Friday, January 16, 2015

Nicki Flashes Crowd + Attempted Attack On NiNi

Yesterday Nicki and her rumored new boyfriend Meek Mill were doing a show together in New York and at the end of it she performed her newest song "80's Baby" and at the last part she says "All these birches can kiss the ass crack" and when she rapped that part,  she pulled down her tights and showed her full nude but to a crowd of over 9,000 people. It was quick, less than 3 seconds but fans who were already recording caught it on video and posted it to YouTube where it has over 2 million views so far. It was my an accident and she actually said it was part of the show to switch it, liven it up and get the crowds attention in a whole new way, and she definitely did all of that.  Nicki,  with her little stunt, has proved that sex sells as she is the most popular person on the planet right now and she and her music is all over the place more then ever before.  Click here to check out Nicki flashing her most famous .....and biggest asset.  (Nudity is shown not panties full booty, view at your own risk) In other news,  NiNi was in Eastern Europe today and she seemed to be on break she had a red bull in her hand. All of a sudden a car jumped the curve and tried to hit her, but she jumped out the way just in time.  The car kept going and fans who witnessed it helped her up and call the police. She Refused Any Medical attention.  Many suspect that Taylor is to blame for this since she was scheduled to be in Europe today too, but she has denied any involvement in it. Nini is OK but upset. Stay tuned for more info on this. Her girls are now at her side there for her....

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