Monday, January 5, 2015

Multiple Disses To President + Another In House Beef?

Since this new beef between NiNi and Obama popped off, he's been getting hella heat on him. Today a number of diss songs came out in defense of NiNi which attacks the president. NiNi has many friends in the entertainment industry and almost all of them dropped songs today against him. I'm about to name all the buddies who dropped non subliminal disses in her defense, and the ones who dropped subliminal disses in her defense so far, and if you think I'm exaggerating..........DON'T. Eminem- song is called #NOTHEFUCKHEDIDNT" Non subliminal (which means he's making it known that its about him) Snooki- song is called "Jerks" Subliminal (meaning, his name is not mentioned, but its words in there that strongly suggest its about him, now you know the definition of subliminal and non subliminal) J. Cole- song is called "Dear Mr President- non subliminal. Ari- song is called "No Turning Back- subliminal. Victoria Justice- song is called "Haterz" subliminal. KC (Hers might be the worst) song is called "Bang Bang" Non-subliminal, she violently raps about his death numerous times and says many crazy things about him. Ye- song is called "What Up Boy" non subliminal (2nd worst). Ne-Yo- song is called "No Real Man" subliminal. NiqNiq-song is called "SMH" Subliminal. Reggie- song is called "Not Our Problem" subliminal. Solo-song is called-"Used to Luv u" subliminal. Queen B-song is called "Karma"- subliminal. Lola Monroe- song is a freestyle called "Mr Potato Head" non subliminal. KP. Song is called- Why?" subliminal. Kat. Song is called "Land of the innocent" subliminal. Miley-song is called "LOL" Non Subliminal. China. Song is called "Not Without My Permission" (her song is still up for debate, it seems as if she might have a few parts that might be directed towards him, but many say her song is not a diss song at all) subliminal with a question mark? Selena-song is called "Don't Touch Me" Non Subliminal. Avril Lavigne- song is called "Make em lose it" subliminal. Lil Mama- song is called "No Right For Wrong" subliminal. Jay-Z-song is called "No Hands" subliminal. Wale-song is called "Watch Your Back" subliminal. Lil Wayne-song is a freestyle to NiNi's song"Buggin'" and is called "Nigga YU Buggin" non subliminal, Tinashe-song is called "Dropping Bombs" non subliminal. Diamond- song is called "Powerful and still perverted" its a freestyle to Wayne's 6 ft 7 ft beat. Non-Subliminal. Those are the songs that have came out so far dissing the president, none of them can be arrested for the songs so hey, why not. Sources report that its many more people that's releasing diss songs today though, seems like the whole industry is on the queens side, and why wouldn't they be, after all this is the second time he has disrespected her, and she used to be so close with him, its sad but hey, its reality, shit happens right People have also been wearing shirts that say "not without my permission" in honor of NiNi. P.S NiNi is out of prison, but she still delayed the tour until further notice, and since she has been unavailable since her release, that's all we know, stay tuned. Speaking of disses though, it seems as if another in house PSR beef is beginning to pop off, and its between Tinashe and Cymphonique. Its said that those two had tension with each other ever since T signed with PSR, but it wasn't too big so it went unnoticed, but today on their diss songs, it seems as if they not only were taking shots at the president, they were taking shots at each other, and Tinashe must've noticed it. She posted "You think that line was cute? I heard better from a 2 year old  kid mama, and not only that, didn't #2pac say that shit back in 96, really tho, #jussayin" Cymphonique responded saying "someone is a little insecure, obviously you all in my shit when your name wasn't mentioned or tagged, do you need the attention sweetie? if you do I'll give it to you just to humour you :) Their twitter beef continued for a few minutes and ended when Tinashe stopped responding. Its not much info on this right now, but when a Twitter beef starts, it usually turns bloody (look at Demi and Kat) when we get more info, we will let you guys know. Oh and speaking of Demi and Kat, they are NOT dating, sorry.............

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