Sunday, June 30, 2013

NiNi Cancels BET appearance

Well another year another disappointment for millions of you nini fans as we have word that she has canceled her spot at the BET awards tonight due to "personal reasons" Sorry guys :(

Princess Releases New Song But Guess Who Released One Back

Today after the pictures of Princess and NiNi's husband became worldwide news, a new song has dropped by Princess titled "I'm A Winner" and it takes shots at NiNi. Check out these lines "You can't be a queen, when you nothing but a loser, I can ask any random nigga and none of them wanna do ya, miss Betty Boop, Hollywood I'm taking all your cake they can call you whatever but the name for you is fake" Another line says "I was at the club and I bumped into the queen, not the queen I mean a dream she can never be a queen.  Queen N, I don't see you cuz u smaller than a roach I got 100 bitches from the A who say you nothing but a joke, you and your queen bitch a joke your whole style is polo come and get it ma get your ass beat like solo" NiNi didn't respond to her song, but her buddy solo did with a song of her own called "I'm A Bigger Winner" and she doesn't spend too much time defending NiNi, although she does in a small line in the song where she says "Get off her head you can never be her" but mostly she was defending herself. So now another artist has been added to the beef,  actually two because the line "You and your queen bitch is a joke" referred to B, but she hasn't responded yet. Click here to check out "I'm A Winner" by Princess and click here to check out "I'm A Bigger Winner" by Solo

Trinidad James Sent To Hospital.......By NiNI!

Yes I said by Nini. It started when NiNi was in her studio alone and Trinidad James, her new artist decided to show up and he actually tried having sex with her. Sources say, he stripped naked in front of her, and ran up on her and jumped on her with know.......all on her and literally begged her to have sex with him. NiNi pushed him off and grabbed a metal pole and banged him in the head with it. He immediately fell and began shaking having a seizure and the security guards called an ambulance for him. NiNi who already is in trouble with the law for assaulting an officer, was under question and she was about to get arrested again for assault until PSR management showed them the camera tape and it determined that NiNi was defending herself. James was transferred to the hospital where he is now in a coma. NiNi made a statement saying "These people losing their damn minds, I regret nothing, I don't feel sorry for shit, if he don't make It I wouldn't give 2 shits, interpret that anyway you want, he's gone, he ain't getting his money, ain't getting shit, nigga try me, I dare you" His family has posted this to NiNi on Twitter saying "NiNi we are terribly sorry for the actions of Nicholas, he has problems that should have been brought to your attention before you signed him. Once again, we apologize to you and your family for his actions. NiNi has not responded to them yet. Stay tuned for more info on this story!

Princess Posts Upsetting Pictures + NiNi Premieres Her BET Red Carpet Dress

Today, on Twitter, Princess posted some pictures to her account. The pictures have been viewed by over 10,000 people, and the pictures are being talked about all over the industry. The pictures show her and NiNi's husband Beith. One picture shows the two on a beach, with two margaritas on the sand, laying almost nude next to each other with the caption, "Told y'all this is my baby" Then another pic shows the  two kissing, and another pic shows the two in car with his hand down her pants and she's making a facial expression as If he is playing with know...... She posted over 20 pictures of the two together and even a picture of his arm with the word "PRINCESS" tattooed on it, right underneath "NISHA" Fans and the media have been going crazy with this story and the media is now bashing Beith for cheating on NiNi with a man. The PSR family have been defending the two saying the pictures are fake, but the pictures look too real to believe it. NiNi posted this on her site "WOW LMAO what lovely pictures, too bad they aren't real, too bad you cant have a man ever be that close to you in your life, but I do know next time I see you, its a large possibility you may die, so bitch be warned!" Princess responded saying "NINI NINI NINI,  Don't get mad cuz he likes my P spot better than yours!" Do you guys think these pictures are fake? Click here to check out the pictures, and judge for yourself! In other news, tonight is the 2013 BET Awards, and NiNi is going to be a performer. Today she premiered her red carpet dress which is a beautiful 20,000 dollar elegant red PSR/Gucci dress with diamonds and PSR stones sewn in. She posted a pic on her site of her wearing the dress with her hair nice and curly with a caption that reads "I'm gonna be the baddest bitch at the awards!" Don't forget to check out NiNi on the red carpet tonight before the BET Awards doing a red carpet interview as well as the other PSR artists who will be there. And check out our BET coverage for her performance later on as well. *NOTE* NiNi will be attending the BET Red Carpet Pre Show and the actual show but she will not be attending the BET after party.... P.S Check out the new song by Pleasure P Ft NiNI titled "My First" Click here!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Diamond Slammed For "Mystery" + Touch Screen AC's Added To P.W

PSR artist Diamond has always been the subject of much Controversy, so its not new to hear her name in something. Today a new book released by her, sponsored by PSR titled "Mystery" and its authored by Diamond. "Mystery" tells the real deal on how to become special in the game and move up the charts. It also talks about her personal struggle with drugs and alcohol before coming clean to focus on a music career, as well as her many beefs, including her one with NiNi back in 2007 before NiNi was really known. It also focuses on her journey to get into PSR and what her new position requires of her. The book is extremely popular with fans, because they get a first look at how celebrities live and what they go through, and it also offers helpful advice on how new struggling artists can make a name for themselves If they really want too. But with media, its a different story and its due to this line on Page 322 Chapter 7 that reads "My life was cold and lifeless before I became who I am,  and it still is, who I am is a musician, but who am I performing for?, the industry tells me for my fans, but my heart says for the devil. We are all slaves to this dark twisted world that we call entertainment, each one of us has no way out no matter what,  they will always have that hold on us.... everyday I walk around this world and its like a fairytale, I see zombies all around, is this real? I always ask myself that and the answer is YES, my advice to artists trying to be in this game is, don't do it, stay where you are, safe,  far away, because money isn't what this game is about........ its about control." The line has offended many celebs as many feel she is purposely saying that everyone in the game is dark and twisted or apart of something deeper then what they appear to be. Another thing that many say she did wrong is kill the dreams of young artists looking to break into the game, and she steered them away from their dreams by saying "Stay away". Her book was released by PSR as they have a book department, and NiNi admits that she knew about it and authorized her to release it,  but she said that she didn't know what actually was in it. The book has sold thousands of copies so far, but as of 1 hour ago, it was pulled from the shelves and from the PSR site for reasons unknown. Her book is still available on her site for $12.00. The book is dark with a lot of creepy pictures and creepy looking people. Click here to purchase Diamonds Book "Mystery" Diamond hasn't spoken up on the contents of her book yet......In other news, besides the book being added to P.W, new touch screen Air Conditioners have also been added today. The Ac's are completely automatic touch responsive units that has no buttons or knobs whatsoever, and is controlled by either your fingers or the remote that comes with it. The Ac's are fancy as it has the PSR app to play on the screen, it tells you the inside and outside temperature on the screen, and it evens plays music from Pandora. Yeah this is the fanciest AC we've ever seen, and its available on the Platinum Wear site for $199.99 and includes a 2 year warranty. Its summer and those really warm days are here so why not cool down with a fancy touch screen PSR AC! Click here to head over to the site and purchase your own "Personal PSR AC"! Also check out the new song titled "Gimme That" by Ciara Ft Drake, and be on the lookout for Cici's 2nd PSR album "Goodies Pt2" coming Monday July 1st!

NiNi Faces Controversy For Offensive Comment + Announces BET Awards Appearance

Today, in addition to all the other controversy she is facing, she added more on her plate by an offensive Gay Slur on her page after Perez Hilton posted a blog about her calling her conceited and too big for herself. Perez Hilton, in case you guys don't know, is Hollywood's biggest blogger, and he is known worldwide for his juicy stories, and every blogger whether they admit it or not, is inspired by his work, and yes he is gay. After he made the comment,  he said that he wishes not to be involved in any drama as regardless he respects NiNi, and feels that she is an amazing, woman, artist and an extraordinary performer, he just was stating his opinion basically. But the queen, posted on this on her site "How the hell am I conceited, really dude just fuck off kick rocks and go suck something you fucking faggot!" Her post has caused outrage in the Gay community, mostly LGBT organizations and Gay Pride associates who said her post was quote "Unnecessary" and "Very Offensive" But NiNi made a statement and she said "I know what I mean when I use the word faggot, a faggot can be a number of things not just a homosexual person, I respect people of all orientations and I have supported the gay community throughout my whole career so please don't come at me like that, I referred to him as a faggot because the definition I used is how I look at him, which is fake and a Lil boy, that's my definition of faggot at the moment" Azaelia Banks also sparked outrage for calling a fan a "Stupid Dyke" and she also had to apologize to the gay community but unlike NiNi, Banks actually meant it exactly the way it sounds, NiNi meant it more in a childish faggot sort of way. Perez has spoken up and said "It was never my place to judge her, I'm a huge fan NiNi, I meant no harm by anything, I'm truly sorry" NiNi has said she dropped it already but she said she is feeling disgusted with the gay community right now, as they should've known better after all the support she shows them. The gay community has apologized. In other news, NiNi has announced she will be at and be performing at the 2013 BET Awards tomorrow at 8pm. She mentioned that although her queen buddy will be in attendance, she will be solo and she does have a guest verse with Mimi, A$AP Rocky and Miguel who are performing together. So be on the lookout for NiNi's first appearance at the BET Awards!!

The Queens Kill It In Italy Last Night! +Fight Breaks Out + New Collab Drops

The queens headed out to Italy yesterday, which was unexpected as they were supposed to be somewhere in NJ, but they had their schedule changed and had to switch up the Jersey show until tonight. But last night it was a wonderful explosive show complete with sexy outfits, sexy dances and of course badass energy. The show began at the Italian Play Stadium at 8pm and lasted until 10pm and it was nonstop action and sexiness. We weren't able to make the show, but an associate group of ours did and provided you with video and pictures. Click here to check out the show! Speaking of Italy, before the show, the two queens and partners in crime were involved in a fight with a woman, who seems to be a loyal Princess fan (yes as strange as it may seem she still has some of those left) And NiNi and the other queen did some photos and autographs for fans lined up outside the stadium before the show. While they were bullshitting and goofing off with the fans, a woman who still has not been identified and who is an American came out and began disrespecting NiNi, and although security guards did their best to hold the woman back, she managed to get trough and she pulled a knife out and actually ran towards NiNi with it, but B who was standing right next to her, jumped in the way of NiNi and she shielded her from the knife and the knife stabbed her in the back, but she happened to be wearing a backpack and so she didn't actually get stabbed. B then began punching the girl and she was screaming "What the hell is wrong with you!"NiNi was laughing in the background as the girl was on the ground getting kicked with high heels. The lady was bleeding from her mouth heavy and security guards and fans just stood there watching taking pictures, but when NiNi saw the police coming, she grabbed B and they both ran inside the stadium, that goes to show that you shouldn't mess with a queens bestie . Outside fans told the cops that the woman started it, and they even had the video to prove it so B was not charged and even though both queens were no longer in the mood, the show still continued. *UPDATE* After their show, the woman was charged with "Reckless Endangerment" and "Attempted Bodily Harm" and was put in prison, but a couple of die hard NiNi and B fans were in the same cell as her and when they heard about what she tried to do to NiNi, they stabbed her in the cell 78 times with a jail made knife carved out of a sharp bed frame. She laid there bleeding for up to 20 minutes before cops noticed her. The women who did it to her, are in there for life, so they had nothing to lose. The woman was transferred to the medical center where she was pronounced dead 1 hour after she arrived. The media immediately began connecting the fight to the murder and the media tried to say either B killed her or hired someone to kill her, but after the investigation it was determined that the murder was not connected to BeyoncĂ© nor NiNi and they were allowed to return to the U.S.A. Neither one have commented on the fight or the murder, and they both announced that the NJ show might be cancelled but they will let us know later. Also a new collab has dropped today by NiNi Ft T.Mari titled 'I Love You" nice R&B beat produced by YE and very nice singing between the two. Click here to check out "I Love You"

Friday, June 28, 2013

PSR Introduces Big Wheels And Roller Shoes! + New PSR Album

The other day, Nini announced that she will be making more then clothes and today she announced the arrival of Kids Big Wheels and Roller Shoes. The two new items hit the PSR store and quickly has became a hot seller selling over 27,000 units each within 20 minutes. The big wheels are for kids ages 6-9 and the roller shoes are for kids ages 7-13 and the big wheel is $59.99 and the roller shoes are $49.99. Click here to check out the two new hot items of PSR. In other news, Monica Spears was released from the hospital today. She was shot 5 times a little over 2 weeks ago, and she was well enough to leave and as soon as she left she gave herself a welcome back gift and released her second PSR album titled "June 30th" The title is weird but only if you don't know what the day is. First that day is her birthday and in two more days she will be 27 years old and secondly June 30th is her two years at PSR and the day she decides if she wants to renew her PSR contract or not which she already said she will. So the day is special to her in more ways then one, and what better way to show it then by naming her album it. The album hit the industry around 12pm and so far has sold over 800,000 copies which is slightly less then her first, but regardless still very well for the first day, and she still has the opportunity to make more sales as the album hasn't been released overseas yet. The album is pop and R&B and features NiNi, Miranda, Alexis, Big Sean and Rita Ora. It is available on the PSR site and on itunes for $10. Click here to purchase "JUNE 30TH" We give the album 8 out of 10 stars!

NiNi Fight Details Released + Honey Speaks On 13 Year Old + Video Drops

The fight between NiNi and Princess is gaining national attention worldwide and we have more details about it. The confrontation began in Atlanta GA, around 10:30am yesterday morning, and Princess was about to attend the fashion event that was out there and so was NiNi which is how they bumped into each other. It is not known why Princess was attending the event as it was a PSR event, the same event that Honey was at, but regardless she was going, and when she saw NiNi she blew a kiss at her and NiNi stuck her middle finger up at her and Princess said "I know you want to, but no" NiNi blew her off and went about her business. She was about to go inside the building for the event when a cup was thrown at the back of her head that still had some juice in it that Princess picked up from the ground. It was many fans out there and they snitched to NiNi and told her that Princess threw it. At this point juice and sticky stuff was all in NiNi's hair and she walked over to PRINCESS and said "Bitch you think you funny' Princess was laughing and said "Oh that's a real good look for you, sticky matches your personality" At which point NiNi swung on her and you actually heard a crack from Princess's jaw and she fell to the ground. The fans began to cheer as NiNi kicked her in the face pretty hard while she was down, but since it was a charity event for celebrities, it was many cops around and they came over and broke the fight up while NiNi was still kicking her all in her face and in her ribs and they rushed over and grabbed NiNi. The worst thing to do is break up a woman fighting, but the police found out the hard way as soon as they grabbed her and she socked the cop and made him fall and ran back to princess and finished kicking her. At this point, Princess was bleeding heavily from her mouth and her nose and the officers couldn't stop NiNi, so they pulled a gun to her head and that's what made her stop, but Princess got up and pulled out a knife and ran towards NiNi and the officer with it and NiNi socked her back down. Princess didn't give up though, even while bleeding she still tried to fight NiNi until 3 officers grabbed her and put her against the car with handcuffs, and they did the same for NiNi. NiNi's fans booed at the sight of NiNi being put in the police car. Before Princess got in the car, a fan threw a rock at her head and she was arrested as well. NiNi was held without bail all day, and she was released late last night with a court date for the charges of "Fighting in public" and "Assaulting an officer" and Princess was released as well charged with "Fighting in public" and "resisting arrest". NiNi refused to comment on the fight, and Princess hasn't spoken on it either. We're trying to get a statement from NiNi, and since we are the only group she likes, she may talk to us, she may not but we will let you know, so stay tuned for more info on this. In other news, PSR artist Honey Cocaine has spoken up about her 13 year old GF. This is what she said in a statement "Look I wasn't about to even do this but my boss insists that I always stay true to myself and be real at all times so you know what, yeah I was with her, but I didn't know she was that young, I honestly believed she was 17, I'm 22 being with a 17 year old isn't bad, you all know Im bisexual so its no secret that Im with a woman, so Im not apologizing for my sexual orientation but I will apologize to her mom, because if I had known she was that young I would not have began a relationship with her, I been seeing her for over a year and I even brought her a cake that had 17 candles on it when her birthday came last month, so I knew nothing about her real age, I wouldn't have started anything with her, I took her word for it and she looks and acts nothing like 13, it hurts alot but her mom and you guys should be happy to know after I found out her true age, I broke it off, what the fuck,  am I supposed to check id everytime I date someone now, but I cant be with her because of her age and she lied to me, and once a liar always a liar, so to Michelle's mom Im sorry, I did not know she was underage, and Im no longer seeing her" The media has been having a party with this statement, and although they are somewhat still bashing her, they respect her for being honest, and so do we, and she has the full support of her label. Michelle was caught outside around her house, and this time she granted an interview and she was in tears when she said "Im sorry honey, Im so sorry I lied to you, I just knew you wouldn't be with me if I told you my real age, I never meant to hurt you, and I hope you can still be friends with me". So the blame is now being placed on Michelle, because obviously Honey didn't know, and she is right,  no one checks ages on their partners, you take their word for it. Do you guys feel honey should have tried to verify her age or do you guys feel Michelle is to blame? Also just as promised the new video for "Official" has dropped today.The video is hot and it attracted millions of viewers this morning, and the video is sexy and gangsta at the same time, and NiNi looks cute dressed like Pac with the bandanna and the baggy clothes. Currently this video is the hottest most looked for video in the world right now, congrats NiNi! Click  here to check out the video for "Official"

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nini Fights Princess!! Gets Arrested!

well this is what you guys have been waiting for. We dont have the full story but sources say NiNi and Princess threw down but were interrupted by police. It is said that NiNi gave her a bloody nose and a broken jaw but they were stopped by the police before NiNi killed her. Both Princess and NiNi were arrested for fighting in public and thats all we know, we're doing more digging and we will let you guys know more when we know more! So for now good night!

Honey Cocaine Accused Of Sleeping With A 13 Year Old Girl! Public Reacts

 Today a few Twitter posts sent the industry into chaos and its been madness all day as a 13 year old girl by the name of Michelle Branch posted a picture of Her and Honey at one of her shows backstage with a caption that read "Me and my baby! I love her so much!" Of course many people didn't take it too seriously because many fans post that they love their favorite artists, so everyone pretty much blew it off as cute. But throughout the day, it became creepy as she was posting much more personal thing on Honey's wall which was supposed to be private, but Honey must have changed her settings to allow her posts to be seen by everyone and the girl posted things such as "I been thinking about you all day honey, I love the little mole on your butt, its so cute" Then she got kinda x rated saying things like "Last night was amazing, but it hurt so bad, but its no one else I would want to lose it by then you" People began taking her posts seriously as she was posting things about her that no one would know such as the mole, the way her left boob is slightly bigger then her right boob, and of course the way she tastes, yeah that kind of taste. The posts were posted on Honey's wall between 10:07am this morning through 11:15am and altogether she posted 20 messages to her, and then she stopped as she must have noticed they weren't private and the last message she posted to Honey was "OMG Please erase those messages boo, I didn't know you had it on everyone, you always keep it private" Of course many people will play like this in order to get money from a celebrity or even to just make a celebrity look bad, but for some reason no one is looking at it like that. Honey didn't respond to any of the messages as she was offline, but at an event for a PSR charity she was smiling and laughing with all the fans, but when the media came through and asked her about a Michelle Branch she immediately changed her face expression and looked nervous and she said "I'm not here to answer any questions and she refused to talk to the media and she canceled the rest of her appearance as If she rushed to go check her messages. 35 minutes after she left the event all her messages were deleted which made people really believe this is all true. The messages were seen by the girls mom though who lashed out and publicly accused Honey,  who is 22,  of being a sick twisted human being to have sex with a 13 year old, and she had an emotional breakdown on camera to the fact that her daughter lost her virginity to an older woman at only 13 year old and she claims that she didn't even know her daughter was into women as she has a huge crush on a boy her age. The girl did not want to grant the media an interview and she screamed "Leave me the hell alone!!" from her window when the Paparazzi showed up for the interview that her mom granted them to give her, but they weren't able to get the interview. Since then her mom has been doing her best to trash Honey's rep and career, and although its not working because Honey just simply has too many fans, she still is trying. Many of Honey's fans have posted things like "So what, sex is sex" Or "Who cares, if the girl is willing its not "rape" in my opinion" No one is blaming honey everyone is super supportive of her, so her mom isn't doing well with trying to trash her, and when the mom heard of all the support, she was upset and said people don't care because of who she is and its ridiculous that money and talent can make you look the other way. She also issued a warning to Honey saying "Lady you stay away from my daughter or else" The mom has not put PSR in it, only Honey. Honey never responded to anything except for  one post where she simply said "OMG!!" NiNi nor PSR have been accepting interviews and they refuse to comment on Honey, and so does other artists like Drake. This is the biggest story right now all around the industry and Honey continues to stay silent which is only making her look guilty.  How do you guys feel about all of this? Stay tuned for more info on this developing story! Speaking of honey she has a new song out titled 'Sex"    ironic isn't it? Click here to check it out!

Princess's Friend Steps In The Beef

Today, a woman identified as 29 year old Tracy Ellis has posted this on Twitter: Iesha sweetie you know I love you like a sister, but I feel you need to grow up, you know and I know NiNi has too much to do with her time to be creating bogus stories about you, If you have a new man and you had a sex change then so what fuck what people think don't worry about people only worry about what makes you happy, I'm still your girl no matter if you used to be a man or not I don't care, and nobody should,  and If they do fuck them just live your life, they ain't good for you anyway If they cant support you no matter what, but you have to stop blaming that girl for everything I know you better then anyone,  you're the realest bitch I know, so show it then" This statement doesn't necessarily prove anything but it sure has the world cracking up, but when this story first came out many people thought she was going to be on Princess's side and downtalk NiNi, but as you can see she actually defended her and NiNi responded posting "To Tracy, thanks, its all good though I don't worry about her accusing me, you know how men are these days, some of them still act like women" NiNi's response and Tracy's post has upset Princess as she went to her own Twitter and posted "Hmm Tracy and NiNi, Y'all two bitches getting on my nerves, and Tra Tra you and I go way back, for you to even think some shit like that is even true means you really don't know me and you're a bigger bitch then I thought, fuck you too, I'm cutting all you dumb bitches out of my life I already cut my bitch of a mama out, you're right with her bye, and NiNi I swear the next time I see you its really on, cuz I'm so sick of your shit, you think you're so cute and you're so big and fucking bad and I will show you and all of your group of loser fans and artists that you ain't shit but a oversized sex symbol that's all anybody would want you for, don't make me fuck your husband again, Beith honey what the hell is wrong with you for fucking with her smh" NiNi responded saying "What you say?, oh I cant understand it past all the bullshit, did you say when you see me its gonna be on? Sweetie lets not forget who won the last fight, but if you want to brawl I love to brawl I don't mind fighting men" NiNi is crazy isn't she lol, but many fans are dying to see NiNi destroy Princess in music and on the streets, but NiNi who hasn't made one song towards Princess yet, even after she was dissed in her song, says clearly she doesn't do music beefs anymore but quote "A fight I will do" Sources say that most of  Princess's family is also on NiNi's side and its only a few loyal fans who remain loyal to her. Stay tuned for more info on this bloody beef. P.S K.C also has apologized to NiNi, click here to see what she had to say over Twitter and by statement.....

NiNi Adds A New Artist!

Today, NiNi has increased her roster up to 93 today as she signed a new unsigned artist whose name is Jeffery Rocoli but goes by the stage name of J. Roc. J. Roc is 29 and fresh out of Detroit Michigan and he has been recording music since he was 12, and he was able to submit his music and have it accepted by NiNi, talk about luck. He has already put out 2 independent albums and 6 videos as well as having over 2,000 fans all while being unsigned, and his stats are impressive. Today he flew out to Chicago to sign the PSR contract and he was signed to a 1 year 1 album development deal with the label worth 8 million dollars. He currently has a song out which all his fans love called "Baller Baby" and NiNi plans to release his song professionally in the next couple days, the other new artist Dolla has already had his song professionally released and its doing well around the game. Congrats to J. Roc. In other news, a new artist has expressed interest in Joining PSR, she's 18 and she goes by the name of "INDIE" but her name is India Westbrook's, who is just beginning her career in music. India rose to fame simply from pictures she posted to Tumblr and instagram, and she also was seen in music videos from Mindless Behavior, Ciara and even Lil Wayne, as she started her industry career as a model first which is something that most female artists do before they become singers and rappers. By being a model Miss Indie was able to gain over 20,000 fans and she released a song with PSR artist Honey Cocaine who many say is her cousin, titled "Paper In My Hands" which is gaining popularity around the underground music scene, and she has been gaining attention since late 2009, and she posted: "PSR is the business right now, I met NiNi once and she is beyond cool and her home is where I want to be, if I can't be with them its no other label I'd rather be with, guess Ill continue my shit underground if I have too" Well seems as If she hit up NiNi today to ask for a listening session which means NiNi taking the time out to listen to her music and make a placement decision, NiNi has not agreed to it nor has she responded. Do you guys know Miss India? Or her music. P.S click here to check out the Queens show last night! It was beyond explosive! and funny. Also click here to check out the new song by Wacka Flocka Ft NiNi and Trindad James titled "On My Shit"

NiNi Endorses Burger King + Announces Video

NiNi has been in the middle of 2 wars lately, with Princess and with K.C but that still hasn't stopped her from being busier than ever. That is why, besides B,  she is called "The most powerful busiest woman in show business" And she is proving that by all of her adventures. Today a commercial released by burger king introducing a new sandwich, and what better way to run a promo then by having a powerful beautiful women to attract attention, and that woman is NiNi. She ran the promo and even took a huge bite out of the new Chicken Parmesan Sandwich with a huge smile. Sources say since the commercial aired there has been millions of customers coming to try the new sandwich and at this point NiNi is the new face of Burger King, in fact she is called the "BK Girl" with the slogan "Have It Your Way" Click here to check out NiNi in all her beauty in the new Burger King Commercial. In other news, today NiNi has announced that a video for her new song with 2Pac and Biggie titled "Official" will get an official video release tomorrow the 28th, and she promises it will be just as dope as the actual song, so stay tuned for info on that video. Also Kat has released her 2nd PSR mixtape today titled "Kitty Kat" which is blowing up in the industry. Its all her solo, but she does really well by herself, and many people even say that her mixtape is way better then NiNi's last mixtape which was "I Apologize" in fact even NiNI said "Kat killed me, but its great I love to see my artists putting in their all in order to beat me, that's what I love to see, its been a few of them who out rapped or out sung me, but they all know they can enjoy that for a while, but eventually I will take my spot back (laughs)" The mixtape is rap/r&b and is available on the PSR site and on her site as well as ITunes for $5.00 and so far the mixtape has sold over 195 million copies, which beats out NiNi's mixtape by 1/3 as hers sold 172 million copies, NiNi's newest album however "Fierce" still is the highest sold album in the planet and still doesn't have a specific word to be attached to it, but its past the millions, billions, and trillions of albums sold which means she has beat everyone on PSR and everyone in the game living or dead and her album has been certified platinum 79 times, which is unheard of, so maybe her artist can beat her mixtapes, but they would really have to step their game up to get her album beat, but regardless congrats Kat on a wonderful mixtape!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nicki Denies Sex With Weezy + Pisses Off NiNi

There has been a lot of talk that besides having sex with clothes on in the billboards music awards and in their video for "High" school Nicki and her former boss Lil Wayne actually really had sex after the show. Today in a statement Nicki said "Me and Weezy always have been real close, it was problems for a little while, but we got over that we both were acting immature, but I didn't have sex with Wayne after the show, he's like my fucking nigga, that's what I look at him as, I never had sex with him, it'll be weird to me If we ever did" Weezy has also denied it saying "The video was meant to be sexy and so was the show, and that's what we gave them nothing more nothing less" So the possibility of a possible relationship between the two, whether sexual or official is dead. Speaking of Nicki, today she also pissed off NiNI, as NiNi sent her to do some errands for the label, such as stop by Russel's office to deliver some important papers among other things, but instead she hit up the mall to sign autographs and chill with the fans for a little while before she continued her errands. Every label has a snitch which is someone who relays everything back to the head boss which in this case is NiNi, and when the word got back that Nicki was goofing off instead of working, NiNi sent a message to Nicki's Twitter that read "NICKI!!!!!!!! I swear to fucking God get the fuck out the mall right now or you can stay there permanently I'm so not in the mood for you today, tell everyone bye or you can go eat off of them u understand me!!!! Nicki replied within 5 minutes,  first to the fans that said "Oh god I hate when that girl gets mad, now its her mouth all day smh my bad" Then she responded to NiNi saying "Goddamn NiNi calm down, I was only here a few minutes I'm leaving now mama OK I'm sorry" When NiNi was asked to comment on that situation she replied "Ay don't even ask me about her right now cuz the way I feel I wanna grab her by her hair and throw her like a Frisbee" Nicki responded to that as well simply posting a sad face. So its clear NiNi is mad but before people started making their own ideas up,  PSR management confirmed that its not a beef or tension just a normal boss artist relationship that's quote "Completely Normal" so please guys don't make me have to post on a new beef between NiNi and Nicki because there isn't one. Also NiNi has a show tonight in Downtown Newark, NJ at 9pm make sure you be there,  we will. P.S,  K.C has spoken up on her and NiNi's "Fight" click h
ere to see what she had to say about it. NiNi hasn't responded yet.....

Aleshia Allen Bashed + NiNi Signs Another Artist!

Aleshia Allen joined PSR a little over 2 weeks ago, and while many people feel that she is a good addition, the media doesn't, and they have been bashing her all morning. One magazine was quoted as saying "She thinks she's all that now, you can tell, her personality has a conceited swag to it, its way other hotter artists on that label besides you ya know" And another magazine said something like "From "Are We There Yet? To A platinum Label, She big and bad now huh that's a laugh?" But why is the media bashing her when she isn't even doing anything? Well we don't know and apparently neither does she as she posted "I don't know why they are talking about me I don't give them any reason too, I'm not conceited and I don't think its all about me, but I don't give 2 shits and If y'all cant find anything nice to say about me then leave me the hell alone! I'm so sick of y'all" The media seems to bash anyone new these days, but Aleisha isn't new and that's the problem, maybe they don't like her, but since she joined PSR she's gained at least 330,000 extra fans and with that many fans, to hell with the media you have folks who love you. In other news, NiNi has added a new artist to the PSR roster and its 25 year old Detroit singer Teairra Mari who has been signed to a 2 year 2 album deal with the label worth 47 million. NiNi has also announced that its another artist who will be joining soon as soon as she gets the paperwork together but she wouldn't comment on who it is all she said was "Wait and see" so we'll do that. Congrats to Miss Mari! P.S Check out the new song "Envy" By Latoya Luckett Ft Taylah P released today! And the new song titled 'Haters" by Miley Cyrus which is her first song since she got married and had her baby. Click here to check out "Haters" and click here to check out "Envy"


New Details On NiNi And K.C + NiNi Responds To Princess

We have new details on the never ending war with PSR VS K.C. We found out that the two bumped into each other at a fashion event in Georgia yesterday and sources say that K.C approached NiNi on a disrespectful level and NiNi, who already wasn't in the mood began getting in her face saying some things that would hurt even the baddest persons feelings, at which point K.C pushed NiNi and turned and walked away, NiNi was on the verge of punching her but she was stopped by security and was told to let her go, but NiNi was extra mad that's all we have so far. In other news, Nini has responded to Princess and she said "why you keep mentioning me, you must have a thing for me to keep putting me in your mouth all the time Mr Ivan lol" Princess responded saying "You ain't funny, and no you must have a thing for me to keep on doing all this bullshit with my name in it, I mean I know I'm hot but relax and get off my  sweet spot" NiNi responded simply saying "You're Hot?? Sweet spot?? LMAO!!!!!" Princess didn't reply to that. Check me out later for more info! Also check here
to see what NiNi announced about the P.W Line!

Princess's Mom Caught Speaking To Kareem + Princess Responds

Today, a local news crew has secretly recorded Tanya Thompson who is Princess's mom speaking to Kareem about their relationship. She was overheard saying things such as "I want you guys to work" "You are a real good man to her, I hate that she is denying you like this, I know you two are in love and I think you guys are perfect for each other" and "I want many grand children from you two, I know she loves you don't let it get to you" The media has been going crazy with this story and they have been running it all day. The media even caught up to her mom and she actually confirmed from her own mouth that the two are happily engaged. But Princess lashed out at her mom over twitter earlier,  this Is her full post: "Mama really?, now you on the PSR payroll? You know you lying but you know something none of y'all are getting to me, that's why I only got me myself and I, cant trust anybody these days, even your own damn parents. How much did you pay her to turn on her own flesh and blood Nisha? Must have been a good amount, I don't care what you gave her or what you offered her it doesn't matter to me because both y'all broads cant break me, try all you want Nisha try all you want mama, Miss Thompson you ain't shit to me you're dead to me, and Nisha don't even get me started on you" The media continues to bash Princess because its been officially claimed by the one person who knows her best and yet she continues to deny it, so they are calling her weird and living in denial. Princess blames only two people and that is NiNi and Diamond, but of course she blames NiNi more being that NiNi has the most money on PSR to actually pay people to do pretty much anything she wants. The media though, doesn't feel that NiNi paid off anyone, Princess does, we don't, how about you guys? Also It has been confirmed that NiNi did in fact fight, but not with who you guys think, it was actually with ex PSR artist K.C. So that makes two people from PSR she had a fight with, Katy and NiNi. Why did they fight? No one seems to know, but some sources say it was more of an argument and less of a fight, but without official confirmation we cant even confirm that, all we know is that something did in fact happen between those two. I'm doing some digging now, and I will let you guys know later!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rita Ora Drops 1st PSR Album + Jade's Funeral Update

Today Rita has dropped her 1st PSR album titled "The Way We Ball" The album features guest appearances by: NiNi, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Jay-Z, Future, Kelly Rowland, Miss Jade, Cymphonique, Kat and Mya and so far her first ever album has sold 24 million copies which isn't bad at all, in fact its great for a first timer. The album is available in retail stores worldwide and on her site as well as the iTunes store for $10.00. The album is a combo of rap and R&B and we give it a 9 out of 10 stars. Click here to purchase "The Way We Ball" Also check out the new songs by Kelly Rowland, Mya, Future, Big Sean, 2Chainz, Lyndriette and Ace Hood. Pretty much every new artists has released a new song so far so its apparent  that everyone went straight to work after being signed which is always a good sign. You can check out all of the new songs by the new artists here. In other news, Yesterday was Jade's funeral. The service started at the church where she grew up singing in Atlanta Georgia and the church was packed with over 10,000 people including PSR artists and other artists from the game. Everyone was dressed in Tuxedos and dresses while Reverend Sharp delivered the speech. Some artists also spoke on her behalf including Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Cymphonique, Rihanna, Kat and of course NiNi who gave a beautiful speech. Camera's were not allowed so we weren't allowed to get pictures for you. Over 5,000 fans were in attendance and since they were in the same area as celebs, cops and security were in full force but no one got out of hand because it wasn't about autographs and pictures. After the service, there were 18 minutes of silence 1 minute for every year she was alive and 18 white doves were also released in the sky 1 for every year of her life. Then we had the chance to see her body in the open casket for a little while and some celebs put things in her casket such as Ri Ri put Jade's first PSR mixtape in there, Weezy put in a pic of them two together and NiNi put in the PSR contract and the PSR chain since she loved it  there so much and to remind her that she will always be a PSR artist. She was dressed up really beautiful in the casket wearing her favorite dress along with her PSR earrings. Many people cried but mostly everyone had on shades so their tears weren't shown. Her music was also played at the service, 18 minutes worth of her music to be exact including her last song with NiNi titled "Keep Up" Afterwards, her body was flown back to Chicago and she was cremated just as she wanted and the ashes were brought to PSR and all of the PSR artists and Jade's family were present in front of the PSR building but no fans were allowed this time, and after playing some of her music her ashes were given to NiNi as Jade's mother wanted her best friend to do the honors and NiNi said "I love you Karueche" and she spread the ashes all around PSR and everyone else prayed and did the sign of the cross on their chest, and put flowers down where the ashes were. Mya then said "Now you can always be here sweetie" The service was great and so was the ash spreading, and although no fans were allowed I was there only because NiNi allowed me to be. I have no video or pics, but you can click here to check out the beautiful flowers that's around PSR. *UPDATE* Word around town is that NiNi had a fight a little while ago, we aren't sure who it is many say its Princess others don't even know, so we are trying to find out check me out later!

Ri Ri Called A Hoe + Jay Speaks On NiNi Line + Platinum Wear Gets Updated

The media always have been calling Ri Ri  a hoe, but her actions are what make them say that. Back in 2010 Ri Ri posted tons of pics to her Twitter showing her with a different guy (or girl) every night. And at once she said she sleeps with anyone as long as they are sexy, but this year she said that she only slept with 3 men in her whole life and she was with and loved all 3, so her story has changed within 3 years but the media still isn't buying it, and today Boss lady hurt the feelings of her favorite artist when the media approached her and asked "How do you feel to have a hoe on your team?" and NiNi responded "That's not really my business, she's grown, so don't ask me about other people's business" But Ri Ri didn't get disrespectful with her which is a shock but she did post "Really NiNi girl? I would've expected you to say that she isn't a hoe, you know I'm no hoe girlie :( its OK I still love ya though!" NiNi has responded to Ri Ri posting "I know that but that's nobody Else's business, that's why when people ask me about y'all, I keep it short and sweet in order to confuse them and you should already know that" So for all of y'all who think its tension between them two Ri Ri addressed a post to y'all that said "Shut up Goddamn y'all annoying!!" How do you guys look at Ri Ri? In other news, the talk is growing louder about a possible beef between Jay and NiNi and Jay has responded saying "I do not have any problems with her, nor does she have any problems with me, me and her are really competitive with each other and its something that no one but us would ever understand, its really just fun, its no reality to that, we have respect for each other and when it comes down to it we always have each others backs, its unreal for our names to be in a sentence with the word beef, its just not possible" So hopefully his statement calmed you guys down so no beef there. Also the Platinum Wear Line has been updated with tons of new clothes and some of the new PSR artists who have just been signed had their own lines that they just added to the PSR line and so far over 350,000 new designs have been added to the line including women's,  men's and children's clothes, handbags, shoes, ladies and men's underwear and of course jewelry, and NiNi has added the famous PSR chain to the line which is what every artists wears on the label, but that will break the bank for us poor folks as that is a 32 Kt gold chain with blue yellow and white diamonds and the cost for that chain is 29,000 dollars, so unless so you can put out almost 30 grand for a chain, we say stick to the clothes. Its some real nice additions though especially from the royal crew seems like they always have the best items and you can check them all out here

Did Jay Disrespect NiNi? + New Song Drops!!

We doubt it, but why don't you guys be the judge? Earlier today a freestyle released by Jay-Z called "King Hova" and he raps the line "Bank accounts in the large amounts I do it for the children, my daughter on the side slow down NiNI you're killing em, nah I got it dead cops cant catch I'm harder to get then PSR's contract, whats so hard about that? Nigga sign on the dotted lines this a celebration fuck them its roc nation, all about the dollars, pop my collar I'm a rida so if y'all looking for a job I got you its Hov holla" We actually don't see any disrespect but we do see why people may think he's taking a shot at her by the line of "whats so hard about that" and "Fuck them its roc nation" but if it was a shot its a Small one, and many rappers compete with each other like that even when they are super close like NiNi and Jay, so we feel that even if he did take a small shot its just how the business goes which is something that NiNi did as well on her song "Keep Up" where she raps "I got em screaming my name call me H  .O.  V  nah he cant see me so just call me NiNi" Many people felt she took shots at Jay on that song as well and even after that they still performed and did two songs with each other, so seems as if these two compete with each other for fun, but we don't think its a beef, its just apart of the game. How do you guys feel? Click here to check out "King Hova" and be the judge. In other news, NiNi has been doing collabs lately but she hasn't been doing too much of her own songs, but today that changed as a new song released titled "Official" which features 3 legends on the same track: NiNi, 2pac and The Notorious B.I.G. The song is downright the best song we've ever heard this year so far even from NiNi, and 20 minutes after it released it stole the number 1 spot which was "No Apologies" and bumped it to number 2. The song is being praised for its hot lyrics and hot beat along with a nice chopped and screwed hook that goes well with the song,  and the lyrics from Pac and Biggie are never before heard lyrics, and all 3 killed it but the one who murdered the entire song was NiNi. She delivered the best verse out of both and many people say she out rapped 2 legends which is making her even more popular. Fans have already went on YouTube searching for the instrumental to create their own freestyles, its a real dope beat and the song is fastly becoming the most popular song in the game we give it 100 stars out of 10. Great job NiNi! Click here to check out "Official" Also J. Cole has announced that he meant no disrespect to NiNi's husband by his line in their new collab that dropped yesterday, and he apologized if the line offended him, her, her fans or her family. Click here to check out what Mr. Cole had to say.....

NiNi Has A Wardrobe Malfunction + Princess Man Mentions NiNi

Today, camera crews got a super exciting sight as NiNi exited her limo in Boston. As she got up seems as if the seat belt was stuck to the back of her pants and it snapped her belt and as she got out the car her pants fell slightly and some of her butt was showing. Camera crews snapped pics as NiNi pulled her pants back up. But NiNi didn't seem to be embarrassed by it, in fact she had a "Shit happens" kind of attitude. But she did say to the camera's "if I see my ass on any magazine, im taking that camera and shoving it up your ass" And strangely, her threat must have been taken seriously because nobody put the picture of her butt anywhere, although it was a video of the incident on Youtube posted by a fan, but the video has since been removed by PSR management. NiNi made a joke about it which is something she is famous for and she posted "Kiss My Ass!!" Lol" So its nice to see that she has a good sense of humor even though her booty was shown to hundreds if not thousands of people. In other news, we always hear about NiNi, but lately we been hearing about her alot more as Princess throws her name out whenever she gets the chance, and today the man who claims to be dating her did an interview and showed pictures of the two together, and he mentioned that Princess blames NiNi, but he says that NiNi has nothing to do with anything, and Princess is trying to keep it a secret and being that she is already beefing with NiNi, she is the perfect one to blame to keep the beef going. Now no one doubts that the two are in a relationship and the man whose name has been quoted as being "Kareem" says its quote "Serious" But Princess once again had some name calling to do as she made a statement saying "Wow, I heard about this but I only knew it was a man, never knew it was a damn horse wtf, now if any of yall know me yall know that I only mess with Beith or Trey Songz looking niggas, I wouldn't be caught dead with someone looking like that, so this is your proof that NiNi is really trying to make me look bad, but she really doesn't know me what the hell is that I don't think any woman would be caught with someone looking like that, and to the man, stop claiming me you bastard because you know damn well, I never have and never will fuck with you" The man has responded to her statement saying "Oh I love it when she talks dirty to me (laughs)" So some people are confused by this because two people are saying two different things and Princess seems legit, but others feel she is making herself look crazy and she should just stop denying, we're honestly confused too, how about you guys? NiNi has not responded to Princess as of yet.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Miranda And Alexis Mixtape Gets Denied + J.Cole And NiNi Collab

Yesterday, Alexis Jordan's mixtape "One For The Team" released and although its really good NiNi has denied it from getting an official release. Miranda's mixtape "Do It How I do" released as well and once again NiNi denied it, she posted "If y'all two want to make anything off of your mixtape you better do it independently, because for the next week and a half, y'all don't have a label to release it on, try me if you think I'm playing" So their mixtape has been pulled from the PSR site. Alexis posted this on Twitter "Damn NiNi really???" and Miranda posted "Wow she's still mad OK sorry guys no mixtape yet, I go back next week and hopefully NiNi will release it then :(" Fans have expressed disappointment that they cant get their mixtapes yet, but at the same time, they understand because when an artist is suspended they literally are not able to use any resources from the label, and that's how all labels get down, so sorry guys you have to wait until next week to get your hands on their mixtape. In other news, today a new collab has released by J.Cole Ft NiNi titled "Hustle" really nice song and nice lyrics from both artists. The song has reached number 4 so far, and you can click here to check out "Hustle" Also there is a rumor going around that over the weekend, Lady Gaga has signed to PSR. We thought it was false but its a lot of evidence to say we may be wrong, such as first Gaga was at a conference and announced she left her old label Columbia and she is signing with her dream label soon, and we all know that her dream label is PSR. Second, she posted on Twitter: "Finally about to be platinum just a couple more days" We still don't know if this rumor has any truth to it as NiNi and PSR have been unavailable for comment but if we find out more we will let you know! Also check out the new song by Kat Ft Mya titled "Dreams" Click here

NiNi Signs 2 New Artists + Princess Continues To Blame NiNi For Things

Today, NiNi announced her roster is now up to 90 artists as she has signed two new artists to the team and those two are:

1. 24 year old Los Angeles Singer Ravaughn Brown who has been signed to a 1 year 1 album deal with the label worth 28 million dollars.

2. Unsigned Artist 22 year old Daryl Miseres who goes by the stage name of Dolla who has been signed to a 1 year development deal with the label. He submitted an MP3 of his music immediately and NiNi liked it so much that she contacted him and set up the deal and she plans to re release his song professionally soon.

Congrats to the new PSR artists! In other news, Princess is once again going through something. Now an unidentified man has laid the claim that he is dating Princess and have been for over 3 years and that he doesn't mind that she used to be a man, and the two are currently looking to adopt a child and get married since she cant have children. But Princess was furious over Twitter this morning and she directed this to NiNi: "Look girlie, you may think you are funny, but you're not, I feel its really bitch what you're doing acting like a lil ass girl, that shit ain't cute if you wanna see me then see me, but you're a coward for doing all this bullshit like its a game, that's how you get down? You ain't shit Nisha!" Princess also claims that the man and herself have never met and she insists that NiNi is responsible for this man and she claims that NiNi and her team are paying people to put these ridiculous stories out about her for fun and they are intentionally trying to destroy her image. The media has caught up with the man and they got an interview from him and he claims that Princess has so much going on right now and she doesn't want it to get out yet that she is dating anyone, but he said he is kind of sad that she is denying him as they go on dates every night and they both love each other so much, but he understands that the kind of job that she has sometimes may prevent things from coming out that way it should. The media is saying things like "Princess and a BEAST A perfect match? NOT!!!!" The media is laughing at Princess for her choice of men, but due to lawsuits that can happen, we cant mention anyone in a negative way, but you guys see the picture. Princess continues to deny the fact that she used to be a man, and she denies that she is dating this man whose name still hasn't been identified yet, and she continues to say that NiNi is responsible. NiNi has posted "LMAO Awww yall make a real good looking couple!" What do you guys think about all of this?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yeezy Names NiNi God Mother!

Today Yeezy posted this on Twitter: "Feeling hella good right now chilln cuddling up with my lil one, @NINI Come takea break and come join us and see your god daughter lol" Obviously NiNi didnt kno that she was the God mother because she posted "Wow im the god mommy too? Cool lol" Ye and Kim still havent released a picture of the girl yet and NiNi refuses to answer any questions about her, so thats all for now check me out later for more info! Also even though she is suspended, Alexis Jordan has released her highly awaited Mixtape titled "One For The Team" and she released it today for free. The mixtape has 10 stars all the way especially a song called "Fire" with her old boss Mr Hova click here to check out "Fire" and click here to get "One For The Team" for free!

Princess Blames NiNi And Diamond For The Man Rumor

Princess is still insisting that she is not responsible for saying that she used to be a man, and she still is sticking with her story that someone is doing a pretty good job of making her look bad. In fact she blamed NiNi and Diamond for it, she said "Its funny how as soon as Diamond mentions something about exposing me or whatever the hell that bitch said, right after that,  this happens, I feel her and NiNi are in this together, they're on the same team, and they both have problems with me so doesn't it make sense?" But the media still isn't buying her story and they don't believe that NiNi and Diamond would actually pull a stunt like this just to try and prove a point, but regardless Princess is stuck and convinced that Diamond and NiNi are responsible. NiNi has posted "Whats wrong sweetie, you mad because your big secret got out and you need someone to blame for your little wiener? lmao" Diamond hasn't responded to Princess yet, but one thing that is for sure is that Princess has been running around desperately trying to clear her name, and all she is doing is making herself look even more crazy trying to do it. Princess has stated that NiNi and Diamond are Jealous of her and to that NiNi responded saying "REALLY??????? Jealous?????? Of you??????? WHY????? LOL!" How do you guys feel about Princess accusing Diamond and NiNi?

Ri Ri And Solo Attend Press Conference

Yesterday, Tina Knowles set up a press conference in order to try and resolve the issues between Ri Ri and her daughter Solo. They set up a one to one meeting and Tina tried to resolve issues between them, but it didn't go well. The first half of the conference, the two would hardly speak to each other and ignored the hell out of Tina and everyone else who addressed them (Basically they were both acting like brats) , and the second half the two started arguing and got in each others faces about to fight, so apparently, it was a great effort from Tina, but it was a waste of her time just like Ri Ri said it would be. So no resolving anything anytime soon. The older Knowles has stated she wants no part of either one of them until they both stop acting like children and grow up, and NiNi has said almost the exact same thing early this morning on her site posting "I love both of them I'm cool with both but y'all need to grow up and until y'all act your age, I want nothing really to do with anyone of y'all" Ri Ri nor Solo have responded to B or NiNi's statement. In other news, NiNi has done her 5th collab today with Mya and Jasmine titled "I Wont Fall" The song combines down south and westside instrumentals along with a sample of the old song  "Money" by Slick Rick and it sounds dope. Nini delivers hard on the song delivering a fast flow and she blows the other two off the song although Mya definitely is a worthy opponent and she almost would have murdered NiNi, if it wasn't for NiNi's fast rap and that's what made her win. The song has took the number two spot and many say it has the possibility to steal the number 1 spot which is "No Apologies" and if it does steal the number 1 spot this will be the first song that has done that in over 3 months. The two PSR women are definitely on point and creating a name for themselves and already they are beginning to blow up and everyone is talking about them two so we feel they will be household names soon and royalty maybe in a few months. Click here to check out 'I Wont Fall"

Saturday, June 22, 2013

NiNi Has Her Middle Finger To The Critics

Today a new song dropped by Icona Pop (I Love It) Ft NiNi and Wale and the music critics have been hard at work criticizing it as much as they can. They said things such as "British music meets American trash the song belongs in the dumpster with the rest of the trash" And NiNi posted "I know everything that I do or that I'm apart wont always be great I don't expect it too I'm human too, but its absolutely NOTHING wrong with that song, I love it and my middle finger is up to the critics take that and suck on it!" NiNi also has two other songs that she is proud of and they are the two new songs from the two new PSR girls Mya and Jasmine and she says that she definitely wants to collab with both on the same track she wants to see how well they do together on the same track.  Also Christina Beiber has released her first mainstream song today titled "Blue Skies" and the fans generally get to see what kind of artist she is and the main style that she represents is Pop/R&B and she actually sings very well, and so far she is gaining many fans off of this song and she already has collab requests pouring in, so looks like NiNi made the right choice after all. She has informed us that she is currently in the process of filling up her roster and she will be looking for unsigned artists to sign, and she encourages all interested artists to submit a mp3 file on her website of their best song along with their contact information, so are there any singers or rappers out there that feel that they are good enough for the platinum crew? If so prove it and go submit your hottest bars to the site, click here

Ri Ri Fights Again + She's In New NiNi Collab

Well when it comes to Ri Ri its nonstop drama and since her beef with one of the Knowles, that's all she's been in lately, but this time Ri Ri didn't start it. It started when Ri Ri posted on Twitter "I know me and Dime J didn't always see eye to eye sometimes and I really regret that because we were fighting over an asshole who doesn't deserve to have anyone fight over him, but anyway im just glad that we actually got a chance to kill that and get a friendship going and I'm so happy I got to collab with her I'm gonna really miss her mwah!" And for some reason Solo responded saying "Ri Ri you sound so fake you were never her friend just shut up over there trying to get sympathy and pity you dumb broad" Ri Ri didn't respond but she saved all her energy for later and they bumped into each other a little while ago and they threw down. Solo was at an airport in Houston TX and Ri Ri walked up to her from behind and pulled her from the hair and slammed her down on the ground and they started brawling. They were broken up by Airport police and both were fined for fighting in public, held and released a couple hours later. Both women walked away with minor scratches and blood and as we can see this beef is getting bloodier,  so much that Miss Tina Knowles has said she is setting up a conference later on with both and they both better show up. Ri Ri posted "Love ya Tina but hell no! and Solo posted "Nope nope nope NO MAMA!!!! But sources say Tina is a powerful arguer and now they both are going,  stay tuned to find out how that will go! In other news, NiNi has done her 4th collab today. The song is called "Legendary" and its by Icona Pop Ft NiNi, Wale and Ri Ri. The song is  really good and so far is number 4 on the charts. Click here to check out 'Legendary" Also speaking of miss Jade her funeral is tomorrow and her parents are letting 5,000 fans only attend so you have to go to the Memorial website and be one of the first 5,000 people to sign up for a free ticket. All of PSR will be attending as well. Click here to get a ticket! Hopefully you're not too late!

Looks Like Diamond Was Right About Princess! + NiNi Signs Her Contest Winners

A couple days ago, PSR artist Diamond threatened to expose Princess for being a man on her song, but she didn't have to make good on her threat because last night Princess exposed herself. She was approached by a paparazzi group called "Global" and she was asked If there is any truth to Diamonds threat and Princess admitted that she used to be a man and that her birth name was 'Ivan" before changing it to "Iesha" The camera crew was shocked and as they finished her interview a fan ran by and snatched her hair off revealing she was wearing a wig and underneath the wig she had a fade. After that, "She" was embarrassed and refused to answer anymore questions. This story has been splashed all over the industry and is gaining worldwide attention as far as China. The entire industry was in shock by this story and many artists including PSR artists took to Twitter to speak on it with China posting 'WOW SMH!!" And Katy Perry posted 'Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lmao" And NiNi posted "Lol cant y'all tell I can lol" The media has been bashing Princess all morning, not because she used to be a man, but because she tries to get dirt on everyone else when she has the most dirt on her. Everyone around the world is laughing at her, and its only a few people who are like 'So what leave her alone" and that's her childhood friends. But a weird turn of events happened this morning when Princess set up a press conference and this is what she said: How y'all doing? First off I want to make it clear that I never said any bullshit like that I never admitted that no where,  last night I was home, somebody must have photo shopped me and trying to have a laugh with their own little sick joke but that bullshit isn't true, I'm all woman and have been my entire life and I don't wear wigs all natural thank you very fucking much" The media is calling Princess "Nuts" and "Crazy" and no one believes her photo shopped story. They feel that she must feel embarrassed now and she is trying to cover up but this story is all over the place now and now that she is denying it she is having a hard time convincing people that she wasn't  the one who said that because its not like it was a photo shopped picture you can photo shop a picture but you cant photo shop a live interview. Diamond was asked how did she know and she replied "I always knew that,  I'm 26 I've known her since I was 16 shit how wouldn't I know (laughs)" Princess is now labeled the "Man lady" of the game and her fan count has dropped by at least 20% since this story broke, meanwhile Princess continues to try and clear her name. In other news the two lucky contest winners have been signed to PSR in a 7 month development deal. The two new artists are 20 year old Mya Rose and 19 year old Jasmine Cheer. Mya goes by the name of "Mya" and Jasmine goes by the name of "Dime Piece" but NiNi has said that she accepts the dime piece name but she feels she needs a better stage name because not everyone will be comfortable with Dime Piece.  Regardless though both women went on Twitter with Mya posting "Nini signed me that's something I would've never expected wow!" and Jasmine posted "My dream was to be at this place I guess dreams really do come true time to get to work y'all wish me luck!" Both women have already released their first song and they are really good, Im talking Meek Mill and A$ap Rocky Good especially Jasmine. Mya's new song is called "Winner" and Jasmine's song is called "Undefeated" Click here to check both out. We would like to say congrats to the lucky winners on being almost official PSR artists! Good luck!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Nini Gets Christina!

just a quick update guys, today NiNi has signed 26 year old Christina Beiber to PSR. Sources say that Christina submitted a demo and nini really liked it and she signed her to a development deal. Sources say christina has been signed to a 1 year development deal with the label which means if she proves herself worthy after one year she will be eligible to sign officially with the label. Christina tweeted " feeling so platinum!!!!!" On her Twitter account, and generally she is accepted at the label, and many feel she has the potential to make a mark. Do you guys agree?

NiNi Denies Daughter Sighting + Her Show

This afternoon, NiNi has denied that the little girl seen with her was her kid, she posted "No that wasn't my daughter, I wouldn't bring my kid into work with me" Although she didn't say who the little girl was, sources speculate that maybe the little girl was Jade's daughter, but at this time this is just an assumption. Plus last night the queens performed in Newark, NJ and their lucky contest winners were seated right in front and they were invited on stage to help and act as backup dancers, and these girls have some serious skills! The show lasted for 3 hours and it was a huge explosive show! Click here to check out the 3 hour show! Plus Ye responds to the criticism behind his new album.  Click here to check out what he had to say......

NiNi Featured In 3rd Collab + Was NiNi With Her Daughter? + Yeezus Drops

Today a new collab dropped by Azealia Banks Ft Lyndriette and NiNi titled "I Won" The song is a hardcore southern Houston TX type beat with a heavy bass line and heavy drums throughout combined with a laid back mellow west coast style melody line in the chorus. The song Dropped at 8am this morning and so far has replaced the new collab that just released by Avril Lavigne, NiNi and Lil Mama coming in at number 3 (SEEMS LIKE NOTHING CAN BEAT OUT THE NUMBER 1 SONG WHICH IS 'NO APOLOGIES) The song is receiving generally positive reviews, although some feel Azaelia's persistent use of profanity throughout the song was unnecessary, but hey, what do you expect from a New York bad girl right? Regardless though, the song is being played worldwide and we give it a 9.7. Click here to check out "I Won" In other news, today NiNi was spotted with a little girl who looks like her a little bit and she was covering the girl up walking fast with her and having her bodyguards shield her. Millions of camera's were flashing and the girls face was splashed all over the magazines and the media and the fans have been trying to compare their faces all morning, some say they look alike others say not at all, but one thing is for sure, NiNi did her best to shield her and she looks to be around the same age that NiNi's daughter is thought to be, if that's your daughter queen, she is beautiful! Click here to compare the little girl side by side with NiNi. Also Today Ye's 2nd PSR album dropped titled 'Yeezus" So far Ye has been facing so much drama for the title of his album as many say it sounds like 'Jesus" and now that its here he's facing much more controversy as many say many songs and lyrics in the album seems like he is referring to himself as Jesus Christ but better, and for that reason his album has not attracted many people and so far his album only has sold 2,000 copies and for Mr West that is the lowest amount of albums he's ever sold in his 12 year career. The album has no artists from PSR on it except for NiNi in one song on the hook only. The media has called his album "pitiful and disrespectful" other sources say its his own fault, but PSR has been standing by their boy all day and of course so has NiNi. But on the song "I am Yeezus" which is track number 7 he says a line that offends many people that goes "Hello all my children its that nigga call me yeezy I can do it better ask breezy or nini, look up to me cuz I'm the father of this rap shit bow your head and pray to me the church is my casket" Many people were offended by this particular line and his album is receiving VERY VERY VERY bad reviews and many people are saying "he lost his touch",  "he sucks"  "he should stick to producing not rapping", and really can you blame them? "Yeezus" is available on iTunes for 7.99 or on his site and the Def Jam site for the same price, for those of you who don't get offended by music click here to purchase "Yeezus" Also NiNi has announced that a video will be made soon for "The Fans" which is Aleisha Ft Taylah,  and for her new song with Swizzy.... she hasn't posted dates she just said "Soon"........

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is NiNi A Member Of The Kardashians??

Rumor says that uncle Ye and auntie Kim has tied the knot in the Bahamas in front of a small crowd of 700 people in a private ceremony on a rooftop earlier today. Sources say that most of PSR was there, but they say NiNi was unable to attend, but regardless she has wished them well. Mommy Kim, Daddy Ye nor the PSR artists or anyone else close to the new mommy and daddy have spoke up on anything yet, but a suspicious Tweet was posted by Kris Jenner and quickly deleted within 10 minutes that read "I am the happiest right now its amazing, welcome to the family! not him he's been a member since day one you guys know who I mean lol" That tweet was seen by over 10,000 people before it suddenly vanished off her page, was she referring to NiNi? We don't know because everyone is remaining super quiet about everything, not even a picture of the baby has surfaced yet, nor a name, so obviously the Kardashians, Ye and PSR are keeping things secret until they all feel the time is right, but many sources say that NiNi is now Kim's Niece and Khloe and Kourtney's cousin, if that's true we wonder how that's going.......

NiNi Speaks On Long Overdue Movie + Vanessa and Ke$ha Release 2nd Albums! + Lil Mama And Avril Lavigne Record With NiNi

Today NiNi has opened up about the talk that has been going on for months and that is If she will be in a new movie, and she said "I don't have any plans right now, I haven't gotten the word yet to start working on a movie, however I am interested its been a while, but I have to wait until I get the green light to make one, so maybe soon, but not at this moment" People have been waiting forever to hear about  this supposed movie and now that she has spoke on it many people are disappointed that its not true, but unfortunately guys, its just not true sorry. In other news, despite all the drama lately, PSR has been on their grind and 2 albums dropped today by Ke$ha and Vanessa Hudgens. Ke$ha's 2nd PSR album is titled "Dollars and Music" and it released at 3pm this afternoon, and so far has sold over 122 million copies in the first 30 minutes and that number is going higher every hour, in fact its up to 158 million now. The album is a combo of rock and pop with some R&B thrown in, and the album features NiNi, Kim K, Ye, Vanessa, Christina Milian and OMG Girlz And special features by K. Michelle and B Perry. Her album is available for purchase on her site or on iTunes for $8 click here to purchase 'Dollars and Music" Vanessa Hudgens 2nd album has dropped at 10am this morning and has done much better then her first album which sold 200 thousand copies, this new album titled 'Rock the world" has so far sold 312 million copies in the first 5 hours and still counting higher. Her album features only NiNi and Kat and the rest is by herself, and her album is strictly R&B and we give this album a 9.5. Ke$ha's album we give a 9. Her album is available on iTunes or her site for $10 click here to purchase "Rock the world" Also check out the new song titled "By Myself" by Lil Mama Ft NiNi and Avril Lavigne pretty cool song.....Click here....... Also look out for other PSR albums coming this month and next month including: K. Michelle, B. Perry, Kat, Rita Ora, Havanah Brown, Katy Perry, Keri Hilson OMG Girlz, Cymphonique, Miranda and Ye which is coming tomorrow called "Yeezus"

Christina Beiber Wants In PSR + Princess Gets Sent To Hospital

Christina Beiber, who is Justin's older sister has just started out in her music career and since her brother landed a job at his dream label, she felt it fair to hit him up over twitter and this is how their convo went. Christina posted "Ay Lil bro, as you know I'm trying to get my feet off the ground, so can you ask NiNi if she is looking to sign anyone else can she give me a spot? He responded saying "She is looking I think but yo its been a lot going on around here I'm not even sure if she is worried about that right now, but as an artist you cant have people do your dirty work for you, even family, if you want a spot you have to ask her yourself show her you're responsible enough and not having someone else do it because that looks unprofessional" She replied "OK well can I meet her today?" He replied "Ill see if I can get you a meeting but I gotta warn you, you're stats aren't high since you're just starting she usually looks for someone with a certain amount of fans and album sales, but ill see" She replied "OK thanks Lil bro" Well that meeting did actually happen, but over her site and not in person, and NiNi told Christina this: "I don't really know who you are, and that's bad for me, because I have to invest money in you that I may never get back, this is why I prefer to have someone with at least a minimum of 7,000 fans and 7,000 album sales that way I at least know that even without me someone else believed in you understand?, but I don't even see you on YouTube, what name do you go by? She replied "Christina Beiber Ma'am" NiNi replied "Rainbows" is that your song? She replied "Yes ma'am, it is do you like it? NiNi responded "A lil bit, I feel it can use work but your singing is pretty good, I tell you what, I still have two other girls who I'm looking at right now, but give your brother a demo of your music that's only 3 songs and make sure they are your BEST songs and he'll give it to me,  leave your contact info on the CD label and if I like what I hear you will hear from me, if you don't hear from me, its nothing personal" She responded "OK thank you so much ma'am!" No one can agree or disagree that this may be a good or bad addition because she is really brand new, but many fans have heard "Rainbows" and many of them feel she is a very talented singer and she sings better then her brother, but do you guys feel she is worth the risk? In other news, Princess was sent to the hospital today, and many thought it was from NiNi, but it was actually from a fan who spotted her and threw alcohol all over her and lit her on fire burning almost all her clothes off. The fan was arrested and Princess was sent to the hospital, suffering 2nd degree burns, she pressed charges on the fan and he was arrested for attempted murder. But the media and some celebs have been laughing at the situation saying things like "Good Job Lil Nigga" (Weezy) or HAHAHAAHA That's funny now she knows what hell feels like (Ye) and NiNi posted "Damn that's some shit I wanted to do, I got so much respect for that guy lol"  And the media still continues to bash her, meanwhile princess believes that NiNi's goons are responsible,  but police have no proof that the fan is apart of any of her crews, so for now its a "Random guy" check back for more info on this!

NiNi's Show Last Night! + Diamond Gets In NiNi And Princess Beef + Princess Pisses All Of PSR Off

Last night, NiNI had her show in Atlantic City, NJ at the Taj Music Stadium at 8pm in front of over 48,000 people. The queen was flying solo last night but she still did an amazing job, and left the audience in tears, joy and of course loud cheers. She dedicated the performance to Jade and she performed their song with Jade's hologram and backtracked her voice which actually was very creepy but it was amazing at the same time. Click here to check out NiNi's explosive 2 hour show. In other news, PSR artist Diamond except for her music isn't in the media too much anymore these days, but she had an itch way too deep not to scratch today after Princess has included her in the war with NiNi. She did an interview calling her an ass kisser and the only reason she is at PSR is because NiNi likes to get artists who will bow down to her and the reason why Diamond is there is because she bows down every chance she gets. She also claims that the reason why so many people  are asking to join PSR and getting denied is because they are not apart of a specific way that NiNi wants them to be, she said quote "I cant talk much about  that, but its all over the place and to make her label and her circle they have to be apart of a different circle and if they are not then they don't make it" She basically called NiNi one of the "Dark Ones" of the industry. Diamond has spoken up and said 'She's a  bitch I put up with her only cuz we were part of the same team, I cant stand her" She also released a song blasting princess and in the song she threatens to expose her for what she really is and what she really used to have between her legs, which to us sounds like she used to be a man, which isn't the first time that we have heard something like that. Click here to check out Diamonds Diss song to Princess. But that wasn't the worst, the worst came when Princess said this in her interview. "Many people don't know it takes a certain amount of fame before you can call yourself anybody, its people who rise up to the top quickly and its some people who remain at the bottom, and most of the time the people who rose that quick usually had to sell something to get there, NiNi and her whole group of losers are no exception, trust me, and anyone who joins PSR must join the dark side. I knew Jade and when she first joined the label she agreed and her first publicity stunt was to get in this war with Rihanna to get her name out there and fuck Chris Brown to gain her attention, that's what made her worthy to stay but after a while she grew tired of serving evil and wanted to get out, and as soon as she told NiNi she cant do it anymore the next day she was killed by them, I'm speaking real shit nothing in this game is an accident be honest, those PSR people act all sad its just an act they know what the real deal is, but hey they are good actors" That statement pissed off every last one of the PSR members and every and I mean EVERY artist has attacked her over Twitter today and Jade's parents even attacked her too, and NiNi who usually makes jokes out of everything was furious at her statement which is the first time we actually seen her really get mad about something and she posted "Its a time when you beef and its a time when you actually cross the fucking line, I swear this bitch just crossed the do not cross sign and when I see her again I don't care if I'm locked up forever she getting those words shoved down her fucking throat, you fucking bitch I wish she was still here you couldn't beat her get your fucking throat slit, I'm not a murderer yo but in her case I'm really waiting to make an exception bitch you'll get laid the fuck out!!!!!" She blew up as you can see but another couple of people who blew up on Princess was Ye and Ke$ha who both blasted her over Twitter and Ye called her a slut with no heart and just wants attention and she will do anything to get it. Ke$ha called her fake and said that she wants her to talk that shit in front of PSR or even Jade's family she bet she wont last long. Everyone is super pissed at Princess including fans and the media and everyone is bashing her, Princess hasn't responded to anyone yet click here to see what everyone is saying about Princess