Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 8: NiNi Is Still Up Doctors Cutting Back Her Meds

Today is day 8 since NiNi's terrible and scary accident. A few things happened today, not dealing with NiNi but related to NiNi. 1st her driver of 3 years James was laid to rest by his family in his hometown of Atlanta Georgia. Dennis, the guy who ran in the middle of the street was also laid to rest in Brooklyn New York. His sister went to the last part of her trial today and she was found guilty of reckless endangerment and creating a hazardous condition and the judge sentenced her to 11 years in the Georgia State Prison for women, she will began serving her sentence this Monday. The other deaths on that highway that fateful morning have also been laid to rest today including the 9 month old baby and her mommy. Now when it comes to NiNi, today the doctor accepted visitation and this time all the celebs were back, yes we know cant get enough of miss NiNi. But it still weren't that many PSR artists, but other artists yup, a whole lot of them and of course the millions of fans returned as well. The doctor made a statement before accepting any visits and it bought somewhat of a smile to people's faces, this is what he said "Good morning everyone, we will be accepting visitation, but it will be significantly shorter today, we are offering visitation for half the day about 5 hours instead of the usual 8 hours, we aren't sure if this will stay but this is the way it is for now, and also we will be cutting the fan visitation shorter as well, instead of 20 fans we will only be letting 10 see miss NiNi, the same rules still apply. As far as her condition, I am happy to say she still is out of a comatose state, she appears to be fighting very hard to recover, and we feel we are comfortable enough to reduce the amount of medication she is receiving. Our main goal here is to gradually decrease and decrease her medication until she no longer needs it. Her body is still very weak and I imagine she is still in tremendous pain, but this morning she went for x rays and her fingers and her leg bones are starting to heal which is very good, her brain signals are becoming stronger every day, her vital signs are amazing at this point which has us all excited so all in all if I would have to put a percentage on her condition I would say she's at a solid 25% but she is climbing and we just have to continue to let her rest and provide her with special attention and medication, but at this point I am quite confident she will be able to move sit up and speak and smile very soon, only time will tell, but she definitely is doing much better then when she was first brought in at which time she was at a solid 0% in her condition so hopefully that's good news for you guys too. Thank you for being patient and not causing any problems, we will let you know when we will start visitation, thank you" The statement is the best one we've heard in 8 days, but still 25% is still not awesome especially since he only mentioned her leg and finger bones are healing which still leaves her shoulders her ribs and her chest bones broken, and until she is at awesome % no one will be completely happy. But in the meantime, everyone here is continuing to show their love and support so if you guys feel like spreading the love, come on down, its cold as all hell but everyone is bundled up just make sure you wear two shirts. I'll get you guys another update soon!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We Finally See NiNi And Her Hubby Up Close Sexy And Personal!

We just recently saw NiNi and Beith in her new movie 'The Life Of A Call Girl" but the last time we saw them in one of her music video was back in 2008 on her breakout song "Dream Love" and even though in dream love they seemed as if they were about to kiss and whatnot but this is really what everyone has been waiting to see. This is her video for her new song "Turn Me On". The video was completed on Feb 18th 3 days before she got into her terrible accident and her management just released it today and it has everyone tuned in and its very popular. The video starts out with NiNi sitting on a waterfall she is dressed in a 2 piece bikini set with her hair in a wet wavy look. Then it switches up and she's in the bed room and when she sings the line "He gets me going, he gets my body flowing" That's when Beith appears in a wife beater and Du rag and basketball shorts, and he gets in bed with her. She's still singing while it appears that he's sucking on her neck and she's making moaning type faces as she's still singing. It's very intense but its something that all her fans have been dying to see and they love it. At the end it appears they are having sex in the room due to him being on top and she's making moaning faces. Honestly I thought that her last video for "Make Me Wet" was the dirtiest video she ever did but I was wrong this one is the dirtiest one ever. She is in a thong she licks her lips as if she just got finished giving her husband oral sex and he licks his as if he just finished giving her oral sex. She bends over she rubs her boobs she grabs his private area and licks her lips, like yes its so much going on, clearly NiNi was right when she said she's done with being a role model. But this video is not getting anything negative about it everyone and their mama has a very positive thing to say about it, and BET VH1 MTV and others didn't even ban it they played the full unedited version and its the most popular video she ever did. Everyone says they look great together and make a great couple and we see they have so much fun together as we know that chemistry was real between them. Click here to check out NiNi and Beith Xrated to the fullest in her new video "Turn Me On" (Please Be 18 or older please please to watch this video, I will not be held responsible for children getting in trouble for watching it" In the meanwhile, no new news about NiNi yet, stay tuned!

Day 6: Miley Dedicates Her Show To NiNi!

Today is the 6th day of NiNi being in the hospital. Doctors say that NiNi is still up which is what everyone wants to hear but she sleeps a lot which is to be expected until she starts recovering more and more but its a real promising sign. The fans continue to line up outside the hospital showing their support, but the celebrities have to get back to work and hold it down for PSR, and today Miley did her first show in 6 days in Daytona Beach Florida and she performed her new song "I Adore You' and she dedicated it to NiNi. Before the song started she took the mic and screamed "NiNi you gotta get your ass out that hospital, come on this stage and kill it with me!  this is for you mama!" The crowd went wild and everyone chanted NiNi!, NiNi! until the song began, it was a touching moment. She isn't the only one though, Katy Perry has also dedicated her performance to NiNi at her show in Manhattan New York this afternoon and she said "This goes to my girl, my homie, my mentor, my friend:  the one and only NiNi" the crowd there went wild there too, and she performed a few of her new songs which are basically appropriate for a dedication to NiNi as they are about surviving staying strong, getting back up if you get knocked down and don't let anyone make you quit, and that also was a really moving performance. I was able to obtain both of the shows in the form of video clips from my buddy. Click here to check out Miley's dedication performance and click here to check out Katy's dedication performance! PSR seems to be slowly getting back to work, the label has been empty for the past 5 days so we can imagine that they have a lot to catch up on, but they're back on it. Meanwhile, today no visitors are being accepted at least not yet, as they just want NiNi to have one day of rest without a bunch of people coming in and out of the room which is totally understandable and everyone agrees, the visitation will continue tomorrow. So far Katy and Miley are the only two from PSR who have been out and about and doing things, but sources say mostly, if not all of them are back to work so whatever Info I get on any PSR business and artists I will let you guys know, and anymore NiNi info I get you will hear that as well!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 5 : NiNi Is Up Again

Today is day 5 of NiNi being in the hospital and today the doctor began accepting visitors earlier then the last couple days. Fans once again lined up by the boatload numbering in the thousands. This time around though the celebrities weren't outside with the fans like yesterday so we assume they mustve either stayed over or they came in very early. Before he accepted visitors, at 622am he made this statement; "Good morning everyone, at this time we will begin accepting visitation. The family continues to be appreciative of all the support and love that you are showing, and they continue to be in a good enough mood to allow fans for visitation, but the same rules apply as yesterday and will continue to apply until further notice, first 20 fans will be granted access for 10 minutes each. They will be escorted in and out and I hope that all goes well as it did yesterday. We will be announcing when we are ready to accept the first 5 fans. In the meantime, as far as Miss NiNi's condition, she has in fact woken up from her coma at 1245 this morning and I'm pleased to announce she is still out of the coma, but she is sleeping right now. She is still very weak she still isn't talking and she still has only very small movements, so that much hasn't changed, her condition is more or less the same, we do not feel she is paralyzed we feel the reason she isn't moving is simply due to shock and the numerous amount of broken bones she has, but she continues to receive medicine and IV drips to eat and get her proper and nutritions and fluids since she can not do it herself. The best piece of news though and I'm sure you all would agree is that she is no longer in a comatose state and we are hoping it stays that way, the longer she stays out of a coma the faster her brain can heal and the rest will follow. We will give another updated announcement when and if her condition changes, please stand by" Very good news to everyone and although people did cry it was mostly tears of joy, and I myself am very happy as well. At around 7am they began accepting fans and I unfortunately was not one of the ones who got picked. The fans who came out agreed to a interview and they announced that it is some PSR artists and other celebrities in attendance but it is not jam packed like it was yesterday. After the 20 fans got in and out they announced that visitation for fans were over, but we were more then welcome to continue to rally in front as long as we do not cause problems. At this very moment we saw a couple of celebrities come in which were Lauren London Meagan Good Drew Sidora and Tyler Perry, and we can imagine more will be coming soon. This is still the BIGGEST topic on every news station and media outlet and they talk about it at least 123 times a day no exaggeration at all, so this is the most media coverage on NiNi or anyone ever.  I will probably be out here half the day like I did yesterday to get you guys all the new info so stay tuned for an update or more info soon!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 4: NiNi's Fans Are Crushed By New Info!

Today once again everyone lined up starting at 630am when the sun started to come up. Celebrities began lining up around 705 but everyone was crushed when the doctor came out around 720 and addressed the large crowd and what he said made many people cry. This is what he said 'Hello and good morning to everyone, at approximately 1am this morning miss NiNi has slipped back into a coma state, it baffled us because her vital signs were beginning to get stronger and we have her in the xray room to scan her brain for any further possible damage. We will be accepting visitation today and we are able to let only 20 fans to see her at this time for 10 minutes each. Any fan who ruins it for the rest will result in fans not being able to see her at all for the duration of her stay her family is trying  to be nice since they know you guys care too, but they have made it very strictly clear that if any one goes crazy or tries to rush in and it becomes chaotic it will never happen again. All fans who gain entrance will be escorted by police officers for exactly 10 minutes any request to stay any longer will be denied. We will begin accepting visitors at 9am. Celebrities will be first and after we get the separation settled, we will begin letting some fans to see her at a rate of 5 per hour until the maximum number is reached. As far as Miss NiNi goes we will continue to supply her with medication and whatever else she requires until she improves to our satisfaction' His statement didn't make anyone feel any better and despite the fact that finally fans are starting to get access and that's what everyone has been waiting for that still didn't do any good, it made many people cry including some celebrities who were outside. At 9am the celebrities went in first and after about an hour the doctors began accepting fans and they took 5 random fans, even though some people didn't get picked at the moment no one made a big deal. Myself was not able to be the top first 5 so I had to wait outside. The 5 fans were in exactly 10 minutes and the police escorted them outside and the fans that came outside were in tears. After 5 more minutes they excepted 5 more and then more and then more and eventually the max number of 20 was filled and luckily I was able to be the 20th fan, so here's my report on our queen. I went in and the hospital was packed celebrities cramped in the waiting room like a Compton nightclub. I was escorted to the back with 4 other fans and we got to room 312. BeyoncĂ©, Ciara, Future, Big Sean, Beith, Avril Lavigne, China, Kat, Katy Perry,KC,  Demi Lavato and Diamond were in the room with her. Everyone said hello to me and I walked over to NiNi and the fans broke down when they saw her laying in the bed. I myself tried to hold back tears. She has scratches all over her face and she was laying under the cover with her hands on her chest like they look in a casket and I wanted to make sure she was still alive because it looked like a horrible scene. B and China I can see had tears in their eyes, Beith looked as if he was very upset and the rest looked very stressed. The fans ran to her and grabbed her and hand and they all prayed for her. When they grabbed her Beith got up as if he was about to grab them and throw them out but when he saw they weren't doing anything wrong he sat back down and they all prayed for her, It was a very emotional scene. Katy said Johnny you can stay for a little while the ten minute mark doesn't go for you. The fans looked at her like really but they didn't make a big deal, I thanked her as it seemed as if everyone agreed with her and what royal says royal goes. After 10 minutes of everyones silence and staring at NiNi the cops returned to escort all of us out, but Katy said Johnny is staying here for a little while. The officer said who's johnny? I said me sir and he asked her are you sure, and all of them shook their heads yes and he said OK and took the other 4 fans out and I thanked all of them. I stayed for about 45 extra minutes and that's when the doctor basically said in the nicest way possible royal or not its time for me to go I respected that and I said goodbye to everyone gave B kc and Katy a hug and shook Beith's hand and was escorted out of the hospital. Obviously I'm very popular because when I came in and left out everybody said hi and bye to me and waved their hand. Its a very stressful time for everyone and you can see it on everyone's face. I feel bad for NiNi , and so do the fans who got to see her she doesn't look too good and we're used to seeing her wearing 87 million dollars worth of jewelry at the  Brit awards or something like that not laying in a hospital bed all banged up so its getting to everyone and since I saw her its getting to me as well as I cant stop thinking about how she looks if you see her it will break your heart. I'm now outside and we all are waiting for more info on the queen, if and when I get more I will let you guys know. And no I was not able to get pictures, the family was very clear no pictures and even if I could I wouldn't because that is very disrespectful to NiNi. I'll get you guys more info later!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 3: More Celebs Roll In The Crowd Outside Grows Larger

Today is the 3rd day and at 10am the hospital began accepting visitors, but before that everyone arrived and waited outside. Fans were by the boatload and celebrities that were there and the new ones that arrived today stood outside separate from the fans. Paparazzi cameramen got a few interviews with fans but all  the celebs including NiNi's husband denied any comments. Latoya Luckett granted a small interview but it was about 30 seconds everyone else said no and had their bodyguards get them away from them. It is very crowded on the streets surrounding the hospital, and in front of the hospital and it seems like the crowd has gotten bigger since yesterday. Sources say people from as far as Mexico are coming to show support and people from all around the world are coming out and it is said that over 200 million people not counting celebrities are outside right now myself included.  At around 10am the doctors announced that visitation is on, but they were only letting family see her at that time, so NiNi's husband, Ye and someone we believe is NiNi's mother in law were the only 3 that were allowed in at the time. While they went inside everyone else waited patiently for them to open the doors for more people and the hopeful fans hoped they would get a chance but they were shot down when the doctor came out 45 minutes later and made this statement "At this time, due to her status and who she is we still will not be allowing fans to visit her, this is by request not demand, I'm very sorry to whoever may think its unfair but the only visitation rights requested by NiNi's immediate family is other individuals of her status as well, now maybe that will change but I have to respect the security of my patient' The large crowed booed and some were upset saying they love her too and they feel they should have a right to see her, but cops held them back and the celebrities who were outside were granted access to go in while some people screamed things like that's not fair just because their celebrities they're the only ones that care about her we all care about her' and it got crazier as people tried to rush past the cops to get inside and at that time more cops came and arrested at least 300 people sprayed mase on hundreds of others and several cops got stomped pretty bad when they were trampled by the huge crowd but eventually everyone was able to get under control and everyone settled down and waited for the next statement on NiNi's condition. After about 1hr and 22 minutes after the celebs went inside the doctor returned on the giant TV set up outside for the statements and this is what he said about her condition 'Hello its nice to see everyone has calmed down, I apologize once again that I can not allow her loyal fans to see her, but I will give you updated information as far as her condition. At this moment she is still in the intensive care unit, but she has once again opened her eyes, she is once again responding to light and pain and although her vital signs still show signs of weakness we do believe she is beginning to heal as we have increased the dosage of her medication. She is still far too weak for us to attempt to relocate her dislocated bones, but for the bones that's broken and shattered she is fitted with a cast. Her brain operation was a major success and according to the XRAYS she hasn't had any further bleeding which is always the greatest sign as that is her most severe injury. She still hasn't spoke but she has seemed to acknowledge the ladies and gentlemen in her presence and she has been able to move her fingers and her toes which means her brain and body functions are beginning to heal. As mentioned yesterday I do believe she will be with us for a while but I do expect to see major improvement in the next couple weeks or so. I will be supplying all of her fans and family with up to date information on any changes in her condition throughout the day and the days to come' More good news, but not great news, the only great thing that everyone agrees on is that she is no longer in the morgue and some people still cant get over that she actually was gone. Miranda Cosgrove and Teirra was spotted leaving a little while ago, but although they denied to speak to cameras they did say they will be back. Fans are still outside showing tons of love and support but without me being able to get inside its not much more info to report at this time. But stay tuned and keep checking back all day as I will keep you updated on the new progress that I get. PSR continues to be empty as everyone is at the hospital so I can imagine for the next few days that's the way it will remain. Check back in with you guys soon!

NiNi's Doctor Pulls A Miracle!!!!!!!!!!!

After the announcement earlier today of NiNi's passing, the entire country went into a state of shock and chaos. Sources said that thousands of fans committed suicide and committed murder and some celebrities had to be put on suicide watch and many PSR artists broke down and went absolutely crazy.  But the doctor was feeling major pain himself and he decided to beat the odds and take it upon himself to try and resuscitate NiNI despite the fact that her body was transferred to the morgue and she officially was gone for over 2 hours. Quietly,  he took her out the morgue and took  her to the ICU operating room and went to work. He used an electroshock treatment to get her heart pumping again and he injected her with isoprosis AKA liquid adrenaline as well as other liquids to get the electricity in her brain to go to her heart. He was committed to saving everyone's favorite queen and after all the injections and shock treatments of up to 375cc's her heart started to beat very very slowly and he quickly strapped her up with an oxygen mask and an IV drip and injected her with more adrenaline. After 25 more minutes, her heart began beating a little faster and he took some celebrities to the side and told them but he asked them not to cause a scene or tell anyone just yet as the first 30 minutes after you resuscitate someone its still touch and go and they can go back under. After 30 minutes her heart started beating a little stronger and the doctor addressed the chaotic scene going on inside and outside the hospital and this is what he said 'People please listen, I was able to resuscitate Miss NiNi, her vital signs are still very weak but she is in the Intensive Care Unit receiving specialized medical attention. I will continue to do my best to ensure we do not lose her again, at this time I ask that you respect her privacy and let us work, we will continue to work on her until she is 100%" After this statement everyone cheered outside and inside it sounded like a concert, and although people were still crying they had huge smiles on their faces. Everyone was hugging and praying and everyone tried to get in to see her but doctors postponed any more visits until tomorrow and even then visits will be shorter. I am now over here and the streets are packed with thousands of screaming crying cheering fans, models, dancers industry insiders paparazzi everyone. The doctor is being praised by everyone for his heroic actions and he is being called a hero and a life saver literally, thousands of media and news outlets want an interview with him and this has pushed him straight into fame, but his response is "I ask for no reward no fame no anything, just doing my job" but no one looks at it like that. Sources say some PSR artists hugged him so hard that his bones almost broke, yes everyone is super happy including myself.  I will try to get more info tonight but if not definitely tomorrow I will keep you guys updated throughout the day, but THE QUEEN IS BACK! Just keep praying guys!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

OMG The Saddest News I Ever Had To Write About!

As I write this blog, I am crying and so are many people around the world and in the hospital. At 436pm NiNi passed away at the Atlanta Medical Center surrounded  by friends and family. I wasn't in the room when she went but the doctor made a statement to the paparazzi and this is what he said "At this time my heart is heavy and I am deeply saddened to say that Miss NiNi has passed away at approximately 436 this afternoon. We did our best to resuscitate her to no success. She went peacefully surrounded by family and friends. I myself am a fan of NiNi so its one of the hardest statements that I have had to make in my 17 years of being a medical practitioner. I would like to say to her fans as well as her family, I would urge you to focus on the good times instead of the bad, NiNi was the best musician who has ever blessed our presence and she will live on through her music as well as in our hearts" After that statement everyone is in a state of shock and some people outside the hospital passed out after hearing the news, others are having uncontrollable outbreaks of crying of hysterical behavior. It has spread around the world and the music industry and no one can believe it and almost everyone is crying label bosses, news reporters paparazzi and many fans and other artists. PSR artists are still inside the hospital so we do not know how they are reacting at the moment. But to me it feels like I'm in a dream and my heart is hurting really bad. I was able to get some interviews with fans outside the hospital and one girl was crying so hard I couldn't understand what she was saying and everyone is feeling the hurt today. NiNi is the best artist that has ever lived and her legacy will forever live on. BET and the other music stations have already dedicated their entire day to her but now they will dedicate 24 days straight to her in honor of her age. No word yet on when her funereal will be or what will happen to PSR I will get you guys more info soon. RIP NiNi we all love you deeply and you have left a hole in all of our hearts especially mine, you were my very good friend and I will never forget you ever. Fly home beautiful angel!

Day 2: Fans And Celebs Roll In Like Clockwork

Today at around 7am fans began lining up outside the Atlanta Medical Center to show their support for NiNi. Some fans were there all night. The celebrities who were there left around 7pm last night but around 7:30 this morning, they began returning. A$AP Rocky, Kat, Cymphonique, Solange, Tina, Rita Ora and China were the first to arrive and after them hundreds of others began coming. The head doctor on duty commented on NiNi's condition this is what he said to the cameras and the giant TV outside for the fans. "Miss NiNi, is still in very critical condition its still pretty much touch and go, we honestly don't expect her to leave for a while, she has still has multiple broken bones and she has developed a tear in her left lung from a broken rib bone penetrating it, but that has been taken care of. Last night she opened her eyes and she responded to light she responded to pain and throughout the night she was able to wiggle her fingers a little, so she is slowly improving but she still has a ways to go but we are confident that she will be able to make a full healthy recovery. She has been receiving IV drips, morphine and Nitrous for pain and relaxation of the muscles, we see she is fighting it and with extra medical attention we can estimate she should be up and about in another week or 2" The statement was much better news then yesterday of course but it still didn't make anyone feel any better as it wasn't great news. Fans are still not being allowed inside but they are able to continue to crowd outside as long as they do not block the entrance to new patients coming in. New info has been discovered about the man who caused this entire accident. He was a 18 year old high school senior who had a severe case of Schizophrenia a damaging brain disease which causes you to have vivid hallucinations and severe paranoia, and it has been discovered he stopped taking his medicine and had an episode which is the reason he ran into the middle of the street. His sister is responsible for him not taking his medicine and she has been arrested for creating a dangerous environment by not supplying his medicine. She issued a very emotional statement earlier saying "I am Kimberly Jackson and I am the sister of Dennis Jackson. I would like to apologize to NiNi and to all the victims who lost their lives. I admit I forgot to supply my brother with his medicine and I feel utterly and truly 100% responsible I am so sorry my thoughts and Prayers are with the victims and their families" The music industry is showing NiNi much love and support,  BET VH1 MTV and other music stations are dedicating a full day non stop no commercials to NiNi's videos, documentaries and other things of hers, labels are promoting her music as well, and its just the ultimate support going on today, and the president issued her a get well message as well as key to the city for Atlanta Georgia. NiNi is still unable to speak. This is getting very big and its bigger then yesterday, everyone is just very scared and worried about the queen. I will definitely get more info and I will let you guys know more throughout the day. Keep praying for NiNI guys. Check me out soon for more info!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Nini Has A Terrible Accident!!

We are getting multiple information from multiple sources that Nini was involved in a 5 or 6 car accident early this morning on highway 175 in Atlanta Georgia as she was on her way home from the Brit Awards last night. Police aren't releasing much details but sources say that sometime after 530am a witness reported seeing a naked man yelling at the sky and he ran onto the highway and darted in front of the car that Nini and her driver James Basset.  Instantly her driver tried to swerve around him and he turned the wheel hard left sbd the car tipped over and flipped 5 times until finally coming to a stop when it smashed against the concrete bridge. Other cars tried to swerve around ninis car but they weren't quick enough and they too crashed and some flipped. The naked man jumped off the bridge and went almost 100 ft down and he fell on the rocks next to the water he died instantly. Ninis driver James Basset died on impact and police confirmed 10 more deaths including a 36 year old woman and her 6 year old son a 19 month old baby girl a 27 year old man as well as a dog after the car caught fire and they were unable to escape. Nini was thrown from the car when it flipped and sources say after 10 minutes ambulances arrived and transferred her to the local hospital. It is unknown where she is being held at the moment nor do we know how serious her injuries are. This story is all over the place nobody is answering any questions or talking to the media at all but sources say PSR is empty today. This is breaking news and its on virtually on every news outlet but they too are trying to get more information. We'll keep you Guys updated when we Get more info. *Update* Many PSR artists were seen going to the Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta Georgia. Just a few minute's ago Selena Gomez was seen going in and she denied to answer any questions. Within minutes after finding out where Nini is located at millions of fans lined up outside with get well soon signs flowers balloons and other items. They were denied entry to see her and police had to be called to keep the humongous crowd at bay. They did not have to leave but they had to move back as they were blocking the entrance. A nurse talked to a paparazzi cameraman and she commented on her condition. She said "Miss Nini was brought into the medical center around 6am this morning after a car accident. She was thrown out of the back window at a speed of about 70 MPH and she has shattered some bones including her wrist bone her leg bones and some bones in her fingers. She also has 3 broken ribs a dislocated shoulder and collar bone as well as numerous scratches and bruises on her head and face area. She is in what we believe is a shock induced coma which simply put means the shock from the accident caused her body to go into a state of hypoglycemic shock and shut itself down. We have performed a small repair operation on her which was a success. Its still too early to tell but she is getting around the clock supervision and the best medical treatment. That's all I can comment on at this time. When fans heard this many of them cried and they all lit candles and sang and prayed holding hands together for her to get better. Even an officer had small tears in his eyes. The celebrities who entered the hospital have been in for over an hour and it is unknown who else is inside. Nini is my friend so I have to head over there and show my support as well. Whatever info I can dig up while im over there I'll let you guys know. Stay tuned and pray for Nini

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nini Gets In Argument + Cymphonique Shows What Swagger Is All About

We all know that nNini has a vicious temper and today a traffic cop experienced that first hand. She was riding in her car when she was pulled over by a lady cop. She told her that she didn't stop at the stop sign and nini insisted she did and many witnesses say she did as well. Nini became agitated and got out the car like "Bitch y'all have a beef with me i aain't beat for y'all y'all wanna keep fuckin with me over bullshit you better leave me the fuck alone or ill stomp you in the fuckin ground. The cop backed up and said are you threatening me? Nini said "what the fuck you think you dumb bitch. And the cop called backup and within minutes 33 cop cars came on the scene. Yes no exaggeration 33 and she argued with all of them. But one cop got nice and said "Maam we'll let you go with a warning ok just drive more safely. But ninis mouth kept working but after a while she let it go and they allowed her to pull off with no ticket. The incident was captured on video click here to check it out! In other news today cymphonique released a video for her new song "Lil Miss Swagger Pt 2" the first Part released when she was 12 and now she's more grown and sexy and she looks super hot and she brings girl Swag to a whole nother level. Its not ninis video make me wet but im sure it'll make people hard the same lol sorry I shouldn't have said that. Click here to check out the video for "Lil Miss Swagger" by cymphonique. Itssawesome!

Selena Gomez Returns To PSR + Yolanda Gets Arrested After Ninis Statement

Today Selena Gomez resigned with PSR. She was let go approximately 9 months ago and has struggled to find a new home and she settled down with cash money records early this year after she declined to sign with them at first and she released a few songs and she started to get her name back in the light. But now she's really getting back in the light as sources say she received a call from Nini asking her to come back. Selena signed herself out of Cash Money Records and signed to PSR and her new deal is a 4 year 4 album deal with 3 mixtapes 2 movies and 3 world tours worth 178 million advance. Selena signed the deal yesterday according to sources but she didn't report to work until today and just like KC she is already back to work and the album she was working on when she got dropped got put on the shelf but now that she's back she's basically back to where she left off and her long overdue album is now back in business. She mentioned a new song will be coming from her this week so lookout guys! In other news Nini made a statement yesterday and she threw the blame on Yolanda as the one who viciously attacked Brandy and Keisha Chante and she said quote "I knew it was you" (click here to check out the audio statement if you didn't hear it yesterday)  Cops arrested 10 females all in the 21-25 age range 3 have been determined to be cousins of toya and Yolanda 3 are friends of the sisters 2 are mutual friends and the two youngest ones 21 and 20 were hired and paid 350.00 each by Yolanda to jump the two women with the promise of more after the job was done. The 9 females were arrested late afternoon from their houses in Westbound Atlanta Georgia and Yolanda was arrested 2 hours later from her home in Bankhead Georgia. The 9 accomplices told officers that Yolanda was the ringleader behind the entire thing because she wanted to send a message prove a point and intimidate Nini and her label PSR. They also said that the guns belong to her. After this confession Yolanda or YG was arrested. All 10 women are being held without bail and are being charged with public fighting assault on a public authority figure the use of an unregistered handgun with the intent to cause harm and disturbing the peace. The charge for assault on a public authority figure aka celebrity from a regular person usually carries a sentence from 35 Years to life so these women are in huge trouble. But with Yolanda being the ringleader the others may get a deal from prosecutors to avoid prison or get a lighter sentence if they testify against Yolanda. But Yolanda may be in prison for a very long time if she is found guilty. So we will say that justice has been seen for Brandy and Keisha. Nini posted a simple post on her Facebook which we feel is responding to what position Yolanda is in she simply posted "Lmao!!!!" Stay tuned for more info on this developing story.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Electrik Red Album + The Drama Continues

Today PSR group Electrik Red announced their second PSR album titled "Electrify" will be dropping on April 15th. Thier first album off the label called "Electricity" did super well and it really created a place for them with the label so naturally everyone is looking forward to this new album and the anticipation is high. They also announced a new song and video will be dropping from them next Tuesday and everyone is excited about that also. Electrik Red is not in the spotlight too often but when they are they always have all eyes on them and time after time they credit nini with becoming better Artists. Click here to check out some of their latest work. They are in major competition with the BBOD crew and LiV two other PSR girl groups who are beyond huge but we feel they have the talent and skill necessary to go against those groups. In other news the beef between Nini and Yolanda is getting bloodier. Its well known that in a beef anything goes just like in the streets if a rival gang can't get to you but they see a family member they go after them to send a message and that's exactly what happened today. Brandy and Keisha Chante who are both PSR artists were jumped this afternoon by 9 People. They had their bodyguards with them but a couple of the attackers pulled out guns and put it to their heads and they were unable to defend them. They didn't hurt them too bad just a couple broken bones and dislocation it seems as if they were more trying to send a message then to actually hurt or kill. Brandy and Keisha were taken to the hospital but doctors say they're perfectly fine and can be released later on today. Many people stepped up as witnesses and even though the attackers all wore masks they say it was females and Yolanda was one of them. Not only that but one of the attackers spray painted YG Tell Them That!' They pistol whipped the bodyguards and ran off. It has been figured out that Yolanda calls herself YG which is a nickname of her first name and her middle name which is giselle and it seems as if she was sending a message to nini by beating psr artists. Police have been looking for Yolanda but she is currently nowhere to be found. Cops have no proof it was her they just would like to ask her a couple questions on her whereabouts. Calls to brandy Keishas reps were not returned and nini has been unavailable for comment. Stay tuned for more info on Rhos developing story.

Keri Hilson New Song + Justin Beiber And Miranda Linked

Today Keri Hilson dropped a new song today titled "Cherry Bomb" despite the fact that it sounds like it may be a nasty song its not its more of a love song. She's by herself on the song she sings wonderfully and its full R&B. Its doing very well being most popular with women in the 17-25 age group especially those with boyfriends. The song is produced by solo and co produced by Nini and it is at number 3 on every chart. Click here to check out "Cherry Bomb" by Keri Hilson. In other news miranda cosgrove had her beautiful little girl late last year by Harry from one direction which is an ex psr group. But shortly afterwards the two broke up and now she is linked to Justin beiber and multiple sources say she is pregnant with his baby. She wears baby belts all the time and she takes alot of days off from PSR but they both have denied that they are in a relationship. But no one believes it because that's exactly what her and Harry said at first and then when she got pregnant they announced their relationship. Even people close to Miranda think she's pregnant in fact she fired her own manager for saying that he feels she's pregnant she sleeps alot she has terrible mood swings she eats alot and has weird cravings but its a beautiful thing and within 1 day later we learned she fired him and that makes it even more suspicious. Nobody is confirming anything though so all we can do is wait it out and if or when we get more Info we'll let you know. And speaking of Miranda and Keri remember they both have new albums coming early next month!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ri Ri Suspends Herself From PSR + Yes It Happened

RI RI has a major issue with Future but she is besties with CICI but her beef with future is putting a strain on CICI and RI RI's relationship. The two have been having tension ever since their collab back in 2012 but out of respect for CICI she stayed quiet but now its getting bad between the two to the point she doesn't even want to be around him or even inthe same building with him. Many people have called future a pussy to actually beef and argue with a female especially when he supposedly is supposed to be a soon to be husband and father and over 98% of psr fans and even some celebs are on Rihannas side. Today its reported that RI RI got in a huge argument with him over unpaid royalties that he never paid her for her Contribution on his song and it ended with her socking him so hard his jaw dislocated. Throughout the whole beef CICI stayed out of it even when she heard abd saw them arguing she sat there shaking her head and stayed quiet and even today after she dislocated his jaw she stayed out which maybe is saying something maybe she knows its his fault like everyone else thinks. But RI RI decided she needs a few days off away from him or she will kill him. Every Artist at psr begged her not to let him run her off but she suspended herself with no pay for a week. Nini also felt that future should've been suspended according to this statement "RI RI does alot but I see myself he bothers her what up boogie broad things like that he'll say outta nowhere so I felt by her leaving she just let him get the upper hand but she wanna go ho head I won't beg anyone ya know?  She also said that future is on severe thin Ice with his position on the label. RI RI posted this on Facebook. "Nini psr fans family all y'all thank you for your kind words and support its a tough time for me I need it but I just couldn't stay he will never make me quit the label but im ashamed to say he ran me off for a week and idc id rather lose a weeks pay then seehis face for a second more. When I come back stay out my way boy! This sparked angry fans from everywhere attacking future on his Facebook his website and his face throwing things at him spitting at him and saying mean things to him. It got so bad sources say he had to hire extra security because he's afraid for his life as he's been getting death threats. And he had to make a statement to hopefully calm jt down. He said "I've been in a feud with miss Robyn Fenty or as you guys know her by her middle name of Rihanna. My actions have been foolish and childishness and I have not been handling it like a man and for that I apologize I would also like to apologize to her fans as well. I would like to make peace with RI RI. RI RI hasnt responded to him neither have the fans. Ri RI will be back next week. Stay tuned for more info!  In othernews we know Nini very well! My last post I said I have a feeling they'll be fighting soon and exactly 1 hour and 10 minutes after i said that, it happened. It happened in Louisiana and Yolanda went into the studio nini was rehearsing at. We love nini but this time it was her fault. Yolanda was only going there because her friend was in the same location and she was looking for her because she was ready to go. She walked by nini was at and even though they were close Yolanda said nothing. But nini noticed her and she had a full water bottle and she said "Yo" Yolanda said "What" Nini threw the water bottle like you throw a football at her face and Yolanda fell and nini said "Get Out" Yolanda got up and ran to her and they brawled. In the rehearsal studio its only dancers and the artists no security no cops but the dancers broke the fight up and pulled Nini back and Yolanda was laid out bleeding heavy. Cops were called and they got her up she refused to go to the hospital and when she was told you can press charges and she'll go to jail right now. She refused and said nah ill get her myself and she was escorted out and the police gave Nini a warning. Nini is getting praised for what she did as the thrill lovers are saying it was gangster how she just threw a bottle at her head after saying yo. It wasn't recorded but its all over the place. We see it's getting bloody now. Stay tuned for more info.

Yolanda Says PSR Is Bizzare

The beef between Nini and toyas sister Yolanda Wright continues as she made a statementtoday saying "Im not tripping don't ever say im tripping its not jealousy its not for publicity its reality that entire label is bizarre to the fullest you'd be surprised at what goes on behind closed doors. Its like you're stepping into hell. They all fake they're all slaves andnone of them can deny it although they will try they know what's up"  She was responding to an interviewers question "Why the sudden beef with nini and psr? Do you think maybe you're trippin a little? And that was her response. And about Nini this is what she said "I don't have many words for her the more that you me whoever keep talking about the more famous her name gets and im not getting her any extra attention" Nini also responded to her saying "Who talks and talks and never shows their face other then interviews where you're surrounded by cops Shes hilarious to me she's just like bitch number 2 you can tell they're related they talk so much but when it comes down to backing it up they wanna scream peace after they start some shit lol come on babygirl get a life" Fast forward 4 hours later and the two bumped into each other in Louisiana where nini will have her show later on tonight and they wouldve probably fought but it was too many cops too many everything so they weren't able to even get close to each other. But they both knew the other was there. We think we will be seeing a fight soon definitely and so do the fans. The question is not will it  happen the question is WHEN will it happen?  Check back soon for further info!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ninis Rant To Yolanda + JLO Info

A few minutes ago nini had another rant. Its the first time anyone has heard from her since this mornings show/fight. She didn't seem really ye type upset but its still a rant nonetheless. This is what she said "My 4 year old daughter hits harder then you you monkey looking giraffe neck having animal planet reject boogie bitch. Its funny how broadsjust gotta do some sneaky shit she knew damn well it wouldn't've even went down like that so she had to get on stage and like this is my chance to shine by doing some bitch shit and hit when nobody's expecting it. Lmao yo who agrees that she might've knocked me down but I still had the last laugh and I stole the show that she was hoping to have. Its on Yolanda you like 90 or gotta be with a name like that don't make me give your ass a stroke mama. Seriously what the hell you thinking about trashy looking like a munchkin from the wizard of oz seriously somebody come and just pluck her for me. You didn't you can't and you won't ever phase me!!!!! This is ninis 4th rant and it seems as if she now has another beef popping off. Yolanda has been charged with assault and attempted assault on a public authority figure. It was a misdemeanor so she was held on 250 bail she posted it and was released within 3 hours. And she too posted a message to nini on her fb simply saying "Bring It whenever wherever whoever however whatever for ever I ain't scared of you you're nothing or nobody to me" Can you say bloody. Stay tuned for more info on this. Speaking of fights and crazy people the other day jlo was viciously attacked in her home and is in terrible condition. Immediately the cops assumed it was nini due to the matching injuries she has to all the rest of ninis known victims. She was questioned and without any witnesses or evidence to place her at the scene she was released but police still feel that Nini is the one. Their investigation has stalled as they are unable to find anything or anyone so it looks as of right now nini is cleared. Stay tuned for more info!

Queens Show + The Drama That Came With It

Today the queens had an early show in the Barclay stadium in Washington DC at 10am. Over 38,000 fans were in attendance. The place was jam packed like all their shows be and security was extra tight at the front door with metal detectors and intense patting down. They had a strict "No Ticket No Entry" policy a few people caused minor trouble at the door when they claimed they left their tickets home but wanted to get in anyway but all in all they were able to get everyone in without incident. The queens performed a total of 6 songs including "Drunk In Love" and Ninis freestyle version of "Drunk In Love" as "Make Me Wet" which the crowd went crazy for. They also performed their new soundtrack song "My Way Is Boss" but GaGa nor Beith were present. The show was scheduled for 3 hours but they only got halfway through. It was going great and they had the audience completely worked up. But then the drama happened. Yolanda Wright which is Latoyas Older sister appeared on stage outta nowhere and she walked up to Nini and the music stopped and nini said who the hell are you?  And she didn't answer she just punched Nini on a cheap off guard shot. No one expected that or saw that coming. Nini fell to the floor and security rushed over but nini got back up and grabbed her and started punching her all in her face and body and security broke the two up and they put Yolanda in cuffs and escorted her off the stage. Nini walked off stage to the back and fans were totally quiet in shock at what just happened.  A few  minutes later a stage rep came on stage and announced that the rest of the show is cancelled and they will be refunded the unused portion of their tickets. The fans were upset but they understood. The entire incident was recorded. Click here to check it out. Nini has been unavailable for comment.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Puts Her Issues With The Queen To The Side

As you all know Lindsay Lohan and Nini have always been at war if you want to call it that mostly because Lindsay never kept her mouth shut and always had something to say about her and Amanda Bynes. But today she said how ridiculous all that was. She said "I gotta admit I was messed up for a while I was on any drug you can imagine I was drunk for 48 maybe 67 hours straight sometimes so I was  never myself but for the first time in a long time I feel so much better and alot of tensions came to alot of people from that mostly Nisha and Amanda and to both I would like to apologize I was a mess I would like to start over with both of them" Click here to check out everything she had to say. In other news, Tamar Braxton has released her 1st PSR MIXTAPE titled "One For The Road" its doing pretty well in the music world. Click here to purchase "One For The Road" by Tamar Braxton. Also Nini was spotted entering the downtown Chicago police station with her lawyer. They were inside approximately 32  minutes and when they came out camera crews were all over the place trying to get a statement but she denied any comments. But they kept pushing up on her and it got so bad that some of the officers had to come out and help her get back into her limo. But just a little while ago she posted this on her website. "The police the mayor the government and the entire damn city of Chicago has a genuine beef with me. Every damn thing that happen its like yo let's go fuck with Nini I guess it's my fault that motherfuckers getting killed everyday or chicks lose their babies or people getting robbed go head dump the world's trash on me y'all fucking pigs know what y'all can kiss"Nini doesn't have many rants in fact this is only her 3rd one throughout her entire career so when she has one we know she must be genuinely upset. But obviously the cops go to her site as the cheif made a statement saying that its was just questions they have to do their job. Once again stay tuned for more info on this developing story!

Nini Is Once Again A Person Of Interest

Once again police are looking to talk to nini in another attempted murder case. And the person who is in the hospital this time is JLo. Jennifer Lopez. JLO was discovered by her husband when he returned home from a ice cream trip with their 2 children. She was badly beaten but there were no signs of forced entry which means she must have knew her attacker and let the person in willingly. Jlo was rushed to the hospital in terrible condition at about 8pm last night and in addition to being in a coma she also has a severe concussion several broken bones massive brain bleeding damage to her internal organs and a punctured eye ball as well as a broken jaw. Doctor's expect her to survive but they say she will need much physical therapy and training to make a full recovery. Being that the nature of her injuries match exactly what Nini does the cops immediately suspected her and they have said she is their main person of interest and they would like to ask her questions.  Most recently nini and her girls have gotten im trouble about lying to officers about there whereabouts while toya got the exact same beating and she was charged with toyas attempted murder. She went to court and she was convicted of violation of probation or which she was sentenced to 24 hours in prison which she completed and she was also convicted of attempted murder which she received an extra 21 years of probation. The lying to officers charge was dropped. This time if nini is convicted of another attempted murder charge the deal that she made with prosecuters will be forefitted and she may go to jail for over 32 years. The judge told her I'm quite family tired of seeing you in the courtroom I've been as fair as I have ever been with you apparently you do not appreciate it nor do you count your lucky blessings. The next time you stand here in front of me I will have no choice to make sure you do some serious time. Now that jlo got this police immediately are trying to lock nini up for it. They have no evidence or witnesses yet but they are confident that Nini is their target and they want to find out her whereabouts for yesterday between 7and 9pm. They advise her to bring her lawyer go the station just for the purpose of questioning she is not under arrest at this time. Nini has not responded to their request as of yet. This story is still developing I will give you more details as they emerge!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Keke Palmer Carly Rae Jepsen Collab + Weezy Seriously Upset After Being Denied Entry At PSR

Today a new song dropped by Keke Palmer titled "Im On My Own" which features Carly RaeJepsen. Its a nice mix of hip hop along with some dance and pop. Its doing well but at the same time Its struggling to climb the charts as its been at number 12 all day but its still a really cool song. Click here to check out "Im On It"' by Keke Palmer Ft Carly Rae Jepsen. In other news today Weezy showed up at the PSR building today. He was greeted by two very large security guards who asked him what his business was. He replied what the hell is it to you and he tried to walk through and they grabbed him and said sorry bro we can't let you in. Weezy looked at them up and down and said if you put your hands on me again its gonna be alot of things you can't do im here to see Nisha so fuck up out my way before y'all be out of a job by tomorrow. They replied we need the permission of miss Nisha beforehand and she didn't give us any heads up that you were coming so you can take it up with her but we cant and we won't let you in. A small argument popped off and it ended when they told him to  get off the property or they will call the police. He was screaming out y'all niggas wilin fuck that and he hopped back into his limo and pulled off. A fan who was across the street recorded it on his camera. Its actually pretty funny just by how Wayne was acting not to mention that ridiculous outfit he had on. How you gonna make threats sbd yell at people wearing yellow butterflies lol. My bad Weezy its all love I just had to say that. Click here to check the video out

Friday, February 14, 2014

The N3 Drops!

After long waiting the newest device in the N series the N3 has dropped today. Its exclusively at T-Mobile available on contract for $299.99 or without contract for $799.99. So far the phone has sold over 6,000 units. It comes with the phone a stylus pen the platinum beats and a cleaning cloth as well as $10 worth of free music from iTunes. This phone is huge but it is getting great reviews you have the choice of white or titanium and it has her autograph on the back. Click here to go to the T-Mobile website and purchase your N3!

Ashanti Wants To Collab With Mr Nini + Nini Has A Vday Contest

Today after being asked in an interview who's her next collab buddy she replied "Im not sure but I want to do a record with Nisha's husband he's really dope to me I think it'll be a wonderful record and I love to work with talented people so that's definitely something I want to do some time  in the near future " But as usual with that statement came drama as someone who as always is desperate for a story ran a false story that she wants him to be her Valentine. Ashanti had to quickly respond to it saying "No no I never said that I just want to record a song with him im blessed to have my own Valentine " We think the same thing Ashanti thinks if they record together it will blow up. Hopefully that does happen in the future. Speaking of Valentine's day PSR has the vday fever almost all the women dressed in vday colors and giving cards and assigning other people as their valentine for the day. And nini announced a short contest for vday. The challenge is to remix her most popular song from her album "24" which is "Make Me Wet" the best remix to the song wins Nini as their friend Valentine for 30 minutes but that's not in person its 30 minutes talking yo her over Skype and they'll also receive a big box of candy. But this time its no physical hanging out with her like she used to do but hey the chance to see nini one on one over Skype is still a pretty good deal. Thousands of submissions have already been sent but  only one can win. The rules are you must be 18 or over you can be male or female. You are bot to think you are her official Valentine as she's married remember its only a friend valentine. You are not to speak about sex whether it be sex with her or getting fresh period. If you do the Skype call will be terminated immediately and you will not get your box of chocolates. And lastly only a friendly conversation can take place so talking about her body her videos how good she looks in her latest video or comments on her in a sexual manner are not accepted. Once again only a friendly conversation for 30 minutes exactly. And of course do not Ask to see her children or her husband that will cause the video call to be terminated as well. So if you guys agree with the rules go for it god luck everyone. The contest ends tonight at midnight and the winner will be announced tomorrow. The Skype call will take place for the lucky winner at 7pm tomorrow night and the box of candies will be delivered to you within 2 days depending on where you live. Once again good luck everyone!

Ninis Album Continues To Dominate + Most Nastiest Video Ever

Its been 2 weeks exactly since ninis super xrated album "24" released and it is now the number 1 album on the planet and with the major attraction of the battle it skyrocketed her success and popularity to another dimension!  She is now past any number that exists which she is so famous for and the album gets good reviews from everyone around the world. But the NAA the people who certify albums still warn fans that although the album is very successful and popular it most definitely is not for children she is the first to have a triple parental advisory sticker on her album by the board committee and all preparations are being made to ensure that no children get their hands on it and any store who is caughtselling this album to a minor faces a fine and possible loss of their store license. Never before has a music album had to have this much restrictions but some sacrifices must be made for the grown and sexy right. And speaking of grown and sexy nini released her 3rd video today out the 24 she said she's releasing. It's the video for the song "The Kind Of Girl You Like" and yes this video is the hottest thing we've seen in a long time but also the most dirtiest. There's all kinds of things going on in the video such as nini rolling around in mud with a thong and a tiny bra and bending over with her butt all the way in the sky smacking her own butt. It's a scene where she pours chocolate sauce all over her boobs and rubs it all in and the most dirtiest scene is when she's laying in bed under the covers and similar to K. Michelle its implied that she is playing with herself by the faces she's making as if she's moaning and at the end of the scene she sucks her two fingers and smiles. Yes guys she definitely showed her extra freaky side in this video and we see we probably don't know the new Nini as much as we think. The video is very popular why wouldn't it be it hasnt been banned yet though surprisingly and BET premiered it today but they edited out the xrated masturbation scene. Its doing well and it has over 67 million views and comments on YouTube. Celebs have commented on the video as well such as Nicki who comments "Damn girl lol" Click here to check out the full xrated unedited version of Ninis video for "The Kind Of Girl You Like" (WARNING THIS VIDEO IS EXTREMELY SEXUAL AND HAS VERY GRAPHIC SEXUAL SCENES PLEASE BE 18 OR OVER TO WATCH IM NOT KIDDING. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOUR PARENTS BUST IN AND SEE YOU WATCHING IT ONCE AGAIN DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IF YOU'RE UNDER 18!!)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lil Mo Says Its Over With Nini + Ke$ha Renews Contract

Everyone was expecting nini and lil mo's on and off tension would escalate into a bloody beef but today mo spoke up on it today and she said "nah it ain't like that we're just two women' who have an open mind you know what im saying and we both have that attitude so its hard to agree so most of the time we agree to disagree but a beef nah all its ever been is disagreements it never turned into that I don't want to fight we both are bigger then that its not even worth it. I don't hate her im sure she doesn't hate me we just have many disagreements she's doing her im doing me but can I see myself recording with her definitely can I see us being cool sure why not its not like she's an enemy I mean two people can actually just disagree without fighting come on name one time you heard any of us talk about a fight or war so nah no beef with her or psr they all dope " that statement squashed the possibility of a beef. Nini has not responded to her yet. Click here to check out Mo's full interview. In other news, today Ke$has contract was up for renewal and despite the fact that some sources claimed she would not be renewing it she renewed it entering her 3rd year with the label and she renewed it for an extra 4 years 4 albums 5 mixtapes 1 movie and 22 videos worth 300 million dollars. So a definite big increase in that. Not too much info today but stay tuned for whatever else I may get today!

Demi Cymphonique Meant To Be + Kelly Clarkson Explosive Comeback


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nini Puts Beiber In Check + Kekes Shocking Announcement + Lauren London Beefing With Nini?

Today nini showed her face in Chicago for the first time after the big fight that popped off earlier and it was a label event and her and her entire team was in attendance and as usual Beiber was about to fight twice with 2 event promoters. This time we won't blame him though the first fight happened because one of the guys said "why is he here all he's gonna do is fuck everything up anyway dumb ass cracker " and even though they were talking amongst themselves he heard it and started screaming say that shit to my face you old bastard. Nini told him to be quiet and let it go. Then the second time another event promoter bumped into him for no reason and made him fall and he ran over and started punching the man. Then Nini did what she's so famous for which is embarrassing her artists in public and she grabbed him and said your little is getting on my nerves any more bullshit today and you'll be gone before the night is out I swear. He said yo but he bumped into she said shut up boy you ain't hard that poser attitude you have makes you look dumb as fuck don't fuck with me beiber not now that's something you don't want to do. Everybody stopped and started staring and all eyes was on him and he looked super embarrassed and he walked out. This was caught on video and some people say nini didn't have to do all that and be so hard towards him when they were the ones starting  with him and he was just defending himself especially when if someone did that to her she wouldn't just let it go either. But more people are taking up for her saying she just had a huge fight earlier she's probably still upset over that and get off her back. What do you guys think?  Click here to check out the video. In other news keke made an announcement today and it wasn't a new album she announced that she is expecting. Yup pregnant. She says she is 24 week. Everyone wants to know who is the dad but she isn't saying but many people think its Patrick from psr group B5 which is the oldest brother as they are always around each other but we can't be sure we will let you  know when we get more info! Also sources say that Lauren London and nini are now beefing don't know where that came from or why but we'll do some digging and let you guys know!

KC Back On Her Beef With Gucci

Late 2012 early 2013 is when the internet blew up with the twitter beef that Popped off  between Gucci and kc after Gucci posted that kc keeps her legs open for everyone and that Daniel Gibson probably isn't the father of her son ending it with saying don't play my boy like that we go too far back for me to let u do him dirty. After that a full out war broke out with kc cursing him out and Gucci bringing up kcs past relationships and her younger years of drug use as well as lip syncing and not writing her own songs. He really said some mean things to her and it made him and Daniel fall out hard and kc almost fought him in her hometown of Oakland mid last year. But beef cooled down after Gucci was arrested on gun and probation violation charges. But he was released early this year and once again the beef started back up today when Gucci posted this on his fb taking a shot at kcs performance in Houston last night he said "Tell me that wasn't lip synching how can you be so slow to not be able to keep up with your own damn song that's bullshit all these fake ass female singers need to stick with making babies that's all most of them is good for. She back with psr I hear can you say why? Fans constantly told kc don't give him the time of day that's what he wants and some feel he's only picking on her to get attention because let's face it Gucci fell off alot lately and this is his way of getting back in the light. Other people have been attacking Gucci for coming at a female that way and say he is a punk, and he has lost many fans. But regardless kc responded and she posted on her fb "How was jail im sure that soap got dropped more then once bitch boy most of the time he probably liked it"  Gucci didn't respond to her but sources say they bumped into each other and he slapped her and they got into a huge brawl but these reports are unconfirmed but we do know the beef has flared back up again and over 97% of people are on kcs side and various artists have also been attacking him like 50 cent too short and ludacris. So who's side are you guys on?

Major Girl Fight In Compton With The Two Queens

Today the queens were scheduled to perform in Compton California. This isn't the first ti. They performed there or even California so of course there was nothing to expect. The show went well and they killed it. After the show however is when the problems started. They both went backstage to do autographs but at separate places and they got through the first half with no problems but midway through a  group of unknown girls approached b and knocked her pen out of her hand. B began arguing with the 3 women and they were all im each others face. The girls were saying "You and that bitch ain't welcome in our hood" Nini heard all the arguing and she stopped signing and started to walk over to her location and instantly a fight broke out between b and the 3 girls and nini ran over and jumped in and they all were fighting. Nini had one girl and b had two and the fight lasted about only a minute until police ran in blowing their whistles and broke everybody up. Within that one minute B walked away with a scratch on her cheek and Nini had some of her hair pulled out but the three girls were really bleeding. The fans who were still present during the fight recorded the fight from start to finish and the fans told the cops that the 3 women started it and all 3 were arrested for assault on public authority figures. The police cleared the crowd and the rest of the signing was over as they shut down the stadium and nini and b left with their bodyguard. The large crowd gathered in the street and as nini and b walked out everyone cheered for them but the 3 girls were resisting arrest going crazy and one screamed at them "Bring y'all asses back out here I got something for you" B was making kisses noises at them as the cops struggled to put them in the back seat and the two hopped in the limo and drove off. No one knows who the women are but you can click here to check out the fight! *UPDATE* The 3 women have been identified as lil eazy es sister and her two cousins they all paid for a ticket for the show and backstage pass that's how they were able to get back there. As you know she has beef with nini for pretty much no reason besides being a death row artist. The 3 women faces 3 charges and are being held without bail until their trial. If convicted they all can face up to 3 years in prison. Neither queen has spoken up on this or have been available for any comments. Stay tuned for more info on this developing story!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lil Mo And Nini Beef? Honey Too?

Seems to be a beef between Nini and lil mo. Lil mo and Nini have been having tension since 2008 but it seems to be getting worse as they had an argument over twitter this afternoon. Click here to check out their twitter beef that lasted for over 30 minutes and it ended when mo said "I just speak my mind im a real bitch unlike some females in this game " and nini said mo ho ill show you what's real. Not only her tho seems as if honey cocaine has issues with nini as well as she posted on her twitter "I was always underappreciated Nisha only appreciates who she wants to and usually its her royal bitches she gets no love from me. Nini didn't respond To her as of yet. But seems as if nini is or will be involved in 2 more beefs stay tuned for more info as it comes in!

Nini Guests Stars On Ridiculousness

Today a new episode of MTV's most popular show ridiculousness premiered and along with the stars of the show rob dyrek stelio and Chanel west coast nini was the celebrity guest. The show has a celebrity on every episode from GaGa to Tyler Perry to Rihanna to Kanye. If you don't know what the show is its similar to jackass except they don't do the stunts they watch videos that have been posted to the internet of people doing funny things or hurting themselves. Its actually a very funny show. Nini was met by a very loud applause from the audience when she came out to sit on the couch next to Chanel west coast and adrthey watched the crazy videos nini commented on them which made the show even funnier and she had the host the stars and the audience cracking up she's a funny lady. All in all it was a exciting show and we can imagine that the show will get even more popular. Click here to check out the new episode. In other news,  honey cocaine spoke out and told everyone the reason she was dropped. This is the first time we have heard of her since she was dropped and it turns out she got herself fired by not following the rules of the label. Click here to check out her full video. Now the new question is who if anyone will be taking her place. As usual many people have their own suggestions but of course that is ultimately up to Nini. PS click here to check out video of Ninis show last night in Detroit Michigan.

Unfortunate Update + Jordan Sparks New Song And New Album Announced

When we first saw the post that nini is 10 weeks pregnant everyone was so excited and wanted to follow her pregnancy with her but now its people who are very upset because unfortunately nini is not pregnant. Yes big shock considering the world went into chaos 20 minutes after the post. But nini made a statement today and this is what she said "The post is fake I didn't write it someone hacked my Facebook and wrote that I don't know who yet but its just not true plain and simple I appreciate all the support and letters you guys have been showing me all morning but y'all know me I rather get the love for something that's true then get it for something that's not or something I have to lie about and bust my ass to keep the lie going not me so therefore stop asking to see my stomach it's nothing there and it won't be anything there. At least for a while"  That statement upset so many people as many were happy that she was pregnant but just who hacked her fb? No one knows yet but this is the 7th time that nini has been hacked in some kind of way whether it was music or her phone and angry fans want the guy or girl responsible and if they find this person trust me the results won't be pretty that much you can be sure about judging how some of those angry comments look. Sorry guys it was fun while it lasted. In other news today a new song released by Jordan Sparks called "Waterfalls" it features a sample version of TLCs beat for their song "waterfalls" and its a nice romantic song and it features RI RI and KC. Wonderful love song and its getting popular around the game produced by ye. Click here to check out "waterfalls" by Jordan Sparks ft RI RI and Kc. And speaking of Jordan today she also announced that her 2nd psr album titled "2nd time coming"which is appropriate for her second album. She announced it will be released on February 28th and 75% of it will be produced by nini and 25% will be produced by solo. Should be a great album with those two great producers. So make sure you show Jordan some love and support on the 28th. And speaking of albums don't forget Kats 3rd PSR album is dropping on February 15 which is Saturday so remember to grab hers as well. That's all for now guys check me out later!

NiNi Announces Shes Pregnant!!

What wonderful news we have heard today! Millions of people are now super focused on Ninis stomach after a unexpected announcement over her Facebook page. At 832am this morning a post from Nini got everyone's attention which said "10 weeks and counting! Im so happy and excited to have another miracle growing inside of me I did good hiding my bump huh don't worry you guys will see it soon can't really hide it anymore" that simple post received over a million likes within 1 minute on Facebook and it sparked a worldwide media circus and is officially the biggest talk in the world and the highest trending topic  on fb twitter and instagram. Google and Bing crashed due to over 63 million people searching for the keyword "Nini Pregnant" all at the same time and its chaos over the internet and in the music world as well as the regular world. Many magazines and paparazzi companies are trying to get nini for an interview and one blogger said "Now its very understandable why her entire album was full of x rated sex you get super extra horny when you're pregnant (laughs) its a wonderful thing though and I wish her and her husband the best" Some Celebs have posted comments about it as well such as her buddy Avril Lavigne who tweeted "Congrats to my girl @Nini" or Ye who posted "Congratulations to Nini and my boy beith its about time lol" Even some PSR folks gave her and her husband congratulations comments over their their Facebook and twitters Such as miranda jordan sparks keri cymphonique kat Ri Ri and monica. Nini however is unavailable for any comments and she is unable to be reached but since she blesses my blog with her presence everyday according to her im sure she is reading so congratulations from over here at your favorite blog station we wish you a safe healthy and happy pregnancy!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ye Is Not Quitting + Future And NINi Linked

A couple days ago I told you guys it was a rumor that ye was quitting psr to spend more time with his family and today ye announced that as being false saying that he feels that he does need to be with his daughter more then he does but at the same time its just apart of the game and Kim understands and understood that when she entered in a relationship with him and he also said he can never quit doing what he loves to do. So Mr west isn't going anywhere at least not now. Speaking of ye though. He has released a new song today featuring his boy Weezy called "I Make The Pussy Cry" its not totally xrated like Ninis newsongs but its the type of material that Weezy is famous for when it comes to sex songs. Click here to check out "I Make The Pussy Cry" by Ye Ft Weezy. (Please be of age to listen to the song)  In other news CICIs future hubby future has been linked to NINI on more then one occasion starting back in early 2012 after the two were captured on camera giving a more then friendly big hug to each other and then another time he arrived on stage unannounced and he gave her a piggy back ride on stage while she was performing just little things like that to get people to start suspecting things. At one point it got so bad that CICI herself had to make a statement telling everyone they are not together but no one believed her and everyone thinks she forced him to get her pregnant that way he would break away from nini and be trapped with her although on many occasions she denied getting pregnant on purpose and she insists that it was unplanned but regardless the linking is still there. It calmed down a little but it flared back up today after a picture began floating around that shows them two cuddled up in the back of a car. Many say the picture is photoshopped but neither one has confirmed or denied anything as of yet. So until we Get some confirmation we don't know. We will dig more and let you guys know!

Miss Honey Gets Dropped!!

Sources and media outlets report that outspoken artist Honey Cocaine has been dropped from PSR. News of this spread quickly throughout the music game and there have been mixed emotions over her departure. Honeys rep made this statement earlier "On behalf of myself and miss honey we continue to be appreciative of your prayers and support but at this time we ask that you respect her privacy in this difficult time and allow her to recover the break up was very hard on her" Sources also say that no other record label is offering her a "rebound" which means they sign her after someone drops her which is making it difficult for her to find work. The details of why she was let go are not yet known but this story is still developing and we will let you guys know when we get more info. In other news today I caught an early showing of Nini's new movie "The Life Of A Call Girl" and  man that is one intense movie it keeps you in suspense and keeps you interested from start to finish. Its full of amazing plot twists and its brilliant acting from each character. I put together a full review of the movie from start to finish and for those of you who didn't see it yet and don't mind spoiler alerts click here to view the full review. (*Please note you must have Java enabled to open the review,  it opens in a new window and it is 4 pages long.*) The movie receives 2 very high thumbs up and the NY times is calling it brilliant and one of Ninis best films. If you haven't seen it yet I urge you to check it out its no way that movie will leave you anything but satisfied!  Stay tuned for more info!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Demi + Honey= BLOODY

Yes folks another battle is popping off but not in a good way at all. Demi hasn't been involved in many beefs her bloodiest was her beef with rita Ora but other then that not much. But its different now she has a Mega beef with bad girl and highly controversial artist Honey Cocaine. It started yesterday over twitter when a fan posted "Demi is killing shit she's one of the hottest artists on psr and honey started it by saying "she only hot because she makes herself hot because she makes her ass fat ain't real music believe that " Demi responded saying "Who are you girl. You think you hot cuz u here I don't even recognize you the other day you ain't say all that you like hey your music is dope I respect you and I still ain't know who you were now you talking shit don't go there wit me 4real" Then honey offended many people with her response she said only white people respond like that babygirl don't want it go back to the kkk with your pale ghost looking ass" it ended there but shortly after nini responded to both saying Honey I ain't saying shit I hope Demi kick yo ass u wanna start shit 4 no reason get what's coming to you I ain't saving you. Then today kt all went down. Demi and honey bumped into each other in NJ. And they had a big argument but security broke it up but a few minutes later they threw down in public hard. Click here to check out the video of them fighting from a fans camera. Looks like another beef is popping off inside of psr. Demi won the fight as you can see from the video despite that honeys die hard fans are saying she won but im telling the real. Demi won period. Stay tuned for more info on this beef!



Ninis movie

We have details on ninis new movie which hit the theatres today. All of her theatres as well as regular theatres are packed in fact they are so full that some People are being told to leave as not everyone can fit in. I actually can't make it until to see it until tomorrow so that's when ill post a full review on it. But for now I can give you some details on it. The title is called "The Life Of A Call Girl" yup nini is playing a call girl but don't get too excited guys Iddon't think you'll be seeing any nudity from her. Its basically about a call girl whose attempts to go straight are tested when she begins a relationship with a big time hustler played by her real life husband. Its a drama but does have crime and action as well as some comedy thrown in. Without seeing the movie though that's all we can say but as I said don't worry I will give you the full rundown review tomorrow. The cast is A List and it iincludes Nini of course Beith Denzel Washington Tina Knowles Lady GAGA (yes I said GaGa) Jay Z Halle Berry and Beyonce. With a cast like that and a plot like that we can imagine expecting some great acting and drama and I can't wait to see it. So make sure you check me out tomorrow for the full review if you don't see it today yourself. Click here to check out some of the cast members doing interviews speaking about their role in the movie. In other news a little while ago Miss Marie was filmed in front of the PSR building rocking a black and white tuxedo. She granted a interview and she said she doesn't feel embarrassed and she joked that she makes a tux look good. We will admit she looks cute in the tux but it still was pretty funny to see. She has to wear that all day and she has a show tonight in Houston and she has to wear it there too while performing no costume changes. No word yet if she washed any cars or bought nini her seafood dinner. But we willget you more updates throughout the day!


Well this certainly has been a very fierce battle. 7 days of chaos from artists and fans alike. Both women went extra hard for the champion status but of course only one can claim that title. Here's a quick recap of the battle  Nini started off in the lead like we knew she would but to everyone's surprise miss Marie jumped in front of her within 2 hours.  Then once again Nini took the spot back and once again teirra jumped in front again. Then nini announced a movie and dropped 2 new videos which pushed her through the roof and she remained there for 2 days. Then teirra had one more trick up her sleeve and posed nude for vybe magazine and that pushed her way past nini and kept her there for a day and a half and nini still trailed behind by a few million copies. Then rita pushed her up 7% and jhene aiko pushed teirra up 5% and the two women went their hardest last night at their shows to make one more effort to win and that's where we left off. At midnight the battle ended and even more fans bought both of their albums after midnight those didn't count because the battle was over. And the suspense began and the pressure was on hard and both artists did their best but its only one who came on top and is the new champion and the moment you've all been waiting for is here. Teirra came in at 2 trillion 877 billion 567 million 399 thousand 226 copies. Drum roll please* NINI is the champion!!!! She came on top at 4 trillion 789 billion 477 million 389 thousand 662 copies which puts her over 2 trillion copies ahead of teirra. Nini Is the new champion and what pushed her up even more was her last minute announcenent at her show last night that her movie is in theaters today. Yup that's right folks it hit the theaters just in time for her famous free day and that ultimately decided this battle. Teirra isn't a sore loser though she spoke on it this morning and she said "I am so proud of her I really am she has a wonderful album and that's my girl for life but shit now I gotta go buy a tux (laughs) as the rules go she has to rock a tux all day as well as buy nini a seafood dinner and wash everyone's car. Nini has the crown the championship the title ultimate bragging rights and respect from everyone but teirra also has major respect from everyone including Nini because she is the only yes only artist to ever pass  nini or even get close to her so even though she lost she still won something!  Congratulations to Nini on this epic win we're proud of our number 1 queen!  Check out my next post for details on her new movie. And stay tuned for info throughout the day for what teirra will do yes they're making it public. Check me out soon. Peace!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Rita Ora Helps Nini Increase + Show Tonight

Ninis other Loyal buddy rita Ora has mentioned before when the battle first started that she feels nini will win and today she decided to help her boss out. Despite the fact that she is dropping her 2nd psr album in a couple weeks and she should be promoting that she instead went out to promote Nini giving away flyers and telling fans to show their support and help nini win. She isn't the only one though teirra also has someone out promoting her as well and its jhene aiko. When the battle began jhene aiko said that maybe teirra will win and she was gonna stick with that but she said she loves nini and that's her girl . Nini didn't take it personal in fact 60% of the label is on Ninis side and the other 40% is on Marie's sideand her response was "oh so my own team counting me out now huh you guys are funny and I can't wait to show all y'all asses what it is and rub it in all y'all face " Rita has increased Nini up 7% so far and jhene has increased teirra 3%. So we will see how this plays out. Only 9 hours left of the battle. Stay tuned. In other news Nini has a show tonight in Detroit Michigan at 9pm one last effort to blow pass the ranks. If you guys have tickets have fun those who don't ill get you the info tomorrow in addition with the battle results!

RI RI Rumored To Be Lowkey Ruby +Is Ye Quitting PSR For Kim?

Rihanna is said to be a Ruby. A ruby is a female gang member mostly from the bloods and mainly from the set called PIRU. Damuette or Rubyette or lady  mu is other words they go by. This rumor started when RI RI was spotted in Compton with 10 blood members and all of them including Rihanna were wearing the famous red and Burgundy colors and she was spotted doing a piru handshake with one of the guys. The video was shot from a fans cell phone from her house window on the 5000 block or Brazil in westside Compton and the video immediately went viral. Nini too has long been asscoiated with being a Ruby due to her husband being a member of mob piru as well as in the start of her career all she wore was red but it never was proven and generally people forgot about it. But many people say that its not Rihanna it's a very very creepy look alike that looks so much like her down to her red hair and her body shape. But her most loyal fans say what gave it away was that when she did the handshake the fan zoomed in and the tattoos that RI RI has on her hands and fingers are not on this girl and they assume that the fan probably thought it was her due to how much alike they look. But some seem to think it really is RI RI and that she has ties with the gang. Click here to judge for yourself. Do you guys think this is just a very convincing look alike or do you think RI RI is banging? In other news sources are reporting that ye is quitting psr due to Kim wanting him to be home more with her and the baby and he is going to retire to spend time with his family. This story came on the scene out of nowhere no announcement no nothing so we can't be sure if its true but ye and Kim haven't been able to be reached for comment. This is still in rumor status but when we find out more we will let you guys know!

One Day Left!!

That's right. Only one more day left of the infamous "album battle" it ends tonight at midnight and the results will be broadcast early tomorrow morning and the winner will have the right to call herself a champion as well as amazing bragging rights. Here's the stats. Nini still continues to trail behind. This last day is intense and both women are doing all they can and Ninis sales spiked over 155% and she is now past the trillion mark with help from overseas sales. But teirra spiked too and she is at 1 trillion 643 million 977 thousand 545 copies sold compared to Ninis 1 trillion 233 million 671 thousand 166 copies. So Nini only trails behind a few thousand but remember it only takes 1 album over the other to win. Ninis fans continue to have extreme faith in her that she will make a comeback and take the title that's rightfully hers. We feel that Nini will win this too but of course we won't know until the finally results come tomorrow. Until then we will continue to keep you updated on rge battle throughout the day! Check me later peace!

Thursday, February 6, 2014



Teirra Did It!!!!! + Reggie Responds To Her Mom!

They say sex sells and its true look at the queens with their extremely dirty sex filled albums and countless other Celebs who gets millions of fans by showing a boob or saying they have sex with women. So naturally teirra took advantage of the "sex sells" phrase and she posed nude for vybe magazine and almost instantly her clothes her merchandise her items at platinum wear and of course her album sales increased through the roof and she is now up to 2 billion 388 million 268 copies sold which has her in the lead by over 3 m million copies. This is what nini had to say "She's smart I taught her well so when a person that you tutor uses what you tutor them against you trust me its difficult but I don't care mami im still winning trust and believe that!  Teirra posted this response on her fb "I love you nini you funny you always know how to make me laugh we'll see who has the last laugh lol. Many people have been thinking that this is turning into a beef but I can guarantee you guys its not they are only talking shit to each other to add tension to the battle and sell records which is a very common marketing technique. But nini once again is behind and she has to come up a considerable amount to win and she only has 2 more days to do it. Now the suspension is really kicking in . Stay tuned for more info. In other news after toyas video statement towards nini earlier her daughter Reggie Carter spoke up against her mother and she made this statement "My mom is a liar Nisha never once said anything mean to me ever and she definitely never threatened to kill me she's a real good friend of mine,  my mom has a jealousy beef with Nisha so she's doing all she can to make her look bad but that's all it is so y'all don't pay attention too much she just doesn't get enough attention and she's a fuckin loser and a crybaby " Reggie completely destroyed toyas reputation in one statement and everyone is talking bad about her and the crazy thing is its her own daughter that started it and now no one believes her and everyone is dismissing her as a attention hungry psycho and she's really looking bad, Nini responded simply posting lmao Reggie my fucking girl tell em ma!. Click here to check out Reggie's statement...

Battle Stats + Message From Toya

Its amazing how much attention this battle is bringing. Literally every celebrity producer ddirector model dancer actor paparazzi label and fan knows about is interested in and following this battle so closely and now we're on day number 5 and it will be coming to a close in 2 days and this is the stats its currently at is Nini is still in the lead and yesterday after she revealed her 2 new videos and the new platinum beats she reached over the billion mark and now she is at 1 billion 4 hundred million 377 thousand 167 copies sold. This is what nini is known for every album except the first ever one reached well beyond a trillion copies and this one looks to maybe replicate that or even do better. We think it will do better. Teiarra mentioned yesterday' that she has one more trick up her sleeve and that announcement came with a guarantee that she will pass her up and win. But she still didn't show us whatever it she has planned in our opinion she's waiting until the very end so she can make a big come from behind victory but for now she is still behind at 955 million 499 thousand 222 copies sold which is great for her status but still leaves her trailing behind bya llittle over 189 million copies. But until we see what teirra has planned it seems that nini will be the winner so all you people who placed bets and bought all the battle merchandise looks like you will get your money's worth but of course we will see! Ill get you guys another update soon so stay tuned! In other news toya has made a video from the hospital directed towards nini and ninis fans check out a little what she had to say " i am in this hospital because of Nisha she entered my house and accused me of something ridiculous and after I tried to de escalate the situation she attacked me with everything I have in my house including bats knives pots and pans and she threatened to set me on fire. I know you guys look at her as the gift that god gave the world but underneath the status and the music she is a very evil person she hurts children she threatened to hurt my daughter and she threatened to kill my entire family I feel sorry for her children is that someone you really want to worship?  Worship the one person who is worth it the big man upstairs" the dfull video is 10 minutes long and you can click here to check it out. Nini didn't respond to her yet but the fans did and most people she is lying and some say she just wants sympathy and no one is giving it to her. What do you Guys think?