. She has a line where she sings "I bet you want me back, hang up the phone and you call right back" and Usher says "when you're on the phone, hang up and you call right back"  Another singer, Tamia is also accusing her for the beat which she said she did back in the late 90's. But unlike most people, JD is not out for a check, all he wants if for her to give him credit and acknowledge his song. Tamia also wants credit and not legal action. Ciara's team was quoted as saying "That's ridiculous" but Ciara herself has not spoken up on the issue yet. When we listen to all 3 songs, we hear similarities in the lyrics and in the beat which was produced by Swizz Beats and Pharell (who is another PSR artist who was sued by Marvin Gaye's kids for his song "Blurred Lines" with Robin Thicke, and they each had to pay 7.3 million to the kids) Do you guys feel that CiCi ripped off "U Got It Bad" by Usher and "I Got It' by Tamia. Click here to listen and compare all 3 songs....

NiNi Not Besties With Kylie + New Movie Name Released

For the past few weeks, we've been hearing much about the budding relationship between Kylie Jenner and NiNi, and she quickly became the "number 8" but today that was shot down by Kylie herself during an interview. She was asked about her supposed new title and she replied "I haven't had the pleasure to take any number, and honestly I don't want too, its silly to me, why label anyone as a number, if you're friends, you're friends leave it at that, the media does extra, and I think the individuals who have numbers assigned to them don't even like it, they just give up and let people call them that since they're going to anyway, but as far as besties, we're cool, she's awesome, but I only have one of those, and as far as I know, she only has one of those" So the rumor about there being a "number 8" is false. NiNi's camp also reports that the "numbers" are her good friends, but neither one considers each other as a super duper bestie like the media makes them out to be. Of course fans are disappointed because many people enjoy "#NiLena (NiNi and Selena) "Neyonce" (B and NiNi) and Chini" (China and NiNi) Yes these are real names for their friendships, its amazing what names people make up, remember "Chrianna" smh. Anyways, still, you fans shouldn't be too down, because although they may not be the super besties like we thought, they are still close, I mean duh why do you think NiNi is around all of them more then her own husband (no offense Beith) so keep your dumb names and hashtags, because the way we see it, ain't nothing change :)" Click here to check out Kylie's interview.  In other news after over a week of silence, we finally have a name for NiNi's upcoming movie and its called "Karma" We still don't have a full cast list yet besides the ones we already know about, and we still don't have a full plot, but from what our snitch turned up, its about a young woman who is abused and decides to finally stand up for herself after years of physical and mental torment, that's pretty much all we know. A trailer has not been released for the movie yet, but sources close to NiNi and the movie say that there will be a trailer and a release date soon. So keep your eyes open for that....

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Judge After The Queen's For Not Paying Copyright Fees + Katy And Tinashe

A while ago a judge ruled that "Drunk In Love" ripped off a singer from overseas. She sued both and won 1 million a piece from the queen's and Jay-Z. The judge also ruled that they had to give credit in the beginning of the song or radio stations and music programs won't be allowed to air it. They added credit and you now hear "Nulu" in the beginning of the song. But they didn't follow paying up. It was ordered that all 3 pay up within 3 weeks, it's now been 2 months and only Jay Paid up, so now a judge has put a warrant out for both of their arrest or they have to pay her full price no later then tomorrow to get the warrant lifted. Nini hasn't responded to this as of yet, neither has the other one. Let's hope they take care of this quick. In other news, for the first time ever the two legendary divas Katy and Tinashe have collabed and released a new song today titled "Come To Me" and it's blowing up and is already at the number 1 spot. It's produced by Katy and it's hot. Click here to check out "Come To Me" by Katy Ft Tinashe

KerI And Kat, Together?? + Diamond Announcement



A new story exploded onto the Internet after Keri posted a tweet and quickly deleted it within 1 minute. But the tweet was screen grabbed and it read "I will always love @Katerina" Yes, we're sure it's probably many other Katerina's, but it's only one big one who comes to mind, and the fact that she deleted it so quickly says something. Kat and Keri have been silent, but hey, maybe it's another Katerina she's referring too right. But the new headline now until they deny it is "Keri Loves Kat" Are they a couple? Maybe, maybe not, let's just wait and see.....In other news, Diamond will be releasing her 3rd PSR album in may and she also will be releasing a mixtape on the same day and starring in an upcoming movie the same month. Looks like May is Diamonds month. Click here to view her announcement. Also new music from Beauty Ft Mike Jones called "Freestyle" check it out here

PSR Welcomes The Queen + Fire At Last Night's Show, Everyone's OK

Today, Queen B officially signed with PSR and sources report that she signed a 3 year 3 album 3 mixtape, 1 movie deal for 99 million dollars, but its said that she did not take her advance and opted to use her out of pocket money to fund her projects (guess when you're ridiculously rich, and don't want to accept money from your homegirl, you can do things like that) but that is not confirmed, and since Media Take Out ran  that story, it really isn't believable since they are only right 3% of  the time, and the other 97% they're just making things up. NiNi was not around when B showed up to the label but she tweeted about it saying "Welcome home lol #Bumblebee" The beyhive is buzzing loud off of her new switch and its all over the world pretty much, but apparently B doesn't want any extra attention for signing there as she tweeted "#NoExtras #StillMe #SameOlMe" Cool, we won't give her any extras, but her fans sure as hell are. PSR also welcomed her as she drove up in a Rolls Royce limo and she was greeted by a number of PSR artists including KC (ex enemy), Jess (lowndes), Kelly Rowland, Tina, Nessa, Demi, Lena and Niq Niq (also ex enemy) who all gave her a hug. The one person who was noticeably missing, even though she was in the building, was her sister Solo. They have been beefing for a while now, so wonder how that's gonna go. Fans were on the other side of the street in a crowd and was blocked off from going to the other side where they were, and they were taking pics and recording. Click here to view the video....In other news, yesterday the Trio had their show in East Rutherford NJ at the IZOD center and they blew it up........LITERALLY. We all know that NiNi is famous for including fireworks and explosives in her show, and at  the end of the show where all 3 disappear into a ball of flame, the flames went higher then normal and caught fire on one of the stage props and a fire quickly spread and wind up setting off other explosives when the flames reached the explosive machines. Thankfully, everyone was evacuated and no one was hurt, and only the stage was destroyed, the fire people arrived before the fire spread any further. Since the fans weren't allowed to go back in, the trio did their back stage signings outside, taking pics and signing autographs. NiNi her group will not be charged for anything since it was a mechanical accident. Click here to view their full 3 hour show and the fire at the end (at the 3 hour and 22 minute mark) PS.... B's mixtape "Into My World" is now available on itunes for free, and it has over 77 million downloads, click here to get your copy....

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ye Has His Personal Laptop Stolen, 3Some On The Hard Drive??

@Nicolebitche was the first to run this story and Ye had his personal laptop stolen and it was confirmed by his longtime friend Yusef and then by Ye abd Kim themselves Who all tweeted about it. But the stolen laptop isn't what YE is worrying about, apparently, the person who stole it hacked into his hard drive and discovered new music pictures designs blah blah, but he or she also discovered a video of a threesome with his wife Kim and a blonde model who is unknown but ALLEGEDLY looks like runway model "Nina Stokes" Ye and Kim are reported to be devastated at this and being that the laptop is no longer in their possession, it's not much they can do about it and when a celeb can't get what they want or do anything about something, they get frustrated. Ye and Kim both also confirmed it but they didn't mention the "supposed" threesome sex tape. Ye posted "I got investigators looking into my laptop getting jacked by thirsty thieves, when I find you it's on" Kim tweeted "what can you possibly hope to gain by stealing from someone else it's sickening #thirsty" It's said that the thief Is planning on selling the threesome sex tape sometime soon and Ye's snitch says that if it gets out it will hurt his career  (I don't see why, shit who wouldn't want to do their wife and another chick while she's doing another chick too? )Sorry. Anyways. It's said that Ye is working hard to get that laptop back, and if he's going that turnt up to get it back it must be a real reason for it #KIMYE3WAY (New hashtag)

Jessica Simpon's Crush Is Beith, Lady Gaga's Crush Is NiNi (WELL DUH)

Jessica Simpson

Lady Gaga

Jessica Simpson, the older sister of Ashley Simpson, has declared her crush status today over an interview when she was asked "Who's your celebrity crush, male or female?" She responded "Beith man (laughs) who doesn't though, but um, Leonardo DiCaprio too, he's so cute to me, what up NiNi" Being that she said "what up NiNi" its unknown if that was an insult to her, or that was her way of saying she was playing, and making jokes referring all NiNi goes through with him when it comes to females. NiNi has not responded to her yet, but those crazy N's (no offense, but y'all know what y'all are) has not attacked Jess, mainly because her playful voice and laugh indicated that she probably really was playing, but maybe she wasn't, do you think Jessica just dug a grave for herself? In other news, speaking of spilling out crushes, the head "Monster" has revealed to all her little monsters that her girl crush is the queen N. She didn't do it over an interview, she actually did it herself for absolutely no reason. She tweeted "@mylittlemonsters, did you guys happen to catch @NiNi @Tinashe @China at their last show? NiNi was rocking some shorts tighter then a virgin, man that made my mouth water lol #GirlCrush #NiNi"........ Yikes! (Sorry) She received over a million re-tweets  and over a billion likes for that tweet. NiNi DID respond to her though and she tweeted @LadyGaga "Steph, so what up money you want problems?, what you looking at my ass for? I get that G-String and handle mines, I handle mine!" LMAO!" This tweet was referencing a line from "White Girls" and Shawn & Marlon Wayans said the exact same thing (almost). Gaga responded back tweeting @TheRealNiNi  lol classic! #funny" So seems as if that tweet didn't bother the queen, but then again, why would it, after all, who doesn't have a crush on NiNi though. Click here to check out their tweets

Anna Margaret Drops N Bomb, Quickly Deletes And Changes + Letoya Luckett, Jordin Sparks And K.Michelle



What these celebs don't seem to realize is that the web is a powerful place, it can make you or break you, and social media is even more powerful. Today Anna Margaret posted a tweet and she used the "N" word while referring to a show that Kim and Ye were throwing earlier today. She posted "KANYEKIMREALNIGGA$SHOW SO HOT! ON MY WAY #DOPE" But then she must've realized her mistake as less then 3 minutes later, she deleted the original tweet and changed it, taking out the "NIGGA$" and changing it to just "N$" Many of her fans responded such as one saying "She said Nigga?" Another posted "Why you change what you wrote?" and another said "LMMFAO! She deleted that shit quick, ain't tryna deal with us black folks huh lol" Anna hasn't spoken up on the tweet, but we feel that she may have been just referring to the show and not trying to offend anyone. Usually Ye doesn't name his one time shows, its not a tour, but maybe its called "The Real Niggas Show" and with Ye, that's definitely possible, and maybe she was just shouting out the show. If that's not the name of the show, then maybe she was just showing love by calling them both #realnigga$" nothing wrong with that right she's showing respect where its due right?  But the good thing is for the most part, the black community isn't bashing or attacking her, probably because of her age, and the fact that she will be in NiNi's movie, AND being that she calls NiNi her "mama" we all know that its a very slim chance that she is racist, but I still felt this story was worth posting. View the snapshots of her tweets above, or click here to view them and the hilarious responses from fans. In other news, a new song has dropped right after this story dropped called 'Slice N Dice" and it has a weird combination of artists. It's Letoya Luckett's song and it features Jordin Sparks and K. Michelle (like I said weird combo) Its a hip-hop/pop/r&b combo mix produced by TIP and Mike J. It is pretty cool though and is getting positive reviews in the industry and in the streets an is number 6 on the hot 100 charts. Click here to check out "Slice N Dice" by Letoya Ft Jordin and K.Michelle......Letoya also has a new song with TIP called "Make Me Wait" not doing to well on the charts though. Click here to check that song out.....

B Rocking Clothes With A Racist Image, Why? + Making The Transition Tomorrow

B was photographed rocking a jacket that has a racist image from the 60's and 70s that shows a black clown face with the words "Coon Chicken Inn"in it's teeth. For those who don't know, besides "nigger" "coon" was also used when referring to black people back in the 60's. Many defended her saying she may not have known about what the image represents as many say she doesn't pick out her own clothes, and some say she is wearing the image to promote an actual place we never heard of with the same name that's a popular chicken spot in her hometown of Houston TX.  Some are attacking her though and of course those ever so famous illuminati rumors associated with her, are back. But we feel she just didn't know, how about you guys? Speaking of her, tomorrow she will officially be making the transition over to PSR and will be out of her Columbia contract which was her home for 20 years and will now physically be with the platinum crew. The last project for Columbia which is her highly anticipated mixtape, will be seeing a release tomorrow off of Columbia/PSR records. Awesome...