Saturday, August 31, 2013

Banks Releases New Song + NiNi/Kelly Collab Real + Gaga Defends NiNi

Today, Azaelia Banks released her 8th song off of PSR with her once enemy Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha titled "Bite Me" The title is weird but the song is beyond bomb, coming in at number 2 right behind NiNi pushing Solo down to number 3. Nicki and Banks Rap on the song of course and Ke$ha pops it up and they all do extremely well. We give the song a 9.9. Click here to check out "Bite Me" Ft Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha. Speaking of new songs the new song by NiNi Ft Tupac and Kelly Rowland has been confirmed by Kelly's management to be a real song and for the 1st time in a long time it was leaked which is why its still no title. The title still hasn't been revealed yet, but  they said they see that when it officially releases at least they know it has so many positive reviews. Kelly nor NiNi have responded to the leak as of yet. Speaking of Ke$ha also, she will be releasing her 3rd PSR album titled "PSR" She says the release date is quote "Still under construction" but she said "Soon" Keri Hilson is also gearing up to release her 3rd PSR album but we currently have no info on it as of yet. Sources also say that Ann Margaret, Victoria and Ariana as well as Asia Sparks and India Benet are also gearing up to release their first PSR albums so this year should definitely go out with a bang with all of these new albums. In other news, Lady Gaga defends NiNi today after the media said that she is worse then Russel and she is really strict. Gaga spoke up saying "I don't understand, you running a whole entire business and everyone in it plus she has her own label and her own artists to deal with all the time, how exactly is that worse or too strict, I personally love Russell but I would take her over him any day, you guys need to shut up because its just an unnecessary comment" The media immediately called her an ass kisser and said quote "Gaga she don't even like you, I wouldn't waste time kissing ass" Gaga simply posted "Screw You" NiNi has not responded to her yet. Do you guys feel that Gaga is sucking up to NiNi or was she just doing what she felt was right?

NINI Sends A Message To NENE And Kenya Moore

Today, NiNi sent a message to NENE and Kenya telling them to stay away from her artists. She said "All that bullshit,  its squashed I mean it, stay away from the label and stay the hell away from my artists" NENE posted "Sorry NiNi wont happen again I promise" Kenya posted "No problem girl its over and done with it" After all NiNi is the boss and she can get them kicked out the game if she wants too. In fact sources say that NENE secretly said "I don't want to get kicked out by her so whatever she wants she gonna get from me period" That statement has been confirmed to be true, as cameras captured the audio of her saying that. Sources also say that NENE and Kenya are now literally terrified of her, but that is unconfirmed. But seems like this beef is over and done with thanks to NiNi. Congratulations to her new boss powers and how those powers can stop beefs. Speaking of her boss powers its said that Princess is now back in the game. NiNi banned her early last month but sources say since they have squashed their beef,  she allowed her back in and she was immediately signed to RCA Records, that hasn't been confirmed though either. Check me out later for more info!

Friday, August 30, 2013

J Cole Releases New Song + Rita Has Fight With NENE Leakes and Kenya Moore

Today Mr Cole released his 3rd PSR song titled "one time" which features fellow PSR artists Brandy and Ariana Grande. The ladies sing and J Cole raps he has the 1st and 3rd verse Brandy has the second verse and Ariana has the hook only. Its a nice song and is currently at number 6 on the charts. Click here to check out "One Time" by J Cole Ft Brandy and Ariana Grande. In other news being 22 is tough but its even tougher if you're Rita Ora since ever since she turned 22 all she's been doing is fighting. It started Sunday at the VMA's where Rita got into a little argument with Real Housewives Of Atlanta stars NENE leaks and Kenya Moore. They were broken up by security of course but NENE threatened Rita that its not over and obviously she kept her word. Why did they argue in the first place no one knows but them but ignorant sources say that its because Rita tried to flirt with NENE's new husband at the award show. Anyways today NENE and Kenya showed up at PSR and asked Tina politely if they can have a word with Rita, but politely Tina declined saying she's working but they can catch her when she goes to lunch at 1pm. They thanked her and left the label. But they waited. When 1 o clock came around Rita left the building with her bodyguards and they were across the street in a little store. They then walked across the street and approached her. Kenya said hey Rita and Rita and her bodyguards turned around and Rita said "what" NENE then said politely to her bodyguards "excuse me sir we just want to have a word with Rita in private for a second is that OK its girl stuff you wouldn't be interested in that anyway" his reply was that's her decision if I leave or not. Rita said its OK take a walk ill catch up. Him and the other bodyguard walked off. And as soon as they did Kenya said "so what was all that shit you was talking bitch say it now when no ones around with your scary ass" before Rita can speak NENE socked her and she fell and her and Kenya jumped her but Rita got up and it was a small metal pole nearby she picked it up and started hitting both of them with it and they both were on the ground and the bodyguards happened to look back and saw her beating them with the pole and they ran back and grabbed her. She was acting crazy and had anger tears rolling down her face and she spit on them while they laid there bleeding. Her bodyguards asked her what happened she told them and they called the police who arrived within 1 minute. An ambulance was called for NENE and Kenya and police took Rita's statement and let her go. They were both released less then an hour later with minor bruising and cuts and Kenya had a broken finger bone. They both refused to press charges on Rita and the case was closed. Someone caught half of the fight on video its very blurry but you can see what's going on. Click here to check out the video. The fight and the video made its way all over the news and its a huge topic. Rita NENE nor Kenya have been available for comment. Stay tuned for more info as this develops further. Also the other day we told you that Miley Cyrus may have a PSR tattoo and today she proved it true by showing it off proudly at a signing. Its on her inner wrist and it looks beautiful with nice 3D colors. She isn't the only one though.  Star Beauty Babydoll Kat Katy Perry RI RI Big Sean 2Chainz Future Nini Miranda Alexis Monica Monica Spears India Benet Tyga CICI Havana Brown Amy Christina Aguilera The two Beibers China and Carmen Amere all have been confirmed to have PSR tattoos somewhere on their bodies. That's what we call loyalty!

NiNi Takes More Time Off + Is There A New Tupac Collab?

NiNi has confirmed over her website this morning that she is not quite ready to come back to work today, but she promised she will be back tomorrow no later then Sunday. She posted "getting some much needed Zs and relaxation I just don't feel up for work today but ill be back tomorrow if not tomorrow then definitely Sunday I know you cry babies can't live without me lol" see you soon queen!  Speaking of her a new song released today without a title it doesn't seem to be leaked it sounds very professional which we already know since the perfectionist nini will never allow her material to be leaked. The song has tupac and Kelly Rowland in it and no one seems to have heard any of the verses on older songs and it seems to be brand new verses which would mean a brand new song. Tupacs verse however is a old verse from the 1996 song "All Eyes On Me" but nini and Kelly's verse is unheard of. But nini nor Kelly made any announcement of a new song which is why we assume despite the fact that she is a perfectionist she's still human and maybe it did get leaked. But some say they actually have heard the verses they say Kelly's is from her 2009 song "Grown Woman" and ninis is from her 2010 song "Get Lost" we honestly don't see how they came to that conclusion being that we checked both songs and neither sounds like these verses so we conclude that these verses are new still some people swear up and down that its fan made so we'll let them go with that. The song is wonderful and although it doesn't have a title its blowing up receiving much radio play and great reviews from everywhere. Since there isn't a title associated with the song, the media is calling it "untitled" for the time being. We give the song a 10 and Nini may be looking at her new number one hit. Click here to check out "Untitled" by Nini Ft Tupac and Kelly Rowland.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Local Man Arrested For Standing At NiNi's Gate

Today an Atlanta Man was arrested for standing at NiNi's Gate in Downtown Atlanta which police considered to be suspicious. Late last month a security camera was installed pointing directly at her house which is how the police saw him standing there and they arrived within 20 seconds and he resisted arrest for a little bit but eventually gave in. At the police station he was questioned but he lawyered up and wouldn't answer any questions police still aren't sure why exactly he was at her gate. *Update* It has been found out that the man whose name is Jason Graham was trying to return her NiNi necklace. He claims she dropped it the other day at her show backstage and did not notice it. He claims that by the  time he picked it up and tried to return it she had already left and being that pretty much everyone knows where she lives he went over on his lunch break to return it to her and he swears that's all he was trying to do. Police have discovered that he had the NiNi necklace on him in his pocket and it has been confirmed to be hers. But they still find his story suspicious as she has a mailbox on the outside of her gate and if he was really there just to drop the necklace off he could've just put it in the mailbox and walked away, but his excuse is that he didn't want anyone to see him put it there and think he was up to something or maybe come over see what it was and steal it and he says he wanted to give it to her in her hand. The police notified NiNi about it and she came down to the station to verify her necklace and she confirmed it is in fact hers and that she did drop It after the show. Also security cameras backstage at the arena show her drop it and it shows Jason pick it up and try to run after her but she had already left. Since his story checked out the police did not press charges and he was free to go. NiNi thanked him and his reward from her was a free picture with her and an autograph. This story hit the news and  they are calling him one of the few good honest people left as anyone else probably would've took that 99 KT gold and pink diamond necklace and pawned it for cash, but this guy was honest enough to return it and he is now in the spotlight. NiNi also spoke on him saying "Many people would've took that necklace and tried to sell it he didn't and that shows a lot of honesty which we need more of, we really do need more people like him' Jason was also asked to do an interview with the local news but he declined saying quote "Its really not that big a deal it was just the right thing to do period" What would you guys have done?

NiNi Sues Google!

This is a shock as NiNi has never sued anyone before in her entire 6 year career. But today NiNi and her management took out a lawsuit on the very popular search engine Google for misrepresentation as well as defamation and unidentification. When you type in NiNi on Google the information they give on her biography is that she is 44 years old first of all. Then one company sponsored by Google has the representation of NiNi the biggest ass in the world. another bio site says that she has 10 kids and her husband is Trey songs, another says her husband is Jay-Z.. Then when you go on images its many images that has her photo shopped on porn stars bodies doing sexual acts and things like that. Even some images show her in lesbian scenes with her female artists and sexual scenes with males in the industry. Almost all of NiNi's biographies are inaccurate. All of her BIOS and pictures and info was removed,  and Google made this statement "We at Google have no tolerance for misrepresentation of anyone, unfortunately users of Google's many applications are able to upload BIOS and pictures of individuals,  and while we at Google try our best to maintain accurate information for the fans of these individuals, sometimes it slips past us. We in no way want to show Miss Nisha any disrespect, and we can ensure we will be more diligent with searches and the information obtained from them" NiNi isn't the first one to sue Google though,  back in 2007, Wayne did the same as they falsely reported he died, has over 100 kids , has sex with his daughter Reggie and has fake dreads, he didn't win. NiNi however is not seeking money, strangely she is only seeking to control what information of hers Is seen on Google and for accurate information to always be posted and to allow her team to be able to monitor half of Googles cooperation to ensure they can stop user uploads and monitor any suspicious activity in her name. Her court date has been rushed to Monday the 2nd, where a judge will hear both sides and make his or her decision. "NiNi made a statement from home we assume since she is not at work today saying "Basically don't misrepresent me, I don't like that, if someone searches for me my real bio needs to show my real pictures need to show, they have every last bit of control of what people upload so I don't wanna hear that shit about they have no control over it, just like I  have full control over what people post and upload on my site, I wasn't born yesterday" In her statement she seemed upset, but she isn't the only one, many people are going through the exact same thing on Google and many celebs have stated they do not like Google as its too much false images and information and they prefer the next popular search engine which is Bing. Stay tuned this is still a developing story.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Solo Has A Seizure

Seems like these days, people having seizures is becoming strangely normal. 1st is was Rick Ross, then Weezy then Just a few weeks ago Breezy had 2, and now its Solo. She was out in her hometown of Houston TX signing autographs and taking pictures with fellow Houston artist and cousin as well as PSR artist Kelly Rowland. Towards the end, Solo fell on the ground after hugging a male fan and she started shaking. Police immediately rushed over and put her head up so she wouldn't bite or choke on her tongue. The ambulance arrived within 3 minutes and she was transferred to UCLA medical center in Houston where doctors say she is doing much better. Kelly rode with her and Solo snapped a picture of her in the hospital bed and posted that she is OK and she thanked all of her fans for the support on Twitter. It is not known why solo had a seizure at this time, Stay tuned for more info!

Weezy Is NOT Joining PSR + Miley Flashes A Crowd

The other day I told you guys it was a possibility that Weezy may be joining PSR. Today though his reps confirmed that to be untrue,  posting, "If this rumor were true at least we know we have much support from you wonderful fans but unfortunately it is not true. Mr. Carter is quite comfortable running his own label and he still has so many new and fresh ideas for the label, Young Money records has been around for some time, but this is just the beginning for him" Weezy himself has not spoke on it. In other news, Miley sure is growing up, 1st she posed nude for a love your body campaign, then Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards she got very freaky on stage twerking and jerking then got extra freaky with Robin Thicke on stage, and today she flashed a crowd of over 7,000 fans for no apparent reason that's a long way from The Disney show and Hannah Montana. She was walking into a building for what we call a royal meeting and the fans were cheering and trying to grab her and all of a sudden she stopped pulled up her shirt and revealed her double D's well sort of and we see that she has her nipples pierced. The crowd cheered loudly male and female and her manager rushed to cover her up but she was laughing and she walked inside the building. No one knows why Miley did that, but we do know its not for publicity as she has more then enough of that, but regardless not everyone was happy to see that. A church official by the name of Deborah Winston said that Miley acts like a slut and she's only 20 but she acts like a 30 year old woman and she is sending a bad message to her younger fans. Miley posted "Get a life its just boobs lol" Seems like Miley and her fans have a sense of humor but the same cant be said for everyone these days. The moment was snapped by tons of paparazzi camera's that were there and its literally all over the globe. Her only comment was "I Had a baby and still got a bomb body wow I'm good lol" Click here to check out Miley's flashing moment (Warning nudity is shown) Speaking of Miley, Rumor says that she has gotten a new tattoo that says PSR. Miley has tons of tattoos all over her body, and she once said she wont stop until she is tatted like Weezy, but this new PSR tat has been unconfirmed, if it is true we sure would like to see it, how about you guys?

NiNi Takes Off Today

The queen has announced that she isn't feeling today and she will be off until tomorrow or Friday, so whatever info I can round up for you guys I will, but that's it for now!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Homeless Man Asks Nini For A Loan

A homeless man has asked nini for a 2500 dollar loan today. Yes I said loan, usually homeless people just ask to have the money but he said loan. It happened downtown ATL where she was spotted at a local store when she was approached by him and he told her he just lost his job and he's trying to get back on his feet and he told her he will pay her the full amount of the loan back plus whatever interest she charges within 180 days which is 6 months. He offered to give her his license so she'd know he won't run on her. Basically he treated her as if she was a loan shark. Nini was with two bodyguards so they wouldn't let him get near her and nini looked confused by it but she didn't say anything to him and her bodyguards walked her away into the limo while he was literally begging her and the bodyguards wouldn't let her stop or even look back at him. They jumped in the car and pulled off. A fan recorded the entire scene from her phone click here to check it out.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Kat Announces Album + Katy Perry Announces Album Title And Release Date

PSR has been doing a lot of announcements lately, first it was Ri Ri who announced her new album a couple days ago, then Nicki now its KAT Who took to Twitter this afternoon to announce her new album titled "God's Plan For Me" which is her 3rd PSR album. She said it will be released on her birthday which is September 5th which is literally right around the corner. She didn't mention much else on it such as features or style but it has everyone excited even us as her last album did so well. So guys be on the lookout for Kat's new album on September 5th. Katy Perry also announced something. Last month she announced her album but she wanted the fans to help her with a title and today she posted "Thanks guys finally got my title" She revealed the title to be "Personal struggles" and she said this album will fit  the title as most songs are about her struggles and how she overcame them by being strong. She also announced her birthday is the day of release which is October 24th, So be on the lookout for more info on these 2 new albums coming soon!

Is Weezy Joining PSR? + NiNi's New Song

Talk Around the game is that NiNi's boy Weezy is officially making the move from Young Money to PSR in the next few days. Word is that since Mac Maine is already the president of Young Money and Birdman is the owner, he will leave it to them while he goes on a quote "Bigger journey" This news comes from TMZ who posted an article which claims they had an interview with his manager who told them NiNi and Weezy are in partnership together, but it wont be a sister label partnership. For those of you who don't know what that means it means Young Money and PSR will be partners and the PSR artists will be PSR and YMCMB and the YMCMB artists will be YMCMB and PSR sort of like PSR and Roc Nation. Instead, Weezy is coming alone and rumor says although he's the boss just like NiNi, he's giving up his CEO title and will be under NiNi's control AKA just her artist. It's well known that Wayne worked extremely hard to get that title and take over Young Money, so going back and downgrading himself as just an artist seems unbelievable, but then again things like that have happened many times before, an example is NiNi back in 2008 when Solo was running her record label Star Records and she gave the boss title to NiNi and for a few months NiNi did a great job of signing artists and running  the label, but still she gave it up and returned to being a regular artist with Young Money. After she left Young Money she started up PSR and all of the Star Records artists made the switch over to PSR with her as technically they were still her artists, so it may sound insane to do something like that, but its not unheard of and many say Maybe the pressure of running a label is becoming too much for Weezy and he would rather someone else take care of all the business parts of the game while he just focuses on his music, which actually makes sense if you think about it. Rumor says that Weezy will be with the PSR crew no later then this week. Still this is all unconfirmed and the only info on it comes from that TMZ article, NiNi, her management, Weezy and his management were unavailable for comment on this situation. When we find out more we will let you guys know! In other news, today NiNi has released a new song titled "I Wanna Be Free" It's smooth R&B and she sings very good, the songs seems to be about wanting to exit out of a bad situation, it is not known if she is referring to the industry or something more personal in her life, but it sends a powerful message and it has been getting played many times over the radio since this morning and it didn't replace her current number one song "Cold World" but it did replace Solo's new song which was number 2 and its doing great receiving mostly positive reviews from everyone. The only complaint some people have is that it may be too too slow, but regardless we love it and we feel she did a great job especially with her high notes. Click here to check out "I Wanna Be Free"

The Game Apologizes To NiNi + Wale Releases 2nd New Song

Yesterday, The Game literally put the spotlight on many names as he went live to say the whole game basically is scared of NiNi's husband Beith, and today, he apologized, not to the names that were mentioned, but to NiNi, this is what he said "I never meant to offend her or nothing like that, she hit me up and she was real with me which I respect, as long as I knew her that's one thing she never does is hold back or bite her tongue for no one, and you know I can hear in her tone she was a little upset you know what I'm saying, and that wasn't my intention, so I'm apologizing to her just showing her its still respect there nothing more nothing less you feel me" The names who were mentioned still refuse to speak up on anything which is ruining their street cred, and the media is labeling everyone as punks and Wanna Be's  and still no one is saying anything, but regardless, this story is finished, NiNi has not responded to his apology as of yet. In other news, Wale has released his second PSR song today with Miley Cyrus titled "Rain" Miley has rapped before actually plenty of times, and surprisingly she doesn't sound too bad, in fact her new album "Bangerz" which is said to be released in October is said to be more Hip-Hop then Pop, and on this new song with Wale, she shows her rapping skills again, and she doesn't go gangsta but she definitely goes hard. We like the song and we feel it has the potential to climb high in the charts. Click here to check it out. Also there are new songs out by Talyah P, Aliesha Allen. B.B.O.D, Mona L, Asia Sparks, KAT, Star, Beauty and Lola Monroe, click here to check them all out. Also TYGA's new mixtape that he released earlier this month is said to be his biggest mixtape ever and he has sold over 77 million copies of it so far which besides NiNi is the highest mixtape sales on PSR and the highest number of mixtapes he has ever sold. Congrats to Tyga, click here to purchase his mixtape "Soldier in a cold world"

Sunday, August 25, 2013

NiNi Criticized For Backstage Behavior + Former Lovers Have A Small Fight.....Sort Of.....

Last night the queens made their stop in Philly on the Queen tour and many witnesses say that the two singers were fierce in their demands backstage and even before the show. 1st off the entire strip was blocked as if a bomb had happened or a terrorist explosion happened which meant the other performers of the night were unable to get across to go inside the building which meant they weren't able to rehearse and change up. Second,witnesses say NiNi was very demanding backstage before the show requesting a pound of spicy chicken wings a pound of cheeseburgers 71 orders of fries and 87 cups of fruit punch for her and her crew, which they did not pay for and they say NiNi made the concert promoters run out to the store in the rain and buy it all on foot and carry it all back on foot and didn't give them a ride. Witnesses say that the promoters were less then happy with the queen but it wasn't really much they can do. Other performers who were scheduled last night weren't able to rehearse or get ready which means they had to cancel their spot. Singers such as Melanie Fiona and Kid Rock were scheduled but they had to cancel due to her fierce closing of the entire street. But they have said they know how important she is and many people always try to grab her and whatnot and they know how it  goes so they hold no hard feelings against her. While it has been confirmed that NiNi ordered everything closed off, its not confirmed that she was very demanding backstage with food, they also say she complained about everything from the lighting in her dressing room to the air to the smell in the building, but this also has been confirmed, but according to sources she was acting like the quote "Biggest spoiled brat" they have ever seen. But once again besides shutting down everything, that is all unconfirmed. Regardless though if it was like that or not,  the two put on a wonderful show with the 2pac and Biggie hologram as well as some of NiNi's new songs from her new album and some of B's new song from her upcoming new album which were never heard of before. The show lasted from 8-11 and they did an amazing job, no comedy skit but just as good without it. Click here to check out the wonderful performance in Philly! In other news, Ri Ri and her once upon a time lover Breezy had a little fight today after she spotted him in LA. She approached him and told him to just relax with Nicki because he is really getting her upset and he is sort of affecting her work at PSR and that's going to make NiNi upset. Sources say she was not being disrespectful to him she was just trying to be honest but his reply was get off her head bitch" at which time she socked him pretty hard and he fell on the ground with blood dripping from his mouth, and she walked away. Police grabbed her but Breezy walked up to her and told the cops to let her go and they did. Breezy then said "I'm not pressing charges, and he said he was so sorry and he doesn't know whats been going on with him lately he gave her a sincere apology and he even had tears in front of everyone when he was apologizing to her. Ri Ri had a heart and she said "I understand we all have those days but you really have to learn to keep it under control you cant let it get to you because that's when no one wants to be bothered or be around you. He said he understood and asked if she can please forgive him and flicked her hair in a playing motion, she cracked and smile and said "I guess with your crazy ass" and the two gave each other a hug while the large crowd behind them clapped and applauded. Ri Ri then left, and Breezy continued what he was doing. He did not give Nicki an apology but he did apologize to NiNI if his actions have been interfering in her business, NiNi has not responded to him yet. Some fans say he was a real man to cry and apologize in front of everyone like that and many say they are proud of Ri Ri for being grown up about it and accepting his apology but then some fans call him a punk as he's only picking on women lately. How about you guys, do any of you have a change of heart about Breezy?

The Game Kills Everyone's Credibility Over NiNi's Husband

Today, The Game killed everyone's street cred in the game except for NiNi by saying that everyone is literally terrified of Beith. He did an interview and this is what he said "Many of these cats in this game say they're hard and this and that but you know most of them male and female are terrified of that nigga Beith nisha's husband. I know pretty much everyone in this game and some of them thought he was coming around at one time and they said they were gonna call out sick most women and a lot of them on PSR might think he cute and this and that man, but even they literally hope and pray he never comes around because they think it will be violence towards them by him for whatever reason. It just bothers me that so many heads claim they hard when they freaking out over a 1 man army you know what I'm saying that ain't hard, their songs and shit don't reflect on their life" When he was asked who exactly is he talking about he actually threw out names he said Weezy, Drake, Tyga, RI RI, Brezzy, Lola Monroe, Shanel, Katy Perry, Kid Sister, Justin Beiber, R.Kelly and many other names and he said the man who is most terrified of him is Diddy and the female who's most terrified is China. Sources say that no one absolutely NO ONE tried even a little bit to deny what he said then he posted "Anybody who was mentioned don't you think they will try up and down to prove me wrong,  nah they cant they know whats up, just be real you call yourself real, show it its aight to be scared, shit I'm freaked out by midgets and I'm from the hood too so whatever just don't act like you're something you're not" Still to this very moment NO ONE has denied what he said, wow its like that huh. But the media wasn't waiting around for them to speak and they went around to some of the names mentioned like China for example and asked is it true that she is terrified of Beith and her reply was "Um Yes why wouldn't I be that man is crazy but so is my mama so they are a great couple for each other (laughs) I never met him I'm not sure if I can" They also asked Lola she refused to answer, shanel, weezy, drake, tyga, Katy perry, Beiber and the others also refused to answer, which of course is very odd. They caught up to NiNi and she was asked if all of her artists and friends are scared of him and her reply was "I'm not in their head I don't know ask them" They also asked other people like NiNi's queen buddy and Tina as well as Solo if they are scared of him and B said "Nah he's a really cool guy" Solo refused to answer and so did Tina, and Ri Ri threw her hot coffee on the camera people when they asked her, so seems as if the entire game is scared of NiNi and Beith that's awesome and crazy all at the same time. Still no one is denying anything  that The Game said which is proving his point and seems as if no one is trying to disprove his point. But why did The Game let everyone's secret be known though, no one knows, but The Game has been unavailable for comment, but he was asked before the interview was over if he was scared also and he replied "Lets just say I wouldn't even go on that level with him, its not worth it, I'll be real with you" Stay tuned for more info on this story!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bobby Brown Wants To Work With NiNi + Whitney's Mom Pisees NiNi Fans Off

The husband of the late Whitney Houston Bobby Brown has expressed interest in collabing with none other then the queen herself he stated in a interview that he still loves Whitney but he believes that because the two were almost best friends Whitney persuaded her not to work with him due to their ups and downs. But he said he always wanted to work with her for the past 4 years and he said that he feels the two can do awesome work together strictly professional though. NiNi has not responded to him as of yet though. Speaking of Whitney, her mom has upset many of NiNi's fans with her new book titled Whitney where she mentions that her daughter was treated unfairly by NINI'S crew and sometimes even by NINI, but being that Whitney was such a good person she dealt with it and still wanted to be NiNi's friend. She claims that even at one point she was accused by NiNi of being apart of the dark life of the game which is why Whitney did her now famous interview where she spoke harsh about them and she says it was to prove to NiNI that she wasn't so NiNi can be her friend again. Despite all of this though she said that regardless nini always showed her respect and for that she respects her. Her book has upset many NiNi fans and some say they don't believe one word and they say she is just using her daughters name and her friendship with NiNi AS PUBLICITY and money. NiNi spoke up too saying "I always try and respect my elders so this is all I will say, you have no clue what you're talking about ma'am Ill leave it at that" Her mom did not respond to that. Click here to read the copy of the book speaking on NiNi and Whitney

Tension Rumors Confirmed By Hollywood To Be False

Today, Hollywood put an end to the rumors of sisterly tension between her two Knowles buddies, and she posted "I know pretty much everything especially things that's going on at the label and I can say with 100% certainty that there is no tension between them over Solange getting signed here, she's proud of her and she is happy for her, so I would like to not hear about this ever again thank you" Solo and B also confirmed it to be false, and B has reported that since early this year her and her baby sister has been much closer than in recent years. Pretty cool, but the real tension at PSR is only getting started and that's between Nicki and Breezy, we have been following that very closely and the two are beefing as bad as Tupac and Biggie or Princess and NiNi, YES that's really no exaggeration. The two had a full bloody Twitter war this morning and we all know who started it, and sources say that Nicki was not going to respond and that's clear as he was posting and it took her a full hour to post back but he kept going at it as if he was literally trying to get her to post back and when she did it wasn't pretty. She called him a mama's boy and said that she will kick his ass and then tell his mama she did it. He said her whole body is fake and the only people who wants her is people who believes her ass is real. She called him pathetic and told him to act his age and get a life instead of harassing people for attention over Twitter. The war continued for over 45 minutes and when it ended a story popped up that Nicki's bodyguard Kay Slay and a few members of Nicki's crew jumped Breezy somewhere in New York as he was scheduled to perform out there this afternoon. We don't know if that's true, but we do know that Breezy's management cancelled the show without warning shortly after the story broke. No one is speaking on if Breezy was jumped or not, and she said "He got jumped I hope he did, but if you're insinuating that it was me or my crew I doubt that" Breezy has been unavailable for comment and NiNi said she really doesn't know. Stay tuned for more info on this story!

Friday, August 23, 2013

RI RI Announces 8th Studio Album + Nicki Minaj Announces 1st PSR album + NiNi Admits She Is Sick Of The Game

The success of Ri Ri's seventh studio album "Unapologetic" was unmatched by anyone other than Jay-Z and NiNi. And today she announced her 8th album titled "Alls Fair In Love In War" She announced that she will have her regular collabs such as NiNi and some PSR artists but she also expressed that she wants to work  with all kinds of artists from Rock to Pop to Dougie to Jerking and give the fans something different. She said it will be released around Christmas or New Years as she quote wants to bring in the new year with something good" Another artist who has announced an album is Nicki Minaj. Although she signed to PSR she was still under contract with Young Money to release one more album with them before she can start releasing material off of PSR and that last album was "Pink Friday Romans's revenge" and now she is free to release whatever she wants off of PSR and today she announced that her 1st album which is still untitled will be coming this winter. She said she is working with some mega dope producers and artists to give her sound a better feel. She also mentioned that  two songs with Breezy will be cut from the album she said "He can have them I don't want them he needs them more then I do anyway" She didn't say an exact date or the collabs that will be on it she called it a surprise that we have to wait for. One thing that people are noticing about PSR though is that it seems as if the new artists are doing way more work then the artists who have been there for a while besides Katy Perry of course, and many of the old artists haven't been releasing much all we've been hearing is the new and semi new artists which is actually true. But regardless we're sure they all will surprise us soon enough, but for now Nicki and Ri Ri two of the most controversial artists in the game are releasing their very highly anticipated albums soon, so make sure you keep your eyes open for more info on those. Also today NiNi said that she is sick of the music game she is sick of her job and she is sick of everything, she said her artists keep her going because they are so supportive but regardless she is fed up with the drama associated with loving to do what she does best and she threatened that If she is pushed any further she will reach her breaking point which wont be good for anyone. Click here to check out her full interview on the subject. That's it for now guys, check me out later!

Is The Other Queen Jealous Of Solo?

We always knew there was minor tension here and there between the two Knowles sisters, but sources say the tension is increasing more and more now ever since Solo was signed to PSR. Although B personally never expressed interest in joining PSR, sources say she always has wanted to, and although she respects any decision that NiNi makes, she doesn't feel that SOLO was fit to join the label. Sources say the two were involved in a heated argument just yesterday before the show, and security camera's do show an argument backstage although it looks more like a disagreement between sisters more then a actual argument and many say it had nothing to do with NiNi or PSR but of course more sources say it actually was and they claim they have the audio to prove it but they haven't released it yet. Sources also say that Mama Tina is involved in it as she is taking sides and they say she's actually taking Solo's side. They also say that the two sisters were involved in a fight earlier today when Solo showed up at her house and B threatened her that she can get her removed from PSR quicker than she signed the contract which Solo took as a threat. All of this information sounds totally bogus to us, but then again its many  times we thought something was bogus that turned out to be dead true, but still we have no official confirmation if its true or false as B solo nor Tina is speaking on anything, even daddy Knowles was questioned about it and he didn't give much info all he said was "They're sisters come on they been fighting since they were born, so they probably are having tension that's what sisters do so what, they always will love each other' He didn't comment on if he knew if the tension was due to NiNi or PSR. PSR artists were also questioned and pretty much all of them denied to answer any questions, and of course there's NiNi who was approached by a team of paparazzi and they asked her If she knew whats up and she didn't even have to say anything she shot them a very very mean look and they backed up slowly from her and said never mind you have a nice day NiNi, and she walked off, talk about  the beast of the game lol. Rumor has it though that all of this is someone trying to make a story and the queen is actually happy for her sister, which to us sounds a little more believable, but what do you guys think? In other news, Ariana Grande is learning what its like to blow up on the biggest label on the planet as today she got her first taste of what the game does to huge names, and today she was photo shopped onto a nude body and secondly rumor says she used to be a man. Ariana brushed it off though simply posting "This had to come sooner or later, I rather sooner then later" Despite her maturity though sources say that the nude photo is actually hurting her due to it being floated all around and she would rather her family not see it, and the fact that fans believe its her which is hurting her image in the kid audiences and with parents who felt she was a good influence on their kids.,  but this photo is literally everywhere and so is the man talk. Speaking of her check out the new song by her Ft Victoria Justice titled "I Love Boys" If you're a girl you should like this, my wife does. Click here to check it out!

North West Gets Revealed

Seems as if Kanye is trying to take the focus off of his reported assault on Kim and if that's what he is doing its working, as today he shared a picture of his baby girl NORTH on Grandma Kris's Talk show. This is the first time the world has seen their baby and the aww factor is very high that all his previous negatives just have been replaced with this gigantic positive. In the picture, the baby who looks just like Ye just lighter is staring into the camera as if she is confused and she is a little cutie. Ye spoke on Nini being a really good big cousin to her and he mentioned that she loves her already and cries when she has to leave and that already she is starting to take after her daddy and become a little bad ass. Click here to check out the video of Ye's interview with Grandma as well as the photo of  their cute little baby. In other news, yesterday, NiNi cancelled her show due to what she called "Exhaustion" But today she has confirmed she will be in Atlanta to perform with her buddy tonight at the royal palace from 9-12, only problem is we weren't expecting a show today so no one has tickets or even knows where to get them from, we will check for you guys and let you know!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nicki And Breezy Beef?

Breezy has made it quite clear that even though he's a man and he goes through so much criticism behind it he has no problem beefing with women. He showed that in his war with on and off again girlfriend Rihanna, he also showed that with his once upon a time lover Miss Jade and also showed that briefly with Monica while he was with PSR. Now he's at it again with Nicki. He is being compared to Ye but not in a good way they say he's annoying and he is always having rants now and starting with everyone and many feel its because he is going through so much and needs the extra attention. We believe this started because of a promise Nicki made saying she will perform with him on two nights for the first part of his tour, the  two were buddies and frequent collaborators so she had no problem with it, but for some reason when Breezy opened up Nicki wasn't there and he had to do it alone, he seemed OK but people knew he was gonna flip due to the fact he lost money and Nicki never told him she was cancelling and still to this day hasn't given a reason she just didn't, and the next day he made a statement out of nowhere saying "Everybody got their favorite they say who sexy and who not and one person that always comes up is Nicki, man its make up talk that girl without it and see if you have a change of heart don't let that ass fool you tho dude she got some of  the worst pussy in the world that shit feel like rotted marshmallows" Nicki responded saying "You fucking punk you wish you did get some of this, you a bitch my nigga step ya shit up, you got your Lil feelings hurt and then you wanna try and make someone elses feelings get hurt you cant do that to me boo boo and I don't need make up don't forget I chill with Ri Ri and I chilled with JADE both of them say you coming up too short where it really counts to be talking all ya shit my niggga so go somewhere and kick rocks" Breezy simply responded "Man those periods really be getting to girls don't they" No diss songs have been recorded yet, but sources say its severe bad tension between the two so much that they were about to fight when they bumped into each other in Cali this afternoon, but Nicki felt he wasn't worth it, stay tuned for more info! P.S Sorry about the comment section guys will have it back up and running by the next couple days

Shakira Accused Of Stealing NiNi's Song

This certainly isn't the first and it probably wont be the last time of someone being accused of ripping off one of NiNi's songs. Just last month PSR artist Kat was accused of ripping off NiNi's song "No Apologies" That was confirmed to be false, but now its a new person accused of stealing her song and that's Shakira. This time though we actually agree sort of on it basically because it just sounds too too similar to be a coincidence. The new song by NiNi "Cold World" is the hottest song out right now and for that reason its stuck in everyones head so when Shakira dropped her new song "Bombshell" many people began saying she stole NiNi's song. We don't even bother to check out stuff like this anymore as its always been confirmed to be false, but for some reason this time our curiosity was peaked and we checked it out and wow holy similar. The beat down to the lyrics sound almost identical minus the rap and hip hop beat. Shakira's version is switched to Pop/Mexican dance, but the original beat seems to still be heard underneath and it seems as if all she did was add her own style to it, and changed it here and there to make it hers. Then comes the lyrics, NiNi Solo and Meek speak about pretty rough things in the song mostly pertaining to the movie and no Shakira doesn't get gangsta with it, but it is some similarities in her lyrics on all 3 verses, and it seems as if she took out the parts she wanted and left the hardcore stuff, which in turn helped to create a song that actually sounds like it can be a remix to NiNi's song. Even PSR artists have been speaking up on Twitter saying the two songs can be related in some kind of way, in fact China though it was a remix when she first heard it, but she didn't hear NiNi in it and that's how she knew it wasn't, yes that's how similar it sounds. Shakira has been unavailable for comment, but if this turns out to be true, Shakira can be facing jail time or a very big fine for copyright if NiNi decides to sue but as long as NiNi has been here she never sued anyone she was always the one getting sued, seems as if she would rather just beat someones ass lol, but still,  whether NiNi sues her or not, Shakira can lose credibility as an artist and maybe lose fans as well. Did you guys hear Shakira's new song what do you think? Click here to check it out and compare for yourself!

Shakira Speaks On Stealing NiNi's Song......So Does NiNi

Today, Shakira used her Twitter for the  first time since setting it up back in 2008, and she made a simple tweet that said "I DIDN'T STEAL ANYONE'S SONG OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? THAT'S NOT A METAPHORICAL QUESTION I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?" She also did an interview a little while after that and she said that she respects NiNi, and she said any similarities in music or lyrics with her song is purely coincidental. She also said quote "I cant say she isn't worth stealing from because I'll be lying if I said that, but at the same time, I'm an artist and I have my own art just like she does, and I feel a real artist does what he or she has to do to follow their own art, taking someone elses art is not an artist, and if I'm going to call myself an artist, It wouldn't be ethical for me to steal anything from her or anyone else" When she was asked "Then how come your lyrics and your beat sounds just like hers then? She replied "As I said anything concerning the beat or lyrics is purely coincidental, I spoke to her, and she understands so honestly not trying to sound rude but that's all that really matters to me, in this game lots of music is recycled by producers everyday and turned into something better or easier to understand to different audiences, so therefore you may hear my song sound like hers one month then the next month you may hear her song sound like mine, it goes on and on its really a never ending cycle" NiNi has also spoken up on her site she said "Ay assholes, leave Shakira alone and I really mean that, y'all stupid and that goes for my artists too, all of y'all hear what you want and you all sound hella dumb so just be quiet she didn't steal nothing and to the dumb ass fans no there wont be any beef or diss songs so grow up" That statement pissed off many people but then again that's what she always does as this isn't the first time she has disrespected her fans and her response was "Do you guys wanna do something about it? I thought not" NiNi is at that point to where she can disrespect however many fans she wants and still never lose album sales even if she loses a couple of fans she can never lose them all, so go ahead NiNi do you lol. Any further comment by NiNi or Shakira was denied.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NiNi On Oprah + NiNi Has Copiers

Every time NiNi releases an album or releases something that attracts many fans, her buddy Oprah has her on her show. And today NiNi was the main guest on her show to give an interview with her where she talked about her new album "My Sister's Keeper" as well as her new movie "Its A Cold World In These Streets" The interview lasted about an hour which honestly is NiNi's shortest interview she has ever done with Oprah as their  interviews usually require a special episode since they be so long. At the end she always performs her current biggest song at the time, and right now that song is 'Cold Word" and she performed that song with Solange and Meek Mill and it was totally mind blowing, all the fans were out their seats and even Oprah had to catch her breath for a second as she said quote "I cant breathe right now" The performance was followed by some autographs from all 3 and the audience members who had a copy of her new album got that signed as well. She also spoke on other things like developments at PSR, her party earlier this month, her new artists such as Solo and what everyone is up to, as well as what she has been up to since Russel handed her the head boss title and her new plans for the game. The interview made its way onto Youtube and you can click here to check it out! In other news, one thing that NiNi has is swag, even on her worst day she can still make herself look like its her best day with the way she dresses, and being that her style is so popular many people are copying her style, literally. The kids are one which is something you're going to expect, but I'm not talking about the kids I'm referring to grown women and even grown homosexual men are dressing like her and all of her fans are beginning to swag it out like her. But the media says that lately a lot of celebrities seem to be copying her as well, for example Alicia Keys was spotted rocking a Gucci dress with diamonds sewn all throughout, NiNi wears something exactly something like that a lot as her favorite designer is Gucci. She also had her had wet and wavy with bangs in the front and a mini bun in the back which is exactly how NiNi wears her hair most of the time. Not only that but instead of waving like most celebs NiNi mostly throws the piece sign at people which is 2 fingers, and now almost every celebrity ones who didn't do that at all before are throwing her famous piece sign exactly the way she does it. Fans are less than amused so if they think that that's going to get them more fans or more popular they are mistaken as fans are calling them biters. Some people who have been accused of copying NiNi from her head down to her toes down to her style include Mariyah Carey (Hair Piece Sign also some outfits) Weezy (Piece sign eye wink which she does also) Drake (Piece sign eye wink) Shanel (Outfits hair piece sign) Rita Ora (PIECE SIGN HAIR OUTFITS) Tamar Braxton (Piece sign hair) Janel Monae (Laugh, outfit piece sign) Yolanda Adams (Piece sign hair) China (Piece sign hair outfits) Tina Knowles (Piece Sign) and Meagan Good (Hair Outfits Piece sign eye wink) Selena Gomez (Outfits, Hair, Eye wink) Nicki Minaj (Piece sign eye wink) Mystikal (Eye Wink, Piece Sign) All of these people never did these things until NiNi started doing them, which is why they are being called biters, how about you guys do you feel that everyone is jacking NiNi's swag and style?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Beyonce Booed As Fans Wonder Where Is NiNi

When it comes to B, she is just as famous as her biggest competition, but apparently if she's not with the other queen, people are not having it as yesterday she performed at the V Festival in England and first she arrived 30 minutes late to the show leaving the crowd very pissed off in rainy and windy conditions, then even though the show was scheduled for both queens only one showed up and they booed at her for half the night before she actually turned it around and had them rock to her. Earlier she was asked where NiNi is and she denied any comments, and many fans feel that they paid for 2 performances and if NiNi wasn't going to be there, she should've charged less for the show, but her management insists that the artists have no say so in setting prices its the stadium owners who set prices. Regardless though, she ignored  the booing and she performed a total of 70 songs in over 70 minutes stretching songs from 2004- present and she also did a few of her collab songs with NiNi with her back track on a couple and her hologram on the others, so all in all after the beginning booing the crowd settled down and enjoyed themselves, but the question still remains, where is NiNi. Her artists have stated that they aren't too worried since this has happened before and she turned out to be OK, but they still say its always a worrying moment when the boss doesn't show up for work, especially when its something that she rarely does. Calls to her rep and management went unanswered. *UPDATE* NiNi has returned to work today, she was spotted going towards the PSR building, wearing all white with her shades and of course that red bull attached to her hand, but she refused to answer any questions about her whereabouts or any questions period. But NiNi is back, and honestly we cant say she looks too happy to be back, if I have more info for you guys, I will let you know!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Desiree Apologies To NiNi

Desiree Taylor the stalker of NiNi's husband apologized to NiNi today over Twitter and she said "Im so disrespectful, I cant believe I let a stupid girl crush interfere with my idol liking me she hates me I know it, and Im such a huge fan It was so stupid and I hate myself, Im so sorry Miss NiNi :(" NiNi has not responded to her yet. Fans have mixed emotions about her apology, some are still bashing her others say she made a mistake and everyone should let it go, but regardless NiNi's opinion is the only one that matters, and she hasn't spoken up. Speaking of stalkers, her stalker has been identified and while everyone was thinking it was a random fan it wasn't it was Sean Combs the second, which is P.Diddy's oldest son who's about between 15 and 17. He was spotted once again showing up at PSR to meet NiNi, but PSR management was ready this time and they grabbed him and he was wearing a disguise which makes him look nerdy such as skinny skinny jeans, trukfit glasses and skater shoes and skater gear, which left him unrecognizable even to his dad. PSR management asked him why he continues to show up everyday and his reply was "UM DUDE DO YOU KNOW WHO YALL WORK FOR, YOU CANT TELL ME YALL DONT CATCH FEELINGS WHEN SHE'S AROUND YALL" He was threatened that if he continued coming by the police will be called. He also stated that he would like to join PSR although he doesn't even make music, his request was denied and he was thrown away from the label. Word got to Diddy who apologized for his sons actions and said that he never knew that he was going to the label and calling harassing her everyday he said quote "If his damn mom would take more responsibility and watch him this wouldn't have happened" He apologized to NiNi and to PSR and he assured everyone that it will never happen again. Sean JR took to Twitter saying "For weeks nobody knew who I was, I should be an actor I got the best disguises, but NiNi my dad is whack he aint a playa like he used to be, he wont keep me from you" NiNi responded to him saying "Boy please you wouldn't even know what to do it with yo lil young ass go to skool read or book or something do some homeork" Fans are upset as usual at the JR and they have been semi bashing him all day. Diddy simply posted "Thats what your lil bad ass get boy, don't ever pull this shit again" Also a new song released today titled "My Way" by Monica Spears Ft Frank Ocean, really cool song we like it alot and you can click here to check it out!

Yeezy Accused Of Spousal Abuse

Well Ye has been busy lately, first he had a baby girl a little over a month ago, then he dropped his highly controversial album "Yeezus" then he was arrested for assault on a camera paparazzi man, then he was linked sexually to Khloe Kardashian, and now he is accused of beating his fiancĂ© (which many say is now his wife) This story started yesterday as Kim exited their house in Miami and she was rocking the biggest knot on her forehead we've ever seen along with a black and blue eye, and sources say she was screaming that YE has gone crazy and he wants to kill her, then later on she took it back saying that she fell while riding her bike in the park. All morning paparazzi has been doing a pretty well job of bashing Mr. West calling him a woman beater and they are comparing him to his buddy Breezy. But Ye nor Kim have spoken up on this, although last night Kim posted "I don't know why I'm such a clumsy person, seems like it runs in the family lol" Many say that her injuries look like fists punches and they are too big to be from a bicycle accident which only would've left minor scratches not deep purple black and blue bruises. Still neither one is speaking up on this incident but being that Kim allegedly screamed Ye's name, the blame is all on him. MAMA Kardashian as well as her sisters also refused to comment on Kim when they all were approached in LA and they literally walked away and ignored the camera's even when they told them Kim may have been assaulted. Its well known that the Kardashians especially Kim now is becoming alot more secretive then they used to be, are they keeping this quiet to protect Ye from vengeful fans or for his career or maybe because the two are married with a baby. We don't know, but the silent treatment is all we've been getting from all of them today, even NiNi wont speak on it and she said quote "Its really not my business, don't ask me nothing" Police would like to arrest Ye, but without a cooperating witness they have no case. Click here to check out the photos of a bruised up Kim and be the judge for yourself.

Monday, August 12, 2013

OMG Girlz Announce New Album!

A couple months ago the OMG Girlz announced their separation, but they said that they will be making one last album as the OMG Girlz before they all go solo, and today they announced that this new album is titled "Farewell" which is an appropriate title considering their soon to be separation. They announced over Twitter that their last album together had a lot of hard work put into it and they worked with some of the best producers in the business to make their last album a memorable one. They also announced that this album will be released on Brianna Aka Babydoll's 19th birthday which is August 15th which is this Thursday, so check back on the 15th for a review on "Farewell" Other albums that have been announced for release this month is Jazmine, Mya Rose, Keri Hilson, Monica Spears, Big Sean, 2Chainz, Future and Cymphonique, so be on the look out for all of these AUGUST albums. The 1st of next month is Miranda's album, so look out for that as well....

NiNi's Husband Has A Stalker, So Does NiNi

Today, the world found out that NiNi's husband has his very own stalker, and her name is Desiree Taylor from Houston TX. She began posting things on her Twitter this morning and she had a few pictures that she claimed she took from behind the bushes. The first photo shows him by a school dropping two kids off, the world went crazy with this picture being that kids were in it, but unfortunately, their faces were not very clear, they were holding his hand but it is not known if those are their kids or not. she claimed she traveled over 6 hours just to see him even if it is only for a few minutes. The rest of the photos which was like 89 of them in total showed his car, others showed him going in a store and stopping at an IHOP coming out with Food and it also shows he has no more hair like everyone though he actually has a very popular cut called the J Fade. Under each photo she has the headline "my sexy future king" and its obvious that she is a hardcore stalker, she did not post anything disrespectful things towards him or NiNi, but she did insinuate that she may have a crush on him, but on NiNi too as she posted a picture of NiNi and she posted "GOD I wanna rip your clothes off Miss King" He's not the only one though, NiNi also has her own stalker his identity isn't revealed yet, but PSR management says a man comes to PSR every morning at the same time to bring flowers and asks to see NiNi. When he is denied access to her, he calls at least 1000 times a day no exaggeration and leaves messages to her asking if they can meet up and hang out. Management says its very creepy but they don't suspect him to be crazy or a murderer which is why they haven't contacted police yet. The man also sends her letters to her personal box at the label mostly love letters as well as candy teddy bears expensive jewelry including a 1000 dollar NiNi necklace and other items,  but sources say every letter gets burned or ripped by her and every other thing he sends gets thrown in the trash, without even looking  to see what it is. In fact he even sent a nude picture of himself which was burned. Keri Hilson spoke up on NiNi's stalker and she said "He's weird and creepy, but he's like a nerd none of us feel threatened by him or anything he's basically just another starstruck fan" In fact NiNI mentioned him in a post on her site simply saying "No time no day from me dude so just leave me alone I'm really not in the mood for people like you" Still he didn't get the memo and he continues to call and show up everyday. Today Paparazzi was waiting for him and right on cue he showed up at 915am with a big bouquet of flowers and when they approached him he took off running. So obviously whoever this guy is he only wants NiNi to know his identity, but NiNi claims she has no idea who he is. She hasn't responded about her husbands stalker as of yet.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

NiNi Gets Offended On Her P-SPOT

Not trying to get XRATED here but yes I mean the actual P word that guys go crazy over. Its a well known fact that if you're a celeb eventually you're gonna get punked and roasted. NiNi has been both she was Punk'd in 2010 by Ashton Kutcher and she has been roasted at least twice on SNL (Saturday Night Live), most of the celebs shake their roasts off as most of them know what to expect already and they know its not real, but occasionally you'll get a roast that's just way too personal, and today that's exactly what happened as the SNL crew decided to roast NiNi but in a different kind of way and they talked about her female parts. It wasn't in a bad way although they commented that it looks like its fat and someone can get lost in it, but regardless, she took offense to it as she feels her private area should have never ended up in their skit. NiNi has not allowed me to post exactly what the skit said, but if you guys really want to know, you can check the skit on YouTube. NiNi issued a statement towards the SNL crew and she said "Look I accept your dumb ass skits most of the time because I have a sense of humor, but don't ever put my pussy in your mouth, I don't want it in your head, I don't want it on your show I don't want it anywhere that's the kind of shit that pisses me off, that's beyond a joke to me and I consider that disrespectful, so don't fuck with me on that level" SNL has issued an apology statement to NiNi and they said "Over the years we have joked around about NiNi many times and she's one of the only ones who actually can take a joke, our skit today was meant to be humorous not in any way disrespectful to her that's not what we are about, its all in the act but we understand If she took offense to it and we would like to apologize to her, as mentioned before we are huge fans of her and we would like her to appear on the show one day to help us roast people since she's like the queen of comedy and roasts. NiNi has not responded to their apology statement as of yet. Have you guys seen the skit, what do you think hot or not?

NiNi's Show + New Items Added

Last night the queens put on their show which got canceled Thursday due to severe rain in Washington DC.  The show lasted from 8-11 and it was nonstop action back and forth throughout the entire performance. No comedy skit but the show was just as good without it, Click here to check out their entire 3 hour performance. In other news, new items have been added to the Platinum Wear Line, which is Laptops, touch screen and non touch screen. Screen sizes range from 13-17 inch and the touch screen models are the more luxurious ones and of course the more expensive ones. The touch screen models run $899.99 and up and the non touch screen models run between $299 and $499. plus you can customize it in your choice of colors, names, and designs free of charge. Next is more fragrances and jewelry and some more outfits, from different PSR artists. Click here to check out the new P.W items

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Solo Is Doing Well Already

Today, Solo's first PSR single released Ft Lauren London and Bow Wow titled "Rough Sex" Its Hip-Hop/R&B and within 20 minutes of its release it skyrocketed to the top and it gained Solo her first ever mega hit coming in at number 2 on every chart right behind her other song with NiNi and Meek "Cold World" Despite the title,  the song actually has very little references to sex, instead its more about living wild and balling rough, and  they use that as a comparison to rough sex. Its actually a very bomb song, one of the best we've heard from Solo since....well since she came out (No offense sweetie) And the song is receiving all positive reviews even from the harshest critics and fans. This song is gaining Solo way more fans and more acceptance at PSR, its gaining much more recognition for Lauren who does amazing with her singing by the way and its gaining her many new fans as well, and Bow Wow continues to keep his adoring female fans, all 3 did amazing and we give the song a definite 10. Click here to check out "Rough Sex" by Solange Ft Lauren London and Bow Wow Produced By NiNi! In other news, the last few days, many things have been closed and shut down due to the large rainstorm and most businesses and establishments have been flooded out but now almost everything is nice and dry and things are opening up and everything is returning back to normal, which means the two queens will make up their show that they had to cancel due to the rain in Washington D.C. The show is scheduled for tonight at 8pm -11pm with 1 hour for backstage autographs and pictures. Hope you guys held onto your tickets, we will be letting you guys know all about it tomorrow! Also sources say that although KeKe said she will be talking a while off to find a new home, that home came to her faster then she thought, as Universal Records has signed her to a deal with them for 2 years. Her stats are very impressive and she has over 3 number 1 albums under her belt so its no wonder why she was picked up so fast, we would to say congrats to Miss Keke. Also Brandy is another one who's been doing very well with PSR today she also released a new song with Rita Ora titled "Down Low" nice R&B song with Hip-Hop vibes. Click here to check it out! *UPDATE* Sorry guys, but another artist has totally blown our minds today, and knocked Solo right down to number 3 and that's NiNi's new artist Sasha Brown who released her first official major song today titled "When I Get Here" this song is amazing in every since of the word and she is being compared to high profile celebrities like NICKI, Lola, Asia Sparks and Even NiNi and yes we do agree with that. She has a wonderful lyrical ability and her word play is more then amazing and the way she combines her words is being compared to geniuses like NiNi 2PAC And Biggie, she's gaining many many fans and a great deal of recognition and she is getting huge fast. We love the song and we give it a 50. Click here to check out "When I Get Here" by Sasha Brown, we swear this girl will be royal real soon!

Keke Palmer Released From PSR

Last week, Keke released her album "BDAY" and it has done very poorly in sales only selling 200 copies which is something she has never done. Today, sources confirmed that NiNi was not willing to take any more risks with her and she released her from her contract which she just renewed not too long ago. NiNi still owed her 1 last pay check a tour paycheck and the amount her album sold, and altogether she owed her a little over 9.7 million dollars which she paid her. Keke was spotted leaving PSR and when paparazzi caught up to her she had tears in her eyes and she was crying, but she refused to comment at that time. A little later she posted this on Twitter "I had to go, she's just doing her job and I understand that, no hard feelings though I appreciate her training me and helping me the best she could, I will be off for a little while until I can find a new home" NiNi has not commented on Keke's release as of yet. It's a lot of mixed emotions from her millions of fans but How do you guys feel about Keke being dropped?

Friday, August 9, 2013

NiNi's Album Reaches Legendary Mark!

A little over a week ago, NiNi released her highly anticipated album "My Sister's Keeper" The album murdered everything on the charts and skyrocketed to the top within an hour after its release, and now it has a title that no other artist, living or dead has reached and that's legendary. Since no one ever reached that title with  their album, no one is used to hearing it, but legendary is the highest honor that your album can get, it used to be Platinum was the highest your album can get, but when artists like BeyoncĂ©, Jay-Z, T I and Lil Wayne came into the picture, their albums sold past Platinum marks and a new title had to be invented, thus Legendary was born, but even those 4 highest sellers haven't ever reached the mark created for them yet, the first person to reach that title in the 5 years that its been around is NiNi, and legendary means no other album has ever came close not even a little bit to her album, no other album sold as fast as hers and no album in the world can compete with  hers and this is a title that gets you an award and your picture in the Guinness book of world records for most albums sold in the shortest amount of time which she has done already. Her album is only a week and a half old, and it has sold more than quadruple her last album "Fierce" and technically the amount she sold hasn't been invented yet, yes its that much, and we would like to say congratulations to NiNi!

NiNi Speaks On Her Fight + Why Did Kid Ink Respond To Selena

Today, NiNi spoke on her fight for the first time that took place yesterday in Washington, DC with Icarly cast member Nathan Kress and this is what she said "You know what, the little fucker had It coming, he calls himself trying to mac not knowing he's really making himself look dumb, with his lil dick ass, I swear that boy is the biggest geek I ever met, that's not just in the TV shows, he's a straight clown and I regret nothing don't ever touch me, and if the cops cant understand that arrest me now, but if you arrest me on self defense then y'all are more corrupt then this game, I'm glad he's in the hospital, I heard he isn't doing well and I laughed about it, and I hope he learned a valuable lesson about putting his damn hands on people without an invitation" Nathan is said to be in a coma from losing so much blood internally, still police actually did find out  that she defended herself although they don't agree with  her constant use of violence this is the statement the captain made. "Everyone, man and woman has a legal right to protect themselves, we do not condone violence but we understand it necessary at times, but then you have Nini who literally attacks everyone in the most violent way just from a touch or something of that nature, she reacts as if someone has a gun pulled on her or if she's witnessing a murder to a loved one, and we find it very unnecessary to react that violently over a touch.. She does has a right to protect herself, but we feel that she takes things a little to far, still no matter what we think on the matter, the united states says that any person that feels threatened is authorized to use deadly force if necessary but that is something we do not agree with, NiNi will not be charged in this matter and we are officially closing our case thank you" NiNi as usual made fun of the situation by posting a video to her site dressed like a pig which is a direct reference to what cops are called these days and she imitated the captain's statement while eating some bacon, its pretty funny, click here to check it out! In other news, Kid Ink is still unknown which means he has to kiss ass like everyone else had to do at first to get and keep fans while he's coming up, when you get to a royal level or even just a huge fame level then you can do whatever you want and still keep your fans and whatnot cuz at that point you become a god or goddess to them and nothing you do is wrong, but Kid Ink isn't there yet, and today he lost many of his fans and pissed of thousands of Selena's fans when Selena posted this on Twitter "Damn I swear trying to find a home, is like trying to find a job, Its hard and annoying, why did I leave oh god why did I leave" She didn't address that to anyone, but for some reason Kid Ink felt the need to respond saying "Stop complaining, you was here now you're not get over it, stop your whining and crying because It wont get you anywhere, especially not here" Selena responded "UM EXCUSE ME WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" He didn't respond to her, but within minutes he faced severe negatives comments from all of her fans, PSR fans, NiNi fans and even his own, and even some media outlets criticized him calling him nosy and saying he's nobody to be talking to a royal artist that way if anything he should be bowing down to Selena since she's way more higher on the pyramid. Sources say he lost more then half of his fans, and PSR wants nothing to do with him, they can care less if he stays or leaves, he even received death threats and many fans white and black called him a ugly n word, yeah that word. Kid's mixtape he just released was taken down from online mixtape sites and sources say everyone stopped buying it, this is what happens when a newcomer gets the balls to disrespect royalty not just royalty but regardless Selena is still in NiNi's circle, I'm sorry but that's just something you don't do unless you're one of them which he's not. Kid made an apology to Selena publicly but that didn't work at all. NiNi has stated that she was unaware of his statement and she apologized for him, she says she knows the right and wrong things to say to royalty when you're new, and she said he will quote "be dealt with" Selena mentioned that she thought he was a fan she had no idea who he was or that he was with PSR, but despite all that, Selena has accepted his apology but her fans, NiNi's fans and PSR fans have not, and at least one person has already attempted to hurt him where gunshots went off in Atlanta while he was there to promote his new mixtape, no one was injured though. Stay tuned for more info! Also check out the new song by Brandy Ft Kelly Rowland titled "He Hurt Me" Click here

PSR Flooded

Yesterday was a pretty intense rainstorm that swept across the nation bringing over 3-7 feet of water, and PSR received a lot of that and the building was soaked. Sources say that the water was so high that it was like walking into the ocean or a swimming pool, as the water was up to your neck depending on how short or tall you are. Construction workers immediately began dumping the large puddle of water from the building, but PSR has many electrical things such as the studio equipment and etc and sources say that everyone's studio and their studio equipment was underwater and has been destroyed from the water. Other things such as office papers, lyrics, album covers, awards and so on was also flooded. Luckily though, PSR has insurance which protects them from natural disasters so everything will be replaced by the insurance free of charge, but as far as the lyrics, office papers, important documents, they can never be replaced. The construction to remove the water from the building began at 7am and it lasted about 4 hours wrapping up a little after 11, and even though all the water is removed, the place is still soaking wet, but regardless, no artist was off today, everyone reported to work, despite having to work in a watery environment, but most of them had shows to go to anyway, so more or less, it was just for attendance purposes. Management expects the label to be back to normal within a few days, and sources say  that they have giant heaters all throughout the building, might sound ghetto, but they say its working really good and drying everything pretty fast, so that's good, NiNi hasn't spoken up on this as of yet. In other news, Mya the girl who showed up at NiNi's house a few weeks ago, has been released from the hospital this morning and she made a statement directed towards NiNi and she said "I'm not sorry that I went to the house, I'm not sorry that I have a mega crush on Beith, and I don't even regret the world seeing my body, but one thing I will apologize for is just basically disrespecting her, she done nothing to me, and regardless I was out of line, that's all I'm gonna say" NiNi has not responded to her as of yet.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Been A While But Couldnt Stay Away From It Too Long

I'm talking about fighting, yes its been a while since we heard it but we all know its NiNi's favorite thing, today she was involved in a fight with Nathan Kress, who is best known for playing Freddie Benson the computer and camera nerd from Icarly. This started due to a statement he made saying that NiNi has the best body he has ever seen, and he has never dated a black woman before but he's sure he can sweep her off her feet. Sources say  the statement annoyed her, but she let it go, until she bumped into him in Washington DC where he commented saying wow its even better in person, and he said "Would you like to be the one I lose my virginity to? She said "Don't speak to me dude dead ass, I'm warning you right now, I already don't like you" He said you haven't seen what I got, I guarantee you can like me don't mean to brag but I love to brag" and he put his hand down on her thigh trying to go between her leg, and she did what she always does when someone disrespects her which is sock the person, which is what she did, and she drew a lot of blood from his lip, in fact it was so much that it was more blood on the ground then it was water from rain, and she kicked him in the chest while he was down. Her bodyguard rushed to grab her and take her inside, and when police arrived fans who were there were just staring at him, no one helped him, and they said they have no idea who hurt him. Nathan is said to have a broken jaw as well as 2 broken ribs and a broken chest bone from being kicked with her famous "PSR KICKS' He is still unconscious, NiNi hasn't spoken up on her fight as of yet, and police continue to investigate, but no one is snitching on the queen. Stay tuned for more info. Almost every show including NiNi's is cancelled today due to a large rainstorm sweeping across from New York to Miami, so its not much going on today, but any more info I get I will let you guys know Peace!

Rita Gets Attacked + New Song

The main mistake that celebrities these days make is that they feel if they are going right down the street to the store, they don't need the services of their bodyguards. Bodyguards are hired for a very important reason, but still so many people even NiNi sometimes refuses to use them. Such incident took place today, as Rita Ora decided to be a regular person for a day and not take her limo to lunch or take her bodyguards, and she walked down the street to hit the strip for food. Within a split second  she cut through an alley and she was approached by over 10 people dressed in ski masks who jumped her right there in the alley. No one was around in the beginning so she suffered the brutal attack alone. Rita though, did not just lay there and get beat, she was caught off guard from behind and they powered her to the ground, but she fought her way back up, and she fought every last one of them by herself and she seriously injured a few of them, but eventually it was just too many of them, and they were able to get her back on the ground. But someone happened to be coming by and he noticed the attack and he pulled out his gun and yelled at them to get away from her, they then began running towards him and he fired 10 shots hitting every last one of them. Every single one was pronounced dead at the scene. He then called the police and the ambulance for Rita. But amazingly though, throughout being kicked, hit and stomped, she walked away with just a couple of scratches and bruises, and she didn't require a hospital visit. Police are calling this a robbery attempt gone wrong. As the ambulance arrived they took off their masks and it was revealed to be 10 women all in their early to mid 20's and after background checks it was discovered that all 10 had no police record and none have ever did anything like this before. The man who killed them is not being charged with murder, instead he is being called a hero, and out of appreciation, Rita has offered him 2 free tickets to her next show in Chicago next week. Rita's reps confirm that she is perfectly fine and there is quote "Absolutely nothing wrong with her" Rita herself has not commented on her attack as of yet. But we're sure she will think twice now about not bringing her bodyguards along with her. In other news, a new song has released by Drake titled "No New Friends Remix" which features NiNi, Rick Ross and Shanel. The song was posted to her site yesterday but we didn't find out about it until today. We like the song a lot, and we feel its definitely a step up from the original, and as usual NiNi murders the competition. Click here to check out "No New Friends Remix"

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Is NiNi's Sister Her Twin??? + Video Is Number 1 + Foxy's Request

Sources say that  the sister that NiNi constantly talks about all the time is in fact her twin sister. We aren't sure exactly where this story has come from, but the most believable explanation at the moment is that NiNi's phone was hacked and she has her stored under "Twin" It didn't take long to put two and two together, but we feel that many women call each other twin even if they are not related, so just because she has "Twin" stored doesn't mean its her actual sister, yes its a possibility but it doesn't mean that's what it has to mean. Still, no one knows her sister, and despite the fact that she talks about her alot, she doesn't give a name or anything else besides she's an inspiration, it has led some media people to the conclusion that her sister is just an imaginary person she created to deal with stress and whatnot, but knowing NiNi as well as I know her, I highly doubt that. The media has set out to find this so called sister of hers, don't know why its so important to people, but for some reason, everyone wants to meet this girl , We admit, we wouldn't mind meeting her either, but its not something that we feel should cause all this drama over, but hey that's just us. Do you guys think that NiNi has a twin? In other news, NiNi's new video for "Cold World" has hit number 1 in every city, state and country around the world, and we are told that the video is being played at least 10 times a day everywhere, this is NiNi's most popular video to date, in fact everything she did lately is her most popular project ever. "My Sister's Keeper' is her most popular album, "Its A Cold World In These Streets" is her most popular movie and her recent party is her most popular party, still being talked about 4 days later as if it was yesterday, so congrats to the queen! Also FOXY Brown, has made a request  to NiNi that we honestly feel wont be answered, she asked her if she can be down with the Platinum Crew, and she asked this in front of a large TV audience by statement. She told NiNi that she put her problems to the side, and she wants to work with her, and she also apologized for her behavior. We admit three things, one this is a shock most definitely, 2 we honestly aren't too interested in her being with PSR no offense and 3 we'd rather see Lady Gaga if anyone join, but as far as Foxy is concerned, she feels she has what it takes to be down with PSR,  do you guys agree with her??

Miss Miley Announces New Album + Mixtapes

Miley has been all over recently, first it started with  her marriage and her her baby, then her cutting her hair, then posing nude for a spokeswoman ad, now its about her music. Its no secret that Miley has been with PSR for quite a while now, and her last two albums did great and her last 3 mixtapes did even greater. Now today she has announced her 3rd PSR album titled 'Bangerz" She confirmed the album over Twitter and she mentioned that every song on the album will be produced by NiNi and Kanye West, after all when NiNi produces songs they always blow up, just look at songs like "Dirty Laundry" or "New Jack" She did not mention a release date or features but her reps and management say really soon, Miley seems to release an album every year at the same time which is October 1st so maybe we can expect  two albums on the same month one from Katy Perry and one from Miley, who knows, but at least we have a title. In other news, speaking of good artists, mostly all of the new PSR artists have been hard at work, and today Asia Sparks, TYGA, Ariana, Victoria, Kid Ink, Ann Margaret and India Benet have released their 1st PSR mixtapes. Here's the rundown. 1st up is ASIA SPARKS. She has been blowing up faster then any other new PSR artist and now she has created a very big mark for herself. Her 1st mixtape is simply titled "Delicious" The lead single "Delicious hit the radio last week and blew up heavy, and now this mixtape is doing the same. It features almost every PSR artist on it with the exception of the younger ones of course and it has 42 songs on it, its a very long mixtape, but every song is worth it as she delivers the fire that fans love to hear nowadays. It has sold over 97,000 copies so far We give her mixtape a 10. Its available on her site as well as the PSR site for 2.00, click here to purchase "Delicious" Second we have TYGA, who already was huge but has been gaining much more recognition since joining PSR. His mixtape is very very overdue due to his contract agreements that he still has with Universal/Cash Money, but today he released his first mixtape titled "Soldier in a cold world" and its his hottest mixtape in our opinion, it features NiNi, Weezy, Drake, Jay-Z, Jazmine, Mya , Carly, Rita and Alexis Jordan and we give the mixtape a 9.8. His album is available on the PSR site as well as the universal site for 5.00. It has sold over 110,000 copies so far.  click here to purchase "Soldier In A Cold World" 3rd we have Ariana Grande who hasn't even been at PSR a month yet, and already has two hit songs with the label and dropped her 1st mixtape today, that's what we call, determination. Its called "Sparkles" don't let the title throw you off though, its really a nice mixtape and she is a very talented singer. Its full R&B and features, NiNi, Miranda and Monica only and she delivers a good mark for herself with this. Its available on her site and the PSR site for 2.50, it has sold over 100,000 copies so far, we give the mixtape a 9.7. Click here to purchase "Sparkles" Next is Victoria Justice who is another one who has been there less then a month and already has a mega huge hit with the label and has released her 1st mixtape today titled "What Them Boys Want" Its Pop/R&B and features NiNi only and we actually like it. Its available on her site and the PSR site for 2.99 and it has sold over 88,000 copies so far, we give the mixtape a 9.5 click here to Purchase "What Them Boys Want". Next is Kid Ink who has been with PSR for a little over 2 weeks and already has done his first mixtape titled "Bow To The Kid" not the best title in the world, but regardless its doing OK, but most people don't know him so hes not going to sell like a more known artist yet, until he gets his name out more but regardless he has sold 37,000 copies of his mixtape which isn't bad just not what PSR is used to. His mixtape is available on the PSR site for 2.00 and we give it a 7.9. Click here to purchase "Bow down to the kid"  Next is Ann Margaret who has also been there less then a month and already has released her mixtape titled "Bad Girl" its mostly rock with some smooth Rock R&B thrown in and it features NiNi, Ke$ha Carly, Alexis and Avril Lavigne. Its available on her site and the PSR Site for 1.00 and it has sold over 200,000 copies so far. Click here to purchase "Bad Girl" and last we have India Benet who is doing the best out of all, she released her first mixtape titled "Growing Up" and it has sold over 450,000 copies in less than an hour, which is amazing because she is more unheard of then Kid Ink, but regardless she's doing well, the mixtape features NiNi and Monica Spears only, and its available on her site for 3.00. We give it a 9.9 Click here to purchase "Growing Up" Also new PSR artists Jazmine and Mya have announced that since the success of their mixtapes did extremely well, they will be releasing their first PSR albums before this month is over, that's what we call fast, congrats to all the new PSR artists!

NiNi Linked To Markus Burlust + Keke Palmer

The dream teen actor from Glee Markus Burlust has been romantically linked to NiNi. Sources say the two have began a secret relationship when the two met in 2010 on the set of the first Glee which is a movie NiNi has said she loves.. Here's what we do know. NiNi and Markus have been seen on many occasions, once backstage at her show posing goofy with each other, another time he was spotted entering PSR, and he was even in a clip in her HBO documentary, in fact the only place that he's never seen at is her parties. What we don't know is why after almost 4 years people are linking them together as a couple, when they have been friends all this time. Well sources say that today something happened to bring the story up, and that's that the two shared a kiss during rehearsals in Kansas where he came to see her and brought her roses. Paparazzi was said to have been on site in disguise and captured the two walking away from everyone after she received her flowers, and they say they followed the two and they shared a small kiss away from the crowd of back up dancers. This hasn't been confirmed and NiNi nor Markus have been available for comment. Stay tuned for more info. *UPDATE* NiNi has spoken up on her supposed romantic link and this is what she said "For once the dumb ass watch dogs aren't totally wrong, although they still love to twist shit, but Markus Is my boy, he's been my friend for 4 years, and to you assholes who think its something between us sorry to bust your bubble but the man is gay, I'm sure he said that so many times, I'm not sure why the hell you people don't listen you only hear what you want, anyways I met his soon to be husband so please chill, yes he bought me flowers but only as a friend and I certainly did not kiss anyone, we walked off yes and I walked him out the door and gave him a quick little hug that's it, he's about to get married and I'm already married remember, ugh I really hate explaining myself to a bunch of assholes" NiNi sounded very upset on her statement, but after her statement, MARKUS made his own and he basically confirmed everything that NiNi said including his sexual orientation, so no romance there.....In other news, The other day Keke Palmer released her long awaited album "BDAY" and whats weird is that she had so many people dying for this album and she worked so hard on it, but the album only sold 125 copies, which is beyond bad. Keke herself was shocked as well and even though most of PSR has tension with her, even they were shocked by how her album did considering so many people were literally begging for it. Come on guys help Keke out her album is available on iTunes, her site and in retail stores worldwide for 7.99 click here to purchase "BDAY"

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Queens Make Fun Of The Demon Talk At Their Show + China

The thing about these two, is  that you never really know when to take them serious or not, as they never really deny or confirm anything, instead they joke about stuff, to some its funny, others its an admission of guilt. Last night was their show at the southern megadome in New Orleans, in front of over 87 thousand fans, and they decided to joke about them being called demons, with a little comedy skit where NiNI asks B would she like to go to church with her, and B responding saying "OH I CANT BECAUSE I'M A DEMON" NiNi replies "Who told you that you're a demon?" She responds with "Well that's what everyone says so I guess it must be true since everyone is saying it everyone has to be right (She was being sarcastic) NiNi replied with oh that's right I'm one too, I forgot all about that because I was too busy telling them to kiss my ass, but since we're both demons, lets go do something we're not supposed to" B said "Yeah lets go eat sushi, after all all the good folks cant handle sushi only demons can eats sushi, after all everything us demons do is considered evil, so lets eats sushi and watch some scary movies, oh my that's so evil" It may not seem too funny by me writing, but in person it was hilarious just based on their facial expressions and they both were talking like dumb airhead white blonde girls (No offense to you blonde girls out there) and the voices they were putting on was the funniest. But while they had the crowd laughing, others like protesters and church officials considered their skit less then amusing and they say quote "How can they joke about something so serious" But NiNi did respond  to them in her own way by saying "Y'all can come to hell with me If y'all want its really a lovely little place and the warm summer weather man its amazing you can fry an egg on the sidewalk lol" That is her way in a funny joking way of course of telling them to go to hell, NiNi has a special way of putting things and we are catching onto her when she pokes fun at serious situations. Regardless though the fans loved it and they absolutely murdered the show and it was so many amazing special effects like when the song "No Apologies with Tupac came on his hologram actually swallowed both of them and when he spit them out they came out as fire first then turned back into their original self, and they never did that before and it was amazing they had the crowd cheering for days with that one. They performed a total of 13 songs together and had 9 costume changes and 1 song a piece solo, for a total of 3 full hours, and every minute was wonderful, we almost didn't want it to end, NiNi even performed her newest song "Cold World" and bought out Meek and Solo to do it with her and that was amazing, she also performed some songs from her mega successful album. Click here to check out their explosive 3 hour show! In other news, last night I ran a story about China making out with her older sister Sierra, and today China kinda denied the rumor, but some say something is super weird about her denial. At 8:37am she posted a simple message on Twitter saying "I did not make out with my sister" At 8:39am her sister Sierra posted the exact same simple message "I did not make out with my sister" Its weird as if they both rehearsed what to say or something, and not only that but most people who are accused of having a incest relationship with a family member will say more then just those 8 simple fake sounding words, most people will flip and deny up and down and get mad and blah blah blah, instead these two posted the same thing and many say their posts just sounds fake as If they are writing that just because they have to deny it, but  they say it doesn't sound real it sounds more like they just need people to shut up. We don't necessarily  have any input but we do agree that maybe both should have said more to deny it, because their denial posts aren't being taken seriously and they are still being called lovers, so unless they can think of anything better to say,  China and her sister will continue to be victims of an incest love story which is now spreading to the oldest sister., If I hear more on this I will let you guys know!

Monday, August 5, 2013

NiNi Denies Earlier Rumors + Says The Media Faked Sanaa's Interview + China Accused Of Making Out With A Very Close Person

today, NiNi responded to the rumors of her having a dark past by statement, and she denied the allegations of drug use, but she did admit to drinking and smoking as we all already know, she also states that she did not have sex until she met her husband, and everything that was said is untrue. She also spoke on how SANAA' Lathan's interview was altered and faked by the media and says that Sanaa actually hit her up, click here to check out her 3 minute interview, she sounds upset but not too much.. In other news, China has been everywhere lately but for a good reason her music and tours and whatnot, but today for the first  time ever she's all over the place in a weird kind of way, as she is accused of making out with her 2nd oldest sister. Yes I said sister. A video leaked that claims to be by TMZ and it claims to show 14 year old China and 16 year old Sierra Mclain kissing and feeling all over each other. The video does show two women in an alleyway kissing and feeling, and its even the right height right color hair and length and the right size of both sisters, but due to the video being low quality, its hard to tell if its them two or not, but China's size is about 5"1 and the girl in the video is 5"1 with honey blonde hair with  her hair curly and even a small tat on her lower back just like China. Since the video released none of the McClain sisters have been unavailable its like all 3 vanished, but we will find out and let you guys know. Click here to check out the video