Thursday, February 11, 2016

The 2 Queens Reunite

Straight after an explosive performance at SuperBowl 50, the queen hit the studio with the other queen and dropped "I Slay" which is the main thing said on B's other new song "Formation" throughout the song. But this newer song is quickly taking its spot. It's very sexually charged up and has VER explicit hard lyrics (really shouldn't let your kids hear it) This is their first collab in over 2 years so Naturally the N's and the BeyHive are going nuts and creating hastags and all kinds of Meme's. Click here to check out "I Slay" by Queen B Ft Queen N (rumor has it that a video is already done and will be released soon *fingers crossed*)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Did Jay Go 2 Far With His New Song??

Yeah many "Ns" think so. He released a new
song today that actually seems to go at his ex wife and mentions the queen in a less than good way. The sing is called "Best Friend" and one line on the second verse, he raps "got rid of her found out I didnt need it,  real nigga rolling with a bad bitch like NiNi" The "N's" naturally attacked the king soon after and Twitter has been on fire. One fan tweeted "Don't call her a bitch while you looking like a camel" It was many other assaults against him, but Jay who rarely uses any social media didn't respond to anything. NiNi has been unavailable for comment so we don't know if she heard It yet or how she feels about it, after all her and Jay is really close. Stay tuned.

Next Up:

Next up in the #JanuaryReleases is Miranda Cosgrove. This is her 6th PSR album titled "Back 2 1" not sure of the title, but the music is on point as usual. She is number 3 on the charts and getting very good reviews current selling 500 million copies combined in the U.S and overseas. Click here to check out my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Back 2 1" by Miranda Cosgrove.

NiNi Will NOT Be Joining B And Coldplay

Unfortunately it's only one queen that will be making a surprise apparance at this year's "Superbowl 50" and that's "B". NiNi has been pressured from the "BeyHive" as well as all her "N"s" to take part in the halftime show for years, but she continues not to listen to them. She was caught up in LA on Sunset and she did a little mini intreview. After her victory over GaGa, paps wanted to know what's next and is she actually gonna make the halftime show. And she replied "Nah I won't be there, got too much to do at that time,  it'll be awesome though" This upset many people such as one fan who tweeted "Turns out NiNi will NOT be doing the halftime, I bought my ticket for nothing! Don't get me wrong I love @Beyonce and @Coldplay but the only reason I bought that expensive ass ticket was for NiNi  I hate a crowd but she's worth it. Anybody wanna buy my ticket??" Other fans have expressed upset as well,  and NiNi replied with one simple message "I'm sorry".......... too bad. Hopefully one year we can see miss boss lady hit the halftime show but it won't be this year. Click here to see her mini street interview.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Next Up:

Next up in the #JanuaryReleases is Ke$ha. This is her 7th PSR album titled "Next Up" which is ironic being that's she's next up. Its DOMINATING the industry and she is now 1st place. Click here to get my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Next Up by Ke$ha

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The Queens are in fact teaming up again for a new collab and it's a remix to NiNi's popular song "Destiny" Can't here for more info. Still unsure about the Superbowl collab but we'll find out. (We always do :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Queens Rumored To Be In The Superbowl +Rumored To Be Dropping A Collab

NiNi and B are said to be performing at the half time in this year's Superbowl. NiNi was supposed to perform at the 2013 Superbowl but instead gave it to B after a dispute with the promoter. Both queens are tight lipped and won't confirm or deny. The main performance us Coldplay, but it's said they will join them at some point and sing with them. Since everyone is hush hush, we have no idea if this is true or not. Stay tuned. Speaking of them, it's also rumored that the two queens will be releasing a new song together. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Next Up

Next up in the #JanuaryReleases is Keri.  This is her 8th PSR album titled "Gotta Do It" It's produced by herself, NiNi and Solo. Click here to check out "Gotta Do It" by Miss Keri

Sunday, January 10, 2016

NiNi Denies Gaga Date Rumors, Confirms Bisexuality Rumors

For some reason, it's said that GaGa and NiNi are a thing.  But NiNi has settled that posting "Me and @LadyGaga are really cool but that's all. GaGa didn't speak on it which has fans thinking it's still possible just NiNi doesn't want it public yet. This comes only a couple days after the Kylie incident and once again fans wouldn't mind seeing a NiNi Loves Kylie or a NiNi loved Gaga.  In other news, we all knew NINI was bisexual, but she never actually confirmed it. We'll today she did. During an interview with Vybe , she was asked "so you have a husband yet you had a girlfriend, would you consider yourself bisexual? "She replied 'Damn you don't know that by now? Yes I'm bisexual, I love women I love men, but my husband knows what's up, and he knows what that means.  Click here to see her interview.