Thursday, July 31, 2014

B And Miley Squash Their Feud Over Twitter + Many Album Announcements

The queen and Miley have been in a pointless feud since the beginning of May, and basically its because of Miley (as usual) but today the ended their feud over twitter. Basically B is besties number 1 and Miley is bestie number 6 which means they both have a connection to NiNi in some kinda way. Today Beyonce posted a video of herself on Twitter doing all those "Yonce" sexy moves with the hips and the.......yeah you get it. And Miley actually liked the video and posted a comment to it saying "Damn you dance so good, sexy mama :)" B replied to the comment saying "Oh thanks :)" Afterwards Miley replied and said "I really mean it, you always danced so well to me, you inspired me when it comes to alot of things and dancing is one of them" B replied saying "I appreciate that coming from you I really do" Miley replied ":) Truce B?" B replied and said "Truce" Miley said "How about drinks one day" B replied and said "When you turn 21 sure lol" Miley said "3 months OK gotcha! mwah!" B replied and said "I gotcha in 3 months" No one knows why Miley decided to end it, but she started it and she ended it on her own, maybe it was just getting old to her. But others say it was a publicity stunt (but we doubt it) and others say that Miley is trying to squash all of her self made beefs because NiNi is back (probably) but regardless seems like its no more bad blood between the besties of NiNi. Click here to check out their "beef squash" over  Twitter. In other news, today we got so many album announcements from PSR that we cant even keep count. Literally we got 101 album announcements from PSR all saying basically September is when it will released. The only people we didn't hear from about album announcements are the royal folks (basically all of NiNi's closest friends and that's because they all released albums already) Some say that people are scared to get dropped so everyone is trying to get on their shit. Do you believe that?


NiNi Gets Out The Hospital + Is There Many Suspensions Or Drops Coming

Today we have multiple sources reporting that the beloved queen was released from the hospital. Celebrities (especially royal celebrities) are EXTREMELY private, so if she did get out,  she must've took a helicopter off the roof because no one witnessed her getting out. But they say she is now back in America at her home in Atlanta resting and recovering. This gives fans hope, but until the doctor comes out and confirms that she has been released no one is leaving the front of that hospital (after all no one really believes the media or their sources) So is NiNi out? and if she is, how is she, when will she back to work? Its many questions that need to be answered and they just aren't getting answered right now. We do hope that the queen is out but until we know for sure we cant confirm that. Stay tuned, we will find out. In other news, sources very close to PSR say that its many suspensions and terminations in store for so many artists when NiNi comes back to work as she is not happy about all of the drama that has been popping off since she has been in the hospital for the past 3 1/2 weeks. Sources say that the PSR roster is going to reduce dramatically. Currently it is 189 artists and only about 77 of them are heard of on a daily basis and the other 112 are said to be out or suspended and they will be replaced. PSR sources are VERY reliable so we believe it, especially since you're dealing with NiNi, but still we cant confirm that it is true, unless we get official confirmation from someone at the label. So is all your favorite lazy artists taking a permanent vacay? (they need too) We will let you know......*Update* It has been confirmed that NiNi in fact has been released from the hospital at 10am this morning and she jumped on a plane around 12 and she is in fact in America. Witnesses saw her at the Atlanta airport being wheeled into a limo and driving off. Sources say that she went home but she hasn't made any official statements about being home. Its said that she will not be performing for at least 2 more weeks but she is able to return to work as long as she takes it easy, but we aren't sure when she will be returning. All we care about is that the queen is back. The doctor also announced her release, click here to listen to what he had to say....

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ye Has Rant After Possible Kim K Kiss + Tinashe Posts Subliminal Message About Niq Niq??

For the past two days, we have been hearing (and seeing) Kim K sharing a kiss with Channing Tatum who she is said to be having an affair with. We saw pictures and video of the two sharing a nice pretty long kiss, and the Internet has been in a state of chaos over it, and today, NiNi's uncle Ye seemed to respond in his famous way, which is the #YeRant" Check out what he posted: "My lips ain't your lips, they're only for my lips and my dick you fucking pussy, I already know whats popping and next thing that's popping is your bones when I see you bro, niggas think cuz I made it I'm soft now huh? Try me that's my 2 simple words my nigga try me! #MyBitch" Many people seem to think that this rant is directed towards the Kim and Channing affair, but its really no way to confirm that since he didn't mention any names, but his rant has created the new hashtag #DivorceKimKAndYe. Many sources say they are on the verge of divorce. Is it true? Maybe, maybe not, we'll let you know, but the kiss is still unconfirmed it could've been faked. Click here to check out his rant. In other news, speaking of drama, is more drama popping off at PSR? Sources say that Tinashe and Cymphonique have tension with each other and its been tension with them since Tinashe signed with them. Today Tinashe posted this to her Facebook wall: "Dumb broads, get on my level, you cant even talk to me cuz you're at the bottom, fat stomach no rhythm need I say more? I don't care for you or your BS and that's word to my "neek" lol" That sounds like a subliminal message and what makes us say that is the fact that she said "fat stomach" (Cymphonique is preggo) and then she said "word to my neek" (neek isn't a word, but cymphonique calls herself "niq niq" get it "NEEK") We still aren't sure if she is actually referring to Cymphonique but everyone says she is, then shortly afterwards, Cymphonique seemed to confirm it by simply posting "I'm younger but I'm older, nuff said, lol" Which sounds like she is referring their age, Cymphonique is 22,Tinashe is about to be 26, and it sounds like she is saying even though she is younger,  she is much more mature. Despite all of this, we still cant confirm an actual beef. Tinashe is set to take over Cymphonique's world tour when she goes on Maternity leave in August, can that be the reason? We will let you guys know. Click here to check out the posts....


Demi Defends NiNi + Is The Queen Out?

Today Demi did an interview with Scarper and she got defensive over the queen. They asked her: "So you've been at PSR for a while now, what is it, like 2 years now? (a little over 2 yeah) Oh I'm sorry, do you feel that your boss is majorly strict,  because lets face it she does do a little too much with you guys, you guys cant even have friends over, if you say one wrong word you're suspended or fired, seems like if you even have friends you're suspended or fired, how do you feel about working with a person like that?" She had on a serious face and she replied "I'm not really sure where you're getting your info from, but its really not like that with her, its  been alot of drama lately and she is just sick of it and you cant blame her for that, I cant have friends or I'm fired, is that what you said? (laughs) is that what you're hearing?, well you're hearing bullshit, Nisha protects her privacy she is a very private woman and that's why she doesn't allow visitors, she's only strict when she has to be, other then that she is super cool and yes I'm very proud to be working with her, she has so much experience,  more then almost all of us and she is my inspiration" The interviewer said "But she......"Then he was cut off and Demi said "This conversation is over,  no more NiNi thank you!" Then he switched the subject. It actually was kind of funny. Click here to check out her interview. In other news, a few sources are reporting that the queen is out of the hospital and on her way back to America. Doctors haven't released any details on her release, but some fans reported seeing a limo pull to the back of the hospital and then leaving a short while later, but that is unconfirmed. So is NiNi about to be back home? No idea but we will let you know soon.......


Today the "High School Musical Cast" reunited and got together and released a song titled "Let It Go" The song is all pop and has an amazing beat produced by William Dino. The song is about a man who gets dumped and he continues to try and get back with the girl even though she no longer wants him (hence the title "Let It Go")The song is said to be a personal experience that all 3 of them went through with a Bf at one point in their lives. The song released without any previous announcement and it came as a surprise and its doing pretty well, landing in the top 5 at number 3. All women sing on the song and everyone says Demi murdered the other two, and we personally can say that she did outshine them, but Vanessa (never heard of category) is pretty close as well. Its a nice song and its popular with mainly women ages 16-23 especially those who had, or is in a situation like that. This song is said to be the 1st single off of Demi's upcoming 2nd PSR album which still has no title.Its becoming popular fast and being requested for airplay all over. Click here to listen to "Let It Go"by Demi Lavato Ft Zendaya and Vanessa Hudgens. Speaking of new music, PSR artist Carly Rae Jepsen will be releasing her first song tomorrow so be on the lookout for that Carly fans....


Vanessa Hudgens

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NiNi Has A Stalker And Someone Who's Blackmailing Her

NiNi has a total of 6 stalkers which are all women, but we have confirmation that she has a new stalker and this one is a man. Sources say he constantly calls the PSR building and shows up looking for NiNi and sends letters and love poems. He always gets the boot from security but he shows up. Police are looking for this guy and sources say he is on his way to London to see her and police are posted in front of the hospital to hopefully catch him. The man still hasn't been identified yet...Not only that but someone is blackmailing NiNi. An anonymous letter released through the newspaper today and it says "Nisha is a very naughty little girl and I know that for a fact, she has a man at home, but what happens when women get lonely or bored with their men? I want 100 million dollars NiNi, cash or I will answer  that question. See its a brilliant invention called photos, don't make me tell everyone what I'll do with them, and trust me its alot of pictures of things you do that hubby wont wanna see, you'll receive instructions in the mail, go 2 the police and someone might end up dead" Police are trying to figure out who this person is, and he or she will be prosecuted to the the fullest extent of the law. PSR has spoken up and says that they are getting an ever better security system and they are hiring extra police, bodyguards and security to protect NiNi. The letter is anonymous so no one knows where it came from, but police are dusting it for fingerprints to try and find the sender. This is getting big and it is all over. Stay tuned for more info on it.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Miley And Selena Win But It Doesnt Make Us Happy + Kid Ink New Song

All day Selena and Miley have been out on the streets of London, protesting the doctors for choosing to remain silent on why NiNi hasn't been released from the hospital, and the protest worked as doctors came outside and addressed the humongous crowd, but what they said didn't make us really too happy. This is what the head doctor said "While we do appreciate your continued support, we ask that you break up this protest as to respect our patients. The protest is becoming too noisy and it is heard inside and preventing patients who really need sleep from getting it. However, due to the overwhelming requests on Miss Nisha's condition, we will give you details on her at this time. The reason why Mrs Nichols has not been released is because she has developed a condition called "Cirrhosis"which is an minor infection of the liver due to a tear in the sac wall. She required another operation to correct the tear which was successfully completed 2 days ago, and she is recovering. The tear was very small and it was very minor so is expected to have no long term damage from that, her extra stay is just a precaution so that we may monitor her for any changes as needed. She will not need very long recovery time from the procedure and everything else with her is running normally. She is expected to be released between Wednesday and Thursday of this week, please be patient and allow us to do our jobs. We want to make sure she is 100% before releasing her because due to her returning to the United States, we need to make sure she doesn't develop any problems on the plane or upon returning home. We ask that you please disperse for the time being, thank you" Some people cried at that statement, others seemed sad but some still are happy that she isn't too bad and she will be out this week. The statement is being heard around the world, click here to listen to it. In other news, Kid Ink (Never heard of category) has released a new song  today which is his 3rd since signing with PSR 9 months ago. Its titled "Brand New" It released through his official website and its creating a buzz, however it is not yet in the top 5 of the charts, but it still is receiving positive reviews. Click here to check out "Brand New" by Kid Ink (prod. by Jay Rock-also never heard of category)



Keisha Chante And RiRi Have Stalkers + Nicki Delays Anaconda Release

Ri Ri and Keisha Chante's world is not safe as they both have been getting harassed and stalked by creepy men. RiRi's stalker showed up to her house a total of 10 times this month dropping off threatening letters at the front of her door and calling her out of her name. He also mailed some letters to her home in California a little while back. Keisha has a stalker as well and he is showing up every where she goes and he too is showing up to her house which made her get extra security to post in front of it. He too sends letters to her house and the PSR building and sometimes stands across the street from the PSR building for hours until Keisha goes on break or goes home. Both women have hired extra security and police presence to be around them at all times. Police are currently searching for these two men. In other news, Nicki has delayed her new single "Anaconda" for unknown reasons. It was supposed to drop today, but she didn't drop it and left us with no explanation. We were looking forward to the song but as you all know,  Nicki is famous for announcing dates and delaying them, that's why we should never pay attention when she mentions a date. Sources say that it wont be a long delay and that the cause was because she still has more tweaking to do to make it perfect, but we aren't sure if that is the actual reason. Some say that NiNi killed the project because she thought it was quote "stupid" but that isn't known either. Maybe we'll find out, maybe we wont. Were you guys looking forward to "Anaconda" today? *Update* Rihanna's stalker named as Kevin Geyne has been arrested in New York after being captured on security camera's entering Rihanna's building dropping another letter by her door. He is being held without bail and since he has a history of stalking, threatening and trespassing, he may be behind those bars for a long time. Keisha's stalker still is on the loose, and authorities believe he is hiding somewhere either in New Hampshire, or Virgina and they are still looking for him.
Keisha Chante


Nicki Minaj

Miley And Selena Take Charge

Everyone is wondering why NiNi is still in the hospital, but Miley and Selena the two who have been holding it down the most for the queen, are done with wondering, they want answers and they want them now. They started a huge rally/protest on the streets of London, mainly in front of the hospital where they are demanding answers on what is going on with NiNi. Police had to come down to make sure things didn't get outta hand, and they were by the dozen. Selena had a huge megaphone in her hand screaming things out like "Doctors whats the problem, are we speaking for our health. Miley had all the fans rocking "Get Well" shirts and holding Pickett signs with her. In London a protest in the streets is legal as long as it doesn't get rowdy and fights break out and at this point that's not what the protest is about, "we just want to find out what the hell is going on with the queen!" (in the words of Miley) They had fans cheering and all in a frenzy and they are still out there and in the words of Selena "They aren't leaving until the lazy doctors get off their asses and tell us something" (Can you say...LOYAL) Doctors still haven't come out yet, lets hope they will soon. Sources say that other PSR members, including the ones who were suspended are on their way down too, we have a feeling its about to packed on those streets. Fans and paparazzi and news outlets are all recording and showing it live. Say what you want about Miley and Selena but they definitely know how to take charge. Click here to see footage of whats going on.....


China Is Legally Emancipated

China is growing up, and just like many men and women her age, she wants to be on her own and she had a judge legally emancipate her. For those who don't know, emancipated means that a minor under 18 can legally be without the support of their mom and dad and they can legally enter into contracts and legal things without the supervision of a parent (like buying a car or buying a house) and of course they can live on their own. China is the youngest of her 2 sisters and she is the one who is deciding to grow up faster. Usually, when a minor decides to get emancipated, its usually due to the fact that they are having serious problems with their family and they don't want them in their life anymore and they don't want their parents to be their parents anymore, but sources say with China is not the case.China is not going for full emancipation which will be her birth certificate would be changed, her social would be changed, basically all traces that she has those parents will be erased from her life, and everything about China would be erased from their life, she's doing a "partial emancipation" just to allow herself to be 18 even though she is 16 and she'll be able to do all the things that an adult can do A(when it comes to legal things, not like buying cigarettes or alcohol) China announced this this morning over her website under the section "Exciting news" Many people though she was announcing a pregnancy at first. So guys, don't call China a minor anymore because now by law she is an adult. Click here to check out what she said about it...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nicki Releases Cover For New Single (WOW) +Electrik Red And B.B.O.D Beef?

Nicki Minaj is releasing her new single "Anaconda" tomorrow and today she released the cover for it and its having many people open their mouths wide and holding it there for hours. The photo focuses on her main ASSet and its hard not to have your mouth water, whether you're male or female. Fans and celebs are reacting to the photo like Iggy for example who posted "I wanna go to sleep on dat pillow doe" Nicki responded "LMFAOOOOOOOOOO! IGGYYYYYY!!!" Then she retweeted her post. The photo certainly is attracting alot of publicity and Nicki knows how to attract (wink wink) Its not weird to hear Iggy saying something like that as she is openly bisexual, and other PSR artists are making their own sexual jokes about the photo. Nicki explained why she decided to do that for the cover (who cares why, just do more) Click here to see what she said. In other  news, PSR groups Electrik Red and B.B.O.D are said to be having a feud, but we don't have much details on why or when it started. All we know is that sources claim its because of Alex from the hip-hop girl group LiV another PSR group. Alex is said to be dating Sexxy Lexxy and she is getting inside of Lexxy's head causing her to change on her group and causing her to start drama with Electrik Red because Alex doesn't like them, so if this is true this will be the first ever "17some beef" That's all we know that and we don't even know if this is true. We will find out. Speaking of LiV, they are also going to be releasing a song soon which will be their 5th since signing with PSR back in June (too early to be getting into beefs already don't ya think?) They are said to be releasing it sometime next week,. Click here to read the article about this supposed mega huge beef that's alleged to be going on....
Nicki Minaj "Anaconda"

Electrik Red

B.B.O.D Crew

Beauty Announces Separation From OMG Girlz + Letoya Luckett And RiRi

After months of speculation that it was tension among the "sisters" of the OMG Girlz and that they might be breaking up, Beauty confirmed that she in fact is the one who is breaking up, but not because of tension. Check out what she tweeted: 'I love my sisters @Missbabydoll @MissStar, but it comes a time in every musicians life where you feel the need to grow and do your own thing, I will be going solo for personal and spiritual growth with my music and nothing more, after our upcoming album #LetterToMyBoss, I will no longer be in the group, but they will, the entire group isn't breaking up, just me and we will always be friends #LetterToMyBoss August 12th mark Ur calenders! :). The OMG Girlz have been with PSR for a little over 3 years now, and honestly it will be weird seeing just two and one on her own. Click here to check out her post. In other news, Letoya Luckett has announced a new song by her is releasing on August 1st titled "Shoot 4 The Stars" and she mentioned it will feature fellow PSR artist Letoya Luckett. Rihanna is also gearing up to released her seriously highly anticipated 4th PSR album "Bad Girls Club" Sources say it will be released sometime in September. Click here to check out her announcement.




K.Michelle Off Tour And In The Studio + NiNi Still Not Out

K.Michelle just finished her world tour. She was on tour since November of last year and it ended yesterday. Now she is back at PSR and in the studio she posted 'Dam, lots been going on since I been gone huh? I'm on mah grind back in the studio working on this album I'm dedicating all my time to this new album. 2 new singlez I'm dropping Monday and Tuesday, y'all gon tell me what u think right #KeepItReal" We haven't been hearing much music from her since she was on tour, but now that she is back, people are excited to hear what new material she has to offer. We don't know when her album will be released but it will be her 2nd PSR album and its quickly becoming highly anticipated.Sources say the album will be titled "Full Time" Click here to check out her post. In other news, fans continue to rally outside of the hospital with confusion wondering why NiNi is still in there. She was supposed to get out yesterday but we have had no word on why she didn't. Doctors are not releasing any details and many people are getting nervous again wondering if she's OK. We are trying to get some info, if and when we do, we will let you know....

NiNi Speaks On Cheating Rumors

The world went into a state of chaos when rumors popped off that music's most powerful couple might be divorcing due to cheating on Beith's part. Everyone loves the royal couple and no one is ready to see them divorce at all, it was even some reports of fans crying that it might be a possibility that it will no longer be a NiNi and Beith anymore (yes their relationship is apart of us an it has grown on all of us) But you can stop worrying now, because NiNi made a statement addressing those rumors and she says that their love is quote "very real" She mentioned that Chanel is involved in the "dark side" of the entertainment industry (we all know what that means) and that's the reason for the rumors. She denied any cheating on either part and in her own way,  she also denied the divorce rumors as well. Chanel has not responded to the statement yet and Beith still is unavailable for comment. The pictures are said to be fake and photoshopped. Click here to listen to NiNi's statement.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rumors Continue + Marques Houston Drops New Song

Chanel Iman
The rumors about NiNi's husband Beith and runway model Chanel Iman continue to dominate the industry. Today sources are reporting that more pictures have been released from the two and the pictures show Chanel walking into his house. Sources say that Chanel was spotted entering Beith's house at around 1:30am this morning, and she is said to have kissed him before she went in. On top of that, Chanel posted another subliminal tweet, she posted "Had so much fun last night, damn something is seriously big lol" (Think about it) Both of them still haven't made any statements so we don't know, but we will find out. Sources also say that she did an interview and said "it was an affair, but its over now" But that is unconfirmed.... In other news, Marques Houston (In the never heard of category) has released his FIRST PSR song today. Marques has been with PSR since early 2013 and he is JUST releasing his first song (that's sad) Its called "Shorty Bad" Its an R&B song and he actually does really well and many people are digging it. It still isn't taking the number 1 spot but it is at number 3 which is still really good. The song is produced by Jay Will and Meth and they are very well known very talented producers. Click here to check out "Shorty Bad" by Marques Houston...............
Marques Houston

Kyla Pratt And NiNi Actually Collabed + NiNi Still Isnt Out

We all know Kyla Pratt is an actress, but she is hell of a good singer too. A song dropped today by NiNi Ft Kyla titled "On My New New" We have no idea where this song came from but its dope and within 77 minutes it stole the number one spot and it has the music world on fire and the streets. We were never aware that Kyla was into music, but then again we didn't know Snooki or Kim K was either but NiNi did collabs with both of them and they both blew up and this one is too. Its basically hip-hop combined with R&B and the two chicks who are said to look so much alike do great! The song is produced by Roscoe Dash and he made a bomb beat. Kyla announced today over Twitter and said "You guys love it? That's amazing I was hoping you did :)" Click here to check out "On My New New" by NiNi Ft Kyla Pratt. In other news, NiNi was supposed to be released from the hospital today, but we still have no word that she has been released yet. Maybe later on tonight., We will let you guys know when the queen is out....
Kyla Pratt

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lil Wayne Announces NiNi Collab

2 Months ago, video circulated that showed NiNi beating on Wayne, kinda how Solo did to Jay, but looks like that's all behind them now as today Weezy posted that he will be dropping a collab with NiNi in the next few days and it features his Young Money artist Chanel West Coast. Wayne said that the collab was supposed to been be released and they had both their verses done for over a month,  but it got delayed because of Chanel's busy schedule doing the TV show Ridiculousness and she never got around to recording her verse. Well now she did and Chanel also spoke up on the saying "I got my two favorite rappers on the same song with me, it doesn't get better then that, Its dope" We aren't sure exactly when the song will be released since he said within the next few days, so keep your eyes open for it. There isn't much news at PSR today because literally no one is around (probably hung over from that party) Sources say the only person who is at the label today is Miss Tina, other then that the building is totally empty, but if we get any news, so will you guys.....
Lil Wayne

NiNi And Gabrielle's Movie Coming August 12th

The movie that NiNi will be in alongside Gabrielle Union is set to hit the theatres on August 12th. The trailer released today and it looks like it will be really good. It is a comedy/drama and it looks like it has some intense scenes, different then what we're used too for both women. NiNi's movie theatres will be airing the movie and so will many other theatres worldwide. The movie will premiere at the sundance festival for a private screening one day before its released to the public. We are going to see it, you guys should too. Gabrielle did an interview about it today and says its officially complete and she thinks fans will be shocked by both her and NiNi's performances. Click here to check out her interview. And click here to check out the trailer for "A Night In Vegas" Other actors who are in the movie are: Cameron Diaz, Alexa Vega, Tyler Perry, Kendra Wilkinson and T.I (In a small role) We will be giving a full review on it when it releases.
Gabrielle Union

Beith Is Cheating On NiNi?

Chanel Iman
Today some photo's leaked that shows NiNi's husband Beith out in Dallas Texas with super runway model Chanel Iman. The photo's show pics of the two in the West Ward section of Dallas TX and he has his hand over here in a way that doesn't look like friends. Both of them appear to be looking out for people who might recognize them and trying to keep a low profile in all the pictures. 32 pictures released and one shows them going into a Friday's restaurant, another shows them entering a bar and another shows them getting into a red and black mustang and he is holding the door open for her. The pictures are said to have been snapped Monday and that these two have been having a secret affair for almost 7 months and that she visits him at home and multiple people saw her go in his house on many occasions. Sources say that NiNi suspected something and that's why they didn't seem to get along to well on "Livin With NiNi" and that's the reason he is no longer seen on the show, but he managed to convince her he wasn't doing anything wrong. What makes this story very believable is that TMZ caught up to Chanel and asked her "Is there anything going on between you and Beith? She said "No comment" They kept asking her questions and she was walking away fast while repeating 'No comment, no comment" If someone isn't involved in an affair,  wouldn't it be smarter to say "No its not true" better then to ignore it and act like you have something to hide? Well she really acted like she had alot to hide. Beith hasn't been questioned because technically no one knows how to reach him, but the pictures are doing all of the talking. Then on top of that, neither one of them are denying anything, which is making people more suspicious. They are said to have met when Beith attended NiNi's show in Dallas back in December of 2013 (and we know for a FACT that they both were in attendance) Then on top of that, Chanel is said to be 6 months pregnant which is perfect timing for it to be his since they are said to have been seeing each other for 7 months. (We aren't sure about that one though, because if she is 6 months she must be pulling a "Miranda" (that means rocking 10 sizes bigger then your size) because she isn't showing like she should at 6 months) Not only that but seems like Chanel has been posting subliminal tweets. Check this one out: I cant wait until I have a baby, I don't have a name but it just HAS to begin with a "K" I love that K lol" (Think about it) There is no official confirmation or denial from either one, so we really cant be sure about this, but it certainly has attracted MASSIVE attention and Beith has NiNi's fans bashing him like they bash anyone else who double crosses her, even death threats so he needs to make some kind of move because its not looking too good for him right now (no offense) So far,  Chanel remains silent even though this is blowing up huge with her name involved. We will keep digging and let you guys know....Click here to check out the pictures...

NiNi Speaks From The Hospital + Wild Night At PSR For Selena

Its so great to hear her voice. Today NiNi made a statement from the hospital and she sounds fine but she sounds pissed. This is what she said "First off I want to thank all of my fans and supporters, they told me you guys have been lining up outside everyday, and somehow I will show my appreciation to you guys. Second, I have been hearing alot about my label, and when I get back it's going to be major changes, I'm not yelling anymore its just going to be action. To the ones who do what they have to do and keep out of drama, y'all know who you are and trust me I will be rewarding you guys soon, the rest of y'all y'all done tried me and tested my patience for the last time and that's all I will say. Other then that though, I'm doing much better hopefully I'll be out tomorrow, but I wont be performing just yet, I'm actually going back home to recover, but I will come back to London to finish up my tour for your guys as soon as I'm better. As far as that dumbass lawsuit, my fans know I don't need to steal anything boo boo, especially not from you, they way I look at it its a waste of my life to show up over some dumb broad and her bullshit, but you'll be the one looking dumb" I have a feeling that many people will be getting dropped or suspended from PSR when NiNi gets back to work. She had on a pissed voice but also a creepy calm voice which sounds like that fed up voice she does. Mimi didn't respond to what she said about her (not yet anyway) Click here to check out her statement. In other news, sources are reporting that yesterday for Selena's birthday, PSR threw her a party and it got wild. Cops were in full force outside the PSR building and fans were everywhere. Music was blasting super loud and people 7 blocks away heard it. We have no idea what happened since we weren't invited (it was for artists only) but sources say that it was full of alcohol and nearly everyone was pissy drunk, and its said that Miley was super drunk and she was seen getting buck wild in the pool with Patrick Breeding from the group B5 (more never heard of artists) PSR is keeping super quiet about what went down last night, but being that many of the artists on PSR are wild we don't find any of this hard t believe, but they are a secret society so we will probably NEVER actually know what went down. Some fans outside report hearing moaning from inside but we find that one hard to believe because the building is too heavily bricked up to hear something like that unless the moaning was on the music they were playing. Fans also report smelling and seeing weed smoke coming from the windows, but we know that is very impossible because it was so many cops outside and they would've shut that down and arrested everyone (weed still isn't legal yet) Many people say that the party began around 7pm and wasn't over until after 3am and when the artists came out they all look super wasted. They all had rides home so they all left  their cars in the parking lot. Unfortunately no video was recorded and the fans who took pics are said to have posted it to the Internet but they got taken down shortly afterwards (looks like they have something to hide) At least 75% of people including sources say that a party did take place, others say no party took place or that it did but people are putting extras on how wild it was. Click here to read about the party which is being called #Selenaswildbirthdaybash

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kim K Squashes Beef With China + Tiffany Evans Disrespects PSR?? + Ye Finally Announces New Album

Kim K

Tiffany Evans

We all remember when China punched out Kim K a few months ago right, Kim said she caught her off guard and after that they entered a little beef with each other, but today sources say  that Ye persuaded Kim to end it and she did. She made a live statement saying "I don't want any bad blood or negativity in my life, so the issues I have between myself and China is just over its not worth it, I'm 32 years old she's 16 how does that make me look, I can be her mom, so I just want everyone to know I have no issues with her, she's very talented and its just nothing there anymore" China is out of the hospital now and she responded to her over FaceBook posting "I feel that way too" So no more beef between those two. China is super close with NiNi and Ye so its said that both of them are the ones who actually ended their feud but since NiNi is in the hospital it was probably just Ye. Click here to check out Kim squashing the beef and China's post. In other news, Tiffany is said to have disrespected her own home today after saying "Where I work is a disaster, bunch of 20 or 30 somethings going on 13, that place is just so weird to me, once I drop my shit I'm out" This statement is said to have been made when she was in Atlanta preparing for her show, but it is unconfirmed at this point. There is no video of her making the statement so we cant confirm it. *Update* I guess Tiffany denied that she made that statement. She posted "Huh? Ummmm No!" We take that as a denial (a very weird denial) but still, she can be referring to something else, we will dig and let you guys know if she actually made that statement.But speaking of her she is said to be releasing her 2nd PSR mixtape soon. She just released her 2nd PSR album 2 months ago so she's moving fast. She divorced her husband a little while ago and she has a nanny for her son, so guess she has more time on her hands now. And Speaking of Ye, he is trying to get himself out of the "Never heard of category" He announced that he will be dropping his second PSR album. He posted 'Ya'll got me in this dumb ass category, don't put me in no category ever you got that? I'm dropping my shit soon and I'll never be in that category again, does that sound cocky? good cause its supposed too" Besides the fact that he posted a rant (as usual) he didn't actually post any real details besides an album is coming, no title no date, but that's just Ye for you. Are you guys excited about Ye's album? Its not very anticipated honestly and many people don't care about his announcement. (That's not good at all) What do you guys feel about his announcement?

Is Jhene Aiko Subliminally Dissing NiNi + Brandy New Album


A little while ago, Jhene Aiko and Ariana Grande were dropped from PSR. Today Vybe caught up to her in Texas and she accepted a mini interview for them. They asked her "How do you feel about being dropped from PSR?" She replied "I'm PSR, I'll always be PSR cant nobody stop that, its in my blood, look, the whole thing is you just don't know what you're losing, you can look back a year from now like yo that bitch was the the face of everything, that's a loss you have to deal with and don't be begging me cuz I'm out when I'm out, but you know what, no queens over here dude I already know whats good" When people talk like this, kinda off topic and something totally different its called a subliminal message which means covering up what you're really saying in a different way and it seems like that what Jhene did. Many say that was a subliminal message to NiNi that she lost someone good. If you think about it, it seems like that's exactly what she is saying. Source say that Ariana and Jhene are both super pissed and even Ariana has been posting rants to her Twitter and then deleting them. One of the tweets said "I hate not being appreciated, when you go through so much strictness and hell, you still end up homeless, this life is a trip" Doesn't that sound like she's referring to NiNi even a little bit? That was just one of many rants that she posted over the last 2 days and each one she deleted them within 10 minutes after posting. So it seems that it may be a possibility that its tension with NiNi from these two, but we still aren't 100% sure. Click here to check out Jhene's possible subliminal diss to NiNi. In other news Brandy has added herself to the newly created topic "#psralbumscomingsoon" She announced her 1st PSR album today over Twitter this is what she said "Its been a drag lately right? so much this so much that, you guys are probably pretty disappointed, well I will make you guys happy, my new album is coming and its coming on August 5th YAY right? Hope so, I am 98% done and so excited, hope you guys are too :)" This will be Brandy's first album since signing with the label back in January so she isn't in the never heard of category and her album is highly anticipated. Are you guys excited? *Update* Jhene posted this to Twitter "I wasnt talking about her or them!" So I guess she wasnt dissing the queen......

Miley And B Still Not Good


Its been a while since we heard about these two, we thought it died out, but if it did, Miley fired it up again during an interview, and she did it by "being Miley" She was basically being asked on whether she has butlers and maids to help her and do work for her and she responded "I don't need none of that stuff, I don't need people wiping my ass and kissing the ground I walk on I'm not Beyonce ya know (laughs) That stuff right there is boogie to me I ain't God, people who feel the need to have someone wash you up and feed you and flush when you take a shit don't need to be in this business, because that isn't what being an entertainer is all about unless you are so stuck up" B didn't respond directly to Miley, but she let it be known that she heard about it by posting a picture of a mouth wide open and a little mini person inside that mouth that says "I'm always in they mouth, yay me I'm so popular! (you get the metaphor right?) She captioned it #YouAdoreMe" Miley is the one who started this feud or whatever you want to call it and to this day we still have no idea why she felt to need to attack her in the way she did a few months ago. But I don't think we'll be seeing any fights or music battles, Miley might be wild but she has never had a public fight (that we know of) and she doesn't use music to make diss songs as she said quote "That's a waste of studio time and studio time is hella expensive" A little while after, TMZ did in fact catch up to Miley and asked her why she is at war with the queen and she said "Man, come on, I'm just fucking with her, she just got her panties on too tight" Yup that's Miley for you. Fans are on both sides,  some say Miley is just playing and B needs to loosen up, others say that B did nothing and was attacked by Miley for no reason because she is jealous, because Miley always ha her name in her mouth. What do you guys think? Click here to check out her interview and her mini interview with TMZ.

Tinashe Releases New Video + Selena Celebrates Birthday


Today a new video released for the song "No Lames" which is Tinashe's newest song that features NiNi. NiNi has the 3rd verse as well as the hook, but since she is in the hospital she is not in the video but her verses are,  and when her parts come on its kind of a slideshow of her pictures that show. Tinashe mentioned that she didn't decide to go with a hologram of her because she said it looks quote "tacky to use holograms in a video, on stage its cool, on video its whack" The video looks to be set in California (we all know how much she loves her home) Some signs say Compton others say Lynwood and she has lowriders, dancing and lots of skin showing. The song is already popular and now the video is becoming popular as well. Critics think it was a nice touch to do a slideshow of NiNi when her parts come on, it goes well. Click here to check out the video to "No Lames" by Tinashe Ft NiNi. In other news, Selena is out and about in her hometown of LA celebrating her birthday. She was seen on Melrose shopping with another unidentified woman, many camera's and fans ran up to her to wish her happy birthday but she didn't seem to want to be bothered too much even though she smiled and thanked everyone. One paparazzi woman brought her a cupcake with a candle on it which she smiled and blew the candle out and gave the woman a hug. She is 22 years old today. Selena has once mentioned that she was going to drop her 3rd PSR album on her birthday, but we have no info on her dropping any album today, maybe she will make an announcement on it later. We would like to say Happy birthday to Selena Gomez. Sources say that PSR is throwing her a little party later on tonight, but that is unconfirmed (no you're not invited :))

MiMi Opens Lawsuit Against NiNi? + Nicki Announces New Single


Today multiple sources are reporting that Mimi, NiNi's long standing enemy has opened up a lawsuit against the queen. The lawsuit states "Copyright infringement for the song titled "Where You At?" which is a single off of the defendants newest work titled "Rize Of The Queen" The song in question is claimed by our client to be a ripoff of her 2013 song titled "No Regrets" The song in question is rap, while our client's song is R&B but the issue is not with the style of music, the issue is with lyrics from Mrs Nichols which sound very similar to our clients through. Furthermore, the instrumental also seems to be very similar to our clients and seems to have been re-worked to become rap which our client did not give permission to the defendant to do" The lawsuit states that she is seeking compensation for copyright infringement and unspecified damages for an undisclosed amount. NiNi is currently not able to respond to the lawsuit due to her being in the hospital still, so the court date will be after she is discharged, and if she is still unable to make any court dates due to her condition, there will be a reschedule of the date until she feels better. Currently the hearing is for Thursday July 31st, NiNi is said to be getting out of the hospital Saturday July 26th. After listening to both songs, we see no similarities, and no offense but we don't think NiNi would ever use her styles of music. Sometimes though, the artist doesn't make the beat, a producer does and if that producer rips a beat off and reworks it, this is the outcome. So NiNi would have to prove she never heard the song and that she didn't produce her own beat. This is a nice thing to be coming too as soon as you get out of the hospital, one bad situation to another. Stay tuned for more info. Click here to read the article on this, and click here to compare songs. In other news, Nicki Minaj has announced she will dropping a new single called "Anaconda" The song is expected to be released this weekend. A 1 minute teaser released over the PSR website as well as her own site and it seems to be getting positive reviews so far. Nicki is also gearing up to release her 2nd PSR album soon, sources say that it should be released sometime in September.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Beat It Up" Doctors Speak On NiNi Allows Visitation

Today a new song dropped by hubby and wife pair Ke$ha and Big Sean. This song killed the rumors of cheating from Big Sean's part although some say this song was made before he started doing dirt and they still have to release it (we buy that) Still its called "Beat It Up' and despite the title, its actually not about sex at all. Its actually about music, and the beat it up part is referring to the baseline. The song is a mix between Big Sean's style rap and Ke$ha's style pop and it actually sounds good. Sean raps and she sing raps. It made it to the top 5 coming in at number 4, still hasn't beat out Cymphonique's new song yet, but its getting a huge buzz. Click here to check out "Beat It Up" by Big Sean Ft Ke$ha. In other news, doctors say NiNi will be discharged from the hospital on Saturday, this Saturday. Click here  to check out his statement. They are also allowing visitation starting tomorrow for fans from 11am to 1pm for 10 minutes each. Ten minutes is better then nothing right?

Sex Tape Releases Of Rita Ora +Keri Hilson Hacked

Rita Ora

Keri Hilson
 Today a x rated home video hit the Internet which shows what appears to be Rita Ora engaging in sexual acts with NBA star Jackson Drummond who is said to be her boyfriend of 8 months. The video stars with the two hanging out what appears to be at her house and  they are by the pool talking he seems to be the one filming and numerous times he makes sexual remarks to her to which she smiles. (We know for a fact that the first part is in fact Rita, we don't know if the second part is of her) The video then switches up to a woman who resembles Rita giving the man who resembles Jackson oral sex. The video continues for another 22 minutes at which point it cuts off. TMZ is the one who released the video on their website but after about 30 minutes it was taken down. TMZ claimed that the video was leaked but not by them, they just aired the story. Some sources say that Jackson is the one who leaked the video in order to bank off of her name as a PSR artist which actually makes sense. Truth is though, we don't know if the woman in the second part of the video is actually Rita, but many people seem to think so. You can click here to check out the video. (Warning, extreme nudity and sexual acts is shown please view at your own risk!) In other news, Keri Hilson is facing sort of the same problem. A picture released from an unknown source that shows Keri Hilson topless in her bed smiling. Its said that the photo was hacked from her phone. Others say its a publicity stunt to gain her massive attention for her upcoming 2nd PSR album. It has been confirmed  that the photo is in fact of Keri due to a statement from her rep "We would like to go on the record as saying the unfortunate photo that was leaked to the media earlier today is a invasion of personal privacy and the person or persons responsible will be punished to the maximum extent of the law. The photo is currently in the process of being removed from the Internet and the media and an investigation to find the responsible individual is ongoing" The photo is still available to view until her people take it down. Click here to check it out When else are you gonna see a celeb that up close and personal? (Sorry) *UPDATE* The woman in the sex tape is NOT Rota Ora according to her check out her Tweet " A Sex tape of me??? Please, the only way that could happen is if I was a porn star, the first part is me, but the second part I have no idea and don't care, I'm never that careless to let someone record me in that way that's stupid if you ask me when you're in this business, sorry TMZ people,  I'm so much smarter then you :)" So no Rita, sources say they are unaware of where the video came from and it may be a home video that TMZ grabbed which searching porn and ran the story because she looks similar to Rita (We buy that) So no Rita sex tape (sorry pervs)

Gaga Steps Out In NiNi's Newest Dress

Today Gaga stepped out looking pretty cool rocking NiNi's newest addition to the Platinum Wear Line called "The Platinum Dress" NiNi rocked a similar version of it which is her own design a few days before she went over to London to promote it. NiNi's dress is not the same dress that's on the P.W site and in the store, but its very very close to it. Currently the dress is available in the Platinum Wear store for $499.99 and on the site for the same price with free shipping. Gaga is currently in New Jersey for her tour and she is on her day off but apparently she still wants to turn heads, and she did exactly that. Gaga mentioned that she was in love with the dress since NiNi first revealed it and she finally made it to Vegas and bought it at the P.W store. She also mentioned that she is a fan of pretty much everything Platinum Wear has to offer and her and her family shops there whenever she needs clothes or jewelery or whatever else and that she has 2 whole closets full of P.W items. Gaga isn't the only one, many fans and celebs rock Platinum Wear clothes and jewelry. Yup P.W is very popular. Click here to see video of Gaga rocking the dress and speaking on Platinum Wear,, and click here to check out the newest items including the "Platinum Dress" on the P.W site.
Lady Gaga

More Suspensions At PSR + Cymphonique Drops New Song



Sources close to PSR are reporting that the 4 members who were involved in the "Foursome Beef" have been suspended from PSR because of their actions. Word is that now since NiNi is up,  word about whats going on inside the label is getting to her (yes even all the way over in London) and she is the one handing out suspension slips. They say she is running PSR from the hospital and she has been for the last couple of days,  so Tina is no longer in charge. Different sources say different lengths of time that they have been suspended for, one says 2 weeks another says 2 months so we aren't sure how long exactly. Neither one has commented on the suspension, but Solo and Karmin have not shown up for work today. Cymphonique did however, so we aren't sure that its all 4. That just goes to show, even though  the boss is in the hospital,  still be on your P's and Q's because she isn't ever too far away. In other news, Cymphonique announced 4 months ago that her 3rd PSR mixtape will be coming soon. Last month she released her highly successful 3rd PSR album "All Eyez On Me" which sold over 989 billion copies so far. This new mixtape is also very highly anticipated and she is keeping her word to release new material to leave us with when she goes on her maternity leave next month. She dropped a song today titled "I'll Be Back" (Sounds like its a song about reincarnation huh lol) Its actually a pretty bomb song. Its girl swag hip-hop-hop and she once again shows us she's a very talented rapper. She doesn't cuss in the song which she is being praised for and she shows you don't have to curse to have a really good rap song. The song features Keke Palmer but on the hook only and she is an amazing singer and she compliments the beat nicely. The song is produced by MGK (Who is in the "PSR never heard of category) and he made a bomb beat. The song is popular in urban areas among the ages of 17-26 male and female and fans are requesting the song be available for purchase. It is receiving positive reviews and has been receiving airplay all day on mostly all radio stations around the world. It stole the number 2 spot but many feel that it has the potential to take number 1. Looks like Cymphonique is looking at a number 1 hit. Click here to check out "I'll Be Back" by Cymphonique Ft KeKe Palmer. *Update* Cymphonique has also been suspended, today is her last day. Kat has also been suspended as well. Still no word on how long but Cymphonique tweeted "Last day guys, I'm on tour and I go on maternity leave next month (August 26th) so I have to continue my tour in order to get my revenue up. So I wont be at work but I WILL be finishing the last part of my tour for you guys. When my tour heads overseas, sadly I have to leave you guys because that's when I'm leaving and I'll probably be big as a whale by then lol. For now lets get it poppin and enjoy it while it lasts!. New Orleans (whoo!) See you tonight #stillgoingstrong. Cymphonique will be in  her hometown of New Orleans at the Southern Plats Music Stadium at 8pm and its over at 10pm. Tickets to the show are definitely sold out so hope you have yours.......