Thursday, January 22, 2015

Man Claims He Was Beat By DJ Quik And Kendrick Lamar + PSR War Leaves Taylor Missing

2 PSR artist, Kendrick and DJ Quik, are facing charges that they assaulted a gay man last night at their show. This gay man has been named as 26 year old Dayshawn Jacobs, and he was in attendance at their show in Compton last night and he claims that after the show, they did a backstage signing and he admits he may have offended them, but he says they didn't to do what they did, He said when it was his turn to get a signing, he said to both you guys are both really cute" At this point, he said that, they began reacting violently screaming and cursing telling him to get out and get away from them, and said that Quik said "leave in the next 20 seconds or you're dead you punk bitch" After it got loud, security had to escort the man from backstage before it got really bad and he was unable to get his signings. He says, they caught him outside and Quik beat him with a bat all in his face while Kendrick kicked him in the ribs numerous times. He says that being he was escorted out there was no witnesses, and he lay there bleeding and crying until everyone began coming out of the stadium. He was rushed to the ER where he had to go through 19 surgeries to repair broken eye bones, broken ribs, and a punctured lung. He is suing both of them, for assault, medical payments, and pain and suffering in the amount of 20 million each. He's also pressing charges. Police arrested both Quik and Kendrick at a signing in Lakewood today, and they are being held without bail pending an investigation. Being that there were no witnesses, its hard to prove they were the ones who assaulted him. But it is known he was not beat when he approached them for his autograph, so between the time he was escorted out someone beat him badly, question is who. Quik and Kendrick deny any involvement. Stay tuned for more info. In other news, Yesterday, Tay was sent to the hospital yet again, but now she is missing, and Police suspect that being that this war is getting so huge, maybe fans of PSR or fans of NiNi may have done something with her, and they fear she may be dead. Its been a frantic search all day to find her, and they aren't turning up with any solid leads. Tay's fans are going crazy (speaking of fans, 2 of them were also assaulted late last night, no leads on that either, police suspect it has something to do with this war) Cops have no reason to name anyone at PSR a suspect but we're sure they will try and find a way, meanwhile, the PSR people have been questioned and they all denied any involvement in  her disappearance. Crazy huh... Also on another note, it is said that NiNi will be opening up a club called TPS (The Platinum Spot) in Atlanta, eventually spreading across the world, similar to Jay's failed 40/40 club, but this isn't truly confirmed yet....P.S sorry about  the comment section still being down, working to get it back up soon.....

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