Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Music + The War Continues

Today a couple new songs released from the PSR crew. As we have been told, its supposed to be 5 new songs today, but so far we have two. First up is Selena with a collab song with NiNi titled "Stacks" This is the most amazing song of the year so far, and it stole the number one spot and beyond within 15 minutes. Its basically Hip-Hop with a little pop thrown in produced by NiNi. Its an amazing beat and they both have amazing lyrics. It is getting a huge buzz on the streets and in the music game. Click here to check out "Stacks" by Selena Gomez Ft NiNi. Next is Zendaya. She released a new song called "Flash The Crowd" Just like the name suggests, its a dirty song (not seriously NiNi type dirty though) And she does great as well. The song is mostly pop, but the beat has Hip-Hop elements to it as well, produced by Lady Gaga (she made a great beat) Her voice is more swagged out and she sounds really good with that low gutta type voice, and her song has stolen the number 2 spot which was Reggies new song from yesterday. Click here to check out "Flash The Crowd" by Zendaya. In other news, the PSR war VS Taylor continues as Taylor brought in a new name, and thats China. China just recently did a photo shoot to celebrate her 18th birthday,(HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS CHINA!)  and she has on a bra and some very short shorts, and Taylor criticized it simply posting @China, you turn 18 and now you wanna show some skin? please, just because youre  technically grown now don't mean you have to turn into a slut" China hasn't responded yet, but strangely someone did respond,but it wasn't a PSR artist, it wasn't even a famous person, it was one of her own fans who posted @Taylor, why can't you just leave them alone damn #Instigator" Taylor responded and said "UMM WHO ARE YOU?" That was the end of it. So, although it technically is a war going on between PSR and China, which means China is included regardless, China hasn't been speaking up on Taylor, but she is including people in it for no reason, and thats making her look bad to the point even her own loyal fans are starting to realize she might be going too far and if its nothing happening why make something happen, just let it cool down. We feel that way too, but obviously Taylor doesn't so now we expect to see a Twitter war, or maybe even a fight pop off between China and Taylor, because China ALWAYS responds to stuff like that. Stay tuned guys......

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