Saturday, May 31, 2014

2 Chainz Gets Dropped For Offensive Lyrics

When it comes to PSR, trust me it will be an all girl label soon, as NiNi is dropping people left and right and its mostly males. We all know that many male rappers say things in their lyrics such as Ludacris saying "My bitch ass like Trina" and many other rappers references female rappers, some of them take it as a compliment but NiNi clearly doesn't. A new song dropped a few days ago by 2Chainz Called "Good Pussy" and he says "My bitch got some good pussy come and see me, my bitch put it down good pussy like NiNi" NiNi didn't appreciate his verse as it sends out the wrong message and she released  him from his contract today for the song. This is what she posted and it seems as if they were talking to each other she posted "Sorry @2CHAINZ I'm married you fucking asshole, don't put my name in your shit especially not in that way, like dude 4real ugh and I say that to you UGH!" 2CHAINZ replied simply saying "@NiNi Really a meaningless verse really??????" Yup 2CHAINZ the man who has done more then any other rapper on PSR is gone, can you blame NiNi though? Well some say she is too sensitive, others say that she had every right because his verse was very disrespectful to her husband and her family, so mixed emotions. What do you guys think? Should she have dropped 2CHAINZ or should she have taken it more easier then she did? Sound off! Click here to check out the song that started it all by 2CHAINZ!!

Queens United Show

Last night was the highly anticipated fully explosive Queens United Show. Here's all the details. The 1st showing was at 8pm, we didn't catch that one, but fans did record some of it and posted it to YOUTUBE, click here to check out video from the 1st and 3rd shows. The second show is the one we caught and that started at 10pm. Around 930 fans began being accepted into the MEGADOME arena, they were required to show tickets and pass through a metal detector. A few fans were banned entry because they had knives on them, although they insisted it was for protection because the queens shows sometimes get wild, they still were denied entry. Other then that, everyone passed through with no problems. Around 10:01 all fans were in their seats and that's when the explosions started and the fans cheered and killed my ears which are still hurting till today. Reminder if you ever go to one of their shows, wear ear plugs or you can go deaf why do you think the queens wear them. Anyway, about 30 explosions went off all at one, reminded you of the 4th of July. The smoke and fire first formed the letters in big fire "Queen B" the crowed cheered extra loud, then another explosion went off and that fire spelled out "Queen N" and the crowed went extra louder. Another explosion went off and NiNi exploded out of the floor (yup the signature move) The crowd got out their seats and cheered loud, another explosion and B exploded out the floor and the crowd went louder. The crowd cheered continuously for about 10 minute straight and while they were cheering the two queens just stood there with their stunna shades on. After the cheering died down, they did a small version of their comedy and NiNi picked up the mic and B grabbed it and they started fighting the way little girls smack swinging their arms at each other. B was heard saying "Gimme Gimme its mine" in a little kids voice" NiNi said "No its mine, you're too drunk to use it gimme" The crowd cheered as it was obvious that was a reference to "Drunk In Love" Afterwards B finally snatched it and she was breathing heavy she said in a low voice "OH They're watching, sorry hi Houston" The crowd cheered, and NiNi was talking in the background and B said "Tell it to the claw sister" The crowd laughed and they began struggling and NiNi snatched it and screamed louder "Whats good Houston!!! The crowd went loud and she said "See that's how you do it" B said "Uh uh no you didn't, you cant go louder then me watch and she hit out a perfect high high note and held it for at least 3 minutes and the crowd showed her mad love. NiNi said "Ugh" I cant do that, the crowd booed at her and chanted "GO GO GO!" Then NiNi said "OK ill try" Then she hit a higher note saying "Whats good Houston" And the crowd showed her even more love, and then another explosion went off and the two disappeared.  Then the beat to "Crazy in love" came on and they both came out in new outfits it was amazing because it was so quick its hard to believe they changed that quick. They did the uh-oh dance and the crowd cheered. After the uh oh dance, the beat to their new reggae song "Wind it Up" began playing and they performed the song and did the Jamaican wind it up dance. That's a very sexy dance by the way. They stripped out of the Green and Yellow reggae colors and they had on an all white 2 piece outfit underneath and then the beat to Drunk In Love began playing and the crowd went wild. B did her verses first and then NiNi did her verse that she freestyled to over it Jay's part was cut out because he wasn't there. During the Drunk In Love performance the backup dancers were dancing with bottles of Ciroc, Whiskey Ace Of Spades, Moscato and Amsterdam, whether they actually had liquor in the bottle or not we don't know. Then it switched up and B talked real to the audience which sources say was unexpected and she said "I honestly loved the official remix with this girls uncle, but he decided to be an asshole all of a sudden (The audience cheered when she said that) She continued saying "But do you guys want to hear the Kanye Verse? (The crowd cheered) and then the beat continued and Ye's verse came on. NiNi look surprised but she didn't miss a beat and while his verse was playing the queens and the backup dancers just danced to it and they danced very well. Sources say she didn't pull that in the other 2 shows, so she must really not want any problems with Ye and when it comes to B that's how she shows it, after all they were besties at one point till ye had a dumb rant for pretty much no reason. Anyways after that performance which was the best of the night, they did 8 more songs, some of B's songs and some of NiNi's newest songs and the show finished around 12:15am. Afterwards they both got close and bowed and they both screamed "Love You Houston remember to tip your waitress" and they both blew kisses and an explosion went off and they both disappeared in a cloud of smoke while the beat to Beyoncé's song "Yonce" was playing. Afterwards, the two had backstage signings which lasted about an extra 45 minutes. A man was dragged away by security for trying to push up and kiss Beyoncé, and she made a joke and said Wow, I guess we know what he's gonna be doing under his covers tonight" After all the signings were complete the two queens left. This event is all over the place all over tabloids newspapers, magazines and blogs, but some critics say that the 3 part event was major wonderful and other delightful words but they say B was a little off her game as if she wasn't in her right mind frame throughout all 3 shows, but she still did very good in our opinion, but we will admit that NiNI did maybe 20% better. Here's some video for you guys of the mega awesome show click here to check it out!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Nini And Willow Tension

Seems as if Angel and Jay aren't the only ones Nini has tension with seems as if she has problems with Willow Smith too. Today Nini was recorded exiting a rehearsal building and she bumped into Willow and Willow said so looks like you're gaining wait that's not cool. Nini said leave me alone and walked away. Willow followed her and said its OK I can help you with that if u want why you think I keep weight off. Nini said why don't u stop worrying about me and worry about why you're sleeping with 25 year old men you little brat. Willow said don't judge me. You're not gonna lecture me are you because i dont need advice from a stripper. Nini said look u little shit and she grabbed her by her shirt and lifted her off the ground. Willow said let me go or ill tell everyone you and your husband raped me. Nini let her go and said get away from me bitch and walked off. Willow smiled and walked the other way. A fan recorded this whole thing.  So another beef? We think so.  Click here to check out the video!

NiNi Confirmed By Forbes To Be The Richest Person In The World

Every Year Forbes checks celebs assets and this year NiNi is the winner. She is the richest person on earth, her net worth (Which means how much she is worth) is over 199 nisha illion dollars. 2nd richest is Beyoncé with a net worth of over 900 billion, 3rd is Oprah with a net worth of over 500 million, Jay-Z is 4th with a net worth of over 300 million, that is the rich circle remember that, NiNi, B Oprah and Jay, everyone else is just basically middle class, yes even 50 cent and Cymphonique who both also have tons but not more then the rich circle, NiNi has a royal circle but this circle only has a few and not the same as the royal circle. NiNi has the title of richest in the world that goes for every state in the world, yes more then the Obama's and more then her best buddies, so NiNi has a pretty swell life. Rihanna also is in there but she is 5th with a net worth of over 197 million, but as you can see NiNi is richer then the other 4, and who can ask why, look how much shit she does, she's boss of everyone in the game, and boss of all of PSR, and she has many endorsements and she is half owner to the LA Lakers in addition to thousands of other things she has going on. Congrats queen on being the richest person on planet earth, has to be nice to be you! Click here to check out Forbes talking about NiNi's finances and how she was crowned richest on earth, wow that's quite a title huh lol!!

Update On NiNi Being A Stripper

Earlier a video leaked that shows what appears to be NiNi on stage stripping with men putting in her panties, which people claim is from before she was famous, but we found out where that video is really from. Its a leaked part of a new video that NiNi is doing and she has a scene as a stripper. We still don't know what song the video is for, but as far as her tats go, we just cant see them clear because its a bad angle, but they are there. The way that we know this is due to Hollywood herself posting "I'll be damned if I ever was a stripper its a video god! Leaked I might add somebody else is fired!! Yup so this a video coming soon, but we still don't know what video its to, but we will find out for you guys!

Livin With NiNi Ep 8 + Judge Throws Out Lawsuit

Sorry guys about the late update on NiNi's show, I have an entire page speaking about the 8th episode of "Livin With NiNi" I Know you guys want it so click here to check out what went down on this drama filled new episode. In other news,  last week, NiNis former assistant Sarah filed a 100 million dollar lawsuit against the queen, and NiNi requested to have the judge throw it out on the grounds that she has no merit to her claims, well today NiNi got her request granted, as the judge in a new York court dismissed the lawsuit saying that the records show that NiNi has paid every cent owed to Miss Sarah. Sarah wasn't too happy about it, and she posted this on Twitter "Lol she prolly fucked the judge who doesn't she fuck these days, don't make me tell your nigga what you really about remember I spent 8 years with you broad!" NiNi didn't respond that post but seems like it may be another beef that's popping off what do you guys think? Beef or no beef?

Keri Hilson And NiNi + Queens United + NiNi A Stripper?

Today Keri Hilson dropped her 2nd single off her upcoming new 3rd PSR album "Love Is All You Need" called "Fine" Ft NiNi. The song is pop & R&B but mostly R&B and both women sing. The song is produced by Solange and it is quickly becoming popular. The song is basically about women being independent and saying "Fine Whatever if a guy doesn't want them or if a guy doesn't want to provide for them, you get the point. The song is number 1 so far and became a number 1 hit within 20 minutes after it released. Its a real nice song click here to check out "fine" by Keri Hilson Ft NiNi. In other news what everybody has been waiting for all week is finally here, tonight is the "Queens United" tour with both queens in Houston TX at the Megadome at 8pm. Tickets are officially sold out its no more tickets for either seat left. The event is a 3 part show, the 1st show is at 8pm, the second show is at 10pm and the final showing is at 12 midnight, so hope you guys got your tickets. This event is super big and the arena is already blocking streets off in Houston and setting up for it, if any of you guys couldn't afford tickets then we will get  you all the details tomorrow! And I will try to get some video of the event, I go to the second showing at 10 so ill do what I can for you guys! Also a video appeared on the Internet this morning which shows what appears to be NiNi at a strip club stripping and men putting dollars in her panties. She not topless she has on a bra and panties and the headline is "NiNi at 18 years before the fame. NiNi Didn't become famous until she was 19 so if this video is real that means this was about a year before her fame, the girl in the video looks exactly like NiNi, but she doesn't have her tats that she has now, but that's understandable since this was before those tats. Click here to check out the video judge for yourself

Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Left Eye"

Today NiNi dropped a new single from her new mixtape "Rize Of The Queen" called "Left Eye" Check out this hook "I caught my nigga cheating so I headed to the westside take a lighter burning all his shit up like I'm left eye like I'm like I'm left eye like I'm like I'm left eye gotta get it poppin on this nigga like I'm left eye" This refers to the famous incident when Miss Left Eye burned down her man's house when she found out he was cheating on her. The song is about men cheating and how women can get revenge in the worst way just like Left Eye did and that's where the title comes from. The song is really cool and it hasn't stolen the number 1 spot yet, but its at number 2. BUT many people are wondering if that song is dedicated to NiNi's husband BEITH since many sources say OG beith is cheating on NiNi, is he we don't know, is there a true meaning to this song? Many people are wondering why make a song like this that sounds so personal if its not,  That's what we are trying to find out and we will let you guys know, in the meantime Click here to check out "Left Eye" by NiNi

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One Queen Is Super Cool With Breezy One Queens Hates Breezy

We all know that NiNi calls Breezy her big bro those two are closer then Siamese twins, but its another queen who cant stand him and that's queen B. This ain't nothing new though but its getting pretty bad. Breezy has had beef in the past with the King Jay Z and with the bumblebee, but Jay and Breezy calmed it down and actually collabed together recently,  but the Houston queen hasn't, many times she has brushed off Breezy's name when it came up and today a Tweet came out from B which seems to be directed towards Breezy she posted "Lol I love my life don't like too much drama,  but yo son whats all that you talking about women? do you realize women can take your broke ass and do something with it more then any man can start respecting women, it ain't like that people I'm sorry I'm not better then anybody in the world but I just wish he would say he's balling word to my mommy I bet he cant say it lol" We didn't know what the hell that meant until we started getting more info. We all remember when Breezy Dissed Jay and B with his song "Put A Ring On It" where he says "Ay yo jay I can take take your bitch what you gon do, babygirl got ass but she really 52 man she finna die soon you ain't a queen bitch dude". That was back in 2010 though since then Breezy apologized to both artists saying he was going through a tough time but believe me the king and queen didn't take his statements lightly, but JAY HASNT RESPONDED yet, But apparently Beyoncé has,  after a statement by Breezy today when he said "I love women how can I not????    I love my mom I love my sister NiNi but yo some women are just trash and I got my middle finger up to most women in the world at least 99% of them word up fuck bitches son" Yes breezy really said that today and its only right to assume that queen B was talking about him in her post, think bout it,  it goes together. But did Breezy respond? Well he's just like ye in a way so of course he did he posted a subliminal message saying "Fuck all who doubt me I know whats what that's all that matters, and shorty really you outta all people??  don't make me bury you in Houston" That post was deleted about 10 minutes after he posted it but seriously who do you think he's talking about, I mean the queen from Houston said what she said and it just so happens he brings up Houston so we all should have an idea on who he's referring too. But the Cali Queen isn't on her besties level, she tweeted "Proud of my bro @Breezy he's trying I wish people leave him alone it was dumb shit anyway trust me I know #keepyourheadup" So it seems that one queen cant stand him and the other queen offers her support to him, will that cause problems between the two? Stay tuned to find out!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NiNi Urged By Fans To Go Super Nasty Like Nelly Or Ludacris

We all remember the nasty videos "Tip Drill" by Nelly or "Pussy Poppin" by Ludacris right? Well fans are challenging NiNi and they say if she is so nasty and dirty she would only prove it if she does a super nasty video like that. The video that fans are talking about are very popular in the music game and was usually showed on BET After Dark, but its by male artists, so far no female has ever pulled off a Tip Drill video or a Pussy Poppin video, so if NiNi does it she will be the first to ever pull it off. That kind of video will def be banned because girls shows boobs, vagina, butt and everything, and even sometimes like the Tip Drill Video it shows two girls going down on each other and using a strap on completely nude, yup that's how those videos go. NiNI replied to her fans a little bit after the challenged and she simply posted "LOL We'll see" So will NiNi do a video like that, lets hope so, because that will be beyond cool, after all NiNi is super XRATED now so what better way to show it right. Lets see if NiNi goes through with it" In other news, sources close to the queen say that she is finishing up her new mixtape and releasing it early next month, but she just has one more song to release finish and for that song she is calling on the T and the C from TLC to help her out which will be beyond dope, but sources say that the L as in Lisa will be sampled in the background. We all have been waiting to hear a collab from NiNi and TLC and according to sources we may be hearing that soon, but no word on when, but we feel that if she is releasing her new mixtape early June, it must be very soon, and we are waiting. Stay tuned for more info on that. P.S Ri Ri had a rant, seems like those PSR folks are getting more and more famous because of rants, but hers was directed at her fans and paparazzi, click here to check what she had to say (Warning very obscene language is used in her rant view at your own risk!)

NiNi Collabs With Daddy Mac Of Kriss Kross

After the tragic death of Mac Daddy AKA Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross, Daddy Mac has been silent in the music game, that is until hit him up for a collab for her new mixtape "Rize Of The Queen" The song is dope., and sorry bestie Cymphonique., your new song to your baby is so cute but you have to move over because NiNi has stolen back the number 1 spot with this song. The song is called "Put It Down (Totally Krossed Out)" The end of the title refers to his album when he and Mac Daddy was just 13 years old. NiNi goes back to her nasty roots on this song, and she is super nasty, I would say definitely this song isn't for kids. Daddy Mac goes super nasty too such with this line "I make the pussy beg for me make it talk to me, put it in my face running laps around it like race NiNi said she freaky I told her I'm in first place" The song released around 11am this morning and has been a trending topic ever since, everyone loves it. NiNi puts on a sexy moaning sounding voice when her verses come up and she is also sounding like that in the background during the hook she actually sounds really cute, some comments have said that voice have made them wet or hard, sorry guys not trying to be nasty just being honest. Click here to check out "Put It Down" by NiNi Ft Daddy Mac

NiNi's Memorial Day Cookout

Yesterday, NiNi celebrated Memorial day with her friends and artists at her Houston TX house. Paparazzi saw tons of celebs arriving at NiNi's house and loud music was playing. Paparazzi of course were not allowed in but that didn't stop them from recording every moment of the cookout. It was smelling good outside NiNi always has that bomb food. Media crews tried to get statements from the celebs who were arriving but they all refused to speak as usual. Almost all of PSR was there and so were her outside buddies. Her house is guarded with huge gates and walls so there is no way that paparazzi was able to get any shots inside the cookout but we get to see smoke coming from the grill  celebs arriving and hear loud music. Every celeb who was there got their music played including Cymphonique, Selena Gomez and of course the Queen. It started around 3:00pm and it ended around 2 in the morning and up until then the music was blasting and many fans tried to get in but got denied by the security and body guards who were standing at the gate. When it was over many celebs including Ye and Selena appeared drunk but they still declined to talk to the paparazzi on scene NiNi never came out so she wasn't ever seen at all. Click here to check out the footage from NiNi's cookout!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Did Ye Have A Rant Against NiNi?

We all know the two who are most famous for their rants are Ye and NiNi and Ye had one today but was he having one against his own Niece? Check it out be the judge :"Yo all work no play no time to spend with family no time to even take a shit all you want is work work work like don't your ass do you but I cant do me, in the studio 23 hours a day 1hour to slp reminds me of being locked up, cant work in a prison son. Yo tell me this if you were popping off with all the fetti like we all know you are why in the hell do you need anyone else to get it for you, you probably got more then anyone else thrown together, that make any sense to y'all at all? I slave like I'm back in the 1900's is there a thanks homie, way to go bro? I appreciate you man, nah I still get lynched what kind of shit is that? Many people think that that rant may be directed at his own flesh and blood and ill tell you why. First off we all know that NiNi works her artists super hard, probably 100 times more then other label bosses do, second it has been many times that NiNi has said she doesn't thank her artists or tell them that she appreciates them as much as she should and last but not least the part where he says he's working 23 hours a day and 1 hour to sleep like a prison sounds like NiNi because we all know that NiNi always yells at people when they are slacking and just like she said on her documentary "If I ain't sleeping y'all ain't sleeping got no time for lazy asses cry to your mama not to me lets go!" Think about it though, but of course he can be talking about someone else. But that's what we will find out. In other news, Zendaya has finally announced her 1st PSR album which is a self titled album called "Zendaya" Interest for this album is huge so we feel it will do well, she has posted on Facebook that her 1st album is due to drop on June 26th literally next month, so guys check out Zendaya's album updates through this and next month. She also mentioned that the main single from the album "2 Way" will be having a video made for it that will be premiering this week. Cool. *UPDATE* Ye has posted this message on Twitter: Who? Nisha? Is that what y'all said? Let me keep it real I don't put fam business in the media never been me never will, Its not about her I have no reason to have any issues with her, this is a business problem not a personal problem, honestly it wasn't even a problem it was just a joke really just fucking around doing me, PS WHAT UP @NINI" So no issues there guys, cool because for a second there we thought that we would be seeing more family drama......

100 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against NiNi From Former Assistant

We all remember Sarah right, NiNi's former personal assistant who she fired a few months ago after their fight. Well Sarah has taken her beef to the courts in the form of a 100 million dollar lawsuit against her former boss. The lawsuit lists that Sarah was NiNi's personal assistant from July 2007 to February 2014 in which time she cooked cleaned did laundry and ran many errands for the queen. She mentions at times NiNi would send her as far as Japan to pick up important documents. Within those 7 years she claims that royalties that were owed to her have never been paid out to her, and she claims that NiNi continuously promised her she will pay her and never did. It further goes to state that in addition to being her maid for 7 years, NiNi also prevented her from seeing her family and says she was ordered to stay at the label in the room that NiNi had made for her, and that she was responsible for paying for food clothes and other things for every staff member and artist on PSR. She is suing for the money owed to her which amounts to over 100 million dollars, and also for emotional and physical trauma that she endured while working for her. Also she claims that she was treated very unfairly and humiliated and made fun of by NiNi and her girl besties Katy and China and that she provided NiNi with over 100,000 dollars worth of jewelry make up and clothes that she paid for out of her own pocket for her last tour with B and she didn't receive a dime back. NiNi has responded to the lawsuit with a laugh and she is asking the judge personally to dismiss it as she feels its ridiculous and she has no merit to warrant her to sue her. Her lawyer made this statement "My client and myself feels that Miss Sarah's claims are outrageous in the least. She has absolutely no proof of any of these claims and my client wishes to get the judge to dismiss all charges on the grounds that without my client she would not have obtained any jobs in the music industry and all royalties that were owed have been paid and we have verification of that, its absolutely ridiculous" NiNi also posted her own statement on Twitter saying "I laugh at that lawsuit, Sarah would've never been anything or been anywhere without me and she never will be the places that she has been when she was with me, its funny to me because she wants to grow balls now but when she was around me it was nothing she wouldn't do to kiss all our asses whether we asked her too or not NEXT!" Many people say that NiNi is bragging and sounding a little too cocky with that whole "She wouldn't be anything without me" line but when you are a queen you have the right to be as cocky as you want. Some sources say that Sarah is also suing NiNi's husband as she claims she ran unpaid errands for him as well with the promise of pay and never received it, but this is unconfirmed. No word yet if a judge is willing to dismiss the lawsuit or play it out through court. We'll let you know when we find out.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nini Injured At Show + Speaks To All Her Beefing Buddies And Artists

Today nini was in Sacramento CA for a show accompanied by Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky and a special appearance by Jay Z proving that the rumors of those two having tension with each other is just rumors. The show was wonderful but towards the end one of the lighting fixtures fell and it fell on top of her which was over 25 lbs of metal and plastic  falling on her. The stage crew rushed out to her and took the huge lights from off of her. She was pinned to the ground and still had the Mic in her hand and they called the paramedics and put her on a stretcher. She said lowly into the mic "Somebody's fired" Fans tried to get on stage to help her but were denied access to her. Some fans were crying. Yeah you guys know how her fans are. They rolled her out to the ambulance in the stretcher and canceled the rest of the show. Amazingly though nini was out of the hospital within an four and posted this on Twitter "Im ok thanks guys for the support just a few scratches and a dislocated shoulder which has been put back in place im totally 100% fine I owe you a show Sacramento don't worry I got ya" So nini is fine which is always good to hear.  Click here to watch the entire incident from when the light post fell on her To when she got rolled outside. No word yet on who that person is that's getting fired we assume a stage crew member who didn't secure the lighting properly but who knows but bye bye To your job sir or ma'am.  In other news we know nini is ok because she went on one of her famous rants a little while ago speaking on the many beefs with PSR check her rant out "Yo im so sick of PSR being only known for fights and bloody beefs what about professionalism and good quality music huh? Its you fucks giving it a bad name so guess what!  All of y'all who is currently in a beef inside or out chill it the fuck out you keep it To yourself no twittering no facebooking if I hear it you're suspended for 2 months try me. You wanna beef you hate this bitch or this nigga good 4 u I just better not hear about it and trust me that'goes for me too so no hypocritical shit here we all finna step our damn game up now!!! What made nini flip out on her artist don't know yet tryna find out we'll let you know but her latest rant is making headlines. Click here to read her rant....

Cymphonique Shows Off Her Baby Bump Over Instagram

Cymphonique seems to be enjoying every second of her pregnancy. She posted a new picture today to Instagram which shows her growing baby bump with the caption of "Yay Me!" In fact she is enjoying it so much that she started a new topic which is growing called 'instabumpmarathon" which is where you show pictures of your bump all throughout your pregnancy and have your fans see the progress of your stomach getting bigger and whatnot through the months that go by. Cymphonique has already started her own marathon and says that she will be sharing her stomach every 2 weeks as her stomach grows. She has already dedicated an entire room for the nursery when the baby is born which is all white all throughout with little toys and baby things there,  and she shared that with us yesterday on her website with the caption of "Babies Home" Fans are also following in her footsteps and posting their own marathons, click here to check out all the celebs who have instabump marathons. In other news, the other day we reported the possibility of a fight between NiNi and Angel Haze we have more details and we found the fight actually did NOT happen. Basically what is true is that the two were in the same area but the goon lady never approached and the two didn't even know the other was there. When Angel found out she said "Oh, well I like the perfume it smells cool" This had people talking saying that its not really heard of when an enemy gives the other a compliment on their product which has many thinking they have squashed their beef, others say Angel was just being sarcastic, but as far as fights go, none yet, and we say yet because we think its coming just don't know when. What do you guys think?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

NiNi Tension With Jay?

Seems as if everyone has issues with Jay these days, but when we hear NiNi and Jay, we have our eyes wide open because not only are their labels linked up in a 60 billion dollar deal they also call each other father and daughter. But sources say that Jay has been secretly taking the assets earned by both labels and not sharing the profits with NiNi and nini is pissed. Sources also say that Jay is secretly cutting himself from Nini and PSR because off too much drama and nini was quoted as saying really all the shit hes in hes talking about drama fuck you boy! Is this true nini nor jay have responded to this. stay tuned for more info!

KeKe Palmer Wants Nothing To Do With Lola Monroe + New Song

We have been hearing about tension with Keke Palmer and Lola Monroe since last month and it seems to have started over a collab that was supposed to happen between the two. Both women are scheduled to drop albums on the same day June 2nd and it goes that Keke asked Lola to be a feature on her album, Lola happily agreed. But when the time came Lola dissed her and never showed up to the studio which Keke Rented in LA since that is where she is at for her tour, calls to Lola went unanswered and the next day Lola posted "Man I don't like people who want to use me to make their album get more sales!! from now on if any artist wants me on their shit before it drops I wont be apart of it plain and simple" Keke took offense to that and she assumed that was going to her and she posted "Guys, I don't know what's the matter with people like I really need you to make me sell, I mean I'm not trying to brag but I have done super well without you before why do I need you now?? I just thought it would be a dope song! like this woman made me waste over 20,000 dollars for studio time and another 1,000 for equipment and didn't get anything done, if you didn't want to do it why say you would I wouldn't have been hurt people these days are just so cocky especially female artists" Then Lola took offense to that and she didn't respond directly just subliminally and she posted "People have an Ego Trip these days when they shouldn't even have one most of these bitches need to thank me for keeping their careers alive" That may be directed towards Keke due to the fact that Sources say that Lola is the one who persuaded NiNi to get Keke back. Their little beef seemed to die away after Keke called up Lola for the best video award at the most recent hip hop awards and the two hugged when Lola came up to accept her award. But it seems that it didn't die away as today TMZ caught up to Keke and asked her is she still going to be releasing the song with Lola and Keke said "Nah that wont be materializing not now not ever, I'm done with that situation I just want nothing to do with it or her anymore" Believe it or not no matter how unlikely it may seem, these two were friends at first....We thought they squashed it but obviously that was just for TV. Keke also mentions that she is maturing and she isn't about to do any diss songs or fights she just will keep her distance which she feels will avoid a lot of unnecessary drama. Finally a PSR artist who isn't all about fighting right? Think that's it though, not even close, sources say its a lot of in house beefs with PSR. From what we know these are the current beefs inside of PSR. Family Drama Solange and her mom Tina which is said to have been going on for a while, no we don't they will ever fight but sources say that Solo throws tantrums and argues and screams at her mom which she has been doing since she was a child and Tina is growing sick of it and  they don't even  talk to each other, we actually believe that. Then there is Nicki and Rita Ora. This is said to have started when Nicki made a comment on British people and she said "I love London I been there many times its a lovely country but the people are just so rude and disrespectful to Americans I should know I deal with one almost everyday" Rita took offense to this for 2 reasons first because she took that as a disrespect because she is British and the second because she is the only British person she deals with almost everyday since they are on tour together and she didn't take too well to that and she replied saying "British people are disrespectful @Nicki and what the hell do you think you are? Nicki replied saying "Did I say @RITA wow guilty conscience huh?" The two are still on tour because of NiNi but the beef has not been squashed. Others are B5 VS Mindless Behavior, Ciara VS Tamar Braxton, Jhene Aiko VS Monica Spears, Lloyd VS Big Sean and NiNi VS Miranda Cosgrove according to her reality show. Others that are outside of PSR are Rihanna VS Charlie Sheen and Lady GAGA which started after GAGA said that Ri Ri's new pink hairstyle makes her look weird and Ri Ri responded saying that she understands why she refers herself as the queen monster because she looks like one and Charlie sheen because Rihanna apparently refused to meet him and his woman when they were in the same presence saying he isn't important enough. Solo VS Jay -Z which we all know, Rita Ora VS Jay -Z, and of course NiNi VS Mariah Carey and Angel Haze. So as you can see its a lot of beefs In house and out house, will any get resolved? Maybe not. In other news, Check out the new song called "Watts" by Kendrick Lamar Ft NiNi which released a little while ago, once again it will probably only appeal to Cali heads. Click here to check out "Watts" by Kendrick Lamar Ft NiNi

NiNi Announces Queens United + Did The Queen And Angel Fight?

Today NiNi posted a picture of her and B from last Years BET Awards all hugged up smiling and with the caption of 'Queens United" Houston TX 5/30/14" The media began digging to find out the meaning of it and sources found out that that is announcing a collab 3 part show on May 30th in Houston TX. The first show stars at 10am, the second is at 1pm and the last is at 4pm and it will be at the Megadome Music Arena. We were all waiting for those two to be reunited since they went their separate ways after their tour ended a little over 2 months ago and now us loyal fans are sure to be in for a treat when those queens do their queen thing. NiNi herself or  the other one haven't officially announced it in a formal way but tickets for the 3 part event are on sale now at 87.00 for nose bleed seats, 255 dollars box seats, 544 for mid row seats and 1,099 dollars for front row stage seats. The nose bleed, box seats and mid row seats are currently sold out, there are currently 23 front row seats left so if you guys love the two queens and if you can afford 1100 dollars to see them up close in concert get your front row tickets by clicking here. In other news, multiple sources are reporting a fight that broke out between NiNi and bad girl Angel Haze in Virginia after both were in the same spot promoting their materials. This is how the story goes. Sources say that at around 12pm this afternoon NiNi was spotted rocking her PSR attire along with her new Wet N Wavy hair and stunna shades in Virgina promoting her new Perfume "Queen" She hit up a convention filled with over 2,000 fans to have them get a test try of the fragrance as well as talk about the product as far as price availability etc etc. At the convention, on the other side, Angel was there promoting her newest Mixtape and her goons got word to her that NiNi was on the other side, but she was advised by her manager that this isn't the time or the place. Angel didn't react right away, instead she continued to promote her mixtape to the fans, but what she did do is send one of her goons on NiNi's side where apparently the girl asked NiNi to come over the other side because its a couple of promoters who would like to meet her and discuss an endorsement deal with her, but NiNi recognized the girl, because not only is she apart of Angel's goon entourage she also is the same girl who was involved in a fight a few months back in Compton with the two queens and was arrested along with Eazy E 's daughter and another girl. NiNi responded saying "If they want me they know how to find me I don't know you delivering nothing to me bye bye now" The girl did a creepy sneaky smile at her and walked away and sources say she told Angel she wants to fight her, but Angel told her to fall back as that isn't her beef she will deal with her on her own time. After a little while, Angel made her way onto NiNi's side and Security noticed her and rushed over to stop her as they wanted to avoid any conflict. They successfully prevented her from entering NiNi's side but a little while later as NiNi was leaving she somehow managed to get through and she came over and said "Ugh this stinks, I guess that's the smell you like to walk around with huh" The fans booed at her and she threw her middle finger up at all of them and said "This ain't Jerry Springer or Maury" NiNi stood there smiling and once again Security grabbed her but NiNi snapped her fingers and they let her go and she said "What the hell do you want?" Angel walked up to her laughed and said "Not now, but soon sweetie you'll see" and she blew in her face. That's so disrespectful, especially to a queen right, we think so too and so does NiNi as she grabbed her hair and pushed her to the ground. Before that a fan screamed out "Kick her ass NiNi" Angel got off the ground and the two began brawling until security guards and police officers broke them up. Their fight lasted a good 30 seconds so no one won because it was broken up too fast. Other cops arrived on the scene and everyone told them that Angel started it and NiNi was  just defending herself. Other cops that were there also told their version of what happened and they agreed that Angel is the first one who came trying to start trouble and the cops arrested NiNi for public disturbance. She was held and released on 5,000 dollar bail with a court date. NiNi was cleared to leave and she thanked the fans and blew all of them a kiss before leaving. This story has no video associated with it and right now its just a story, so we cant actually be sure that it actually happened, but maybe this post by NiNi is confirming it "It amazes me how people can talk so hard but they cant fight at all lol" So did this actually happen or was it a different way it went down, we will let you know when we know!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Is NiNi Responding To Angel?

Today NiNi made an unrequested interview with TMZ, They caught up with her in the street in NJ and she actually stopped and they mentioned nothing about Angel they only asked her how she is doing and this was her rush response "Man I'm whatever I still got air in my lungs and God in my life so that's what matters to me everything else is nothing bitches wanna talk shit then so be it I don't respond to talk anymore especially bald headed bitches with no swag no skills no nothing like I'm way past that now so that extra drama is just extra drama its not apart of me so as far as me I'm just doing me trying to live life to the fullest" Many people say that statement is a subliminal message to Angel who has been running her mouth about her and her husband since last week. NiNi did make a statement about it but other then that she has been silent. So what do you guys think, is she speaking about Angel or just annoying people in General? Click here to listen to her statement

NiNi Breaks Her Silence On Lil Wayne Brawl + Changes Her Braces

By now everyone knows about the famous fight between NiNi and her mentor Lil Wayne, Click here if you don't know. And today NiNi broke her silence on the brawl in a statement with Vybe Magazine "What happened was unfortunate but me and Wayne are moving past it, I'm not perfect things happen sometimes, but the real challenge is moving on and letting it go and at this point we have done that and he is apart of my family families fight but Wayne knows he is my bro and I'm his sis and that's all that matters, we have moved past it and we hope that everyone else can do the same as well" She still didn't spill the beans on what the fight was actually about, but apparently they have gotten through it and that's a good thing. Click here to check out her full statement. In other news, NiNi has changed the color of her braces to red. After nearly 3 years of having her famous green braces she has changed to red. She introduced her new beauties over instagram a little while ago and she has received many likes and comments and everyone agrees she looks even more hot. Click here to check out her new red beauties.

Demi Goes Blonde And Freaky

Seems Like Since NiNi dropped her nastiest album ever "24" all the PSR chicks are following in her footsteps or is it a real reason why all these girls are getting so freaky. So far Katy Perry, Cymphonique, China, KC and Kat have all put out some nasty songs, and today Demi added herself to that list but first she posted a new pic of her to instagram showing her new blonde hair. A couple months back she shocked the world with the "Cassie" style which is one side shaved the other side full, but now she has all her hair back and turned it blonde. The caption reads "White Girl Blonde" After her picture a new song released titled "Eat Me" which had many people rush to hear it (I wonder why?) Turns out the song is just as dirty as the title, it has a hip-hop beat but she isn't rapping she is more or less popping if that makes any sense. The song received positive reviews from pretty much everyone and it hit the radio even though most of it is edited out. Click here to check out Demi's new look and click here to check out "Eat Me"

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Details Are Emerging On NiNi And Wayne's Fight

Yesterday afternoon, NiNi was shown punching kicking and throwing things at her mentor Lil Wayne while Young Money artist Shanel held her back. In the video Wayne, just like Jay did not fight back instead he just distanced himself from her and tried to protect himself from her. Some say its a little weird for a video like this to release only days after the video of Solo and Jay did and many insists that NiNi is trying to take the focus off of her famous royal friends, B, Solo and Jay, but new details are coming out that may say that's not the case. Just like Solo many people are putting together their own creations of what might've happened to lead up to him violently kicking and punching her buddy. But speculation isn't official but what is official is witnesses and many fans were outside when the three exited the building, and fans say that Wayne Shanel and NiNi came out the building and Wayne said "Well looks like you have to spread  them legs more you know you real good at that huh" and he laughed and she said "Excuse Me?" He said "Nah just fuckin with you shorty" and NiNi said "No No No I said excuse me nigga?" He said "Damn why you bugging I always fuck with you I was just playing" At that point NiNi walked up to him and said "Fuck you bitch boy!" At which point Wayne said "Oh 4real and laughed seeming like he thought she was playing and after NiNi looked like no he didn't say that that's when she went crazy and started swinging but before that, Shanel knew something was wrong and knew that NiNi wasn't joking like Wayne was and she went to grab her but she missed her and NiNi went off on Wayne's face and then Shanel grabbed her and told her to chill and stop because its quote "Mad heads out here" but Just like NiNi is so famous for she didn't care and continued to claw scratch and punch at him and Shanel did her best to hold her back. NiNi yelled at Wayne and Wayne had a very serious look on his face, some witnesses say that his look was sad like "I'm so sorry I was just playing" Others say he looked shocked, but regardless after NiNi hit hm numerous times, Shanel dragged NiNi away from him while she was still screaming and pointing at him and Shanel took her in her limo and they pulled off. Wayne had to wait for another limo. Paparazzi wasn't on scene so the video is from a fans cell phone. Its a little blurry but you can see it and sort of hear it clearly. Sources say that Wayne suffered scratches bruises and a busted lip at the hands of NiNi. Shanel NiNi nor Wayne are speaking up on anything and requests for comments went ignored from all 3. Stay tuned for more info on this developing story we still aren't 100% sure that this is the way it went down, so when we get more info we will let you know! Click here to check out the video again!

NiNi's Reality Show Is Scheduled For Tonight As Planned + BET Is Keeping Rolling With The Evans

Livin With NiNi is scheduled to premiere on VH1 tonight at 8 as planned. NiNi has been in a lot lately and almost had her TV Deals yanked from her. But luckily she seems to be getting back on track and her TV deals are willing to keep her on. Tonight is the 7th episode of "Livin With NiNi" and 3 more shows is the end of the 1st season and she will be up for renewing for the second season. Be sure to check out "Livin With NiNi" tonight at 8! BET was also thinking of cancelling her new animated show "Rolling With The Evans" but after they saw her touching gesture a few days ago to Megan Brooks they decided she is trying  to redeem herself and they decided to keep her show on and the second episode will premiere next Thursday at 8 on BET. Check out the review for tonight's show tomorrow!

The 250 Million Dollar Bracelet That NiNi Received For Mother's Day

For the past 2 weeks we have seen NiNi rocking a gold plated 88 Kt Roseburg bracelet with pure gold diamonds and she wears it everywhere she goes including at her shows and in her reality show. Roseburg states that the bracelet was custom made for a whopping 250 million dollars. Which is more then most of their other expensive goes for. For some reason many people, mainly females and even some other jewelry stores are interested in the ring, its a very rare ring and pure gold is unheard of ever. Roseburg will not comment on who bought NiNi the expensive piece but they do confirm that she did not purchase it herself. So far many jewelry stores have made big offers to buy it from her with offers such as 100 million dollars. And magazines want her on the cover of their mags wearing the bracelet as I said that bracelet is super famous and everyone wants it. Some of NiNi's fans want her to put it in auction and sell it to the highest bidder but NiNi is not selling. I know guys not real news so gimme a break for now this is all I got its kind of a slow news day today. But if you haven't seen her sparkling bracelet  that costs more then 7 luxury houses and 100 luxury cars combined click here to check it out. I'll do my best to get you more info soon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CiCi Welcomes Baby Boy Into The World

CiCi has welcomed her first child, a baby boy into the world in the early morning hours of today around 4am. This is the first child for Ciara and the 4th child for future who has 3 other kids by 3 different women. CiCi isn't with Future anymore since he has been revealed to be cheating on her with many of the PSR Women but sources say he is still her son's father and she wants Future to be in his life and future wants to be in his life as well, but the two are done with each other as a relationship. CiCi has not given out her sons name and she says that she doesn't know if she ever will quote "I'm just happy, my son is finally here and he is the most important thing to me, I'm so obsessed with kids so now I'm so happy I can be obsessed with my own now,  his name to y'all isn't important I went with my gut and gave him what I think is the cutest name ever, maybe you'll find out soon maybe you wont" Says the 28 year old singer Ciara. No pictures have been released of her new baby boy as of yet but sources close  to the singer has said that she is happy and in heaven. Congrats to CiCi and Future on their little miracle! Click here to check out CiCi talking about her new baby and her size changes over the last few months!

Angel Says She Will Take NiNi's Man When She's Ready

Controversial female rapper Angel Haze has did an interview with NiNi's favorite Vybe Magazine and she made this statement "I don't care you ask me if I think I'm ruining a happy family fuck that dude ain't no such thing as a happy family or happy marriage its just good pussy or good dick or just good game that happy marriage family bullshit I don't believe it and trust me when I'm ready I will get Beith I ain't even trippin'" NiNi finally responded to her.......well sort of we think she posted "LMAO Bitch please" Which we assume is aimed at Angel but she could be talking about someone else.. Beith has not responded though. So what do you guys think? Beef or no beef?

Millions Speak Up On The NiNi And Weezy Fight + NiNi Confirms Her Reality Show Is Still On

In the aftermath of the NiNi and Weezy fight which the media is calling "Neezy" many celebs have expressed their feeling about it such as Avril Lavigne who posted "God whats up will all the fighting @NiNi AND @Weezy I look up to both of y'all cant we all just get along for real" Or Selena who posted "Wow that's all I have to say #DEJAVU" And Even Ye her uncle got into it and said  "We all know NiNi is cray that's why  you shouldn't fuck with her Weezy I feel for you boy how your eye feel?"  At least 2,000 celebrities have spoken on the fight so far and no that's not an exaggeration, its celebs from PSR and celebs from other label's as well as move stars and professional dancers, everyone knows about this fight and all of them have an opinion to offer. Click here to check out most of the responses to the Weezy and NiNi fight! NiNi Wayne nor Shanell have made any public responses nor have any responded to any requests for comments as of yet, lets hope one of them speaks up! In other news only a few short hours after this fight NinI did speak, but not about the fight: This is what she posted "New episode #LIVINGWITHNINIEPISODE7 Coming this week don't miss it" Not once did she mention anything about the fight, that's what happens though when you're semi-private. Don't miss NiNi's reality show this week on Wednesday at 8pm on VH1!! We'll get you guys all the details on the show and the fight when we get it! I know at least 89% of the population wants to know what Weezy did to the queen to make her go off like that which gave birth to the twitter topic #whatweezydidtoNINI and when we find out we will let you know! So much drama huh?!?!?!

Does Fighting Run In PSR's Blood? NiNi Has Similar Incident To Solo

By now everyone knows about the elevator brawl between Solo and Jay-Z but now its another story dominating the headlines and its between NiNi and Weezy, yup the one she calls  big brother just like Solo. A little over a week after the infamous video of Solo kicking JAYS ass leaked now its another video that leaked that shows NiNi going HAM on her mentor and so called brother Weezy. Lets start from the beginning. NiNi and most of Young Money were in attendance at a pre Meeting today and as they exited the building NiNi is seen swinging off on the Young Money President while someone who appears to be Shanell holds her back. Just like Solo, NiNi is held back but she continues to swing and kick at him while he is trying to keep his distance. Eventually,  NiNi gets out of control and Shanell lets her go and she goes after Weezy with everything she has, it seems like DE JA VU all over again with the situation between Jay and Solo and Just like Jay, Weezy wasn't fighting back just trying to protect himself from her. The video is 4 minutes and it starts off showing NiNi exiting the building first,  then Wayne and Shanell exiting after her, then NiNi goes up to Wayne and starts swinging at him and then Shanell grabs her and tries to hold her back but NiNi is wilin out and she knocks down Shanell a couple of times but Shanell gets back up and grabs her again. Weezy tries to protect himself while NiNI is held back by Shanell but NiNi continues to kick at him and throw punches at him and at one point throwing her phone at him which hit him in his right eye ball,  and Wayne continues to back up from her and get out of her way while Shanell continued to hold her back. The video was released from TMZ at around 12 this afternoon with the headline "NiNi murders Weezy" and its the newest biggest topic just like Solo fucking up Jay was the biggest topic but this has taken over that period. Many people say that NiNi and the Knowles family are super close and NiNi set up a fake fight to get the attention off of B Solo And Jay, others say the fight was real. This is our opinion, no we don't know what the fight was about at all because just like Solo and Jay its no audio, but we don't think its fake that's just our opinion but yes we can never be  too sure.... but what we do know is that just like Solo....., NiNi kicks Wayne's ass and he doesn't do anything to defend himself just like Jay. Just like the Solo and Jay situation, millions of people began making funny pictures about the fight such as one fan posting "I got my ass kicked because my grill is so ugly and NiNi's grill is so cute damn why cant I be like NiNi maybe ill stop getting my ass kicked all the time" Just like Jay,   Wayne is getting props for not fighting back because she is a woman, but  there is some people trashing him because he let a woman school him and do him so dirty and he's supposed to be the male king of rap. Click here to check out the video of NiNi going HAM on Weezy which was recorded by a fan. She kicks punches and does everything else you can think of to Wayne just like Solo. Some people think that this is just a stunt to get her artist Solo and her Best Friend Beyoncé out of the news, and if it is,    it really worked since no one cares about  the Solo and Jay thing anymore, its all about NiNi and Weezy now. (Warning the video is kind of violent watch at your own risk, the fight starts at around 45 seconds)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cymphonique Releases Touching New Song + Angel Responds To NiNi And Beith

Today, Cymphonique released a new song called "Letter To My Unborn" Its a nice R&B song and she sings amazingly better then she ever did. The song is of course dedicated to her unborn baby and she sings how every since she saw him or her on the sonograph she fell in love and she will always protect him or her no matter what, it really is a nice song, if you have kids or are about to, you will love this song, and obviously its many people who do as many fans have been voting for the song over and over, its getting tons of airplay and attention and it stole the number 1 spot which was NiNi' Nicki and Selena's new collab song "Bounce" Cymphonique first announced it over Twitter today posting "New song #lettertomyunborn" and ever since then its been the most requested song and many fans would like to see a video get made for it. Click here to check out "Letter To My Unborn" by Cymphonique. Speaking of her, her new album "All Eyes On Me" is due for release on May 28th. Other albums due soon include Miranda Cosgrove (June 1st) Azaleia Banks (June 11th) Elle Varner (June 15th) Keke Palmer (June 9th) Monica Spears (June 27th) A$AP Rocky (July 1st) and Lola Monroe (July 4th) Look out for all these new albums coming soon. The OMG Girlz are also rumored to be dropping their 4th album next month but that isn't confirmed yet. In other news, Angel Haze has responded........well in her own way to NiNi and Beith's statement short, sweet and to the point posting "LOL she's funny and boy your type is pussy don't play lmao!" Yes she actually said that, told you guys she's very controversial she speaks like that all the time. NiNi and Beith haven't responded to her as of yet!

NiNi Continues Her Tour Today In NJ With Selena And Nicki, Does Very Kind Gesture For Sick Fan

Today NiNi kicked off the rest of her tour in East Rutherford NJ at the Meadowlands Stadium with special guests Selena And Nicki. The show began at 11am this morning and lasted for 2 hours. Selena and Nicki didn't come out until almost the end of the show. The first half of the show was awesome lots of dancing and sexiness like all of her shows be, and despite her problems recently, NiNi proves she is still the best performer in the game. She performed a total of 8 songs by herself including her newest ones from her upcoming mixtape "Rize Of The Queen" She performed 3 songs with Nicki and Selena including their newest collab called "Bounce" At the end of the show NiNi reached out to Megan Brooks,  a 14 year old fan who has cancer and her last wish was to see NiNi in concert. She stopped the show during the last ten minutes and she said "I would like to dedicate this show to a very brave little girl, whose only wish was to be here today, she has a very aggressive form of cancer and doctors don't give her long, but right now we would like to say those doctors are wrong and that she will be here for a very long time and we are giving her the power to do that, everybody give it up for miss Megan Brooks. The audience cheered loudly and the spotlight went on her and her parents who had tears in their eyes after her speech. NiNi then got off the stage and walked up to her and the beat to her song "Stay Strong" began playing and she kneeled down next to her and began singing to her while the girl smiled at her. She then grabbed her hand and helped her onto the stage where the spotlight stayed on her and the entire time that NiNi was singing Megan stared at her smiling. She then passed the extra mic to Megan and let her sing the song with her and Megan did a wonderful job, even though her voice was very weak she knew all of the lyrics and didn't skip a beat and even did well with the high notes. NiNI then picked her up and put her on her shoulders and finished the rest of the song while the audience cheered super loud. It was angels in the back and it was real beautiful. When the song was over she hugged her tightly and told everyone to give a round of applause for Megan and Megan looked as happy as she can be to have had her wish come true and everyone cheering for her with a huge smile on her face. After the show was over she took her backstage even though she didn't have a backstage pass and gave her her very own autograph, some pictures of her and a stuffed teddy bear with her name on it. Headlines are praising NiNi for her kindness and say that Megan has never been happier and all she ever wanted was to meet her idol but NiNi went above and beyond what she wanted and gave her the best gift she had ever received. But the miracle behind this is that after the show, Megan returned to the hospital and she began getting stronger by the hour and was able to finally eat after not being able to eat for over 2 weeks. She was able to stand on her own and doctors say it seems that her cancer is beginning the early stages of going into remission. Doctors are completely at a loss for words and her parents are convinced that NiNi gave her hope and gave her a reason to stay alive and she is fighting as hard as she could, and at first she was ready to give up to get out of the pain, but after living her dream today little Megan realizes some things are worth living and fighting for. Word of this got to NiNi and she posted this on her website "OMG That just made my day! I'm So Happy! She's a fighter, stay fighting cutie everyone is on your side Megan, don't give up! Live your life and enjoy every moment of it stay strong sweetie, I cant wait to see you again!:)" Click here to check out NiNi's show including her life saving gesture for little Megan!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Beith Speaks On Angel Nini Still Quiet

Earlier today rapper Angel haze addressed Ninis husband twice in a big way. We usually don't hear Much from him as much as we hear from Nini but today he did speak up and he said "Its not happening even if it could happen it wouldn't happen because she ain't my type' Nini however hasn't said one word about it which are having people speculate that the two. May be having problems and headed for divorce and many think that's the real reason for her unpredictable behavior lately. Angel hasnt responded to his statement yet and requests for comments from Nini went unanswered. So is Hollywood's most powerful couple coming to an end or is Nini just too busy to worry about chicks liking her guy? What do you guys think?

Rapper Angel Haze Adds Herself To The List Of Girls Who Want NiNi's Husband

Controversial rapper Angel Haze has had many feuds in a short amount of time, who can forget her bloody beef with PSR artist Azaliea Banks, or Chanel West Coast and even after she went after Obama. Now she released a new song called "Get Right" There's a line on that song that says "Fat ass cute cheeks I'm the definition of street ay yo Beith wanna eat homie come and try me" It almost went unnoticed because she raps fast but once it was noticed by some fans the talk began. But she didn't even stop there. Later on in the day she was approached by TMZ who asked her why she did that and does she feel it was disrespectful to his wife and family. Her response was "Disrespectful to his family how? like really that's the questions y'all got, no not family as far as the other one I can care less, If I wanted to make him mine I can trust me on that" When they asked her does she like him she just laughed and said "Bye Guys" The new hashtag was #UH-OH which we think is appropriate. We find it pretty weird that despite the fact that almost everyone knows how protective NiNi is over her family,  people decide to still disrespect her in that way, maybe its just they are real bold. NiNi hasn't responded to her as of yet. Another beef maybe? Who knows, Lets see.....

Drama Continues With PSR And NiNi's Queen Buddy

When it comes to having a second home, B's second one is PSR. She has gone on the record saying she loves PSR and that she is super close to the label and at least 98% of all of the artists there, and she is spotted there frequently and almost all of the artists treat her like a member of the team even though she isn't signed with them. But lately its been trouble in paradise. I'm sure you guys remember when Miley went after B for basically no reason which prompted her to respond with comparing her name and lifestyle to popping "Molly" Then there's YE who had his famous rant about her "Drunk In Love" song and how he regrets being in the remix to it to which she replied "You Mad Son?" a reference to his song of the same name. And then there's the most famous long running feud which is the one with KC. Those two  have been having problems since B went Solo from Destinies Child, but it began getting worse as time went on reaching its highest when B dropped her song "Bow Down" Its still not ending. Today a fan posted a funny pic of KC on Twitter which shows her head on the body of a Pony implying she looks like a pony and on the top it says "See I told y'all I don't have horse hair" Which is the result of lately everyone says she wears nothing but horse hair, and just like last time B liked the pic and retweeted it. KC didn't get B right away though, first she lashed out at the fan who posted it over twitter. Not directly but this is what she said "Horrible joke, doesn't make any sense, do you people sit around all day everyday just thinking of new ways to make yourself look and sound dumb? Seriously get a life" Then about an hour later she went after B directly posting "Lol I notice sweetie, you stay liking shit that has my name in it, you gotta thing for me or something babygirl nobody thinking bout you, you need to get a life too cause what you have isn't a life and stop worrying about me so much and worry about your weird ass family #GETITSTRAIGHT" This comment right here prompted a response from Solo. Solo and KC aren't beefing they actually have been in 2 songs together lately but Solo didn't appreciate that comment and she responded at KC "Look that was unnecessary and ridiculous to say, whatever you two may be going through you keep it as you two don't start name dropping or throwing out anything or anyone else" KC didn't respond to her. Then KC didn't stop there she actually went on B's twitter page and posted a message on her wall that says "To all the fans, check out @Beyoncé in show tonight in Cali everybody give it up for Queen Bitch!" #ICRACKMYSELFUP #DOSOMETHINGMAMA" The comment disappeared within 30 minutes probably by B deleting it but that was enough time for fans to see it and start a topic on it call #BKCBEEF, but unlike KC's other targets B doesn't respond so they don't have twitter wars but today she may have finally responded in her own way when she posted a message about an hour after she deleted KC's message posting "Are there any adults these days, What's up with all these little girls #GETONMYLEVEL" So seems like this will only get worse before it gets better, NiNi has never spoke up on their feud, and prefers to stay out of it but when you have 2 people you're close to that hate each other that must be a pretty hard situation to go through. KC is actually scheduled to appear at NiNi's next show tomorrow in New Jersey so will that raise some jealousy, maybe maybe not stay tuned for more info!

Friday, May 16, 2014

NiNi Is In Trouble Again May Have Many Endorsments Canceled

A Little over a week ago, NiNi made headlines in a huge way by literally attacking almost everyone at her show in Detroit after a cup full of ice was thrown at her. By that incident, some of her professional endorsements have either been dropped or was in the process of getting dropped. For example for the past 2 years NiNi has been the spokeswoman of Proactiv and Pepsi, but after the incident they dropped her and Pepsi made this statement "Our decision to terminate Nisha's contract was based in part of us as a whole as a company, we refuse to associate ourselves with any forms of violence drugs or any other unacceptable matters" Proactiv also made a similar statement "Miss NiNi has been terminated from her current contract with Proactiv due to the incident in Detroit, we do not employ violence nor do we support it, we strive to maintain a professional company and any negativity within the company or its employees are serious frowned upon" But the rest of her endorsements such as "Air Jordan's, Burger King, Vogue, Vybe and the TLC Makeup Company as well as her perfume companies have continued to keep her employed as the spokeswoman with them. Proactiv and Pepsi faced some backlash from angry fans for their decision though and some people wondered why they allowed her to be with them when she murdered the London reporter a few years back and their response was simple: That at that time which was 2011 NiNi was not employed by either company and she was also cleared on self defense which in the eyes of the law makes it not a crime and all of her other fights were not proven to be her that actually did it which makes sense. But today she once again she has her remaining endorsements including her half partnership as owner of the Los Angeles Lakers questioning her continued employment after a statement by Perez Hilton the Wendy Williams of Bloggers. He posted on his site that NiNi may have drug issues that she has been dealing with which explains for her behavior lately. And she responded on twitter saying "Don't speak on me when you don't me, Don't define me based on any assumptions, don't make me bury you, you twisted homo faggot!" This isn't the first time that NiNi and Perez has gotten into it, in fact its the 7th time, but this is the first time she called him that and this sparked anger from the gay community. And Just like when white people make racist remarks about Blacks, they usually get fired from whatever job and endorsements they are doing, and a gay remark is no exception. Her remaining endorsements are in danger as they aren't taking her comment to well and they are under quote "Severe pressure" from the gay community to let her go. But NiNi took to her site and posted this message a little while later "I find it so weird and mysterious how the gay community is lashing out at me like this when I always have shown support to you guys, I perform for the gays I held a show for nobody but my gay and lesbian fans and I am the main one who pushed for the gay marriage to be legal so it puzzles me, maybe I shouldn't have used those words and for that I will apologize I could've used a better word but at the same time this man continues to speak on me and not in a good way" NiNi has been in trouble a lot lately but its not due to drugs as today she proved it. Obviously she got fed up with everyone saying she's acting very strange lately due to drugs and she walked into a Georgia clinic and got a drug test and posted the results on her instagram. The results say she tested negatives for any narcotics such as Crack, Cocaine Heroine or Meth, she tested negative for alcohol, and she  tested negative for prescription meds. She did however test positive for acetaminophen which is Tylenol but it was a very small dose as in one tablet. The headline for the picture was "Leave me alone" So it shows proof that she isn't on drugs we think NiNi is just in a bad place right now and she may just need to R&R from work for a little while. Her reality show did not premiere this week and I guess we know why, but her animated show didn't either and we found out its because BET is debating on if they still would like to  keep it on the air due to her recent incidents. She still has her label, her clothing line and many of her other boss endorsements which are hers no matter what. Stay tuned for more info! *UPDATE* The NBA has announced that while they do feel that her comment was very offensive they feel she has apologized and has made a very valid point about her contributions to the gay and lesbian community and they will be allowing her to continue owning her half of the LA Lakers!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Seems Like Another Beef Is Popping Off At PSR Just Like We Imagined

After the world went crazy over the Solo and Jay Fight we all knew that it was another beef popping off and today we think we got messages from both artists. First lets start with Jay. He dropped a song today titled "King" In the song he says some certain things that many people seem to think is about Solo such as this line "I always been there for you even though you a weird crazy bitch with no talent I can never ride with you" Solo also released this song which many people say is a insult to B and Jay where she sings "Who is there to have my back I had your back since we were kids but you couldn't pay me back because he has you on his sack" Its not really sure that either of these songs are subliminal disses to each other but you gotta think maybe it is. Click here to check out Jay's new songs and click here to check out Solo's new song. B Jay and Solo still aren't speaking on it but NiNi did in a bold way check out what she posted on FB a little while ago! "STOP IT DAMNIT!! You hate each other hate I don't give 2 fucks bringing it to the label I give 3 fucks about bring it here both of y'all bitches are out my life don't make me swear on my kids! Yeah NiNi is still pissed. What do you guys think of NiNi's post? Was she talking about Jay and Solo or was it a coincidence? And do you think both of their songs are directed at each other?

NiNi Announces Her Tour Will Continue With Selena And Nicki

NiNi has been through a lot lately but she is still keeping her commitment to her fans and she is continuing her "One Woman Show Tour" which starts in Houston TX next which will be May 16th which is Tomorrow. She also announced that this HOUSTON show she will be joined by her two artists Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez which has everyone excited. NiNi hasn't shown her face since the Detroit show and extra security for her and her team is being employed to avoid a repeat of that show. Fans are still allowed to purchase beverages and food but security will now be in the audience to make sure no one throws anything at her. Sources say that NiNi was willing to cancel the rest of her tour but she had to have helpful advice from a very good friend to persuade her to continue. So the show is back on. We still haven't been granted any comments from NiNi or her management so lets just hope she has a good show. Stay tuned for more info! Get your tickets here!

Solo Goes HAM On Jay -Z In Elevator

PSR Artist Solo went completely HAM on Her so called Brother In Law on May 5th at the standard hotel in New York. I say so called because since this has released many people have been saying that B and Jay have a false marriage and are just trying to keep it up to get extra money. Anyway, TMZ released the footage which shows Beyoncé, Jay-Z Solange and Beyoncé and Solange's bodyguard entering an elevator and after getting in his face Solo begins kicking spitting and hitting the so called King while his wife just sat there doing nothing. Their bodyguard pulled her off of him but she continued her vicious assault on the 44 year old rapper. The video has no audio so we have no clue on what they were arguing about but Solo seemed to be yelling and pointing her finger at him at least 12 times and Mrs Carter stood by and did nothing although towards the end it seems as if Jay was approaching Solo and she pushed him away as if she was  taking up for her sister, and then she turned to Jay and the two sisters looked t o both be yelling at him. Jay's hand gestures looked as if he was yelling back at both of the Knowles sisters and their hand gestures looked like they were doing the same. After the video leaked, all the funny pictures and twitter posts began which such people saying things like "Wow Jay looks like you finally have your 100th problem lol" and many funny pictures began appearing on Twitter playing Jay, but Solo has been played as well with some people calling her Ratchet and a hood rat. We all know that Solo is the more ghetto sister then the other one and she speaks her mind no matter who you are so to see Solo like that isn't weird but why didn't his own wife stand up for him?  That question and the other question that many people wanna know is what the hell Jay did to Solo to get her to flip like that. Of course the Knowles family is so private we many not ever know so naturally the media and the fans began making their own speculations such as Jay is beating Beyoncé and Solo who always stands up for her big sister has had enough, others say that B will never stand up for herself and Jay treats her very mean and Solo isn't scared of him like she is and of course others say its the Illuminati feud. But one thing is certain it mustve been something that Beyoncé agreed with since the queen didn't do anything  to stop it. When they left the hotel, B and Solo went in one limo and Jay went to another limo and not once did B look to see where her husband was going she just gave a fake smile to the crowd which she always does and hopped in the limo with her sister. This is still all over the place literally everywhere from America to overseas but no one has been able to determine exactly what made Solo flip like that on her bro. But many fans are giving Jay props because he didn't hit her back or even seem to scream at her despite that he got kicked in the nuts punched in the face and spit on as well as getting smacked across the face with a pocketbook but he was just standing in the corner chilled up just like B was doing while Solo was seemingly screaming at him. The bodyguard stopped the elevator on the 12th floor I guess to avoid the private business becoming public since that's how they are. When it seemed to come down he took off the emergency break and when it got to the lobby and the doors opened she started punching him again and this is the time  that B got in the middle of it since the doors were opened and she may have not wanted fans to see then they exited the elevator. So exactly what did Jay do to Solo we don't know and when we are dealing with the carters and the Knowles we may never know. This has attracted attention from many celebs as well such as J.LO Nivea Kanye Kim K, Khloe K 2Chainz Big Sean, Miranda Cosgrove Cymphonique Kat Nicki Minaj Lil Wayne Shanell and many others have commented on this fight. Click here to check out the video! Is this another beef for Jay with the PSR crew with his own sis in law what do you guys think? Sound off in the comments!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

PSR Finally Opens Back Up

If you guys remember, NiNI shut down PSR after her huge fight with Miranda, but now that she has came back from wherever she was she has reopened it and many artists have come back, but some didn't, not because they didn't want to but because they didn't know as NiNi is acting very strange and not letting anyone know anyone know anything. We feel that NiNi may be in the middle of a mental breakdown and some unreliable sources say she has checked herself into a mental facility for depression and misery but this is unconfirmed. Sources close to NiNi made this statement "Miss NiNi is just  trying to get her head together right now she has many things she needs to straighten out but she is doing well" This statement made many people say she may be on drugs which explains her unpredictable behavior lately and her personality and attitude lately but some people including her friends and artists refuse to believe this. NiNi nor her publishers managers or reps have answered any requests for comments so hopefully NiNi is alright! Let you guys know more info as it comes!

NiNi Needs Her Sister, Not Her Hubby Her Sister

Miss Hollywood has been going through a lot lately and today she reached out to her older sis over twitter she posted "I feel alone I'm so emotional.... Jazmine I really need you sissy! I love you more then you will ever know! I'm so serious!!! I just need some sisterly love" We have never heard from her sister Jazmine expect when she appeared in the 1st episode of NiNi's reality show.... after that she seemed to disappear again. NiNi needs help and its only right to call out someone who she is super close to, she has mentioned before that she is really close with her husband as well but she is obviously reaching out to her sis instead which is cute. However her sister hasn't responded to her... millions of paparazzi groups have done their best to find the super secret Jazmine, but it appears she has no facebook no twitter no YOUTUBE no nothing so she cant be reached for any comment. Do you guys think that sometimes a girl just needs another girl when she is going through issues or do you think the hubby is the best way to go?

NiNi Resurfaces With A Post On Facebook

Since the time that NiNi had her huge brawl in Detroit with all the fans, which was over 2 days ago, she has been M.I.A. But today she turned up on Facebook in her 1st post since the incident and she didn't act like the NiNi that we're used to. This is what she posted "I just needed to take some time to myself I'm so ashamed that I just ran away from my problems and all the important things in my life including my responsibilities as a wife and mother and for that I apologize, I would like to apologize for what I did to so many innocent people I was off my ass and that was very wrong of me and I feel super bad and guilty about it, those words cant even explain how I feel, I am grateful to the true fans who have stood by me in this difficult time in my life, I love  you guys so much I swear to God I do, for those of  you who have been affected by my temper I apologize and I am more then willing to take care of any expenses for your medical bills. Once again I am sorry" We feel that NiNi had no reason to apologize someone fucked with her 1st after all, but that's just the kind of person she is and she has an image to keep so royalty has to keep it up if they want to stay royalty. NinI is a very powerful person in this industry but she is still human and all her fans understand that.... the fact is that some asshole messed up not her but its so wrong that she has to apologize like she actually did something wrong but welcome to the life of a celebrity they have to kiss ass. We still don't have word on what NiNi is up to or where she has been, All we know is that her royal buddies and her inner circle are showing her everlasting support check out these support tweets for NiNi, but when we find out more info we will let you guys know ASAP!

Monday, May 12, 2014

MoM Wants To Press Charges On NiNi Or Sue The City

The mother of one of the girls who was sent to the hospital by NiNi was outraged when she heard that her daughter isn't going to press charges on NiNi despite the fact that she lost a tooth and requires 78 stitches. The girl is 15 years old which is still a minor so she wanted to do it on her behalf this is her outraged statement "My daughter is your typical teenager she is so into music and these celebrities that she feels that if she does this Nisha wont like her anymore when she knows damn well she doesn't even know she exists, I refuse to let this get swept under the rug like its nothing, us hard working tax paying regular people have to answer to the law when we mess up and I think the law should go to everyone rich poor black white or in between and for that reason I would like to press charges myself on her behalf she is still a minor so her mind is that of a young child" But every state is different, for example in California you can enter a sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl if you're over 18 as long as you have her consent but in NY you can only mess with a 15 year old if you're under 18 or you go to jail for over 5 years,. Detroit is no different and their laws say that the daughter is the victim not  the mom, so minor or not she has to be the one who presses charges no matter how young she is and obviously she doesn't want that. So the mom is causing a scene down talking the city of Detroit and the Detroit police department for catering to a minor instead of a responsible adult who doesn't care about how famous these celebrities are. She is threatening to take out a 50 million dollar lawsuit as well as shame the city for their irresponsible actions. But the mayor of Detroit said in the most respectful way possible that she simply will not win her case only because that is the laws of Detroit he said "We are deeply saddened at what went on earlier today it was unfortunate and we have laws in place to protect the victim whether it be assault rape or any other ridiculous crime, but at  the same time states like Virgina NJ and Texas will allow a family member of a victim to file charges Detroit allows only the victim to file, we have seen this many times before a victim decides not to press charges that way he or she will be done with it and not have to go though court and testifying some just want it to be over and done with, then a few weeks later they decide they want their attacker to pay and they want justice and they wind up filing charges so our advice to Miss Perez is just to see how it will play out we are sorry and we hope your daughter makes a full recovery but she simply does not want to file charges despite being advised she should she has said no numerous times and we can not force her as that would be a crime in itself" Some folks like Miss Perez is making a huge scene about this other parents believe it or not aren't upset with NiNi and they say that maybe she reacted a little crazier then she should have but they will be comfortable with just her paying the medical bills and dismiss it as just a crazy video. SO lots of mixed emotions about this and NiNi is still nowhere to be found, do you guys think that NiNi went to far or was it just NiNi being NiNi?

NiNi Goes Seriously HAM When Someone Throws Cup Of ICE At Her On Stage

So today NiNi did her 18th show from her "One Woman World Tour" in Detroit Michigan, but from the start it didn't go well. First the show started at 10 this morning, she didn't arrive until 11:30 having fans wait for an hour an a half, when she finally came on stage they booed at her for being so late she laughed and said "Bye" and walked back off and they booed again. After a little over 20 minutes by 11:55 she was back on stage but she kept stopping for whatever reason and I guess one fan got sick of it and felt that the show was a waste of his or her money and that person threw a cup full of ice onto the stage and it hit her right in the face and it was still some liquid in there which splashed all over her while she was performing. She had a shocked look on her face and had her mouth open dripping wet from her hair then that's when she went crazy! And showed her ass more then she ever did! She screamed out "Oh y'all motherfuckers wanna throw shit at people huh, yo word to my mama you tryna be bold grow some nuts or grow some titties you fucking mark I wanna see who did that! you big right? get the fuck up here or I'm fucking everybody up in this bitch. When no one answered she screamed "AY YOU FUCKING CUNT THROW SOME SHIT NOW!! Then the stage managers tried to get her off the stage but they were unsuccessful and she pushed them off of her and said fuck that "y'all niggas think I'm playing" And she jumped off the stage and just started wilin out throwing punches at literally everybody all you saw were people falling, some fans tried to hold her and calm her down but she was literally going crazy. The stadium bodyguards and security ran into the large crowd blowing their whistles and everyone was trying to calm her down but that little 5 ft 5 girl was 8 ft 10 today and no one could hold her everyone that grabbed her just fell like she was fire I mean guys,  saying that she was mad isn't the word to say its no word to say to explain her today. Finally after about 22 minutes of her fire it took 225 yes I said 225 security guards and bodyguards to get her under control, well I wouldn't say under control because she was still yelling and still trying to break free but it was too many guards holding her. NiNi's face was super red and she had what appeared to be anger tears. Even though she was being held and being still she still kept yelling and she yelled out "Fuck Detroit!" They dragged NiNi backstage while emergency people checked the crowd to see if anyone was hurt. No one was seriously hurt but all in all her little rant injured 69 people mostly women it was 52 women and 17 men, the women had cuts and bruises on their face and the men had dislocated noses but no broken bones. NiNi was still heard screaming backstage and all of the hurt fans were taken to a hospital. Finally after about an hour she was calm and didn't have to be restrained anymore, sources say they actually had to strap her down with heavy belts because she wouldn't stop trying to hit everyone like a dog who's been caged up for so long but that part isn't actually known. Ambulance came to check on her as well because she injured herself in the mix of all of that craziness, someone bit her whether on purpose or accident and her knuckles were severely bleeding. She received bandages and pain meds. Surprisingly though,  all the injured fans decided not to press charges on her,  I mean after all someone threw a cup of ice at her when she is up there trying to entertain but those fans are requesting she pay their medical bills. Since no charges were filed from the fans or the owners of the stadium she was allowed to leave and she escaped an assault charge as well as a PO Violation, seems like no matter what her fans don't want to see her in jail. NiNi left the arena about 3 hours after this all went down with her 6 bodyguards shielding her between their bodies so she can avoid all the paparazzi who was outside by the hundreds looking for a statement. NiNi hasn't been heard of since. Sources say she didn't return to work or any of her other scheduled things to do today. This immediately became the new huge topic with headlines such as "Fan throws bottle at NiNi" Or "NiNi Is The Definition Of HAM" or "Where's NiNi?" Everybody, fans and other celebs are talking about it on Twitter and Facebook linking the video and all. Monica Spears caused a little controversy when she posted "I LOL'd so hard when I saw bodies just falling damn yo!" Which someone responded and said "Why is that funny so many people got hurt what if that was you would you want them to lol at you grow up you like 40 ain't you" Monica Spears didn't respond to the fan. Some media outlets are wrongly saying that someone threw a bottle at her and the glass smashed all over hear and she was cut up, but in fact that isn't true it was a large cup that hit her in the face and the pieces you see breaking apart on her face is actually the ice, that person threw it so hard the ice smashed on her face so we all see why she was mad as all hell and many other people understand that too including people who were there and witnessed it such as a fan posting "I don't blame her that was so wrong on whoever threw that you don't do stuff like that and don't expect there to be consequences dude! But where is NiNi? That's what we wanna know too, when we find out and get more info we will let you guys know. Click here to check out the video of this crazy Chaos that went down a little while ago (It starts at around the 15 minute mark that's when the cup gets thrown)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

NiNi Adds Herself To The Loyal Crew

Its been a little bit since Breezy dropped his very successful song "Loyal" which features Weezy and French Montana or Tyga Or Too Short depending on which version you heard. But People are still making their own remixes or freestyles. KC dropped her official remix to the song which Features Sean Kingston and she changes it to these Niggas Ain't Loyal, K Michelle jumped on a freestyle, Cymphonique did a freestyle, even Mr West did a freestyle to it, but now NiNi joined the club and dropped her own version called "Loyal" (Female Version) and it features all the bad girls of hip hop on one track. Its NiNi Ft Diamond, Rasheeda, Trina, Eve, Foxy Brown (Yes I said Foxy) Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and The OMG Girlz. Yes that's 11 females on one track, its 8 minutes long and of course in a female version of any song they would change the lyrics to down grade the men and the theme is These Niggas Ain't Loyal. All women talk about unfaithful men with some harsh words about the lame ones. NiNi though seems to go personal and it seems as if her verse is actually directed at someone maybe her ex bf maybe that she mentioned in her HBO Documentary. She over and over calls herself a bad bitch and that she dominates men. The best verses go to NiNi, Eve, Diamond, Beauty and Rasheeda who really went HAM. But NiNi sparked some controversy on her verse by saying "I'm a bad bitch with a big booty, take it the bay show all them lames how to go stupid" That line itself isn't bad but its just California people are very sensitive and wondered why she singled out the bay when she could've said thousands of other places in the world, but NiNi's response to them was "I guess that's those lames talking huh lol" The Bay issued an apology though shortly afterwards though and said they were just tripping" The song is the most popular one out of all the others, but since its not an official song it cant go on the charts, but on the underground scene everyone and they mama wants to download the song and some of the other artists on the song got more attention like Diamond and Foxy and it shows that Foxy and NiNi have settled their differences. The song hit the web around 12 this afternoon click here to check out the all female version of "Loyal"

Saturday, May 10, 2014

NiNi Charges 70 Grand For A Verse

Hey all of you unsigned rappers and singers out there are you trying to get put on, get signed and make your name heard in the music world. Its very very difficult to get into the music game, but if you have an actual artist on your song you will increase your chances by 60% and get a very wide audience paying attention to you all because that artist is on your song with you, but of course it has to be a very popular artist and NiNi is that artist. She is willing to hop on fresh new unsigned talents songs with them, but the catch is just like every other celeb out there she charges for her services. It may seem wrong for a rich ass celebrity like NiNi or Beyoncé to charge anything right, well that is to protect themselves because if the song blows up and you start getting hella money for it some people wont share their earnings so if you charge before all that you'll be set with your share automatically and that's why celebs charge for their voice. NiNi is charging 70,000 dollars for 1 verse, 75,000 for a verse and a hook and 82,000 for 2 verses. This is expensive but its still very considerate compared to other filthy rich people who charge very high for one verse like Wayne for example he charges 100,000 for just half a verse that's just HALF, or Beyoncé she charges 150,000 for one verse and KC charges close to 200 grand for one verse so NiNi is clearly trying to be nice even though 70 still isn't cheap but she's the cheapest out of many other celebrities. She also will ghost write for you which means write the lyrics for you for 1,000 dollars, and she even will make a beat and give you a hot beat for 100 which is all yours exclusively to use however you want. How do you pay a superstar though? Well most of them have pay pal and you can use your credit card to fund their account, others like Tyga for example will take your payment in cash backstage and get all of your info and give you his email address to send to be beat to but everyone is different. NiNi and most of her artists use PAYPAL and then you can enter all your info and send your beat to them but it must be your own beat not someone Elses beat that's already signed or you will be denied and reported for copyright. 70 grand for a verse is a lot of money but if you can afford it its worth it you can get a chance to have an official verse from the queen and you might get signed many people have gotten signed this way like MASTER P and YG even Jay Rock who paid wayne for a verse and video for his song Hood Nigga. Click here if you want to purchase a verse a hook a combo of the two, ghost writing or beats from NiNi. And click here to check out the other PSR people's prices. Good luck guys!

Rollin With The Evans

Sorry guys for the long delay on this. .NiNi's new animated show "Rollin With The Evans Dropped on BET on May 6th at 8PM. Immediately it began being talked about all over social networking sites. The show is an animated comedy about a wacky family and the wacky adventures they have called "The Evans" Allow me to introduce me the Evans. First up is NiNi who's provides the voice of a 15 year old girl named Krystal. She attends a high school In Oakland by the fictional name of "Everlasting High" and she is in the 10th grade. She has a very large family who mostly lives with her. She is a quiet humble person but she is wild and loud when she wants to be and she loves music. Then there is her dad who is the voice of Marlon Wayans named "Kaseem". He is a 34 year old slacker who likes to drink and smoke weed almost everyday, Krystal isn't too close with him and they argue most of the time, but he is down for her and she is down for him. He works as a studio engineer in Compton. Then there is Krystal's mom voiced by Tisha Campbell named "Tasha" She and Krystal are super close and tell each other everything and they have a connection like they're actually besties or sisters. She is 33 and is the one who keeps the family in order all the time when everyone is getting wacky. She works as a kindergarten teacher in an Oakland Elementary school. Then there is Krystal's Wacky Grandfather "Ted "Gunshot" Evans voiced by John Witherspoon. He is 62 years old and He is the comedian of the bunch always having a punch line for everything. He drinks heavily but it never interferes in his daily life. He isn't too fond of Krystal's dad and calls him a low life bum any chance he gets. He is retired and spends his days at home on his favorite couch smoking an old man pipe watching the news. If anyone sits in his chair he growls like a dog until they get up and run away he sends many of Krystal's friends running out the house screaming because of this. Then there is Jackee Harry Krystal's crazy wacky grandmother named "Bertha" She is cigar smoking gun slinging grandma who reminds you a lot of Madea she is seriously funny and talks like she is uneducated such as saying "Nah I don't want to get on no shee shaw AKA See Saw. She has to be the funniest of the family at least in this first episode anyway. She is 61 years old and retired and constantly gets into it but in a funny way with the grandfather with some hilarious results. She is close with Krystal as well but the advice she gives doesn't help much such as when Krystal asked how does she go upon taking a test to get a drivers license and her response was "Why you need a license forget the po po don't worry about no po po I been driving for 50 years and never had a problem and then she takes her gun out and says if the po po stop you turn them from 5-0 to 49 with this here" But they have a good relationship. Then there is Krystal's brother Kilo voiced by Brandon T Jackson. He is a 18 year old trouble maker always getting locked up from hustling stealing cars and assaulting people and his parents always put up the bond to get him out. He argues with everyone and his parents are tired of his bad ways and threaten to kick him out. His grandma always picks on him and calls him a munchkin and a deadbeat and they constantly argue. Krystal isn't proud of him but she loves him and they are semi close. He always tells her if she gets a boyfriend he wont be her boyfriend for long. He isn't seen much in the first episode.  Then there is Krystal's aunt Sherry voiced by Kym Whitley. She is a 3 year old freeloader and she is the sister of Krystal's mom. She constantly comes over to get food money and whatever else she can think of. Krystal doesn't like her at all, and her mother is kind sometimes too kind and always gives her what she wants even  though it bugs her too. When she comes over Krystal leaves the room, and Krystal's dad always has a smart remark to say to her when he See's her and they argue a lot in a hilarious way such as when she screamed "At least I got my "edumacation" and he says you ain't even got your speech right you ain't even pass pre k shut up" She isn't shown much in the first episode either. Last there is Krystal's Cousin Kim voiced by Cymphonique. She is one year older then Krystal 16 and the two are super close. Kim is somewhat of a fast girl although she claims she never had sex just kissing and flirting and she leaves a trail of broken hearts behind her and she smokes weed but doesn't drink. She also has a very filthy mouth, but being that the show is for kids its small words like dammit or hell bastard things like that. Her and Krystal get into wild things together although Krystal is not on her level with being a bad girl. They try to be with each other as much as they can and she hates her mother which is Krystal's aunt Sherry at one point tried to poison her with rat pellets because she is quote "So annoying". She too isn't shown much in the first episode. Now that the Evans fam is introduced here's the brief details of the first episode. Its the first day of School in Oakland California and Krystal goes and she is a sophomore. She knows a lot of people from last year as a freshman but its 3 girls who she is very close to from last year which are Brianna voiced by Raven, Tyra voiced by Miranda Cosgrove and Kimberly voiced by Arianna Grande. The threesome are inseparable eating at lunch together even having most of the same classes together. Tyra (Miranda) is the boy driven one all she thinks and talks about is boys and even calls some over to talk to her, basically she loves attention from boys. Brianna (Raven) is the semi quiet one she is shy and doesn't talk to other people much but once she gets around familiar faces she changes. And Kimberly (Arianna) is the absolute class clown she makes weird faces she says weird things just to get a reaction out of people pretty much  how she is in real life so she basically plays herself. Brianna is her best friend out of the others though and its shown and sometimes the others get jealous but just make jokes as if they were playing when they're not such as Tyra saying 'Ugh why don't y'all get a room" when they were hugging for a while. But all 3 are close. Basically its a typical school day and in 7th period the teacher Mr Simmons voiced by Rob Dyrdek of Ridiculousness is the funniest teacher you would ever meet just like in real life so he plays himself too. In this class which is History we are introduced  to a handsome and charming guy that all the girls want and all the guys wanna hang out with. He's the guy who comes to class and kicks his feet up on the desk not really paying attention and making everyone last. All of Krystal's friends are totally obsessed with him but not Krystal as she thinks he is a slob and very arrogant and full of himself. He is a Junior but he chills in the lower classes just to do it and the teachers who like him too don't say anything about t and he is interested in Krystal although she is a year and a grade level younger then him he is 16,.He approaches her several times but she doesn't give him the time of day and calls him a prick and a jerk. But after a while she begins to think he is cute and funny when he acts the class clown in class but still cant see herself being with him, but the longer time goes by she begins liking him more and more and relays her feelings to her grandma who tells her to stay away from guys like that they're dogs and are only after one thing, but it doesn't get to her and she gives him a chance and they go on a first date. She realizes he acts an ass in school but he is actually very sweet and funny doing thing like holding doors open for her and pulling out the chair paying the bill and she starts to like him even more and she officially makes him her boyfriend making the whole school jealous and girls want to fight her and she starts rethinking if she wants t o go through all of that over a man. That's the first episode basically so will Krystal stay with Mack? Well you can find out this upcoming Tuesday at 8pm on BET Click here to check out clips from the episode. Its doing well and many people like it, all characters look exactly like they do in real life. Its a comedy and its a lot of comedy its a very funny show. We give it 10 stars!