Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Music

Today KC released a new song called "Moving On" which features Mimi and Reggie and its a real nice smooth R&B song mixed with smooth Hip Hop and they all do well on the song. KC Sings her heart out on the song, the others sing rap but mimi still has those high notes and Reggie proves she's a force to be reckoned with her skills. The song is about a man doing wrong and instead of chasing after him just move on and accept that he's no good. It sends a positive message to women to stay strong after you get cheated on. Click here to check out "Moving On" By KC Ft Mimi aND Reggie

Friday, April 24, 2015

Karie Redd Squashes It With NiNi On Her Own, NiNi Hasn't Responded

Yesterday NiNi and Karlie Redd had a huge  brutal fight in Compton before a show, and while many people thought that was only a taste of what's to come next, her reaction surprised many people as she posted a tweet today that partially read "It's not worth it to me, no matter what, I can not deny I have always had the most respect for you, and I was, am and always will be a fan, after I fought my favorite musician I cried all night and realized life is too short, and I don't wanna do this with you anymore, although I didn't start it, this is me finishing it #OneLoveAlways @NiNi" She ended it with 7 happy smileys and 2 hands shaking each other, which is the symbol for truce. None of the other LAHH women have tried to squash anything as of yet, and many people respect Karlie's level of maturity and just knowing when to walk away, especially since she's younger then most of the others who are beefing with NiNi. But NiNi hasn't responded to her tweet. NiNi once before said she doesn't buy into "apology tweets" because she thinks someone is trying to get publicity and respect to make the other look bad since they apologized in front of millions on Twitter, she said a real apology should be face to face and we agree, so it is unknown if NiNi is not accepting this apology because of how she did it, or if she didn't didn't hear about or see it yet. We are still trying to find out who the other 3 girls are, and we still have turned up with nothing. Karlie's tweet was actually much longer then that, we just took the main important parts. Click here to view the full tweet, its about a page and a half long. It is also still unknown why her and NiNi even started beefing, or why she started beefing with all of them, but many sources say at least two of them she is beefing with is due to Amber Rose, NiNi's old girl buddy, who leaves a trail of destruction everywhere she goes (she probably will hear about me posting that and get on me but hey.....) Even so, how did Amber possibly cause a beef between them, and how can she cause an entire cast to be beefing with one person all by herself? We still don't know but we are looking into it and trying  to find out exactly how this war started and tie everything together. This is the first war that NiNi has had in her entire career that no one knows of how it began, NiNi claims they're all just jealous, but we think its a little more then that, and the others hardly talk about it. Many critics though,  say the "war" was cooked up by all involved in order to help promote the series since its beginning to go dead, and while we don't feel NiNi will mislead everyone just to help out a TV show, you gotta admit since the war started,  LAHH has gone up in ratings and views almost double, so if that is the case, she's helping the show well. So do you guys think this war is a publicity war and NiNi is just helping out some starving actresses? Or is it actually a serious bloody war? Stay tuned.......more info soon.....Talk of a diss song towards NiNi from Karlie has been confirmed as false from Karlie herself saying "I don't use studio time for stuff like that, too damn expensive" So that's that by the way.....

Thursday, April 23, 2015

NiNi And Karlie Redd Brawl Like NiNi AndTay

Karlie Redd
The biggest fight that NiNi ever had in her 9 year carrer was the fight with Tay which created the hashtag "NiNiVSTay" but it's a new fight  that was bigger and that was between the queen and Karlie Redd who we just found out is the 6th member of the LAHH beef  that's going on with NiNi. We still don't know who the other 3 are, but what we do know is that NiNi and Karlie Redd brawled and threw down hard after they bumped into each other in Westside Compton where the trio Is performing tonight.  We dint have all the details yet but it's said that nini took the first swing.  T n C weren't there cuz if they were we're sure it would've been a jump since China would've took up for her "Mama" and Tinashe would've took up for her "Sister" but nini handled this all by herself and she took the first swing and kept hitting and Karlie was knocked unconscious but she continued to go off on her. Surprisingly though,  the Compton PD didn't arrest her they allowed her to go home and told her to "get some rest" looks like the Cali police aren't as much on her as every other pig.....
I mean on her. Nini left and its confirmed that she WILL be attending the Compton show tonight.  Nini has a bad experience in Compton,  that's where number 1 fought for her and was almost killed after 6 girls started a fight with them and one was EZE's daughter so for her go back shows bravery.  The other legends will be there soon and we're sure they have heard about it already.  The incident wasn't recorded by a fan but a security cam did capture it. Nini goes OFF on her. Click here to view it. So much blood in the #NiniVsLAHH war as you see.....

Ariana And Big Sean Broken Up, Dating Justin Beiber??

After about 8-9 months of dating, then being married for less than 2, Ari and Big Sean have split up and are divorcing, but sources say it's not due to any arguing or fighting, it's due to their hectic schedules and since NiNi just signed Ari for a tour that will last well over 2 years, and Sean is scheduled to be overseas for almost the same amount of time, they just feel it isn't fair to either one to spend so much time apart due to work, and both decided to end it on good terms. Sean posted ' I will always love her, not another woman makes me feel how you do, its real it always will be @Ari" Ari responded "I love you too bae, always, more then you'll ever know MWAH! :(" The fans who are really into the whole "Seanri" thing are upset that they have decided to split, but they both feel that it's in the best interest so neither one will suffer, but sources say they are remaining good friends. But the twist is that, now she is dating Justin Beiber, who is Selena's ex and Sean thinks that she did all this just so she can be with him. Of course that is unconfirmed, but they were spotted hugging pretty cozy yesterday not too long after the announcement was made.Did Ari break up with Sean because she wanted to be with Beiber and not cheat? And is Sean ready to kill beiber like most sources report? Guess we gotta wait and see. Click here to check out their farewell tweets to each other.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NiNi Speaks On PSR PACT Death + New Lahh Member Identified

Click here to check out NiNi's statement on the #PSRPACT dying which has been renamed #PSRPACTDEATH. And we all know that NiNi is involved in the #NiNiVSLAHH" war and so far we only know about 5 out of 9, now we have the 6th and it's Karlie Redd. Click here to see her insults to NiNi....

#PSRPACT Is Officially Dead

The famous #PSRPACT that was started by the PSR crew in order to stop having people call them a "high school" is gone. It started dying when Demi and Lena started beefing, and even though the fans are calling it a "Friendship" beef, that is NOT the case, those two seem as distant as they are with Tay and we can officially say that there probably is NO more friendship with those two, but believe what you want I guess. Then there was Tinashe's and Niq Niq who are still heavily in battle (that was the heart attack and coma), and recently fought twice, one of which NiNi had to break up, and they are still at it. Now it's Nicki and Rita, (that's the death) 3 strikes and you're out. Rita and Nicki are no strangers to beefing, when they both signed with PSR, which was only 2 weeks apart, they entered a bloody war, but ended it with a collab song, but obviously that was fake and for publicity because the two are still very much at war. They engaged in a huge Twitter war today for over an hour and many threats were made from each side. It seemed to start over the most evil thing in the world.........MONEY. Apparently, Rita owes Nick money for appearing on her song last year when they supposedly "made up" and Nick called her out about it posting "Tried to be cool and let it go, but you need to pay me babygirl #reashit, #royalties" Rita responded with "Pay U 4 What?????  That weak ass flow you got?....#RoyaltiesMyAss" Then a brawl over Twitter popped off, and we feel its only a matter of time before a real live physical brawl pops off between those two. Click here to check out their full Twitter brawl (very long so be warned) But even though those beefs are the main famous ones who killed the pact, they aren't the only ones. It's said that its other low key beefs popping off in house including Tamar and K.Michelle (we all know about that) Miranda and KeKe (AGAIN) Niq Niq and Reggie, Fifth Harmony and LiV, B.B.O.D and Electrik Red (AGAIN) and Kendrick Vs Tina (yeah that's the weirdest one) so myself, my team and every fan and every other blogger and media outlet declares that the #PSRPACT is officially #DEAD. It's unfortunate because everyone (except for a few) had so much faith in the pact and they really believed in them. Others knew it wouldn't last and apparently they were right. It's also said that RiRi, who is allegedly the main one who started the #PSRPACT,  is herself involved in a beef with KP (AGAIN) for her recent song with Breezy called "Put It On" Katy started it  though posting "MTFS GET BEAT 2 HELL AND CHEATED ON TIME AFTER TIME AND STILL ITS "PUT IT ON" SMH DUMB BROADS #LIVEYOURLIFE #EVENTHOUGHITSDUMB" Rihanna posted "Stay the fuck outta mines, worry about you not me" But it still is unknown if these two were actually referring to each other, but we sure as hell think they are don't you guys?.....It's many others who are said to  be involved in a beef, in fact it's said that out off all 136 artists on PSR, at least 100 of them are beefing with each other, including the Secretary (Tina) the make up artists, designers, producers, engineers and whoever the hell else. So lets all say #RIPTOPSRPACT (That's the new hashtag) and we feel its appropriate, do you?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NiNis Album And Book Pushed Up Earlier

Everyone is super excited since ninis newest album and book is gonna be coming early. It was originally pushed back to June 1st , but she is getting through the last of it sooner then she thought and she now is once again added to the #MayReleases. Sources report that her album is set to be released on May 13th and her tell all book will be released either the same day or the next day. This Album will be her fourteenth studio album and is her most anticipated album to date. Everyone is dying to get their hands on this new album and her album is the most anticipated one of the #MayReleases.  Are you guys excited ?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ye Confirms He's Added To #MayReleases + #TC Getting Cray

It was a rumor a while back that Ye will be adding himself to the new famous hashtag for PSR which is #MayReleases, which is so many people releasing their albums in May, it also was a rumor that him and Kim were divorcing, but that's another story for another time. That rumor turned out to be true as he posted "#Yeezy #MayReleases #NoRumor #GimmeAName" He wants his fans to provide a name for the album, similar to how KP did when she dropped her 5th album and his site, his Twitter and his INSTA has been blown up all day with names that fans think he should use, which includes our personal favorite #YeDay" It is not known when the album will drop, all we know is that it will be in May, so now that makes 16 PSR artists so far who will be on the #MayReleases category, who's next?. Click here to check out his full tweet. In other news, yesterday the new hashtag created was #TC and many thought that referred to Tinashe and China since that's what NiNi calls them, but it actually stands for "Tinashe & Cymphonique" and yes those two are still at it, in fact its even worse now then when they were beefing when "T' first signed with PSR. They recently had a huge brawl not too long ago in NJ, and then a Twitter war afterwards, and now things are worse. They were captured fighting AGAIN, but this time NiNI is the one who broke them up and this was in Massachusetts where N T & C are for their show tonight, and it just so happens Cymphonique is out there as well for her show before theirs. They spotted each other, gave each other dirty looks, looked at each other up and down and started brawling. NiNi with the help of Miss China, quickly broke them up and pulled them both to the side (separately of course) where it is unknown what she said but Cymphonique left the area, and the Legends Trio continued to finish up their signings as if nothing happened. But a fan recorded most of the fight with his camera. Click here to check it out. Just like last time, blood is spilled, so do NOT watch if you have a weak stomach.............or don't like violence. So now the #TC beef has become a #TCWAR (pretty sure someone will create that hashtag next) and it's getting outta control. At the signings, NiNi was asked to comment on the #PSRPACT dying, and she sighed and said "Another time OK...." Are the other PSR artists mad cuz #TC and #DEMILENA (That's Demi and Selena) are ruining it for them when they actually are trying to stick with it? Yes they are. Click here to see some of their tweets..........

NiNi Has New Movie To Be Released Soon

We just was blessed with NiNi's newest movie "Karma" early this month which dominated and continues to dominate the box office and is very successful. Now we have word that she is directing producing and starring (or making a cameo) in another movie which source snitches say is a horror film and has alot of A-List names in it. We don't have too much info as NiNi guards her movie projects very closely now and so does her actors, crew and cast, but according to our snitch, the movie is over 80% done and is expected for an early summer release, which is in our opinion, the end of May or the Beginning of June, but it can be earlier. NiNi also will be releasing her extremely highly anticipated album and book on June 1st and we have many albums for the famous #MayReleases, so lots of good things coming this summer. We also have a mini list of the supposed cast of the movie. Our snitch reports Idris Elba, Solange, and Number 1 will be starring, but that's all we know at the moment, and those names are remaining quiet as well. According to our snitch, the movie is being shot in Detroit, Vegas, New York, New Jersey and Canada, with film principle mostly being in Detroit. We aren't sure of the concept or plot yet we just know it's supposedly a horror film, and we also have no idea on when the trailer will release. Sources report that the movie is being sponsored by Paramount and Sunset Studio's who green lit the project after reading only half of  the script, and it's said that the budget for the film is over $500,000 which PSR Cinema's, Paramount and Sunset hope to make back when it releases. NiNi tweeted about her new movie today posting "Anybody love horror? I do, I scared myself with this one, special shoutout to @Beith #TheManIsAGenius lol" (Click here to read her tweet) Not sure what that means, but will he be in it? Many of his fans hope so. We still have no word if NiNi will be starring in this movie or just making a cameo like she did in her latest movie "Karma" We are trying to get hit up on more details, but being that the entire cast, crew and whoever else is being silent, the details are coming slow. When we get more info on this movie, we will let you know. Are all you horror fanatics excited about NiNi's newest movie? Stay tuned guys.....

Saturday, April 18, 2015

PSRPACT Non-Existent Now + Honey Cocaine Assaulted Nchols Family Is Prime Suspect.....

With the recent threesome between Tinashe Cymphonique and Keke,  and then the mega battle between Demi and Lena, many say that's enough to say that the famous #PSRPACT is in fact DONE.  But there still is some people who have been keeping to it such as the 2nd queen of controversy which is RiRi and she's been staying out of trouble and not getting into wars with anyone inside or outside of PSR so good for her and good for the other PSR artists who's staying out of trouble.  Cymphonique and Tinashe fought like dogs and cats today and blood definitely was spilled. They Met up in New Jersey where T still is from last night and they threw down hard. Both were detained but not arrested and let go after they each calmed down. Shortly after,  Tinashe posted "Babygirl hits like a girl lol" Cymphonique responded posting "yeah the person who talks like a dude probably is" and once again they had a twitter war for 2 hours. Really cray huh. Their fight was recorded.  Click here to check it out. Speaking Of fighting,  Honey Cocaine is another person who is added to the list of people who have been assaulted this week right next to Yandy and Olivia. Police suspect NiNi, Beith or someone at PSR but as usual they have no proof  and NiNi has an alibi, and so does T and C, they were in NJ last night performing and her assault took place in Mississippi, but as usual they feel she has a way being the ruler of the game and all. Police nor doctors are commenting on Honeys condition. Stay tuned guys. ....

NiNi Drops New Video, It Comes With Controversy + Thousands Overcharged For Latest Show

Today a new video has dropped for Selfie" NiNi's newest song which features Breezy. The video is cool and extra bright due to the constant flashes throughout it, and it features Insta heavily (as usual) and has many extras in it. This is one of NiNi's first videos since maybe early 2013 that has no dark Illuminati crap in it and that's nice to see in over 2 years. But fans are reacting because they say that Breezy and the queen were getting just a little too close in several scenes and no one thinks they make a cute couple and feel that she and him both disrespected BEITH and fans of him are pissed, but NiNi addressed that posting "We were what??close???  what the hell does that mean, is that y'all definition of "close"???? If you want close check out "Only Girl In The World" (which is the very intense video where her and husband have "sex" from the album '24") Was it like that??? If not then shut the fuck up!!!" Breezy also responded to the people attacking the video saying "Fuckers its just a damn video wtf like chill down with all dat, its just like acting it ain't real, half of y'all older then both of us put together and y'all still don't know that man, get a damn life and stay off social media with your BS" The video premiered on BET at 11am this morning and most people agree that besides the "close' scenes, its a very dope and well put together video and we agree. Click here to check out the new video for "Selfie" by NiNi Ft  Breezy. In other news, the legendary trio N T and C were in NJ yesterday at the IZOD center in East Rutherford. Many people are now complaining that they were overcharged and paid double for their tickets. One woman reports that she paid with her card at the ticket counter for the 356.00 seats which is mid row, and she was charged 2 charges of $356 which is 712.00. Out of all 78,000 fans in attendance last night, all 78,000 of them (which is all of them) got charged double, the ones who paid front row which was 2,000, got charged double which was 4,000. Some accuse NiNi of illegal business practices since technically, the money DOES go to her, but her real N's are threatening to sue the ticket people, and sources close to NiNi says she has nothing to do with the setting of prices for tickets or how credit cards get charged. Sources close to her also report that they will be looking into this situation and will hopefully provide a solution. Speaking of their show, the tree killed NJ last night. Click here to check out footage from their insane explosive performance.....

Friday, April 17, 2015

NiNi's Choreographer Quits + NiNi And Meek Engaged?


15 Kt 50,000 Ring
NiNi's longtime Choreographer Niyates Turbo (yeah weird name) has resigned from his position as head choreographer to NiNi. Niyates is responsible for the incredible moves NiNi does on stage and in music videos as well as other artists such as Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey among many others. He was also responsible for the big "Queens Run The World" world tour with NiNi and B and he choreographed all the moves you saw on that 2 year tour so the man is amazing. But unfortunately, he left, and it is unknown why, but sources report that it wasn't on a business level, as in NiNi hard to work with or something like that, and sources even say NiNi cried when he left, but the source didn't report why he actually left, so we assume its a personal reason. He has been with her since first signing with Columbia Records back in early 2007 so he's been with her for the better part of 8 years now, and many fans are also sad to see him leave. But NiNi is now looking for a new choreographer to join her as she says "I think I'm a pretty good dancer, but you can never be the best unless you work with the best and its still so much I want to learn, its new dances everyday and I want to be apart of that" Please note that NiNi is not looking for unsigned choreographers to join her,  only well established ones so if you're looking to get famous,......keep looking. In other news, is Nick engaged to Meek? After Meek threw serious shade at Nick's ex, she posted a pic of a huge heart shaped diamond ring, similar to Gaga's engagement ring and also similar to Beyonce's engagement ring, just more colorful. She captioned the pic "YAY" Although neither one has officially confirmed it, you know what they say, "a pic is worth a thousands words", and that's all the word we need. Nicki and Meek have denied any requests for comments regarding that subject but they both responded to a rumor separately today that's been floating round' regarding NiNi. Nicki said 'No I love Nisha man come on what kinda question is that (laughs) (she was asked if she has issues with Nisha) Me and her are tight we just have the usual sisterly type issues at times but we always got love that's like my sis and I know I'm hers too" Meek said "Nah nah, homegirl cool as a motherfucker though, she gets me on my shit......look y'all look at it like, " this nigga getting yelled at, nah that's her way to get us motivated and it works, I sold over 500 million records under her wing, the woman is a genius man,  ain't no ill feelings there dude its always love word up" (He was on a local radio station and was asked "So Meek I heard you and NiNi beefing, that true?) Back to the engagement thing though, that huge rock on her finger says they may be engaged, but of course, sometimes couples buy each other things just because.......and that includes rings too, so until they officially confirm or deny their engagement, we have no idea what's what. Stay tuned..... In unrelated news, Ariana is not to be messed with, during a show in London last night a fan called her out during a break where no music was playing and the fan called out that she looks fat and she needs to focus on her music career more and stop being on Big Sean's nuts, and she snapped back with the middle finger and mumbled "fucking asshole" The crowd cheered loudly for that and the fan was looking shocked. Looks like its time for us to start taking Miss Ari seriously huh. Click here to view what happened at her show last night.....

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Niq Niq × T × Keke =Threesome Beef



Keke isn't even back yet she's still on her maternity leave but that didn't stop her from getting in a twitter war with Cymphonique and Tinashe. Tinashe and cymphonique aren't new to this they were beefing for a while back in early 2014 but ended it but they still avoid each other and haven't collabed yet. So are they threatening the famous #PSR PACT?  Click here to see what I mean and click here to check out their seriously violent full of bad language three some twitter beef. #NEWPSRBEEF. ....

Honey Cocaine Goes Against Some PSR Artists, Subs At NiNi

Honey is still bitter at NiNi and the PSR clique and she released a song today that goes at some of the PSR artists including Niq Niq (That shit you putting out got you sounding retarded and you sweating NiNi in bikini's shorty come out the closet) Lena (You got lucky with Tay why you ain't go at Jay? He spoke up on the show said Selena straight whack, said he'd put you underground and you ain't fuck with that) and she attacked Tinashe as well (TiTi its all love cuz I know you just sniffing ass wanna be on the bosses good side I can get with that) She subbed at NiNi too rapping (she ain't a Hollywood queen more like a Hollywood reject) The N's are now at her head all over social media. Click here to see what I mean and click here to check out Honey's new song.....

"562 Bitch" Cali Mega Remix

Promotional Poster
NiNi popular hit song "562 Bitch" which dominated the rap charts back in February has been remixed as a mega remix called 562 Bitch (Cali Mega Remix) A "Mega Remix" refers to a song that has been remixed and is long because it has so many people on it, like the Draped Up (Texas Remix) or the "One Blood (Mega Remix) or the "We Fly High" (Mega Remix) yeah you get it, and NiNi added herself to that list which is her first mega remix ever. She has the whole Cali on this song and it is 29 minutes long and it released shortly after the #FTP song but even though its a bomb song its not taking attention off that song.Sources say that this song was recorded months ago but was put on the shelf for a while. It features all Cali artists, some at PSR, some at other labels. It features Katy Perry, KC, Miranda Cosgrove, Tinashe, Zendaya, Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, The Game, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Monica Spears, Fifth Harmony, Robin Thicke, Mya, Chanel West Coast and Tyga. Lots of people and a very long song and its doing well but still didn't take the number 1 spot its currently at number 2. Its doing well mainly with residents of the state but is getting positive reviews all over. Click here to check out the mega remix of "562 Bitch" by NiNi Ft Cali. Hope you have 30 minutes to spare......

NiNi Released, 1 Year Probation, Drops EXTREMELY Controversial Song, Police NOT Happy

The N's have been protesting all night in front of the Atlanta Police Department on their treatment of NiNi and today she was released after going to her trial where she was officially charged with Assaulting a police officer. Since it was her first offense (at least in the state of Georgia) she was let off with the minimum required sentence for that charge which is a $500 fine and  year of probation which begins today. The conditions of her Probation state that she is allowed to leave the country due to the nature of her work, but she must report to her P.O anytime she does and let him or her know how long she will be gone and blah blah blah. She is on limited night activities, which means she still can hang with the girls and hit up nightclubs and bars but she has a curfew and must leave after at midnight. If she breaks any of the rules, she will be sent to prison for a minimum of 24 months, which is 2 years. Police aren't happy and felt that the judge went easy on her due to who she is and they have made their anger public in saying the judge favored her, and that if she didn't actually have to sentence her because she's a judge, she would've let her walk free. The cops who pushed all on NiNi have been suspended for 6 months without pay and they are angry also (check separate article here for details on them) But the police now have a reason to be mad because as soon as she got out she dropped a highly controversial song called #FTP which is a hashtag meaning 'Fuck Tha Police" and just like when N.W.A did a song like that back in the day, they were bashed by every cop in LA and the same is happening here. But NiNi recruited her 'dad" in her song Mr Hova, and he too is now facing backlash for the song. The flip side is, every 'regular person" and celebrity person is seriously praising the song and it hit number 1 in less then an hour replacing out MiMi and NiNi's newest song. But cops are seriously against the song and they want it shut down, but since they have no say so in the music game, they can't do anything about it, and although they can maybe get a fine for defamation (which means disrespecting) against the police, they can not arrest her because she didn't do anything but record a song. The song is brutal and it talks about vicious things like murdering cops and chopping their heads off and getting revenge for all the recent black people that they killed for no reason. Jay doesn't go too hard in this, he just refers to his upbringing in Brooklyn where he always  got picked on by them because of the color of his skin, NiNi is the one who goes HAM, I'm talking Eminem Ham and she screams, shouts, curses, and laughs insane, she sounds like a crazy person on that song and she sounds hella scary. Multiple fans report that they love the song but the way she sounds on it will give them nightmares for a month. The beat is also dark as well, with sirens and gunshots throughout with a deep scary bass line. Its an intense song, and many people are surprised she would drop but still she's being praised by everyone........especially the "numbers" Click here to check out #FTP (Fuck Tha Police) Warning, severe language and violent content is in this song, do not listen if you get easily offended by violence or severe dark nature. Listen at your own risk......

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Johnny Hurt Bad

Well looks like Olivia isn't the only one who was assaulted and sent to the hospital, NiNi's ex manager Johnny was sent to the hospital as well early morning hours today with severe internal damage and bleeding and "near death" Police suspect Beith or NiNi in this crime but they have no solid leads to actually connect them to the crime. Doctors say he may not live past this Friday and his family is all pointing fingers at Beith because they feel he may have responded to the fact that Johnny is accused of stealing money from Hollywood which is his wife and causing a bunch of unnecessary drama and they all feel Beith is the one who did this, but once again no proof is available and its no evidence so even though police DO in fact suspect Beith in this vicious attack, they have no evidence to prove it but sources say that he was questioned today about it but no word on how that went.  Click here to see what happened to NiNi's ex manager Johnny.

MiMi Samples "Beast In Paradise" NiNi Features + Olivia Assaulted, Cops On NiNi


MiMi has sampled the super hard and popular song by Beith "Beast In Paradise" which is the song that put him on the "celebrity" map and features Tyga and Tinashe, and she sampled the beat but changed it a little, but you can tell it's his beat and she sampled his voice also in the chorus (chopped N Screwed) and his wife joins her which is a huge moment since the two were beefing and this is their first ever collab song together. Mimi's version is called "Poppin' Bottles". Being that Beith's song is still hella popular, Mimi's version is equally popular and although hubby and wifey never did a song together, his voice is still in it (even though its chopped and screwed)  so it seems like they did do a song together and that's making it even more popular and it has hit the number 1 spot on the charts within 20 minutes of it releasing replacing NiNi's own newest song with Breezy. They both sing-rap on the song and they sound amazing together like we always knew they would and they kill it. The beat is amazing and is produced by NiNi (no suing here obviously since its her own husbands beat) and she does amazing at changing it to avoid copyright but still keeping the fire elements of it and the hook with Beith's chopped up voice is catchy and many report that it's  stuck in their heads and it is in mines too. MiMi is also featured to star in an upcoming horror movie of NiNi so this song officially confirms that there is no more beef between those two and the movie just extra confirms it so good to hear. Click here to check out "Poppin' Bottles" by MiMi Ft NiNi. In other news, not long after Olivia did an interview about people getting hurt after speaking up on NiNi, she herself was attacked, and cops don't feel that it was an "obsessed fan" they feel it was the queen of controversy and they arrested her today, but not because of the fact they think she did it, but because they pushed her "crazy" button. They pulled up on her in the street and they were yelling, and cursing her out calling her out her name and even called her the 'N" word (not sure about that one though, the video messes up at that point) In the beginning NiNi kept her cool even though they were yelling and spitting in all her face, she even joked and said "Anger management anyone?" but after a while they were grabbing all on her and they kept pulling on her arm hard when she tried to walk away and then she flipped and said "If you touch me again I'll really turn you into a pig and fucking barbecue you right now!!!" The cop pushed her against the car and said "barbecue me then" and she socked him and they laughed and put the handcuffs on her and she was cursing and spitting at them the whole time and talking shit, and one cop said "Hope they lock you up until you die" The incident was recorded by a fan who was nearby and she posted it on YouTube with the title "Police Brutality" and the video received over 1 million comments and her N's are protesting how they treated her and they say they were basically asking to get hit and they did that on purpose since they know NiNi is known to hit after someone touches her. A large rally formed outside the PD and they are protesting. Police have arrested 8 other people for trying to break in and set her free. PSR people are also protesting saying that she tried to cooperate but they kept yelling at her, calling her names and pushing her, so who wouldn't snap, especially someone like NiNi. The 2 cops are said to be "under investigation" for unnecessary use of force, but we all know that not a damn thing will happen to them. At this time, NiNi is being held without bail for 'assault of a police officer" Olivia's assault is not included in what she is charged for even though pretty much everyone that's a pig.....*ahem*......excuse me....police officer thinks she did it, but once again they have no proof. Sources say her trial date is tomorrow which means she has to spend a night in jail and Tinashe and China have to hold it down themselves in Chicago tonight. If she is convicted, she probably isn't facing any jail time, she didn't kill the cop, nor did she seriously hurt him, she probably will just get a fine and maybe probation but that's if she has a nice judge. Stay tuned guys.....Click here to see what happened to Olivia......And click here to see the video of the cops rolling up on the queen.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Honey Cocaine Goes Against Her Former Boss, New Beef...NiNi Responds + Tina Gets Remarried

Honey Cocaine, better known now as"Heroine" was released from her PSR contract almost 2 years ago, and we still have no idea why, but apparently, Olivia isn't the only ex-PSR artist who has an issue with the queen. Now Honey is speaking up and she said that NiNi is extremely demanding, very careless, very heartless and she is super conceited. Check out some words from her interview "I mean every artist has that cockiness, especially a bitch, but she takes it to a new level though, I never met anyone with that amount of cockiness she's hella conceited, I feel that if someone looks even slightly better then her, the woman will burst into flames, she just gotta be the best, she has to be number 1, gotta have it going on, if people stop bowing and kissing ass, she flips, I know this from experience" On why she was let go: "No reason, probably to make room for the so called "numbers" that she has, I mean she has what, 7 besties, its amazing how everytime someone gets dropped, a new "number" gets in their place, its only Em and B missing from that, but trust me, once two more heads get dropped that's when they'll be there, everybody at that piece of shit label is just temporary, soon the numbers are ready to sign they are gone, trust me, the number that replaced me is 4" NiNi didn't take offense to her interview, in fact she joked about it posting "aww does little baby waby need her diaper and a nappy wappy? #GetALifeBroad" But Honey responded too posting "You can't afford to put me in any diapers broad, why don't you let your fans know the real about your so called "rich status" bet you won't have anymore, face it only reason why niggas love you is cuz they think you're rich cuz it sure as fuck ain't talent, because you have none #GetYoursRight" NiNi didn't respond after that. So what does Honey mean? Is NiNi actually broke? They didn't get into a huge Twitter war, but its obvious they have deep maybe personal issues with each other. Click here to check out Honey's interview dissing NiNi, and click here to check out their semi Twitter war. In other news, Tina Knowles has a new bae and she married him in an elegant fancy white wedding and it bought a new stepsister for the Knowles sisters who you know from playing "Kendra" in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Vampire Diaries and on Bones as Snoop Dogg's daughter and many other roles, and she is hotter then hot so she is a good addition to the fam. Tina released photos of the wedding and it looks dope. Click here to check out the pics of her all white wedding.....P.S......NiNi and half of PSR is at Coachella this week performing, along with enemies so we feel it will be a crazy awkward moment indeed. Click here to see all who's at Coachella and who's performing and who performed  so far.....

Olivia Speaks On Yandy Assault Accuses NiNi Says She Can Have Her Man Whenever

More drama with the Love & Hip-Hop Fam. Now Olivia has some things to say and they aren't good at all. Recently Yandy Smith was brutally assaulted and although police suspect NiNi since they are at war with each other, they have no proof, and they aren't any closer to finding out who did it, but Olivia seems to think she knows already and that person is NiNi. She did an interview today where she addressed numerous things, but the whole topic of the interview revolved around the drama between NiNi and LAHH. She stated that although she isn't super close with Yandy it is a tragedy and she says she thinks that NiNi had something to with it. She said "I mean........look how it goes, anytime anyone male female says anything about her that gets to her they wind up half dead in a gutter somewhere, I think its more then a coincidence, I'm aware that she (nini) has some loyal fans and blah blah, but I just can't accept that everytime that something happens involving her name, someone gets hurt" The interviewer asked her "Then how come she never gets caught?" She replied "She is one of a handful of people who can use a certain power to help them, I know that sounds crazy and I'm not referring  to magic, I mean a royal power, when you get to the high up in this game, things change, things go the way you want them to ya know, if she wasn't who she is, I guarantee you she would've been locked up so long ago, and she isn't the only one, anyone who is a higher-up, has that ability and they use it and take advantage of it, its not fair but hey, life isn't" When asked if she thinks NiNi and her could ever be friends, her reply was "I don't know, probably not, but no one knows what the future holds, so I can't say yes, I can't say no" Then when asked if she really thinks that NiNi and Beith are Hip-Hop's most powerful couple, she replied "Well I always felt that was B and Jay, but since they aren't together anymore, I definitely feel its no one else that can claim that title, besides I can have her man whenever I want (laughs)" Since she laughed it is unknown if she was joking or if she was insulting her and being sarcastic. Click here to view her full interview where she addresses alot more then that. NiNi hasn't responded yet.....

Rita Ora Jessica Lowndes Beef?

The #PSRPACT sure was going good, longer then anyone actually believed it would last, but due to K.Michelle and Tamar Braxton, we saw the first signs of it coming to an end, and now we see it coming to an end even more since its rumored that Rita Ora and Jessica Lowndes are in a war with each other. Those 2 are on tour together, and the beginning of their tour seemed great, they were even grinding on each other and gave each other lap dances, in fact, they were so close they created the hashtag #RJ (for "Rita and Jessica) but now that's all changed. People have been noticing the change between them, and during shows they seem like they intentionally go out of their way to make contact with each other, and they separate themselves by using dancers and whatnot. There wasn't a Twitter beef or anything, the assumption comes from how distant those two are becoming which is a huge change from how close they were when they first started touring together. But regardless, without any official "beef" news, like a Twitter war or a public brawl, we can't say for sure if they are beefing or maybe just aren't as close as they once were, but some sources report they have argued and fist fought backstage in recent weeks, but that is unconfirmed. It does seem to be tension between them though, if you check their recent shows as mentioned above, they barely want to dance next to each other and during their interviews, they no longer sit next to each other, and one looks annoyed and seems to be rolling her eyes while the other one is talking. So is there a new beef brewing in the Platinum World? Or are we imagining things? Is this the end for the famous #PSRPACT?  Click here to see how much things have changed from when they first started in November until now.....

Monday, April 13, 2015

Relatives Suing China "We Get Nothing" + Reggie And Weezy Beef

Relatives of China, we're not sure which ones yet, are speaking put against their own flesh and blood claiming that the family is broke and starving yet their number 1 rich relative who is signed with the hottest label in the world and makes thousands of dollars a day isn't doing a thing to contribute to their poverty and they say she keeps it all for herself and doesn't even help her mom or her 3 older sisters. The relatives call her "selfish" "greedy" and a changed typical Hollywood bitch (their words not mine) and word is that they are trying to get a judge to order her to help her family. China was emancipated (that means no parents no family just on her own as a child) at 15 years old and although many folks she couldn't last she proved everyone wrong. It's said that she hasn't talked to her mom dad or siblings in years and many say it's because she was being abused sexually by her dad and her mom sisters and siblings looked the other way which led up to her emancipation, but she denied that and continued to deny it. They are not asking for any specific amount they just want her to share some of her wealth but since she was emancipated from the fam legally she doesn't have to take care of anyone since technically in legal terms she has no family but her fam says bs to that.  Nothing worse then family drama especially when they're suing you. China is unavailable for comment. Stay tuned for more info. In other news it seems like one of PSRs brightest stars Reggie Carter is in a beef with her own daddy.  Wow. Click here to see what I mean. ..

K.Michelle Announces New Album #MAYRELEASES + Vic New Show Canceled?


K. Michelle is more and more into the reality TV life,and she has earned her spot on the "never heard of category",  but after a huge blow up between her and NiNi on the newest episode of LWN where NiNi told her "you better get your shit together or you can take your shit and go", Miss Michelle is trying to get out of that category and she announced her 2nd PSR album today over Twitter posting "New album coming!!!!! I think "Birthday" would be an awesome title, because that's when its being released and its my "birthday at @PSR so appropriate title, ya think?" Her birthday is May 4th and its also her 2 year anniversary or "birthday" since signing with PSR, so obviously that's when we can expect her album  to release.  Thing is, she hasn't been releasing much besides being a feature in the soundtrack for NiNi's last year movies, "On The Run" and "Carmen 2" so we don't even have any singles from the album, but sources close to her says she has enough material to put together an album, and since she has many fans from her music and reality career, its a very anticipated album, so stay tuned. And on an unrelated note, her and Tamar Braxton (also never heard of category due to the reality BS that they do) are still at it. A few weeks ago, Tamar cried live during an interview about what K and others say about her on their show, and Michelle responded that she shouldn't dish things out if she can't handle what gets dished back. Then they seemingly ended their feud but that was a joke as they both are back on the attack. Click here to see what I mean... In other news, Victoria Justice is one who is definitely beginning to rise in the music world, but her love for acting is still there and her new MTV thriller "Eye Candy" is very popular which started January 12th 2015. The first season has ended, but its being said that although the show attracts over 54 million viewers every episode, MTV states that its not receiving the ratings they originally hoped for and its said that the show may not be renewed for season 2, but Vic is hopeful. Fans have started a petition to keep the show on the air which has already received over 12 thousand supports and they will be submitting it to MTV. Victoria too is releasing her 2nd PSR album in May and its at least 10 albums releasing in may so far, which is Miranda, Ke$ha, Reggie, Fifth Harmony, NiqNiq, KC, Monica Spears, Tinashe, China and Jamie Lynn Spears, and now its K.Michelle and Vic which makes 11 and 12 and all these May releases created the hashtag #MAYRELEASES" Who else will add to the #MayReleases? Dates are as followed:. Miranda's 5th PSR album is May 13th (her 22nd birthday), Ke$ha's 6th PSR album is May 16th, Reggie's 2nd PSR album is May 2nd, Fifth Harmony's 2nd PSR album is May 5th, Cymphonique's 5th PSR album is due May 27th, Kc's 3rd PSR album is due May 22nd, Monica Spear's 3rd PSR album is due May 30th, Tinashe's 3rd PSR album is due May 3rd, China's 7th PSR album and mixtape is due May 7th, Jamie Lynn's 1st PSR album is due May 28th, K.Michelle's 3rd PSR album is due May 4th (her birthday) and Vic's 3rd PSR album is due May 19th. NiNi's book and new album has been pushed back to June 1st and her book and 13th PSR album will be released on that day, in addition, RiRi was also supposed to be in the "May" category, but her 9th PSR album has been pushed back as well, but we aren't sure to when yet. Ye is also rumored to be adding himself to the May hashtag by dropping his 4th PSR album next month, but that isn't confirmed as his ego is too big to respond to us (just being real) but for now the hashtag is popular and fans are waiting to see who will add themselves next to the hashtag, and so are we......Click here to see the PSR artists who are in the "Never Heard Of" category....sadly, it's alot of them....

Sunday, April 12, 2015

NiNi Into Politics? + Suing Manager For Financial Downfalls

Word on the street is that NiNi is being considered for election as the female Governor of Georgia. Not too weird considering that the Terminator was elected as Governor as California so obviously celebrities can be elected as a Governor a president or pretty much whatever else, but is NiNi on board with this? The state senate office passed a vote today that says that over 80% of the state of Georgia want her as their new Governor since their current one's term is up. If NiNi agrees she will be up against another female who is running for the spot and seriously objects to NiNi running saying "Is this what  this world is coming to, just people random people off the street to be the ruler of an entire state, her profession is in music not politics, its ridiculous" But NiNi may not be even be interested in being a Governor as she posted Me??? in politics??? That's like putting on a meat suit in front of a lion, yeah, dumb idea #noway" But still, the fans and residents of Georgia are insisting that she run as they really want her, but seems like NiNi isn't going for it, or will she? Would you people like NiNi to be your new Governor? In other news, speaking of NiNi, its said that she is suing her manager of 7 years for embezzlement, which is stealing money and altering documents that appear to make her seem to be collecting less money then she is supposed to. The supposed lawsuit states she is suing for fraud, embezzlement, lost revenue and other unspecified damages in the amount of 650 million dollars as well as a lost performance worth 200,000 dollars. Johnny has of course denied all of her allegations. Johnny and NiNi have been having problems lately and recently they were spotted backstage before a show arguing and she was waving a piece of paper in his face, maybe that's when she began finding out what he's really been up to. Sources say he was fired as her manager day before yesterday and then she opened a lawsuit against him, he still continues to deny these allegations she's making about him. Stay tuned folks.....

Saturday, April 11, 2015

"LWN" Review

Last night the premiere of season 3 episode 2 aired on VH1 and man was it a very intense episode. I wont give any spoilers, but lets just say it was 2 more fights and a couple of artists have been released from their contracts although we aren't sure if that is official or if it was just in the heat of the moment. The episode covered the LAHH drama, the new PSR drama, and many PSR artists were in this episode and it showcased their drama as well. Once again I wont give too much away, but this episode was FULL of non-stop drama from start to finish. Did you catch last night's episode? Click here to see the full hour long episode if you didn't. Next episode is next Friday at 8pm and that one looks crazy too don't miss it......Also click here to check out this mini clip for interviews with the stars from the show.........

Yandy Smith Gets Brutally Attacked, New Hashtag Is #LeLe'sRevengePT3

#LeLesRevengePt3 that's what it's being called since Yandy Smith was viciously attacked hours after she released a song called heads up where she went to far with a line that says "Your husbands a known hoe and bitch you're a known slut so what's LeLe gon be when she grows up?" After that song, the Ns attacked her and so did the Beyhive who was stinging her all day and even celebrities like Jay, Kim, Ye all of PSR and even Russel Simmons attacked her, but she responded #FuckEverybody #SheAintNobody" Then NiNi responded with "LeLe's Revenge" and she was pissed then "LeLe's Revenge Pt.2" dropped and had 5 other PSR artists on it severely dissing her for her low down dirty attack on a 5 year old. Not too long after that she was found half dead by a homeless guy in an alley way up against the dumpster bleeding heavily and unconscious.  The homeless guy used a payphone and called 911 and an ambulance came and transported her to the hospital. Doctors report that she has very severe injuries including massive blood loss, brain swelling, a punctured lung, broken ribs, throat muscles broken, leg jaw arms and collar bone broken, liver injured and severe heart injuries and they report she had 3 severe heart attacks, 2 strokes and 23 seizures. She is in a deep coma and had to receive over 45 life saving surgeries and she is on life support and they dont expect her to live. Being that this happened right after she put NiNi's adorable little daughter in her song, police suspect nini beith or someone close to them like the PSR crew but the main person they suspect is of course the queen.  They held everyone in PSR prisoner while they asked questions but nini was at a show with Tinashe and China last night in New York so she has an alibi but police feel she may have hired someone to d it for her and they aren't allowing anyone to leave the country until their investigation is complete so every PSR artist has to stay in America no overseas which kills the legend trios next week dates for overseas.  They are being extra hard on nini though and they definitely feel she had something to do  with it and they want to see her behind bars for life. But with her alibi being supported by fans and security cameras, they have nothing on her right now but they say they WILL find out that nini is the one who did this.  Yandy's family has been with her all night but the ones who weren't there were at ninis show last night and they also report that she can't be the person because they were watching the legendary trio perform so cops are stuck but still suspect nini. This is a developing story stay tuned. ......

Friday, April 10, 2015

LELE'S Revenge Pt.2 + Fans And Celebs React + Lena New Album + JLS New Album



Earlier, Yandy Smith released a very disrespectful diss song which targeted NiNi and her husband and her daughter in a very cowardly way (yup I said it, do something) then NiNi fired back with (LeLe's Revenge") and now more people is in it. Lets face it, NiNi's kids are adorable, and she bought them to the PSR building back in season 2 and many PSR artists fell in love with them so they took offense to Yandy's song as well and its not because of NiNi, its because of Aaleyah AKA LeLe and they all have teamed up with NiNi to create a new real song (not a freestyle) called "LeLe's Revenge PT.2" Which features NiNi, Tinashe, KP, KC, Banks, Iggy, Rita Ora and K. Michelle. They all have teamed up within this short amount of time and made the song and its a mega diss to Yandy as well as the LAHH crew. KP gets gangsta with it and she semi raps, Rita and the rest are already rappers so it's not much of shock but still, its cool to see the homegirls sticking up for their girl. But what about number 1-7? Well KP who is number 2 obviously.was mentioned already....., but don't think that the others are silent. Number 3 4,5 6 , and 7 (that's eminem) have responded, but not through song, but by Twitter. Em called her a Thot bitch and she has nothing better to do but fuck with innocent children to try and make a name for herself. Only person who hasn't spoken up yet is number 1 (which is B) but she's busy we get it. Click here to see 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7's tweets about this going hard at Yandy. Click here to check out "LeLe's Revenge Pt.2. Fans are dragging Yandy to hell and back and they are attacking her all over social media, FB, Twitter, Insta and anything else out there and she has at least a million people bashing her for going to far. The Beyhive, The N"S and the Katy Kat's got involved and Yandy responded to all of them posting I DON'T GIVE 1 FUCK #FUCKTHEBEYHIVE #FUCKTHE"N's" #FUCKTHEKATYKATS #DO SOMETHING #NOREGRETS" Celebs also have reacted to her seriously disrespectful song including J-LO, Princess, Ja-Rule, 50 Cent,Lil Scrappy, Solo, Most of PSR, Russel Simmons, YG, RichBoy, Bow Wow, TIP, Big Sean, Breezy, Jay and hella many more so Yandy has a whole army against her and obviously she doesn't care and she has no regrets. Click here to check  out the new mega diss song against Yandy called "LeLe's Revenge PT.2" Speaking of new material, Jamie Lynn Spears has a new album releasing which is her first, and she's only been at PSR less then 2 months and she is already about to release an album., It is her first and it is due soon. Click here to see what she said about it

Things Just Got Real, Yandy Fires A Song At NiNi And Fam, NiNi Is Pissed

We all know LAHH star Yandy Smith is making the transition to music and working hard on her music career, well, what better way then to jump start her career by making a diss song to the number 1 person in the game which is Queen N but she really took it to a whole new level. She is a decent rapper/singer and she has many fans, and she is making her mark, but even her fans are disgusted with her saying she took it way to far. She released a song today called "Heads Up" which is more like a freestyle and she attacks NiNi mostly in the first half of the song, but it got deep during the last part of the song where she raps "Your husbands a known hoe and bitch you're a known slut so what's LeLe gon be when she grows up?" Many people were super shocked that she included a innocent child in a personal issue when she has nothing to do with it, but that's what beefs do, they will do anything to break you down. Thing is nobody knows why any of the LAHH crew is beefing with NiNi and really is it this bad that they gotta put kids in it now and actually calling names? Maybe. Thing is, if she wanted to tick NiNi off, she did that, and NiNi fired back hard. After the song dropped many were surprised that NiNi was quiet, but she wasn't quiet for too long. She too dropped a song called "Heads Down" (LeLe's Revenge) which actually has her daughter's voice on it. She is hella pissed and she is basically yelling on the song. She has certain line that "You put my little girl in your mouth the best taste from the dicks that been there" During the "hook" she is in the background yelling "Don't you ever put my little girls name in a fucking song again!!NEVER!!!!!!!  Punk bitch!!!!!! I'll fuck you up bitch!!! I'll smack the shit out you motherfucker!!!!!!! Lele will beat your motherfucking ass!!!!!! Then at the end, we hear her daughters voice say "Mommy is Yandy taller then me?" and NiNi says "No honey you guys are the same size (laughs)" The song is intense and we can tell she is beyond pissed and as mentioned she is screaming in most of the song. Wow looks like its getting real serious now. Click here to check out Yandy's diss, and click here to check out NiNi's reply "Heads Down" (LeLe's Revenge Ft LeLe)

Karmin Is Back With A New Album + Ari Gears Up For Her 1st Album

Karmin has been really active lately, and ever since signing with PSR back in early 2012, they have never gotten on the "never heard of" category and now they are releasing their 3rd very highly anticipated album called "Anniversary" which we feel is named for their 3 year anniversary which is April 19th which is exactly when they were signed to PSR in 2012. They tweeted it early this morning and received over 4 million likes and retweets. They have also released a video of a freestyle over YouTube this morning to promote the album and they also announced they will be going on tour after the album releases. Click here to check out their new YouTube freestyle. Ari is another one who is about to release an album, she hasn't been there for too long, maybe about 2 months now, but she is fast and she is about  to release her 1st PSR album which is still unnamed but extremely anticipated. It is said to be released on or around April 25th. So make sure you look out for these new upcoming albums this month......

Season 3 Episode 2 Of LWN Tonight + More Drama (As Usual)

Tonight is the brand new episode of Livin' With NiNi" which premiers at 8pm on VH1. The season premiere of season 3 last week was intense and at the end of the show we saw previews of the next episode and this one looks even more intense, and seems like even though Nicki came out during one of NiNi's performances late last year and they hugged it out showing the world they buried their feud, seems like its starting back up again due to another PSR artist Meek Mill who is also Nicki's new man (Yes she has officially confirmed that is her "bae") and once again Nick is going into her lazy mode because he's such a distraction, and so is he which the previews show she gets on both of them, and does Meek fire back at her? and does Nicki fire back too for yelling at her bae? Also we left off with a fight that you would never expect, Ann Mararet and NiNi which was crazy after Ann called NiNi a conceited bitch under her breath which NiNi heard, it was just hella crazy last week, and we are really looking forward to all kinds of drama in this new episode, what's gonna happen with Ann, Meek and Nick? are they all getting dropped? is T preggo? Is Ye beefing with his own niece? These are all questions that sprang up in the episode last week, and we hope to hear more on all of this tonight. Should be a very exciting drama filled show, don't miss it tonight at 8 on VH1. Click here to see clips from the last episode.....In other news, the beef drama continues. Demi and Christina Milian are still at war with each other, but the reason isn't clear, but sources report that Demi had something in her song about Chris's rumored BF Weezy and she didn't like it, but that really isn't true since Demi has never mentioned Wayne's name in her entire 10 year career, so we don't know exactly what they are beefing about but they are and according to our reliable sources, its getting worse. But more headline worthy then that is the NiNi VS LAHH drama (#NINIVSLAHH) and that also continues. We already know that NiNi and ex-PSR artist Olivia had a fight a little while ago, and now it's said that Somaya Reece has released pics which supposedly show NiNi in the arms of another man and she posted it to Insta and captioned it #NiNi #THOT" NiNi fired back and posted "She actually trying to pass of her hoodrat ass as me? really bitch you know that's all you, when did you ever see my hair red dumb ass, if you're gonna try and pass you off as me, get my damn hair color correct at least, this pic is so called from 2 days ago, people what color was my hair 2 days ago, damn that broad is more of an airhead then I though lmao she actually posted herself with a man and called it me, wow to much time on your hands babygirl, don't got time for your "thottie" activities #hehe" Somaya must've got embarrassed and she quickly deleted the pic proving she was hoping no one noticed and the N's dragged her to hell and back and she tweeted #FuckTheNs and #FuckTheN #QueenMyAss #Thot" The N's continued to blast on her and Kimbella stepped up too and posted "9 bitches with no class, no self respect, yet they got they got the nerve to call someone else a Thot lol hilarious" Tahiry responded to her posting "Why don't you just go lick it bitch because you sure as hell sniffing after it #bumbitches" So yeah lots of drama still with NiNi and the LAHH crew, but it wasn't a twitter war and NiNi didn't respond after her original tweet. We still don't know who the other 5 is, we still only know about 4 but we will soon find out we know we will. Stay tuned....

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nini Issues Statement About The Scandal Around Her Kids, Causes Chaos Between The "Ns"

Today NiNi released a statement responding to Tyson who claimed that he is the true father of her son and her daughter and she calls him out as a liar  saying that he is lying and that her husband is the one true daddy.  She sounds upset in the statement but can you blame her?  lately her statements have been less obscene but she went back to queen N with this one and she curses throughout it and keeps it gutta and even accuses her fans of being quote "Fuckin stupid" so be warned of the language and intensity. Click here to hear her statement.  And that statement created total hell between her own Ns, and they are supposed to be on the same team but they were against each other going at each others necks all day because some Ns are disappointed with the other Ns for even believing it when they knew all along it was fake and they said those people who believed it aren't real fans and they took offense and it was an insta fb and twitter brawl between all the Ns all day and the hashtag is #N'sVSN'S" NiNi didn't bother to stop her ride or diers from murdering each other over social media and its still going on and its many people getting involved in it. The man hasnt spoke up on her statement but many sources say he was assaulted late last night but we are still trying to verify that as we aren't sure if that's true or not.  Click here to see all the chaos going on with the "Ns" Still developing stay tuned.  On an unrelated note concerning nini,  it was just a rumor at first but we have found out that she DID in fact have a fight with Olivia a few days ago but due to heavy police and security presence it didn't last long and no one was hurt or arrested they were both just asked to leave.  Many witnesses say Olivia started it.  Who is next from LAHH to fight the queen?  But seems like Kimbella is still on ninis side and defending her.  Click here to see what I mean. ...

Zendaya Bankrupt? + Katy Going On New World Tour For Upcoming Album


Multiple sources report that Zendaya has filed for bankruptcy because she is DEAD BROKE. All artists have expenses to pay back to the label once they're signed,  she just recently finished paying the label back the 90 million advance she got when she was signed,   but the problem is despite her mega success in music acting touring and endorsements, she still is bringing in less money and she's owing more money then she's making. Sources close to her say she's in the hole for another advance on her new album for PSR which is 223 million, then she owes over 45 million in back taxes to the IRS and with her touring and business expenses and music video production costs it's well over 100 million dollars she owes and her net worth at the moment is a little over 60 million. It's said she filed chapter 7 yesterday which means that creditors leave her alone until she is able to get herself right but it also means until the bankruptcy wears off her credit will be wiped and she can not apply for any loans or get any kind of credit whatsoever.  Its Said That NiNi Offered To help her but she couldn't accept it but that's unconfirmed.  She has to rely on her endorsements for X-Out and her Disney show which is still bringing her a nice chunk of change but with all the debt she owes she's pretty much working for free since she isn't seeing a dime of it. We hope she gets back on her feet soon it's always tough to see a real talented artist not being able to enjoy the rewards for all their hard work. In other news here's something you "Katy Kats" will enjoy. Miss KP is gearing up for a brand new world tour in preperation for her upcoming 6th PSR album "Katylicious" and its called "The Katylicious Tour" which will be a 52 city tour stretching 7 months starting early next month and her album will be dropping at the start of the tour. In unrelated news about her, she got a new tat which is her 8th of a hello kitty cat face to "Honor all my katy-kats" She posted it on insta today and that's what she captioned it as. Click here to see it. It's nice.....

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ye Has Literally Lost His Mind

We all know Ye is nuts, but now  he's getting weird, he's calling himself GOD and he even posted a pic on Easter with "The Book Of "Yeezus" which is his version of the bible and he considers himself bigger then anyone even the lord. Its also said that he wants Kim and North to get tattoos of "Yeezus is my God" and Kim kinda spilled that out unintenionally on a new episode of KUWTK. He also said on a recent interview that "I'm the ruler of all black people.... people gonna bow down to the master I'm the father"Ye has been weirder then usual lately which is fueling the dark talk about  those kinds of rumors, he even started beefing with Breezy for no reason. What up with Ye? Click here to see how crazy he has been so far this year.

NiNi Gets New Tat In The Middle Of All This Drama + Jessica Lowndes And Tinashe


Despite all this drama that recently hit the Internet, NiNi hit up a tattoo spot and got a new tat which is her 9th tat. She has some amazing tats, including her most recent one which is a huge microphone which has music notes on her ribs, and today she added a new one that says "Legends" which we feel is honoring her most famous tour of her career which is the 'Legends Tour" she is currently on. She also got a saying from the  bible on her upper back in cursive that says "The devil wants to make you weak, I will not fall victim to the drama he invokes, for I am stronger and taller and I will never give up" Nice.....NiNi still hasn't spoke up about the recent scandal that surrounds her and honestly she seems to be ignoring it and keeping a happy face about it, so who knows.Click here to check out NiNi's newest tats. In other news, Jessica Lowndes put her name on the map even more with her newest movie Karma, and after all the praise and worship for her role, she has more due to a song she released today with one of the "Legends" Tinashe called "All Bets Are Off" Many say that Tinashe is what made the song hot, but we say that they both did amazing and obviously many others think so because this song is the first to replace "BBHMM" in over 3 weeks. It is produced by NiNi and it is dope. Click here to check out "All Bets Are Off" by Jessica Lowndes Ft Tinashe

JD Mans Steps Up And Claims He's The True Father Of NiNi's Kids

A 27 year old man by the name of Tyson Dickerson originally from Jordan Downs in California, now living in Paterson NJ has stepped up and claimed that he is the natural father of NiNi's 2 kids. He claims that him and NiNi go way back and they knew each other before her career took off and used to hang out alot. He claims that it was a fling that happened twice but she felt guilty about betraying her man (at the time he wasn't her husband) and she called it off, but she called him and told him that he is the father but to not say anything because her career was taking off and she didn't want a scandal before she even made her name and she really didn't want her man to find out, so he agreed to go along with allowing her man to think he's the father. But now he says that he can't see his children and she isn't giving any updates and she has fallen so head over heels with Beith that she forgot what's the real deal and he's tired of holding back. He first posted a tweet that says "I don't have no issues with the homie @Beith but its time he knows he is not the father of those kids, that would be me" His tweet received over 1 million likes and even more comments and it quickly created chaos in the industry. He then was called on by a media outlet and he granted them an interview where he spilled all about how they met in 2007, 1 year before her career began taking off and he knew she had a man but she said that it was complicated and she wanted to be with him and not her man. He goes on to say that they had a few sexual encounters but after guilt she sort of broke it off but called and said that she was pregnant and they continued seeing each other, then she called again and said she was pregnant again and by that time she was getting big and that's when she didn't want that huge scandal to pop off and ruin her relationship and possibly her career and he agreed. He also mentions that in the beginning, she kept in contact with him regarding how his children were, but when she and Beith started becoming "Hip-Hops Most Powerful Marriage" she stopped communicating and changed all her numbers. He says quote "I know most people from a celebrities past are looked at like "he or she just want money and want it to be known that "oh hey, I was messing with that person before he or she was famous I'm all that", nah man I don't care about none of that, I don't want no money, I don't want any relationship, no recognition I just want to see my kids and I just feel its time I let it be known, I'm glad she's tight with her guy, I wish em the best but to see another man raising my kids and my kids calling another man daddy, has to be the worst feeling in any fathers life" NiNi was called up for questioning but she has been seemingly avoiding any and all comments related to that or anything else. Fans are also going crazy with over 50 million comments on her Insta, over 400 million comments on her FB and more then 29 million comments on her Twitter referring to this situation and for the first time since she started them,  her social media accounts are completely SILENT, she didn't even post pics today and that's not like her since she posts pics every morning faithfully. She has a signing in Brooklyn NY today at 5 with  T &C where the legend trio will be performing  tonight and we are sure many media outlets will be there trying  to get info. When we get more info we will let you know. This is a huge story and its still developing, stay tuned.....Click here to see his interview speaking on this, and click here to see other people's reactions, like fans, celebs and industry outlets......

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

NiNi Set To Voice A Character On Hit & Miss + New Ridiculousness Epidode

"Hit & Miss" is an animated movie which is set to hit theatres in June and NiNi is voicing one of the main characters which we hear will be a princess and ruler of an army of little green people (sound familiar?) Nini signed on back in February for the project and sources say she has all her voice dialogue done already. Other PSR artists are also lending their voices to other characters including Miranda Cosgrove, Monica Spears and Paul Wall. Once again the movie is in theatres in June.  Nini will also be in an upcoming episode of ridiculousness on April 23rd which is her 2nd appearance on the show. Be on the lookout for that. The episode is called "NiNi Part. 2

Demi Twitter Beef With Christina + DemI New Album And New Product Added To PW


Demi Lovato and Christina Milian were involved in a twitter beef which started when christina posted "Love YMCMB but miss PSR like crazy" Demi responded "why you ain't do shit anyway I think she's having enough fun sucking up ya boy lol" She was referring to Weezy who she is said to be dating.  Chris didn't like that comment and responded "why must people respond to others tweets when it has nothing to do with them I never want any problems but people always come at me foul" Demi responded "Did babygirl say she never wants any drama? Lol well you got some mwah!" They continued their beef for over an hour and attracted over 500 thousand followers and created the hashtag #ChrisVSDemi and its seriously popular.  Demi is never known to just attack someone out of nowhere unless someone attacks her first so why did she attack her for posting a tweet?  For demi it's always something personal because she hates bullies and we don't think she would be a bully after she spent thousands of dollars to set up her anti bully campaign and considering the fact that she was a victim of bullying herself when she was younger. So we know that this is personal but what happened?  That's what we're trying to find out....stay tuned.  Speaking of Demi she is releasing her 6th PSR album "Approval" on April 20th which is about 2 weeks away and its very anticipated extremely.  And she has "girl color" available for sale in the Platinum wear store which she promoted today at the PW store in Vegas and its a slip on wig with the famous highlights at the bottom. It slides on like a headband and its looks just like your natural hair.  It's available for 29.99 on the site with free shipping and 38.99 in the PW store. It's extremely popular. Look like demi without actually using harmful dyes to color your hair.  Click here to check out and order her new product with free shipping. Other PSR artists also has new material hitting the PW store very soon so stay tuned and be on the lookout......

NiNi Steps Out With Blue Highlights + A LAHH Girls Respond To Her

NiNi is going straight KP and she is hella gorgeous! She stepped out with some long luscious wavy black hair with blue highlights on the bottom. Last time she rocked some colorful highlights it was white girl blonde which she looked beautiful in, but the real colorful lights, which is extremely popular today, is what she looks best in. She was snapped by everyone, fans, paps, and whoever else that has a camera. She went out on her own just touring downtown Atlanta and doing a little shopping. She stopped a few times to take selfies with happy smiling exciting fans and to give autographs, but it wasn't chaos and it went smoothly. Those fans posted the selfies to their insta accounts and received over 200 thousands likes. NiNi also posted the selfies to her Insta with the caption "I Luv My Fanz" NiNi is receiving mega love after the trio's show last night in Phoenix Arizona, in fact all 3 of the "Legends" are bigger then any artist at PSR (yes I'm seriously serious) so all 3 are receiving much love. Click here to see video of the queen out with her new beautiful look rocking blue highs and black lows with that famous red bull attached to her hand (NiNi made the red bull more famous then it has ever been, and Red Bull reports more then 2 billion sales since she's been seen with it, that's unrelated but I just thought I'd mention it) In other news, the NiNi Vs LAHH war continues. Yesterday, NiNi pretty much dissed all nine of the people who is beefing with her from the show over a mini interview during a signing in Arizona, and although we don't know all 9 people, we found another one who responded to that interview, and it's Yandy Smith. She tweeted today saying "Hey boss, mad cuz I won't #bowdown? You have a foul mouth does that mean you're really somebody because the little big baby girl knows how to curse? aww remember to wake me up when I care, you're only somebody because no one killed you yet, once you're gone, one of your bitches will take that spot he he #fuckaqueen" NiNi responded slightly posting "HEHE wth is this barbies gone wild or MJ?" That's a reference to the fact that everyone she has been beefing with lately, including Dina, uses the "hehe" phrase which is how the barbie dolls laugh'  and of course that's what MJ always did. Now we have a number 4, but who is the other 5? Seems like we might find out soon enough since a whole page called "LAHH VS NINI was created and sources say that the people she's beefing with created it to air their feelings out about her. *UPDATE* Multiple sources report that NiNi and Olivia have fought today after her appearance downtown ATL and it got bad and cops had to be called to break it up and some fans got hurt trying to fight Olivia and protect NiNi. This is all unconfirmed and we are still looking to get the real deal,,,,,stay tuned.