Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fan Does Good Gesture For NiNi Gets Praised

Somehow, someway NiNi dropped her precious NiNi necklace along with some other Jewelry way back before the New Year when she was giving away free gifts before Christmas during the Christmas event in the park. This is when she was in Brooklyn, and her necklace snapped and the other jewelry was all dirty after being out in the weather for the past month. NiNi rocks the most expensive jewelry out of anyone in the game, besides maybe Ru Paul and what this man found was worth over $670,000 dollars. Normally, anyone who is lucky enough to find real jewelry belonging to a celeb, and its worth that much, would run straight to the Pawn Shop and cash in. But this man, a 17 year old guy from Brooklyn, happened to notice a couple shiny things in the grass while he was out on a stroll through the MLK park with his daughter. He said when he saw it he knew it was NiNi's, not only because her name was on the necklace, but those are some of her most prized possessions, including her wedding ring and she wears all of them all the time, and he recognized them from her videos and during her shows. He says he "cant believe that no one found it all this time" and we can't either. But since she was being hugged and grabbed by all the female fans there, its suspected that maybe it snapped and they wrestled it all off of her, and she didnt even notice, until maybe later.  But he didn't rush to collect, instead he went to local jewelry store, had them fix the chain since it was snapped, and had  them clean all the rest up to make it shiny again. After that, he tried unsuccessfully many times to reach NiNi. Quote "I was in the phone book, I got the PSR number, tried calling but always either got a busy signal or the receptionist would say she isn't taking unsolicited called (that means from people she doesn't know) or that she was busy,and that I can leave her a message" Eventually, he found out  the mailing address to the PSR building and he sent the jewelry back to her along with a note on where and how he found it and what he did for her, to the label. Sources say it arrived at the building today and it was about to get thrown away since PSR doesn't accept unsolicited mail, but Tina had a hunch and saved it for NiNi, She recognized the name on the package since he's been calling non stop leaving his name, so she decided to call the number he's been calling from, and she found out exactly what he wanted all this time, and she was so impressed with his honesty that she offered him a reward which he denied, saying he doesn't want anything for doing the right thing. But she still felt that, he deserved something so she took the story to the media (the respectable ones) and aired his story and all morning he has been receiving so much attention and his story is literally ALL over the place right now and nobody can believe he was sitting on that much money and decided to throw it away. He is being praised for being a very good Samaritan and for the fact that although he could've had at least 600,000 dollars in his pocket (that's more then half a Milli) which would've really came in handy for his family, he didn't do what anyone else in his position probably would've done, and that's get rich off of someone else's heartbreak, he decided to give it back to it's rightful owner,, and the Mayor of Brooklyn has rewarded him with a key to the city, which means he can eat or shop anywhere free of charge for an entire month. He still denied any rewards, but eventually decided to accept the key to the city, but he still refuses any money from anyone as he claims its hers not his it was just the right thing to do. NiNi hasn't responded to this yet, but many PSR artists and other artists in the game have praising him, click here to check out what they have to say. And click here to check out this amazing story of what you just don't see happening often these days, now that the economy is so bad......yes thankfully there is still some good people left these days, sadly, its very  hard to find them, especially when money is involved, what would you have done?

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