Sunday, January 25, 2015

More New Music + Rumors Of A Feud Between NiNi And Porsha Stewart

Its been alot of drama at that famous PSR building over the last week, but they aren't letting it slow them down and today,  we yet again got new music. 1st up is Cymphonique with a new song titled 'Since DAY1" Its produced by herself and features French Montana. Her baby is also in the background throughout the song which sounds cute. It is mostly hip-hop, but has a little bit of girl swag to it too. She sing raps, he raps and they both sound well, although French is being criticized for sounding slurring like he's drunk, which many say kills the song, but regardless nice job. It is currently number 3 on the charts and quickly climbing. Click here to check out "Since DAY1' By NiqNiq Ft French Montana. Next is Keri Hilson with a bomb new song called "Check Me Out Now" It has the beat to Breezy's song "Look At Me Now" but her own version and just like they did, she raps fast on it and its pretty much the first time we heard her rap and she doesn't sound crazy, she actually sounds really good, although does the supersonic speed rap for 1 verse, the other 2 verses she sings on. Its a dope beat produced by Lazy Bone and NiNi and it is number 2 on the charts so far. Click here to check out "Check Me Out Now" by Keri Hilson. Last is NiNi with a nice R&B single titled "Too Much" She does an amazing job of singing and she hits the right highs and lows at the right time. Its produced by herself and Ye and its getting lots of buzz in the streets. It has taken the number 1 spot beating out pretty much everyone. Click here to check out "Too Much" by NiNi. More new songs are coming soon, and we can't wait. In other news, its a story that broke earlier today that says that NiNi and Porsha Stewart from "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" are in a feud with each other. Its said that the feud has been steaming since late last year when NiNi was invited to appear on the show as a guest, and NiNi at first accepted, but when she found out that Porsha was gonna be there, she backed out and its said that Porsha was heard saying "What, so she backed out because of me? I never did anything to her, that"s some bitch shit to be having beef with someone for no damn reason" Ever since then, she hasn't liked her, and the tension just kept getting deeper and deeper but there were no words or disses exchanged, but today Porsha tweeted something that might be aimed at NiNi. She tweeted "On my way to the BDAY BASH, don't invite little miss thang, she might go all "platinum" on you #BOOGIE #2015" (notice she put parenthesis around Platinum) If that was directed at NiNi, it was subliminal. NiNi then responded with what might be her own subliminal, Tweeting "All the horses  hair in the world can't take the focus off of your personality, and all the dicks in the world doesn't mean you're pretty #ThoughtYouKnew" This might be a reference to the fact that its said when Porsha was younger she slept with more people then a porn star. But still, all of this is not officially confirmed,and its in rumor status. Maybe their tweets are not related at all, maybe that never happened last year, maybe just someone wants to see another girl fight (even though its been many of those since  the Taylor war) but hey, you can never have too many girl fights right? NiNi and Porsha aren't available right now, but we are trying to get in touch with them to get some more info and when and if we do, we will let you know. But for now, it seems like it may be another war added onto the bloodiest war of 2015......Not cool...

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