Monday, January 19, 2015

The Media Blasts On Nini

Earlier today, Nini kissed a little kid and the way he was hugging her seemed like he knew exactly where to grab and now the media is putting the heat on her saying that her facial expressions say that she knew where his hands were and she liked it, now the story is that maybe she likes younger younger men. Now me and all her fans and friends know this is straight bullshit and many people are so upset about it including the kids mother, but hey, the media will take anything to get a story. But why is this time any different from the millions of other times she hugged kids. Mainly because she kissed him super close to the lips and his hands were in inappropriate spots. One hand was wrapped around her on her booty, the other hand was by her......private other kid did that and we feel this kid may or not have known what he was doing. There are kids who have perverted father's and tell them all about a woman at very young ages and that's exactly what her fans are blasting at. They are saying the kid is perverted and Nini was just being nice and she didn't even notice his hands were where they were, and judging by the video she doesn't seem to be paying attention to that at all so we say it's bs. The mom is pissed because all of Ninis fans are attacking the kid like he's some pervert in defense of the queen. Wanna know what we think?  WHY THE HELL IS THIS A STORY????? REALLY????? COME ON!!!!!!This is stupid and the people who ran this shit need to be shot. Anyone else agree with me?

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