Sunday, January 11, 2015

Victoria And NiNi Said To Be In A New Movie Together As Well As Her New Show

Looks like NiNi will be in a new movie soon, and what better way to kick of 2015 then seeing the queen in a new movie which she she does so well since she is an amazing actor. Late last year, we were blessed to have two movies from the queen pretty much back to back "On The Run" and Carmen 2" and this new movie is said to be another horror movie about a woman who breaks up with her abusive boyfriend and tries to start fresh by moving into an old house that she inherited from a grandmother she never knew, that turns out to be haunted. Not much is known about the movie, or what characters will play what, or what other actors or actresses will be played, in fact its not even known if this movie is true, or if NiNi will actually be in it, its just been announced. Victoria also has a new drama show premiering on MTV tomorrow January 12th called "Eye Candy" and its said that NiNi will be in a small role, throughout the show, but once again that is not officially known. One thing that is known though, is that Livin With NiNi has been off air for far too damn long, and so has her animated show Rollin With The Evans, but good news for all you fans out there, VH1 has announced that NiNi has signed on for 10 more episodes, and a new episode of "LWN" begins next Wednesday January 21st, and a new episode will premiere every Wednesday after that, so LWN is back. BET Has also announced that a new episode of "Rollin With The Evans" will be premiering Friday Jan. 16th so we have her shows coming back and its exciting, and speaking of Victoria, its said that she will be apart of the 1st new episode of "LWN" in a huge way (we don't know what the hell that means) but it sounds exciting and we cant wait. Be sure you tune in to MTV tomorrow for Vic's new Drama show "Eye Candy", make sure you tune into BET Friday for a new episode of "Rollin With The Evans"and tune into VH1 next Wednesday the 21st for a new episode of "Livin With NiNi"


johnny1 said...

I think they work amazing together, they're musical collabs are bomb and they're both down to earth and goofy as all hell, so i think a movie collab together will be huge and cool because they are so connected and have so much chemistry together

johnny1 said...

you're talking like they're married damn dude chill down it aint that serious, ok its cool we get it, damn

johnny1 said...