Sunday, August 31, 2014

KC Said To Have Severely Hurt Someone Plus Got Raped

Today, KC was seen being carried out in handcuffs in Oakland coming from a club. Its said that she had a fight with one of the local girls in the club and she severely beat her and was arrested for it. Its also said that for some reason she was put in a holding cell with a man who severely beat and raped her while the cops watched and did nothing. All of this is unconfirmed, the arrest part is true, but the reason that's given is not confirmed and its not confirmed that the rape happened, although MANY reliable media sources are saying its true, stay tuned for more info, that's all the details we have.....This is a developing story.....

LisaRaye And DJ Quick Said To Be Collabing With NiNi

Its said that LisaRaye is not only in the works with Ali Larter to do a movie with NiNi, its also said that Lisa is also going to be collabing with NiNi along with DJ Quik. NiNi and LisaRaye were pretty much inseparable at the beginning of her career, but as NiNi blew up, and Lisa got married and dropped out kids, they went separate and NiNi got close with Gaga, but it's now said those two are getting back close again, and NiNi asked her to collab with her. LisaRaye is more known as an actress rather then a singer, but it is a few songs she released back in 2007 and they got very good attention, so she isn't bad. DJ Quik is said to have been hitting NiNi up for the longest to do a collab, but she never got back to him, but since she needs two people for this new collab, she decided to finally hit him up and he is now on board. It is not known when this collab will be dropping, but people are looking forward to it because its different and we're looking for different styles from NiNi. It is said that the collab is in the process of being made right now, so we'll see. Are you guys looking forward to it? *UPDATE* It has been confirmed that NiNi will in fact be collabing with LisaRaye and DJ Quik, and she will be starring in an upcoming movie with Lisa and Ali Larter. AWESOME!

DJ Quik

A Night In China

Today, China's highly anticipated 3rd PSR album "A Night In China"dropped at midnight and it has been doing super well all day. At 11:55pm last night, fans were lined up outside of stores like it was black Friday and stores stayed open late just for the occasion. At 11:58pm, China posted, only 2 minutes! At 12 midnight, fans rushed in the stores and online to buy her album. Stores report that only minutes after they opened their doors, it sold out completely and they have to order new shipments. The PSR site and her official site crashed due to hundreds buying the album all at the same time. Its very popular in the game right now, and she is being praised for her originality, her vocal ability and the albums message in general. The album is Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop and is mainly produced by JustBlaze and DJ Envy. The album features 18 tracks and has features from: Lil Jon, Mac Miller, Jay-Rock, her sisters, her mom Shontelle, NiNi, Kat, Mikky Ekko, Solange, Kelly Rowland, Jamal White, Chris Brown, Ray-J and J.Cole. The album is available on the PSR site as well as her site and retail music stores worldwide for $9.99. So far, her album has sold over 4.9 million copies and its only the first few hours. She is having an album release party at the Met Gama Hall in New York tomorrow in which all of PSR will be there, and she is allowing 10 fans to join in, but its special circumstances for fans. The rules are posted on her website. Only 10 fans will be allowed, and only the ones who pass whatever it is you have to do, will be one of the lucky winners. Click here to check out the rules, and click here to purchase "A Night In China" by China. We would like to say congrats to ChiChi. What do you guys think about her new album?
"A Night In China"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nini On Oprah

Tonight Nini will be on Oprah for a full 1 hour interview. Tune into the Oprah Winfrey Network Channel tonight at 10pm to see NiNi live doing her interview thing.......

"Rollin' With The Evans" + Miranda Announces New Album + Raven Likes NiNi

Last night a brand new episode of NiNi's animated hit show "Rollin' With The Evans" premiered on BET at 9pm and it was an exciting fuel filled episode. Many new shocks and twists. But you be the judge for yourself. Click here to watch the full 1 hour episode of "Rollin'With The Evans" on BET. Its only available on the site for 24 hours. In other news, Miranda Cosgrove announced her 4th PSR album today over Twitter. She titled it "My Day Is Here' and she says it will be releasing on October 31st, halloween and that it will be much different then what we are used to hearing from her. That should be exciting, sounds like what Selena said about her upcoming album, which by the way is dropping September 5th, so we have some pretty good albums coming. Click here to check out her post and details for her upcoming album. Also Raven Simone, likes NiNi, Raven came out the closet early 2012 and has since been spotted cozy with many women, but her latest crush is none other then the queen, and it isnt rumor, she said it herself, click here to check out what she said about NiNi. Raven is also a voice star in Rollin With The Evans as Jasmine, remember that.....


Details On Last Night

All morning, we have been hearing about a possible brawl that took place between NiNi and China after their show ended in Ohio last night. Sources have been saying that China took a punch that was meant for NiNi after jumping in front of her. Well those rumors have been confirmed to be true. A source close to PSR said that NiNi and China were doing backstage signings and an argument broke out with a female because NiNi signed for about 20 minutes and called it an end, when she still had 45 minutes left. So naturally the girl got mad and started complaining. The source says that NiNi began getting loud with a couple people who were complaining and soon others joined in due to being upset at paying for backstage passes and then her ending it so fast. China came over and tried to calm the situation down and she said "Please, we will make this up, its just an unexpected thing that came up that she and I have to handle asap" One fan said "Yo who the fuck do you think y'all are, y'all feel y'all can take our money and don't do what you're supposed to do? nah it ain't going down like that!" The crowd began getting loud talking over each other and one girl jumped in NiNi's face and said "You better give me what I paid for girl, or its gonna be problems" NiNi pushed her and she stumbled backwards and she went for a swing and China jumped in the middle, although its unknown if she was just trying to stop a fight from starting or if she was trying to let NiNi miss the hit. She got up and starting fighting with the girl, and soon mad heads started joining in and NiNi and China were fighting left and right with many fans. It  turned into an all out brawl. It was all females though, no males. The other fans who didn't get their turn were upset but they left already. Security came and broke it off, and China was laughing, NiNi was laughing,  and the other girls that they were fighting were screaming and trying to break free to get to them. They quickly got NiNi and China in their limo and they sped off. Technically, the girls started first, they threw the first punch so naturally they were arrested on charges of assault on public authority figures. China and NiNi will not be charged and they were acting on self defense. A security camera captured this, but someone deleted it before it got released to the media probably on behalf of NiNi, which is making people think this never happened, and its just publicity for their upcoming tour, and China's upcoming album.When China arrived this morning, she seemed happy, but I guess she would huh. And NiNi seemed OK too. But a little while ago we missed something that NiNi posted earlier on Twitter. She simply posted "Fuck Ohio!" No one caught that until after this story aired, so obviously something did happen. China declines to speak on the incident. Sources say that NiNi is never going back to Ohio, and we don't blame you queen. What do you guys think? Stay tuned for more info, this story is developing....

China Rolls Up In 2015 Camaro, Then Gets It Banged Up

I guess it is true, as soon as you turn 17, you're eligible to get your drivers license, and once that happens, you're first instinct is to get a car right? Well that's exactly what happened today. China put on a major wow factor this morning pulling into work in a brand new 2015 Chevy Camaro. She looked absolutely stunning stepping out in her own Stunna Shades and her famous ride or die hat with her own outfit. Many camera's were snapping pics of her and she gave a nice smile and wave at the camera before entering the PSR building. The car sat peacefully on the street for at least 2 hours (the car was parked on the street because honestly pretty much everyone in PSR has a car and the lot is full) After 2 hours, it was a 2 car accident on the PSR block and other cars soon joined in and many of them swerved into her car and smashed it all up. It soon became a 7 car wreck and a 16 wheel truck that came by swerved into the wreck and tipped over onto her car destroying it completely. Cops came by and China, NiNi and a few others were outside and China looked pissed. Thing is, sources say she just bought the car and she did not have insurance on it yet, so that means it will NOT be getting replaced, so that's about a $80,000 car down the drain, and since China isn't NiNi status, she wont be buying another one anytime soon. Sources say she has been saving up for YEARS for that car and in one day its gone. Poor China. She declined any statement. Speaking of China, her new album which is her 3rd PSR album called "A Night In China" will be dropping tomorrow. We will get you the full run-down on it tomorrow. It is very anticipated, so we can imagine it is gonna do well. It is also said that yesterday NiNi and China performed together in Ohio, and China jumped in the middle of a fight that was about to pop off and took a punch for NiNi, but this is unconfirmed. (hey that's how daughter protects mommy right) and yes, it has been confirmed that China will be apart of NiNi's collab world tour called "Legends" starting in December, exciting! Stay tuned for more info.....

Similar Camaro To China's

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tension With NiNi And Alexis Jordan + Rollin With The Evans

Yesterday an explosive drama filled episode of "Livin With NiNi" premiered on VH1 at 8pm. And in it, it was a huge falling out between NiNi and her artist Alexis Jordan. Jordan Sparks (who is also a PSR artist) had to hold NiNi back, because they were about  to fight. Alexis questioned her role as boss and said she doesn't deserve to be CEO of the music game and NiNi said this Alexis said that,  it was just so crazy. Thing is though, we don't think that's fake, not only because Alexis said "Fuck this TV show, I don't care if their are camera's here, I'm about to beat her ass"but because We have been hearing for at least 3 weeks that those two have a serious problem with each other, but we have not been able to get it verified yet. But seems like they verified it for us. The camera and equipment crew had to come out and help some of the PSR artists hold them back because they were going crazy (You know like on Jersey Shore when they come out and break them up) yeah that's how it was. The episode attracted over 78 million fans which is more then the show has ever had, and its said that Alexis and NiNi will fight no matter what, camera's rolling or not, and afterwards she will be gone from PSR. Click here to see clips from last night's episode. (NiNi also has a pregnancy scare) In other news, NiNi's animated show "Rollin With The Evans" will be premiering tonight on BET at 9pm in a special 1 hour episode, and we hear it will be very exciting, Details tomorrow, make sure you tune in to BET at 9pm to catch it!
Alexis Jordan

"Demi" + NiNi And Others Observe MJ's Birthday

Demi Lavato has announced her new world tour called "Demi" which will stretch across 42 U.S states and 2 out of state countries and kicks off September 13th and is expected to last until May 2015. This is Demi's 2nd PSR world tour and she announced that she will be  having many PSR artists as guests on some of the shows but she didn't tell us who they will be. She also announced that the full schedule will be released over her website on Monday September 1st, and tickets will be going on sale Tuesday September 2nd. Don't miss out to see an amazing performer live in show, are you guys excited to see Demi?. In other news, today is the legendary Michael Jackson's birthday and many artists are observing it, posting poems for him or posting his songs on their wall or whatever, and BET, MTV and other music stations are playing his music and live shows all day, and NiNi is apart of that. She posted a picture of her and him in the picture they both took back in April 2009, 2 months before he died, and she captioned it "#1 Legend, honor to take a picture with you! RIP MJ 1958-2009" Then she posted a little note saying "No one can do it like you did it, you were, you are, you ALWAYS will be a legend, you are the world, we live through what you accomplished and we will never forget you. I can't believe I was pretty much the last person take a picture with you less then 2 months before you left us, I'm very grateful for that, I will never forget you, sorry you never got that dance you so desperately wanted, I swear I was gonna do it in July when I had free time, but unfortunately you didn't make it to July,  and that KILLED me that you been damn near begging so long and never got your dance smh I cried so bad and I'm crying now too. To the greatest.... MJ #SHOWLOVE  #LEGEND #THRILLER" Click here to check out her MJ Memorial post. Click here to check out all of the other artists tributes as well. Today would've been his 56th birthday. We too would like to say RIP to the legend who first started it all with his iconic legendary song and album "Thriller" A memorial site has been set up for him today,click here to go show your love and respect...


Bri And Diamond Beefing?

Bri and Diamond are said to be having serious tension with each other right now. Bri, Diamond and another upcoming artist named Nyemiah, star in VH1's newest show "Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop" which is the FAKEST show we have ever seen in our life, mainly because Diamond and Bri come off like they don't even know each other even though they are on the same label, and Nyemiah is actually Diamond's cousin although on the show they don't really know each other and constantly have problems with each other. All 3 also act like they are still upcoming artists when they are huge (huh) Its weird to make a "reality" show, when its damn near no reality in the show except for their shows. Anyway, aside from all that BS, in the show Bri and Diamond appear to be cool, but they have their problems sometimes, but in reality, its said that they really are beefing and NiNi is ready to drop both of them. They met in 2012 and so far have did 3 collabs, but in the show they have never worked with each other (lol some REALITY show huh) It is unknown why they are beefing, we always thought they were cool, but shit happens I suppose. The show is currently on the verge of getting canceled due to fans complaining that its nothing accurate about it, and VH1 has confirmed that the artists decided to do it like that themselves, so Diamond, Bri and Nyemiah are looking super weird right now. Both Bri and Diamond was caught up with  today to speak up on this, and they both declined. It is said that they are beefing because Bri wants to start making the show more reality and Diamond doesn't, which makes sense (Girl the show has horrible reviews and it won't last long let her do it wth???) sorry. Anyways, this beef is said to have been going on for some time now and despite NiNi warning them, they aren't stopping, which is making NiNi think about dropping them. We are still trying to get more on this and we will let you guys know....
Brianna Perry And Diamond

Thursday, August 28, 2014

More Shoes Hit The PW Store

The platinum wear store has been blowing up huge lately, and they have been getting many items added to it. The newest additions that entered are shoes, mostly women's shoes from NiNi, Kat, Zendaya and China. The shoes are amazing and they range from Jordans, Nike's Tims and Uggs. They range from lowest $200.00 to the highest $3,500. All shoes come with free shipping. Its also many more items in the P.W line, like clothes, jewelry and actual props from her movies. Click here to check out the new items at P.W....

Selena Makes Headlines With Her Latest Wardrobe Malfunction + Is Katy Perry Dating Riff Raff??

To normal people, a celebrity having a wardrobe malfunction is nothing but  to the perverts its the best  thing that can ever happen. Well looks like its alot of pervs out here because Selena's latest wardrobe malfunction has all the pervs talking. She stepped out today in Orlando Florida where she is at because of a show tonight and her butt crack was showing, this isn't her first malfunction, but its her most revealing one. Her jeans were slightly pulled down not intentionally obviously and she didn't have any panties underneath. You know when girls sit in a chair and their pants are all the way up and their butt shows? well imagine that standing up and walking. Camera's were snapping away, and all the time, Selena didn't realize it. She later posted "Damn why is my ass all over the place, ugh buncha pervs" Yup she's right because if you're gonna blow up a story over something as small as a wardrobe malfunction, I think she has many perv fans. Click here to check out pics of know.......In other news, sources say that Katy Perry is dating rapper (we call him the "wannabe rapper" Riff Raff" They appeared together on the VMA Red Carpet and they are seen with each other alot. Katy has once denied a relationship with him, saying they are just friends, but not even friends spend that much time with each other, so pretty much no one believes her. It was said at one point that Riff Raff was signing to PSR back in 2012 but NiNi went public and called him garbage. Riff responded to her and said that he can't even get mad or beef with her because he has too much love and respect for her. Shortly after that is when Katy and him began circulating, and many felt she was doing that just to get back at NiNi but since she became number 2, that's unlikely. Katy or Riff hasn't responded to these new dating rumors, do you guys think Katy and Riff are an item?
Katy And Riff Raff

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alicia Keys Says That NiNi Doesn't Like Her

The queen isn't cool with everyone, and obviously A.Keys is one of them. Alicia is currently promoting her new fragrance and shampoo and she was asked about the progress and she said "Well its coming really good, I'm really proud of it" Then she was asked if she worked with anyone on it or did she develop it on her own" and she replied "Nope all me actually, I wanted to release this fragrance with NiNi because she is talented at developing hers, hell I wanted to release a song with her for so long too, but I get ignored, I see her, say Hi, and its just bye to her, I don't know I don't  think she likes me very much (laughs)" Being that she laughed about it, she could've been joking but we have been hearing lately that for some reason its tension between them, but we never can get it verified cause when A.Keys is asked about it she ignores it and so does NiNi. Her statement started talk of a possible beef between those two. Is Alicia and NiNi beefing? NiNi is the boss of the music industry, so lets hope not because she can get rid of whoever she wants and we honestly like Alicia, what do you guys think?
Alicia Keys

NiNi's Butt Makes An Appearance On New Show

A new show called "Big Booty Celebs" has released today on MTV and its alot of females on there. You have KC, Cymphonique and many others, but the one who inspired the show made a special appearance and that's NiNi. She came in at number 1 and they showed millions of pics of her butt in every situation. Thing is though, NiNi didn't give permission for them to use her butt pics, matter of fact none of the women featured on the show gave them the permission, but the thing is, you can use anything you want as long as you are using it for entertainment purposes, and not for profit and the show is not getting any money for showing the images, so technically they can't be sued. The show became popular and fans are requesting more episodes for the first season. They show a picture of a butt and have you guess who it is, and when the break is over they reveal the face and talk about it a little and some of their comments can be offensive and or sexual in nature. NiNi didn't take too kindly about this and she posted "You think that you can't be beat huh? thinking entertainment huh lol seriously take me out of it or you'll see what real entertainment is"  No other female who appeared on the show has spoke up on it (they probably like it, after all they are being glorified for their biggest body part right?) But sources say  that NiNi is beyond pissed about this. Have you guys seen the show? It seriously popular......

The "N's" And The "Beehive" Aren't Vibing

Its tension in the world of music, but its not between any celebrities, its between fans. Its rare to hear of a fan beef, but it does happen,  and it usually happens with fans who are so into their favorite artist and that's the only person they ever listen to. When other fans down talk that celeb it becomes a war. Today a fan war started out. Almost ever celeb names their fans, Gaga has her "Monsters" Ariana Grande has her "Ari's" But the 2 most heard of are the "N"s and the "Beehive" The "N's"are NiNi's fans and the "Beehive" is Beyonce's fans and for some reason despite how close the leaders of those fans are with each other, the fans themselves are beefing and we don't know why. Some sources say that it started the way usual fan wars start, which is either someone from the N's or someone from the Beehive said something about one of them and it led to an argument over who's better and blah blah blah. Soon, other people must've jumped in the conversation and it turned into a battle. Usually fan wars don't last very long, but this one has been going on since this morning and all its doing is increasing. Usually fan wars don't turn violent, but sources say that death threats are being made and at least 4 fights have popped off so far (damn you people really are obsessed with your favs huh) This is being called the bloodiest fan war in history and its only getting bloodier. Obviously since those two are close they don't want their fans acting like that because eventually B can start losing sales if they start not liking NiNi and NiNi can start losing sales if they start not liking B because they are always around each other and if the fans don't like the other they wont support anything they do together (yes people actually take it THAT serious) NiNi addressed the situation personally over Twitter posting "Will y'all stop! damn, I'm disappointed in all of y'all. This isn't even something serious, you guys are acting like children, I love my fans and I also love the Beehive because they are my fans too so wtf is this?? Please just chill for me please" B also addressed it posting "@Beehive guys calm down OK, nothing is going on everything is good, I'm so disappointed, do you really want me disappointed in y'all, I don't wanna be, please stop acting childish" Their posts seemed to calm things down a little, but sources say its still not over yet. Are any of you guys apart of this whole N Vs Beehive thing? or do you think it's super ridiculous like we do? Click here to check out their posts...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Episodes Of Livin With NiNi And Rollin With The Evans This Week + NiNi Said To Be A Voice Guest In SpongeBob

This week, a new episode of "Livin With NiNi" will be premiering on VH1. The episode will premiere tomorrow night at 8 and its said to be tons of explosive drama this episode, which is what her show is so known for. A new episode for her hit animated show "Rollin With The Evans" is also releasing this week. It will be premiering for the first time in over 2 months and its said to be an exiting episode. It will be premiering this Friday at 9pm on BET and it will be a special one hour long episode. Don't miss them, they sound exciting. Speaking of TV shows, the popular Nickelodeon show Spongebob is said to be getting its first musician to provide the voice of a character, and that person is said to be NiNi. NiNi has lent her voice to many cartoon characters, she was Daphne on the new episode of Scooby Doo, so naturally we were expecting that other cartoon networks will be hitting her up for her voice talents. We don't know if this is actually  true though, but it would be cool. Are you guys looking forward to hearing NiNi on Spongebob?

NiNi Announces Threesome Tour

NiNi just recently wrapped up her "One Woman Show" Tour. And now she is preparing for a new one and it will be a three woman collab tour Ft Tinashe and China. She announced it over Instagram with the caption "12.04.14 which we assume of course is December 4th, 2014. Fans are excited about it and source say that it will be a tour full of their new material from their upcoming album "NT" which is dropping sometime Late next month, early October. She didn't mention what the name of the tour is, but one source reports that it will be called "NTC" (for NiNi, Tinashe and China) another source says it will be titled "Legends" but no one actually knows what its called, until one of them announces it, but we are excited and so are her fans. Speaking of China, her 3rd PSR album "A Night In China" is said to be dropping on August 31st, and not only that we would like to wish Miss China a happy birthday! She is 17 years old today and what better way to celebrate then by dropping an album and it going platinum. Enjoy your day. Sources say there wont be a huge party for her like Selena because she is still too young to do what the adults do, but its said that they are doing something for her, not at the label though. Have fun! Click here to read info on their upcoming tour....


Monday, August 25, 2014

New NT Single Drops + Fifth Harmony New Song

Today a new song dropped from the seriously highly anticipated upcoming album "NT" From NiNi and Tinashe titled "Be Active' Its a pretty cool song and is receiving positive reviews and has come in at the number 3 spot so far. Its said that this is the last single from the album. Their album simply titled "NT" for both of their names is said to be released sometime September. Click here to check out "Be Active" by N and T. In other news, Fifth Harmony who was just signed to PSR 2 days ago, has also released their first PSR song called "Do You" Its pretty good, but it did not land in the top 5 on the charts, its number 7 which is still not bad, and we feel it has the potential to go to at least number 3. Its R&B and they all sing well as usual. Click here to check out "Do You" by Fifth Harmony. Also Katy Perry is over in Canada for her tour at the moment and sources say that NiNi might be a special guest at her show tonight. That's pretty cool. We'll let you know.

Fifth Harmony

Was Beyonce's Lovely Wife Gesture FAKE? For NiNi?

Yesterday, fans at the MTV VMA awards were touched when Queen B dedicated her performance to Jay-Z and afterwards bought both him and their daughter on stage with her. Sources have been reporting for the longest that B and Jay are not together or even married anymore, its obvious that B looks super uncomfortable whenever she is around him, and she basically confirmed it by not doing anything when her sister beat up Jay in the elevator in May. Furthermore, if you believe the weirdness out here, some say their "baby" is actually a baby doll, due to whenever he or she is carrying her, she never moves, she sits in one position all the time, and its always the same position, and that they don't even live together or actually associate with each other unless they're performing one of  their songs. Also, Jay has been seen with a baby boy and a woman at one point, but sources say they are putting on this married act because its talk that B actually likes NiNi (no I don't mean like as a person) I mean LIKE, and in order for NiNi not to face any heat or drama because of it, she is acting like she is totally in love with Jay in order to get people to stop talking. Sounds like something a bestie would do right? Here's our opinion, based on the fact that until they performed with NiNi the other day they haven't seen each other in months, and the fact that the chemistry between those two is so odd (B will pose with a pic with him and she looks so uncomfortable) we feel that they are not together anymore. However we don't believe they are acting because of NiNi. We don't believe that B likes NiNi in that way. In the music game, image is everything, and just like NiNi and Beith, they have a billion dollar image and they are a business and to keep it  that way, they have to put up with each other. We also don't think their baby is fake. NiNi and her best buddy aren't responding to any of these rumors so its all speculation at this point, but many people are absolutely convinced that she is faking it to cover something else up, and they say if you pay close attention, when he came on stage last night, she was super hesitant to hug him or even get close to him. Do you guys see that? and do you believe that she may be faking it to cover up? B liking NiNi is actually the lowest rumor out of them all, the other higher ones are about her and her status, so don't believe that NiNi rumor  because its the least talked about one, I just though I'd bring it up. NiNi has not been available for comment. *UPDATE* NiNi posted this to Twitter "hmm, first it's Jay Sean, then it's Wayne, then y'all even said Jay-Z, now its B? Really? She's a really good friend and that's all damn just stfu!" Told you! :)
B and Jay With With Their Daughter 2014 VMA's

Explosive VMA Show Last Night

Last night was the 2014 Video Music Awards, and it was bomb. Many PSR artists won including Katy Perry who won Best Female Video for her song "Dark Horse" Ft Juicy J, Lorde took home the Best Rock Video award for her song "Royals" and Fifth Harmony took home the Artists To Watch Award, but throughout all of the excitement of the night, its something that is still being talked about and that is the Queen's performance. NiNi literally gave her all during her performance and she literally LIT up the entire arena. She performed many of our favorite songs including "Get It", "Rock With Me", "Fresh Like Me" and many of her new songs. She had a full 22 minutes on stage with tons of sexy dance moves and hot choreography, but the most steamiest performance of hers was her song "The Girl You Like" from her last album "24" (that's the very nasty song where her and her man was shown having unedited sex in the video) MAN she really TURNT UP in that performance and when camera's flashed to the audience Miley Cyrus had her mouth open wide looking super shocked and so was Jay-Z. She spread her legs, a girl bent over and she smacked her butt, she gave one of her dancers a lap dance, she rubbed her boobs together, and many other hot steamy things and she received the loudest round of applause in VMA history. (yeah you already know that's gonna be heard about until next year, but NiNi isnt getting any bad critics from it, she's actually getting praised and being called the sexiest performance of the night, although Katy wasnt bad either wink wink) NiNi was most def a winner last night taking home all 27 awards that she was nominated for, including: Best Female Artist, Best Female Video and Best Album. She dedicated her acceptance speech to God, her husband, her kids her sister Jasmine and her friends (besties) who she says she would be nothing without. When she said that,  the camera went to B who was smiling and clapping nodding her head in agreement, it also went to Katy who was also clapping for her. She also thanked the fans of course. Thing is though, speaking of B (who also was on fire last night) they both were supposed to perform together, but last minute it was announced that they will have separate spots, and B closed out the show with her own 20 minute performance, performing 14 full songs from her newest album "Beyonce" It was a little disappointing because that's what we were really looking forward to, but it was still great nonetheless.It was, in our opinion, the best one yet and everyone who won, deserves it. Congrats to all of the winners and awesome performers. That goes to you too Miss Queen. If you missed it, its airing again tonight at 8 on MTV, do yourself a favor DON'T MISS IT AGAIN! Click here to check out all of the highlights and low lights of the VMA awards as well as what went down on the red carpet (Fifth Harmony Performed) and click here to check out all the memorable outfits on the carpet. NiNi looked stunning with her Dior Don Dress.......

Sunday, August 24, 2014

NiNi Competes In Freestyle Battle With Eminem

NiNi and Eminem are cool, and they both will be at the awards tonight, but they decided to freestyle battle with each other at the request of Eminem. Everyone knows Eminem will lyrically murder you when it comes to music, but NiNi didn't back out, she accepted it and they had a real street battle on the streets of Inglewood around a crowd of people. They both went at each other hard, but Em didn't use no "B"words towards her at all. Honestly NiNi did amazing, but Eminem completely took the championship, and afterwards NiNi admitted that she was murdered. The crowd cheered louder for Em then they did for NiNi, although NiNi got much love from them. They both shook hands and hugged it out afterwards and Em congratulated her on being the best opponent he ever went up against. They both walked off and shook the fans hands. A fan recorded it on his phone, click here to check out the freestyle battle between NiNi and Eminem. That's all the news for today so far, check back soon.....

Azalea Banks Drops New Collab Song + Iggy Confirms VMA Spot

Azalea Banks (semi-never heard of category) has released a new song today Ft Mona L (semi never heard of) and A$AP Rocky (Also semi never heard of ) called "Fresh Like Me" They all rap on the song and Banks displays her usual New York potty mouth, and A$ap display his New York potty mouth as well. Mona keeps it street but she doesn't go as hard as the others. The song is now in the top 5 coming in at number 4, and its receiving general positive reviews and has a pretty big buzz. Click here to check out "Fresh Like Me" by Azalea Banks Ft Mona L and A$AP Rocky. In other news, Iggy Azelea is back on for the VMA's. She originally was supposed to appear and perform, but she fell off stage during one of her shows and injured herself, and it was said that she had to cancel her spot, but today she confirmed that she will in fact be appearing at the show tonight, it is unknown if she will be performing. P.S NiNi is also up for the Lifetime Achievement Award which is usually rewarded to artists who have been in the game for a long time like Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross people like that. It is the first time that a younger artist who has been in the game less then 10 years is nominated for that award. NiNi tweeted "Bad Bitch That's how I does lol, seriously though, I don't deserve that, give it to my girl Etta, she deserves it truly" Do you guys think that NiNi should win the Lifetime Achievement award?
Azalea Banks

Mona L

A$AP Rocky

Iggy Azalea

Is Tonight NiNi's Night? Spotted In Inglewood

Tonight is The 2014 VMA's, and the show is said to be the most explosive one yet. The competition is fierce, but the talk around town is the mind blowing performance of NiNi and B. They both will be performing separately, but its said that the last performance of the night will be those two in a explosive memorable performance together. Although NiNi and B are friends, they are competing against each other for the nominees. NiNi is dominating so far with 27 nominees, B is second with 22 nominees as well as the Vanguard award. NiNi will also be competing against her artists, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry Demi Lavato, Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars and Rihanna who are all performing also. Everyone feels that NiNi will take home all nominees, but with other huge artists like Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar in the line up also, it might be a close call. The VMA's are in Inglewood California, and earlier today, NiNi and some of her artist were spotted there, seemingly getting ready for the show. The pre show starts at 8pm and the newly signed PSR girl group Fifth Harmony is performing on the carpet, and we get to see all the stars including NiNi doing interviews and whatnot on the carpet. NiNi declined any comments about her performance tonight but she did say that she is praying and she is excited. The VMA's began tonight at 9pm on MTV, it should be a great show, don't miss it! Will NiNi win all, some, none? Find out tonight, and don't miss the biggest performance that everyone is talking about between the two queens! AWESOME! Details on the show tomorrow.....

Saturday, August 23, 2014

NiNi And Willow Said To Have Made Up + Performing At The Vma's

NiNi and Willow Smith have been bitter enemies since as early as 2011, but sources say that they have made up and put aside their differences. It's said that Willow reached out to NiNi and apologized to her a few weeks ago and NiNi accepted her apology and now its said that Willow and NiNi will be performing at the 2014 VMA's tomorrow, but that is still unconfirmed. Willow recently made a song called "Stars" and she actually may have given us the answer, she said "Me and you had bad blood but now its all good, lets roll up that good come on queen I know you're harder then wood" Either she's talking about NiNi or B, but we think she's referring to NiNi. NiNi was contacted about this, but she didn't respond yet. Is NiNi and Willow friends now? We'll find out and let you know....
Willow Smith

NiNi Rocks Shirts That Her Husband Rocks + China And Miranda Beef?

We all know that Beith is Piru Blood right, he shows it in his clothing and everything else of his, hell his car is even decorated as a red bandanna, so it's nothing new, but what IS new is that NiNi is doing the same. Today she was spotted rocking a black shirt that says "Blood Gang" with the bloods finger gesture on it with a "P" on her hat which is what the Pirus wear. It has long been said that NiNi is Beith's damuette (a female blood) and it may be true, otherwise why wear something like that and send the wrong message? Thing is though, this isn't affecting NiNi in anyway, its actually getting her so many props its ridiculous. Almost all the bloods around the world are showing her super love and her fans are too. Click here to check out the pics of NiNi rocking the bloods shirt. In other news, sources say that China and Miranda Cosgrove had a fight today. Its not much info and we never were even aware those two were having problems, but sources say that tension has been going on with them for the longest and today it just finally exploded. They are said to have taken it away from PSR which means they wont get suspended and the fight happened at a charity event in a park that they were both at in Texas. Its not much info on this, so we have to dig a little bit and we will let you know.....

Miranda And China (2013)

Reggie Carter And Fifth Harmony Signed To PSR

Despite the issues with Toya, Today, Reginae Carter signed to PSR, and Fifth Harmony did too. Sources tell us that they were offered a spot last night and made it official today. Fifth Harmony made the announcement over their official Twitter Page posting "Fifth Harmony has officially signed with Platinum Sound Records, what can be cooler then that!" That post received over 20 million likes. Reggie didn't make an announcement, her father did on his official Twitter with a congratulations, he posted "Wanna give a big congrats to my nae nae for signing with @PSR, gotta roll with the best just like her old man lol 1 luv baby gurl" Fifth Harmony is said to have been signed to a 3 year two album 2 mixtape deal worth $92 million dollars. As part of their contract they must release their first album no later then April of next year, but must release at least 6 songs in between or they risk being dropped, but that shouldn't be too hard since they are all over. Reggie has been said to have been signed to a 2 year 2 album 2 mixtape deal worth $67 million dollars, and as apart of her contract, she has to release her first album no later then April of next year, but must release at least 4 songs within that time frame in order to remain with the label. Brief info on both. Fifth Harmony is a semi-new Hip-Hop/R&B group consisting of 5 girls who met while they were in high school. They were discovered after their appearance on the TV show "X Factor" and signed to RCA records in 2012. After a dispute with their bosses, they split with the label and went the independent route, and have been releasing a ton of songs over YouTube. For 2 years they were independent, but now that they have signed with PSR, they are now major again. They have released one independent album so far last year. They also have their own independent label, called "5th Records" but it really isn't like a major label, its just more of a marketing promotion for them. Reginae Carter, is Lil Wayne and Toya's daughter. She first made a name for herself when she began recording freestyle's to her father's beats and posting them to YouTube back in 2009. The next year she joined the OMG Girlz and signed with Tip's label "Grand Hustle" After in-group problems between herself and Babydoll, she left the group but remained signed to Grand Hustle. After the OMG Girlz left Grand Hustle and signed to PSR in 2011, Reggie too left the label in order to focus more on her school work and a movie and modeling career, but she was still making her own music and posting it to YouTube. Her YouTube music career started to blow up and people realized she is actually very talented, and after 2 years of obtaining YouTube stardom, she began to once again pursue an interest in music. She stated she would not sign with any label except PSR, if she couldn't she would not return to music. She had small roles in small made-for TV movies like the lifetime movie "In The Back" She is very close with PSR artists Star and China and she is very close to NiNi as well, and says she looks up to her like a mom. Her and Babydoll have resolved their feud. Sources say that Reggie and Fifth Harmony are already starting work on new material and they are working hard. PSR has accepted them and as far as we know, neither one of them has any issues with anyone on the label (that'll change soon guaranteed) Fifth Harmony is the 4th girl group to be signed to PSR, first is B.B.O.D, second was Electrik Red (Former group), 3rd is LiV. Reggie is the 7th minor under 21 to be signed with the label, 1st was the OMG Girlz, then China, then Ann Margaret, then Alexis Jordan now Reggie. We would like to say congrats to Reggie and Fifth Harmony. *Update* Reggie has already released her first song (damn that was fast) and its bomb. Its called "Swaggin' On The Runway" The beat is dope and it features her father and NiNi. Reggie doesn't curse at all in the song, although her dad and NiNi curse like truck drivers. She is the first PSR artist to ever get signed and drop a song the same day. Its currently number 2 on the charts. Click here to check out "Swaggin' On The Runway" by Reggie Ft NiNi and Lil Wayne.
Reggie Carter

Fifth Harmony

Friday, August 22, 2014

Livin With NiNi Returns

After a break, everyone's beloved reality show has returned to VH1 last night in an explosive 1 hour episode. The show began with flashes of NiNi's stay at the hospital and her release and shows flashes of performances from her one woman show tour. It has words flash by that says "She Went Away" then it flashes again and says "Now She's Back!" and it flashes quickly all these different random images and the title explodes. The theme song begins playing and its a new version and as usual the names of all who star in the show appear, and at the end of the theme song she is on stage performing. The episode starts out with NiNi at home and it says "NiNi's house 6:45am and it shows the inside of her house where she is in the shower and she has a voice over she says "Its been a crazy month for me, its just been alot going on, but I'm finally wrapping up my tour, now its time to get this album prepped up and ready" It then shows her leave the house and it switches up to the PSR building where its advertised as "PSR Headquarters" Inside she goes up to the 3rd floor where she meets up with Tinashe where she introduced as "Tinashe PSR Artist" They hug it out and then Tinashe gets in the engineer seat, and uses the mixes and turns the beat to "Legit" on and they both began vibing out nodding and dancing to it. They discuss the concept and take out their note pads and both sit down on the couch and began writing lyrics. We see them writing and writing while the beat keeps repeating itself. It speeds up and everything goes fast and it says 35 minutes later and they are both ready to lay down their vocals. NiNi gets in the booth first, and puts the headphones on. Tinashe turns on the mic, and starts the beat. They do a mic check and NiNi tells her to turn the mic up a little, she does and she begins her verse. The next 20 or so minutes we got to witness them actually recording their super popular song "Legit" and we saw the entire process, the mistakes, the tongue tied spots, the going off key and the spots where you might run out of breath while singing or rapping. Its not perfect the first time, its alot that goes into making a song and NiNi showed us that it takes time to get it perfect. After they were satisfied with their vocals, Tinashe mixed the vocals down to make it sound more professional and they sent it to get mastered. TT (that's Tinashe) is actually very good on the control board. They eject the tape and label it "Legit" Then a voice over from Tinashe "So now that NiNi is back, we aren't wasting anytime, we just got through with our newest song called "Legit" and we have so many new ideas and we are just eager to get these tracks laid down so we can put together this album" Then NiNi voice over "Just got done laying down our newest song, I think it turned out really good, better then I expected it too, but that's just the beginning of my day" Then NiNi is out and she gets a call and its a woman identified as "Jessica Thorne, NiNi's Kids Teacher"We hear her on the other end of the phone and she says "Hello Mrs Nichols, I'm so sorry to bother you but your son was involved in a fight today and we need someone to come pick him up" Then she has a voice over and says "Ugh, I already have a million and one things to do today, and now my son is fighting, like I really need this today" NiNi then tells her "OK, Ill be by soon to get him and hangs up. She calls her husband twice, to try and see if he can pick him up instead, but he doesn't answer. She has a voice over and says "Exactly, he's not picking up, I always tell that man if it was a matter of life or death I'll be dead" She then calls her manager and tells him to cancel the next 2 hours of her schedule because she has to go pick up her son, her manager gets angry and tells her its already so much work missed, and that its shouldn't be anything getting cancelled or delayed. They got into a small argument and she has a voice over and says "Just what I need someone all in my ear about bleep (shit) that I already know" She tells him, did you not just hear what I said, I have to pick up my son so don't start with me" Her manager says "well why cant your husband do it" she says "if that was possible, would I still be on this phone with you getting yelled at by a prick? He says fine do what you gotta do" she says "damn, unbelievable" rolls her eyes and hangs up. She has a voice over and says "This might not be the right thing  to say, but sometimes I wish I was back in the hospital, at least I ain't got no worries there. She is shown hopping a jet which is her PSR jet and the plane is shown taking off into the clouds, and it goes to commercial. When it comes  back on the plane is shown landing and it says "Dallas Texas" then her husband finally calls her back and she says "Oh NOW you want to return my call?" He says "Babe I been trying to call you for the past hour, it kept saying out of reach" she says "well If you would've picked up the first 500 times I wouldn't have to be in Dallas would I? he said "why you out here"? she said "because your son got into a fight they're sending him home and needed someone to pick him up" he said "well don't trip ill go get him now' she says "I'm here now, I might as well do it, I wanna see them anyway" he says sorry" she says mmhmm" he says "see you soon" and she says "k bye" Voice over "So I'm on my way to go see my kids and I get an annoying phone call" It shows her driving with a bluetooth in her ear and her phone rings, she picks up and the caller is introduced as "Will Gerreal" who is the  head of NiNi distribution and marketing company and he informs her that being that she missed so much work lots of money was lost and the distribution company (who is responsible for paying for your album costs and whatever else you need to make your album a success) is not going to be able to pay for the full costs of the collab album that she is working on, and the rest will have to come out of her and Tinashe's pocket. NiNi felt that was ridiculous being that she made more then enough money in tour sales to cover it before she went to the hospital, but he insists that it wasn't enough and most of it went toward her medical expenses. Voice over: "So they're telling me that my album can't be made the traditional way because of low funds, if my company won't take care of it, Its coming out of my pocket and this album will wind up costing me over 100 million dollars maybe more, somebody is about to see my ass" She hung up with the man and pulled up to her kids school and she went inside and the teacher who talked to her on the phone greeted her and apologized again. She took her to where her son and daughter was and they ran up to her happy. They were introduced as 'Aaleyah NiNi's daughter" and Keivon NiNi's son" (They are LITERALLY her TWINS) She talked to the teacher for a second and left with the kids. In the car she asked if they wanted to spend the day with her and they were excited. Voice over "I know that I should drop them off and go back to work, but you know what, I don't care, I'm spending time with my kids today, I don't see them much as it is, now my time is for them" They hit Chuck E Cheeses, they stopped for ice cream, they did alot and it was nice to see NiNi as a mommy. She dropped them off at home which was advertised as "NiNi And Beith's House Dallas TX 6:30pm" She walked inside and called out for her husband and he came out the kitchen and was introduced as "Beith- NiNi's Husband" They hung out for a little while, but she had a voice over and said "OK I had a good day, but now its time to snap back to reality (sighs) She said bye to her kids and her husband and she had to leave and go back. It sped up and she landed back in Chicago where she went to the PSR building and found Rita Ora and Tamar Braxton in the middle of an argument. She broke it up, yelled at them and told them both to get out for 2 weeks without pay. They left. Voice over: These people are just like children, and honestly I'm not nobody's mama up in here, some of them are older then me are you serious? so its no more talking working it out, just get out, they both lucky they ain't leaving permanently, keep trying me though" She then misses out on pretty much everything she had scheduled that day, but she didn't care and said her children were much more important. I'm tired of writing, but something really crazy happened at the end of the episode. You can click here to view last night's explosive episode last night on VH1. New episode next Thursday at 9pm, don't miss it!  Sorry comment section aint working guys......

Is Gaga Signing To PSR? + NiNi Releases Work

Sources say that Gaga is super close to signing with PSR. She is constantly with NiNi now, and they collab alot now. Usually, when someone is around someone else and doing songs alot they end up signing to the label. Usually label bosses have to do a few songs first to see how well the public reacts, how do you think Kelly Clarkson was signed to PSR. And we all know that's what Wayne does when he is about  to sign someone. But is Gaga signing with PSR? She should, but we don't know. Do you guys think she should? In other news, NiNi has released her new clothing line called "Work" which is what you have to do, and alot of it to make it to her level. Click here to check out all of the new items.....

NiNi Has Interview.....It Doesnt Go Well + Night In Vegas

Today, NiNi had a interview with Marina, which is a magazine company, and it got pretty heated between her and the interviewer, although, you can tell NiNi was trying to keep her cool, even though she looked like she was about to explode. The interview started off OK, but as it continued it started getting disrespectful. The first set of questions, were normal blah blah music album type questions, but then she started asking about her artists having crushes on her and whatnot. NiNi politely said that she does not wish to speak on that and told her that she told her producers before the interview began that she doesn't want to answer any personal questions or questions like that. But the lady kept on asking her the same questions in different ways, and NiNi said "That's the same question what the hell" and that's when the lady began losing her job, because she started talking like NiNi wasn't a big ass celebrity and she's like "I mean its OK if you and your artists fool around, its nothing wrong with it, don't sit there and brush it off, it makes you look guilty" NiNi looked at her and said "Excuse me", but she still kept her cool. The lady continued and told her that sources say that many of her artists like her husband and had the nerve to ask her if they be  having 3somes or 4somes. At this point NiNi took off her mic, and said "OK this interview is  over OK, and she dropped the mic and actually said "You have a good day" The lady said "Its not me NiNi, the fans want to know, its my job to let them know the truth" NiNi stormed out, and left the building. This lady has been severely criticized by pretty much everyone in the game, even the president had something to say about her. Shortly afterwards, NiNi posted her own message to Twitter posting "I will never ever deal with Marina ever again in my whole life, fucking bitch, why didn't I chew her head off?" The interviewer has since apologized to NiNi and said that she was just asking real questions that other people are too scared to ask celebs, and its what's fans really want to know" NiNi responded saying "Your apology is not and will not ever be accepted" The magazine company has also issued an apology to NiNi and said that they were unaware of the questions she had planned, and she will be quote "dealt with" What do you guys think about her actions? Click here to check out the interview, you can tell NiNi was pissed, her face actually got seriously red, good job queen on keeping it civil though.....In other news, today the new movie starring Gabrielle Union and co starring NiNi called "Night In Vegas" has released to theatres and it is being praised very highly. Its a comedy movie and we all know that NiNi belongs in a movie like that. We actually caught the movie today and its actually very entertaining. NiNi only has about 6 scenes throughout the movie, but she does them well. NiNi plays a working girl AKA prostitute, but after meeting an unfaithful man who is Gabrielle's husband in the movie, he decides to go straight and she plots to steal him away, and attempts to get close in order for Gabrielle to trust her enough. NiNi is at her very best in this movie, her mouth is filthy, she has a girl on girl kiss scene with Gabrielle and she is just plain FIRE in here. Its not what we're used to seeing in  her roles, but she did an amazing job at switching up her usual roles. I have a full review on the movie, click here to check it out. The movie just dropped but is already being called "Number 1 movie in America" by critics and "Hard hitting fully brilliant by the New York Times. Click here to check out the full trailer to "A Night In Vegas"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Frankie J Dropped From PSR

Frankie J, (never heard of category) has been dropped from PSR apparently due to laziness. Frankie was signed to PSR in early 2013 and within then to now he released only one song which was highly successful hit with NiNi titled "RU Down" Source say that Frankie is having a hard time finding a new home, mainly because every label knows he is lazy. Its other artists who have been dropped from PSR as well but many of them haven't been advertised and we don't know all of who they are. NiNi is getting much more strict when it comes down to lazy artists on her label, and she is said to be going through her entire roster and getting rid of the ones who aren't contributing to anything, and Frankie J is one of them. Is anybody upset that Frankie is gone from PSR? Sources also say that Ke$ha and Miranda Cosgrove are about to be dropped (but we don't buy that because they are on the royal crew, and everyone on the royal crew works their ass off to the bone. ) but what do you guys think?
Frankie J

NiNi's Booty Inspired A Show + Many PSR Artists Hacked

A new show will be releasing called "Big Booty Celebs: which will be premiering on Friday September 5th at 8pm on MTV. The show showcases all of the celebs who have.....ass.......and the network said that none other then NiNi inspired it (maybe not JUST NiNi, but mostly NiNi) They said that many female celebs are praised for their talent, their voice, their artistry, their choreography, but you never hear them being praised much for their body, and that's what this show aims to do, and show some love to the most lovely backsides that the industry has to offer. Most people think the show is ridiculous and wont last past one season or even one episode, but those MTV shows go on for years, so it might be a hit. NiNi spoke up today on inspiring a show and she tweeted "They're making an ass show after me?? huh? that's weird, but great compliment I guess, thanks! :)" NiNi seems OK with it...what do you guys think? In other news, the hacking continues, this time, its more then just NiNi involved. Early last year, a website had all the names addresses, social numbers and even credit card and loan information posted on it, and it had the real info of more then 88 celebs including NiNi, Kat, Katy, Beyonce and Jay-Z. To this day no one knows how anyone got such personal info, and the person has never been found, but the site was shut down after 7 days. Now its happening again. A site popped up this afternoon called, and on the site it has the names of over 55 celebs. You click on their name and all of their info pops off, social number, credit information, credit score, credit card numbers you name it its there. NiNi is there and when you click on hers, her entire life pops off including her address (which is her actual address) her credit score which is 785 (perfect score queen) her American Express credit card info, her previous addresses, her kids and husbands social and info, pretty much everything. And many other PSR artists are on there as well. Sources say that the site is currently in the process of being shut down. The artists who are on there are NiNi, Jay, Lil Wayne, Reggie Carter, Star, Babydoll, Beauty, Beyonce, Solo, Ashanti, Rihanna, Katy Perry and much much more, and all of them are pissed especially RiRi who posted "How you know all that shit you fucking punk! I guarantee you, don't ever let me catch you, and believe this LISTEN THE HELL UP! If any of y'all try to use any of my info, If my bank calls and says someone used my card to buy something, if I hear anyone is trying to use my social, you will wish you never been born, I will spend the rest of my life making sure you suffer, lock me up cuz yup that is a THREAT!!!!!!!!!!!" NiNi and some others have not commented on it yet. Guys do yourself a favor, even though you have so much info, don;t use any of it, you can and WILL get locked up for identity theft and fraud, and it will be worse because they are celebs, so just don't do it. The site currently is still up, however out of respect for NiNi, her friends and her artists, I will not be posting the link here. If you happen to find the site yourself, be careful, you're looking at personal super personal info of famous people, and they will make sure you rot in a cell FOREVER. VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK!

NiNi Has Scholarship Offers For Her Young Artists

As if working with PSR wasn't good enough, it just got better, now you can get a higher education for being a PSR artist. Sources say that PSR is offering scholarships for the young artists still in school and hoping to go to college, and for the older artists who are interested in going back to school. The younger artists like Ann Margaret who is still in school, can benefit much from this new program, but there is a catch to it. NiNi isn't just giving free scholarships away, you have to earn it. Any artist who maintains their work, as in: releasing multiple albums not too far apart from each other, maintaining a good tour record, maintaining a good sales record and in general just being a very hard worker. Any artist who slacks off and doesn't minting a good working record, will not be eligible for the program. The reason why NiNi is able to offer scholarships even though she is not a college is because of an endorsement deal that she has with Harvard and Stanford College, who are allowing her to give out scholarships. Those rules mentioned above is only NiNi's rules though, even if an artist does all he or she has to do, they still may not get a scholarship, and that's because the two colleges have their own rules. Aside from being the best artist you can be, you have to have good grades and have a GPA of at least 3.5 to even be considered. Any artist who does great in their career rules, but fails to maintain a GPA of at least 3.5, and fails to maintain good grades, will be DENIED. So looks like they have alot to live up to. NiNi is being praised for her commitment to wanting to see everyone succeed and go to college, but there are some people who think the idea is total nonsense. Sources say that China and Ann Margaret have already applied for the program, and we all know that they do very well in their jobs, so they are already passing the first part of the rules, but they still have to keep their grades up. Do you guys think this is a good idea? Or is the queen overreaching a little bit? Click here to check out what PSR has to offer. P.S sources say that PSR is also offering scholarships for regular people looking to go to college, but the rules are different except for maintaining good grades and a good GPA. Find out the all the info on the PSR site here

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cymphonique Has Her Baby + JoJo Expresses Interest In Joining PSR

Cymphonique has reportedly had her baby boy last night which is about a month early. Sources say that she was rushed to Atlantic County Hospital sometime around 3:30pm and delivered her son sometime around 8pm. PSR artists showed up by the dozen with balloons and large teddy bears at the hospital to see her. They were there damn near all night. Doctors are not releasing much details on her condition or how the pregnancy went. Fans have been showing up all morning with the hopes of seeing her, and she has been getting much support from fans and artists over Twitter and Instagram wishing her luck and giving her congratulations. She has not yet released any pictures. As mentioned, we don't have much details on everything yet, but when we get more info we will let you know. We would like to say congratulations to Cymphonique and (whoever you are) on your new bundle of joy. In other news, JoJo has expressed interest joining PSR today in an interview. She was asked where would she want to be more then anywhere else" and she replied "I guess I have to say PSR, because the work ethic there is just what I need, I like a challenge, I don't want to be pampered or babied, I want to work with a crew that works hard, comes out and top yet still have fun doing what they love to do, and off the back, the only label I can think of that's a perfect fit for me is PSR" She also mentioned that she submitted a demo of her music to the label in the hopes of getting signed with them, but that was 5 months ago and she hasn't heard back from NiNi yet. Would you guys be interested in seeing JoJo signed with PSR?


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

4some Collab Between Rappers And Wives

NEWS FLASH: Sources say that its about to be a foursome collab at PSR. Tyga (semi-never heard of) and Ye (Never heard of unless its rants) have teamed up to drop a collab, and they're including they're women in it with them. We all know that Kim K and Chyna Black are singers (very bad ones I might add) and Kim is the wife of Ye, Black Chyna and Tyga are no longer together but they still have a daughter and they are still very good friends, and its even talk that they might be back together. It is said that Kim is very good friends with Tyga and Black Chyna as well. Ye and Tyga have hit up both of them to be in their song. Kim K did a song with NiNi in late 2013 which actually blew up, although Kim was accused of not being able to sing and having to use autotune. Black Chyna has been on one of Tyga's songs and she doesn't sound bad at all. When will this foursome collab happen? Sources say sometime this week, and even with Kim in it, everyone is excited and looking forward to it. Are you?
Tyga, Black Chyna, Ye, Kim K

Havana Brown Said To Be Attacked By Shark + A$AP New Song

Havana Brown (semi-never heard of category) has been making headlines lately for everything except her 1st PSR album. She has done TONS of songs and videos but she has yet to actually release an album. Today she is in the headlines in a bad way. Sources say that Havana was in her hometown of Australia and she was at a water park. The water park is said to empty out into the full ocean and she messed up and went too far out away from the water park and out into the ocean where a huge shark attacked her and took a huge bite out of the side of her body. Rescuers are said to have rescued her and scared the shark off before it ate her. She is said to have a semi huge chunk of her body missing and she has been rushed to the hospital where sources say she needs a full skill transplant as well as no less then 80,000 stitches, but she should be fine, although she has lost alot of blood and is shock. Havana is very popular at PSR, mostly everyone is her friend, so NiNi and others, took the day off to fly to Australia to visit her. Australian news says that at least 67 PSR artists including NiNi were spotted entering the hospital where Havana is, and even more are on their way to see her. Doctors aren't releasing much on her condition. Still, this story is at least 94% true, the other 6% is still unconfirmed at this point. Speaking of Havana though on a more positive note, as mentioned she hasn't been doing any albums, but sources say she is finally ready  to release her 1st, and that is the reason she was in Australia to promote it. She just recently released her newest song "DJ" a couple weeks ago and it blew up, so her upcoming album is very anticipated right now. Click here to check out the article on Havana being attacked by a shark.....Also A$AP Rocky (Semi- never heard of) has released a new song today with Ariana Grande who is a former PSR artist called "Rocks On My Wrist" It's a dope badass song produced by one of the greatest DJ's ever,  Solange. Click here to check out "Rocks On My Wrist" by A$AP Rocky Ft Ariana Grande. 
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A$AP Rocky

China Said To Be Pregnant + Releases Collab With NiNi

Multiple sources are reporting that China is pregnant. Over the last couple months, she is said to have been getting bigger (although we think that's just growing up). She has long been linked to Bryan Breeding, the youngest of the PSR group B5, and he is said to be the father. Rumors of a relationship between them came back in 2013 when she posed for a picture with him and he had his arms around her in a sexual way. Ever since then, non-stop relationship rumors have been swirling out of control, and this is just the latest in a whirlwind of things between them two. In fact he is said to be the reason why China was legally emancipated, because her parents didn't approve of their relationship, since he is 19 and she is 16. But all of this is just in rumor status, to us, China doesn't look much bigger from June to now, and we feel if she was pregnant, she would be considerably bigger by now, and she isn't. Also there really isn't much proof of a relationship between those two besides that picture, which we feel wasn't even anything sexual at all. But some sources insist that she is pregnant having Bryan's baby, we'll see how long this story stays. Speaking of China, she released a new collab song today Ft her "mom" titled "Wonderful" It is said to be the first single off of her upcoming 3rd PSR mixtape and its nice, although we don't care for the beat. The beat can be better, but the lyrics and swag is right on point. Its considered a pop hop (pop and hip-hop combined) type song and it came in at number 3 on the charts, so doing pretty well. The song is pretty popular, but honestly not as popular as China's previous songs, even with NiNi. Click here to check out "Wonderful" by China Ft NiNi. *UPDATE* China has confirmed in an interview today that she is indeed NOT pregnant and she is indeed NOT with Bryan Breeding. She was asked "So China, you have alot of rumors out there about you, but the two most dominant ones are that you are pregnant and that you are dating Bryan Breeding from B5. is there any truth to that at all? She replied and said "(Laughs), Um, I hear alot too, and sometimes I don't bother to address it, especially the crazy nonsense, its just not worth my time, my real fans would know if I was pregnant or if I had a boyfriend, at this point, I'm single, and I'm not pregnant, I wont be for a very long time, I guarantee you that. It's just like the rumor about me and my dad, I felt that was so super ridiculous, I just ignored it, I did the same with this for so long because its insane to me, like I was pregnant since 2013? get real!" Seems like she denied 2 rumors in one statement. Click here to check out her full interview where she talks about upcoming projects and a possible collab tour with NiNi......

NiNi Spotted Entering Home Of Husband

Today, NiNi was in Dallas Tx and she pulled up in a limo and was looking ever so fashionable and stunning with her blonde hair and stunna shades holding a red bull and she went to see her husband. Paparazzi was around and once they got word that NiNi was in town they followed the limo. She went through the gate and she rang the bell. She refused to talk to the paparazzi. He opened the door and they tried to get her husband to say something for the camera, they were asking him why NiNi is over there and whatnot but he didn't say anything, and she went in the house. She stayed inside for about 35-40 minutes and when she came out, she didn't look any different then when she went in. On the way out, one of the paparazzi tried to get a statement from her, but once again she denied to speak with them and she hopped into her limo and pulled out. Not sure why, but NiNi visiting her husband at THEIR house is big news right now, we all know the interest in "music's most powerful couple" is intense and everyone loves their relationship, but we wouldn't think that that would be so popular. But then again, they are the most famous couple in the world, so naturally it may be small but its huge to some people. The stories though, are varying from everything that someone can think up, people are curious why she made that visit, and naturally the main guess is that they had a quickie, and that story is the biggest (we all know they are so freaky with each other) and the headline for unofficial tabloids is "NiNi Goes Home To Have Sex" It's alot of ridiculousness if you ask me, but hey, to you hardcore ride or die NiNI fans, go crazy and worry yourself crazy trying to figure out something you're probably never gonna figure out. Click here to see footage of NiNi going to visit her hubby....

Monday, August 18, 2014

Katy Perry Pierces Nose Posts To Instagram + RiRi And Eminem On Tour

Today, among the chaos that's going on in the media right now, number 2 (Katy) seems to be trying to get other things on people's mind and off of her boss,  and she posted a video of her getting her nosed pierced over Instagram which shows the entire process. She captioned the photo simply saying "OW!" and she says "ow" several times in the video. The video has received over 100,000 likes and comments and believe it or not, its pretty big over instagram right now. Click here to check out the the painful looking video of Katy getting her nose pierced. In other news, Rihanna and Eminem have collabed several times, 1st time being their song "Love The Way You Lie" 2nd being their most recent hit "Monster" Those two are on tour now, for a 50 show collab tour across America over the next few months. Eminem isn't exactly very popular with most of the PSR crew, due to his aggressive don't give 2 fucks controversial attitude, but obviously RiRi likes bad boys and has been dying to tour with him forever, looks like she finally got her wish. They start in San Diego on the 20th and spread out across 48 states. Click here to purchase your tickets for upcoming shows of the "Monster" tour by Eminem and RiRi.
Katy Perry

Eminem and Rihanna

Sunday, August 17, 2014

PSR Drama Continues + Nominees Released

The drama continues! We all know the current beefs that's going on at PSR. You got KC and Breezy, you got KeKe and Mike Jones, you got The B.B.O.D crew and LiV and you have Rita Ora and Tamar Braxton. Those are just the ones we know of, AKA went public, it could be more tension between more people that we may not know of yet. Today the drama is continuing. The beef between KC and Breezy is quiet right now, the beef between BBOD and LiV, is quiet for now and Rita and Tamar's beef is semi-quiet (they still are taking subliminal shots at each other over social networking site, and sources say that NiNi has switched them up with different tour buddies) But the beef between KeKe Palmer and Mike Jones is not quiet, and he seemingly released a diss song to her today called "Keyanna" (which is Keke's name) In the song, it doesn't appear to be directed as KeKe, it seems that he's talking about an old gold digging girl he used to mess with before he was famous, that played him and now wants him back due to his success. Although he isn't saying things to make you think the song might be for KeKe, he could be saying that subliminally and saying that that's the kind of girl that KeKe is. KeKe is one who isn't thinking its just a coincidence and just a song, she thinks its a subliminal shot, and she posted "Why you gotta get subliminal? Say it straight boy! @MikeJones, you're supposed to be so big and bad right, I don't believe you show me!" Mike responded and posted @KekePalmer, girl ain't nobody worried about you, I don't even know wth you talking bout #Ratchet" So obviously their little beef is starting to get a little serious. Some fans are on KeKe's side and some fans are on Mike's side, but it's ridiculous with the beefs that start because of money, and that's exactly why theirs started. The other beefs, as mentioned are quiet.............for now. In other news, in exactly 7 days (next Sunday) the 2014 MTV VMA's will be premiering and today the nominee list has released. Here's just a few. Ke$ha is being nominated in 6 categories including "Best collab" for her song "Timber"with Pit Bull. Selena Gomez is being nominated in 12 categories including best video for her video "Come And Get It" NiNi is being nominated in 27 categories (most of anyone) including best song for her song "Nasty" best video for her video "Cops And Robbers" and Best collab for her collab song "Can't See Me" Ft B and Jay as well as "Legit" with Tinashe. Demi Lavato and Nicki Minaj as well as Rihanna are each nominated for 10 categories, including best song, best album and best video. Scheduled performers are NiNi, Nicki, Rihanna, Selena, Demi and Ke$ha. That can change though up until the show. Congrats NiNi on all of your nominees, and we hope you win all of them! Last year NiNi was nominated for 16 categories and won 11, this year she went much harder so she may be the only artist in history to win all nominees in all categories, think she can do it? P.S NiNi is said to have landed back in America today, which is unscheduled because we thought she had more shows to do out in London. But sources say that she officially has made up all of her shows, and the show she missed yesterday, she made up this morning. *Update* NiNi is in fact back in America, and she did make up the show at an early morning show. Which means her "One Woman Show" tour is officially wrapped up, after one last show in NJ tonight or tomorrow. We're gonna miss it....