Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tay Calls NiNi Evil + She Isn't The Only One After NiNi But Others Speak Up

Earlier today, Titi did an interview and besides the fact that she acted very rude and full of herself like it was all about her, she was asked about her war with NiNi and the chaos that popped off the other day and age responded "Nini, Nini, Nini God I'm so tired of hearing about her it's not all about her you know (the interviewer cut in and said "but") she said "shut up, I'm not done, look what happened the other day I cleared and my real people know what's up and that all matters to me, everyone else I have not one care about" He said OK you said they know what's up, what exactly do you mean by that?  She said "Nisha did it, she hired someone to post those tweets so people can turn on me and the world thinks I'm this that and the 3rd, hey, what can I say the woman is evil, but she really didn't succeed as much as she wanted to" NiNi has not responded to this interview as of yet.  But she isn't the only one that NiNi has to deal with,  in fact both queens are in it now. Remember a while back the two queens were in Compton and they both were involved in a fight with Nina J the sister of Lil Eazy, daughter of the late Easy E and her goons? Well they were locked up for it, but today they all were released. And first thing they did was hop on Twitter to assault the queens calling them punks for having cops come if they're so hard.  Check out this tweet from Nina. "Real hood bitches like they claim to be will never call a cop or even allow themselves to be associated with a cop, that proves they act hard but on the inside they both softer then pussy" she posted a few more tweets attacking the queens and even at one point threatened to kill their whole family including their children.  Her goons posted tweets too, but nowhere near as violent as Nina's tweets.  But unlike last time,  the queens have the entire PSR clique and the game on their side and many people have been posting tweets attacking them in defense of them such as Azalea Banks who posted "Y'all bitches can never have the heart spirit talent or pretty much anything of @nini and @B trying to get yourself attention ma? You'll still be a nobody so give up and go hang yourself. Many other people have been defending the queens all day.  But one person who only defended the queen was Solo, but she pissed many people off and lost a few fans by posting "ay Nina, how about you leave @Nini and her fam out of it and leave my fam out of it, but you're more then welcome to kill my sister. Pretty good deal right #fuckwithme" After receiving bashful tweets from fans and some friends of B such as Gwen Paltrow, she posted "damn I'm playing can't anybody rent a sense of humor these days? #lame" (my thing is who the hell plays like that though?) Anyway,  this is another thing that's getting big, and the Taylor and Psr war is just getting bigger every day, but some of that is because of her own doings. Stay tuned for updates soon.....

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