Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Queens Super Scary Halloween Party Is All The Rage

Happy Halloween everybody. ... today is NiNi's super scary (according to sources) Halloween party and it's being talked about all around the globe. Remember yesterday I told you she's inviting fan's but we didn't know how she will get them in? Well the party starts at 7 tonight right when it gets dark so you "N's" have about 8 hours to get this done. Here's how it's working, NiNi is only accepting 20 fans into the party and the first 20 fans to correctly answer "what was NiNi's first ever song" wins (no it wasn't "Dream Love") The first 29 fans who correctly answers that question gets a invite emailed to you which you can print out and show the security at the front and you'll get a chance to hang with NiNi and her crew inside of the PSR building and maybe get scared out of your shoes. Here's the rules. Only 20 fans allowed and only the first 20 fans to answer correctly wins. If you answered after the first 20 you still won't win. You are only allowed to bring yourself. No flash photography no video camera no guests. If you get star struck (meaning you're so crazy over seeing your fav celeb and you can't control yourself) you will be removed. You must have a costume it can be homemade or store bought but if you don't have a costume you will be denied entrance whether you're a winner or not. And lastly you must respect all rules and not get too close or fuck with the celebrities if you do you will be escorted out by NiNi's big fat security guys. So click here to go to the site and answer the question of "What's NiNi's First Ever Song?" Hurry only accepting the first 20. Good luck guys and for those of you who win,  congrats and have fun and be VERY afraid. Keep checking throughout the night for continuing coverage on this epic party.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Next Up

It's the last two days of #OctoberReleases which means it's two more albums to look forward to. We still aren't sure if there will be a #NovemberReleases yet but we hope so. Next up is Babydoll. This is her 1st album as a Solo artist and it was highly anticipated. It's called "Maturity" which seems appropriate as we do see she has definitely matured in her music and personality, and it's not had coming in at 4th place with decent first day sales. Her former crew have also releases their first ever Solo albums this month. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Maturity" by Babydoll. P.S, sources say that PSR is beyond scary and that NiNi is done having it all set up for the big party tomorrow night and guess what? It's said that she is allowing SOME fans to attend which means it'll probably be a 24 hour raffle or contest to get an invite. Stay tuned to find out how to get to the party. And check back throughout all night tomorrow as we will be covering the party from start to finish.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Havana Brown. Miss Havana is another artist who deserves major congrats and bragging rights as she is one of the only artists to never hit the NHO category nor has she been involved in ANY drama whatsoever since signing back in 2012. This is her 5th PSR album titled "Shady" not sure what it means but I like it. It's doing pretty well and her first day sales are really good and she is now in 3rd place. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Shady" by Havana Brown.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Miguel who is seriously seriously in the NHO category. This is his FIRST (YES FIRST!!) PSR album titled "Don't Forget" (hope that's not referring to you bro because many have forgotten you) Anyways its doing OK and first day sales are impressive. Click here to read my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Don't Forget" by Miguel.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Next Up + Infatuated In Theatres This Friday Nov 6th

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Miranda Cosgrove. This is her 6th PSR album which is a continuation of her first ever highly successful PSR album"High Maintenance" titled "Higher Maintenance" and it's doing really well on first day sales and she is in 3rd place. Click here to check out my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Higher Maintenance" by Miranda. In other news, NiNis new movie"Infatuated" will be hitting theatres Nov.6th. We still don't know the full cast but click here to check out the trailer (looks really good)

Monday, October 26, 2015

PSR Is Having A Halloween Party + Next Up

Word in the industry is that the platinum crew will be throwing a mega huge Halloween party at the label on the 31st which of course is the best time to do it. Big names are said to be there.......not counting the PSR people. So far our snitch has learned that the Kardashians and the Jenners will be there and so will number 1 and number 7 (Eminem) will also be in attendance. Others said to be there is Jay-Z, Timbaland, Fetty Guap, Future (uh-oh) and Ja-Rule but that's all we have so far but sources say it's tons more like Will and his weird family......I mean family and that it's gonna be huge.  NiNi is rumored to be going as the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe who she has said is her idol more then once and we think she'll make a very cute black Marilyn Monroe. Others are said to be vampire girls and some will be hookers, it's said that Ye will be Jesus (yeah we didn't see that one coming) *Sarcasm* and his wife, her sisters Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie will be the *white* Jackson 5 (that should be REALLY interesting) once again *Sarcasm* Fans are NOT invited and at this point I haven't received any invitation so I guess I'm not either but I'll be there either way and I'll make sure you guys get coverage on what the party is like. It's said that NiNi wants even the toughest guys or girls to be Hella scared, she has a haunted house she has literally everything and she guarantees that everyone will leave super scared and having nightmares. Sounds super fun. Stay tuned for more coverage on this. In other news speaking of number 1, her sister is next up on the #OctoberReleases. This is her 5th PSR album titled "Make Your Own Luck" produced entirely by herself. We all know Solo is the "bad sister" but she rarely shows that in her music, which is mostly soft sweet music, but this album shows that side of her as its mostly rap and her beats are dope and her lyrics are a bang with it. She let's u know that the sweet Solo that we're all used to hearing is GONE. It's a pretty good album, it's getting great reviews and first day sales are beyond impressive and she is in 2nd place beating out Niq. Click here to check out my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Make Your Own Luck" by Ms. Solo. Speaking of her, she is said to he going as a wicked witch (not surprising........once again *Sarcasm* but love ya solo lol. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy Born Day To KP + Next Up And Surprise From KP

Today marks 30 years of the gorgeous Katy Perry being on Earth. Happy birthday!  But although she's the birthday girl she's the one giving gifts as she dropped an unexpected album today titled "Miss Kathryn" which is her name. We all know it's always said when you hit 30 you mature more and almost always drop whatever nicknames or childhood names you have and began using your government and the title of this album seems to represent her maturity. It wasn't announced by her, her management or PSR so it took a while before anyone even knew she released anything but KP knew eventually someone will find out and she was right and once the fans found out they went nuts and quickly purchased the album crashing the PSR site 8 times, her site twice and Google crashed over 44 times. It's doing very well and she is now in 2nd place replacing KC. Click here to check out my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Miss Kathryn" by KP. Another great album that hit us today and was extremely highly anticipated is Niq Niq's 7th album titled "Survivor"  Her album is also doing very well and she is in 3rd place. Nobody has been able to steal NiNi's number 1 spot yet. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Survivor" by Niq Niq.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Next Up: + Niq Is Next, Super Anticipated

Next up in the #Octobereleases is KC. KC has been impressive lately. After a messy divorce and almost losing her son due to her excessive party girl ways, she cleaned up and has never been back in the NHO category. KC was apart of the #JulyReleases and she produced a pretty successful album with her highest sales of her career at which at this moment is 244 billion copies. Now she's back with her 3rd mixtape titled "Tha Wait Is Over" which became seriously anticipated after the release of her highly successful hit "Thot" She hinted at a release for weeks but it kept getting pushed back and it dropping today was unexpected but exciting for all her fans. She currently  is right behind her boss in 2nd place. It is available for $2.00 and first day numbers are nice and they're still climbing. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Tha Wait Is Over" by KC. Niq Niq is tomorrow and although she was apart of the #SeptemberReleases she's back with her 7th album less than a month apart. Congrats to her by the way to being one of the only PSR artists to never ever be in the NHO category (hats off to you) Lookout for her new anticipated album tomorrow.

Friday, October 23, 2015

1st Diss To NiNi?? + Next Up

It's no secret that the boss and her most famous group Fi5th Harmony has major tension, but lately it began to cool down and talk of it died down as well but the girls may have just reignited it with their new song that dropped today titled "Hey Queen" Although they never once mention her by name, many N's attacked them due to them feeling like the song was a diss to NiNi and some of her "Numbers" Such as Dina rapping "so gon keep your numbers I got numbers in the bank" Another line from Sara goes "I keep it platinum you ain't platinum check your panties when you rapping" This is the most obvious because we all remember a couple days ago when NiNi was performing with T&C and all that bouncing around made her belt snap revealing no underwear underneath.  NiNi has not responded to the alleged diss but her fans sure as hell has and they have been bashing them all day........literally and they have responded.....well the loudmouth. ....I mean leader of the group did which is Dina saying "At the end of the day this is Hip-Hop anybody is up for grabs....if they took it as a insult or diss or whatever then that's them let them take it how they want" So as you can see they didn't actually say the song was for NiNi but they didn't bend over backwards to deny it either. We smell something interesting cooking up and the N's are literally dying to hear NiNis reply track and so are we. Click here to hear "Hey Queen" and judge yourself. And click here to see their interview addressing it. In other news it's almost the end of the #OctoberReleases but it's still going strong. Next up is Alexis Jordan with her 5th PSR album titled "In Love" which is clearly dedicated to her sweetie Kat. It's doing very well and she is in 3rd place. Click here to read my full review, get stats, info and purchase links for "In Love" by Alexis Jordan. P.S, speaking of her every media outlet and pap has been wondering if she's gonna stick up and be on the side of her sweetie even though she's super cool with KeKe and she had this to say "I'm not in anything I've already let her know that and she understands and neither one expects me to take either ones side it's awkward and it's weird for me because I'm with Kat and KeKe is like my sister so I'm not happy how it's going but really what can I do I tried to end it but you know female rivalry it has to heal itself" so don't expect to see a threesome beef.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Next Up + Drama Continues

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Tinashe. Tinashe has been doing extremely well and she was apart of the #JuneReleases and the #AugustReleases but this isnt an album though but it doesn't matter because she is doing alot and helping to keep PSR talked about and in the map. This is her 4th mixtape titled "Confident" which concidentally is Demis newest album title but she's not getting any shit about it so who cares. "Confident released as a digital release early this morning for free and so far has over 43 million downloads making her take over 2nd place which Lena was in this whole time. Click here for my full review, stats, info and download links for "Confident" by Tinashe. In other news we all know KeKe and Kat are locked in a beef which honestly Keke Started Due To Kat not liking a promo pic for KeKes new show "Scream Queens" and their childish unnecessary war (yup I said that) is still not over as we found them yet again having a twitter war full of sarcasm and overall bs. Click here to view their 4th twitter war within 4 days.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

NINi Confirms New Movie

NINi has confirmed that she is directing a new movie and it is in fact called "Infatuated" Click here to see what she said about the new movie which is generating a huge buzz. And created the hashtag #Infatuated

Friday, October 16, 2015

Next Up:

Next Up in the #OctoberReleases is Latoya Luckett with her 5th PSR album titled "Back 2 Basics" It's doing pretty well and her first day sales are impressive and she is in 3rd place replacing Kat. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Back 2 Basics" by LeToya Luckett.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

NINi Is Making A New Movie + New Drama

Seems like NINi has yet another new movie to he hitting the theatres soon. This comes from a reliable source and a reliable snitch that says she has been filming and is damn near done with it and this whole she's managed to slip right under our noses without having anyone find out about it. The only reason we know about it is due to the trailer being leaked. It was posted on YouTube this morning but quickly taken down but not before it received over 400,000 views and likes. According to the trailer it's called "Infatuated" but the trailer was extremely low quality so we didn't see faces clear although we think we might have spotted NINi or Melyssa Ford in a scene or two but once again too blurry. Although it's low quality the source says that's the actual trailer for it and once it's fixed up to movie quality it will get an official release date and the trailer will be released to the public. This is really exciting. NINi hasn't responded to requests for comments. Stay tuned guys. In other news, it wouldn't be PSR if it wasn't drama and yes now it's more and it's between Keke and Kat. This started due to Keke because as we all know Keke is on a new show called "Scream Queens" along with Ari. What happened was Emma Roberts, Ari, Abigail Breslin, Keke and the rest of the cast posted on promo photo for next week's show on Twitter and Kat liked and retreated every last one of their pics except for KeKes pic which obviously got Keke got offended by and she tweeted "Does someone have a problem no like no love no loss" Kat didn't respond until fans began blowing it up like it's really a big deal and Kat felt the need to address it posting "To all those saying I didn't like her pic let me make it clear who cares I don't like to like her pic because she's my label mate who acts like that and yall the nerve to blow it up like it's really all that serious. So I didn't like it big deal get over it wasn't really good enough to like anyway" Once again Keke took offense and fired back posting "Not good? Sweetie saying your album that just dropped is not good is a better thing to say ok" which started a twitter war. Click here to see it over an hour. Now looks like it's a new beef at PSR over something very stupid honestly. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Keri Hilson. Fresh outta rehab miss Keri is back on her grind with her 5th PSR album appropriately titled "Rehabilitated" Pretty cool album and she still has it produced entirely by herself and some cool features. Click here to view my full review, get stats, info and purchase links for "Rehabilitated" by Keri. P.S, it's reported that Noni was caught kissing a male fan after her show last night. It's getting a huge buzz and has a big headline but so far we haven't been able to locate any pictures or videos showing anything. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No Biterness Or Tension Between NiNi And RiRi

The other night, RiRi performed with the legends and at the end she grabbed NiNis most famous asset and squeezed it hard enough to lift up the skirt she was wearing exposing......things. afterwards, NiNi pushed her off pretty hard and RiRi went tumbling down the stairs leading up to the stage. Afterwards, Reports of a beef about to start began circling around immediately and created the #Hashtag #BadGirlVsBadGirl. But as of today, you people can kill that Hashtag because it's no tension, in fact it's all love and even with love you have disagreements and whatnot. RiRi admitted today that she was a little upset after what NiNi did but she admitted she feels it was more of an embarrassment then anger and she isn't tripping at all and she admits she was wrong and NiNi had every right to do what she did. NiNi also spoke on it and said that with RiRi every woman should expect to get their as a grabbed or smacked as she did it to Nicki Amber Rose Beyonce and most recently Miley (yeah Miley) so you should expect it because it's just RiRi being RiRi. But she said although this isn't the first time RiRi went there went her, she caught her off guard it was unexpected and admits she may have overreacted. She also confirms too that there is no bad blood or tension between her and her rowdy artist ending the mini interview "RiRi is a notch she admits it anytime she can (laughs) and I love her she knows that what up humpty dumpty" So pretty cool they handled that like adults and it didn't escalate into a beef or a cat brawl. Click here to check out their mini street interviews squashing those annoying rumors.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Next Up + NiNi Live Tell-All Interview

Next Up in the #OctoberReleases is Reggie. Reggie and JLS are the 2 newest editions to PSR and honestly they are doing so much better then some of the artists  that been there over 3 years. She's never been in the NHO category and she continues to find ways to keep a buzz around her with or without music.  Guess you can say she's "Stunting like her daddy" (I'm lame I know) Anyways this is her 4th PSR album titled "Reinvention" and it's a dope album with tons of hot features and as she is getting older we see her skills are maturing as well. She is in 2nd place replacing Kat. Another congrats to her for being one of the only artists to never be in drama since signing with the platinum crew. Click here for my full review, details, stats and purchase links for :Reinvention" by Miss Reginae. In other news , NiNi is set to drop a tell all interview on MTV. She will be live in front of the camera and spill out everything from personal to drama to beefs to everything else. It's said to be over 2 hours long and has already been completed and the network is just deciding when to release it and it will be a 2 hour televised event. She struck a deal with them a few days ago and she will talk about literally everything from past girlfriends, married life motherhood, and her famous LAHH drama as well as her in house beefs. Sources say this interview will be way more of letting us in her life then her book. Stay tuned guys.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

More Drama In PSR Land

That crazy little world of PSR stays making headlines, mostly about drama though and we have another huge headline for you guys which involves NiNi & bad girl RiRi. Here's how it went down. The legends were performing "Feelin Myself" which features all 4 of them and they bought out RiRi to do her verse and at the end of the song, RiRi and the queen hugged it out and Ri grabbed her butt pretty hard to the point NiNis skirt came up a little and almost immediately she pushed Ri off of her and Ri went tumbling down 6 stairs rolling onto her head while NiNi stormed off the stage. Ri got up and walked towards the backstage. It all happened so quick but since fans were recording the epic performance already, the whole thing was captured on video and it's gone completely viral all over news outlets and paparazzi blogs. Click here to view the video (she grabs her butt around the 2 minute mark and she pushes her down the stairs around 2 minutes and 2 seconds). Now sources report that NiNi and RiRi have issues which will be the first time in 7 hears since Ri has been with PSR that they have had any issues, but sources report that it's Ri who's starting the problems. Sources say Ri is bitter at NiNis move last night and thought it was a dick move on her part and isn't feeling her at all right now" NiNi may have responded with a sub posting "that's cool cuz I'm Feelin myself" Ri hadn't spoken publicly about anything as of yet and her last tweet was showing off her new puppy. So is there more drama popping off at PSR?  Knowing the platinum crew as well as we do , we 2000% think so but it's still not 100% confirmed but after being pushed down stairs humiliated and embarrassed in front of over 45000 heads, it's likely Ri is bitter towards the queen and it may be some shit popping off. Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Tank and Tegan And Sara. Tank is extremely NHO category and it's ridiculous. This is his first ever PSR album titled "Walk Through The Valley" It's doing well so obviously he still has loyal fans and he is in 5th place. Good reviews on it as well. Click here to view my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Through The Valley" by Tank. And then there's Tegan And Sara with their 4th album titled "What We Do" Pretty decent album although they are facing backlash for being on an album where their boss and label mate has no respect for Canada since of course they are Canadian. Anyways they are in 4th place and reviews and first day sales are good. Click here for my full review, stats, details and purchase links for "What We Do" by Tegan and Sara

Friday, October 9, 2015

NiNi Suing And Being Sued + Next Up

The queen and a few other PSR artists are suing a popular clothes company for using their image and name without permission. The lawsuit includes NiNi, Lena, Keke, Kat and others and the company is using their images and names as designs on T-Shirts and other clothing such as one shirt that says "Lena" and another that has NiNis face with the caption "Platinum Queen" The lawsuit says that these images and names were used without permission as the company struck a deal with PSR a while back but they violated the contract by not paying mentioned names their fee for allowing it so the deal was cancelled but the company continues to use their image and names. Sources say the company have received multiple cease and desist orders to remove the products but they continue to make profits off of their products which is illegal and it's why they opened the lawsuit. The PSR crew is suing for violating a signed contract and profits received from an illegal way with no permission. The lawsuit is seeking 42 million dollars as that's how much the company has made off of their material without permission. There will be a court hearing on October 22nd. On the flip side, NiNi is also being sued due to not showing up at a show. It's a gay guy club and although NiNi supports the gay community she has been accused many times of supporting the gay females over males and it's been shown plenty of times by her facial expressions in "LWN" She is being accused of flaking out of the show even after she agreed to perform but once she found out it was a club for gay guys she backed out. Although the club promoters didn't give her an advance meaning they didn't pay her up front, they say they spent over 300,000 to prepare for her such as new speakers the nest mic and other things that she requires when she performs and they're  suing her for that amount. One promoter made a statement a female by the name of Kate who said "She was supposed to show up  at the club at 2am and she never showed never called to explain just flaked out. We feel she is uncomfortable with gay men and if that's the case she should've at least called to explain she isn't comfortable performing. At least at that time we could've retrieved most if not all the money we invested in her. The gay male community has also bashed her calling her a gay male homophobic which she has been called thousands of times before. Never has the female gay community called her a homophobic due to how much love she shows the women. They are seeking the 300 grand they invested in her back. NiNi has not responded yet. *Update* NiNi has responded to the lawsuit and she says she never even knew about it. She posted "I have no idea what everyone is talking about. I received no invitation to perform anywhere. My people would get @ me if I was scheduled to perform anywhere. I would've been thrilled to perform there because it's a legendary club no matter what kind of club it is. For those speaking ill on me saying I didn't show up because I found out its a gay male club let it be known and shown I have been there before....twice actually it's a very nice club. As Mentioned I wasn't scheduled to perform anywhere last night if I knew I was scheduled to perform there it would've been an honor. To those who are saying I have a problem with gay males, my assistant is a openly proud gay man and we are super close and hew my girlfriend so the shot you people say irks my soul. Tell the club I was never scheduled to perform there last night or any other night. But despite the bullshit mixup and threats of suing me, I still would be honored to perform there.  So #DropIt. The club sticks by their story that her team guaranteed that she will be performing and they aren't dropping the lawsuit. Stay tuned. In other news, Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Keke Palmer.  Miss Keke has been keeping super busy since she had her adorable baby. She's in a new show called "Scream Queens", she is on tour and she is literally all over the place. She has now surprised us with a highly anticipated album called "Majesty" which might be a dedication album since that's her son's name. It's pretty cool and she stole 3rd place. Click here for my full review, stats, info and I itched links for "Majesty" by Keke. Speaking of her, she is also scheduled to be in the new "Friday" movie called "Last Friday" as well as NiNi and Nicki which is dropping early 2016 so look out for that. ........

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Next Up: + The Bloody Enemies Are Finally Cool Again

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is number 3 Kat. Kats album was extremely anticipated and she is doing very well on first days sales coming in at second place (NiNi took her number one spot back and Carly went to 3rd place) This is her 7th PSR album titled "We All Win" and it's a pretty cool album produced entirely by herself. Click here to view my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "We All Win" by Kat. In other news, did any of you hate to see 2 of the biggest names on PSR fighting all the time? Well you're in luck and you're not gonna see it anymore (well hopefully anyway) Niq and China have ended their bloody feud and it was first confirmed on Niqs Insta page where she shared a pic of her and China hugged up with the caption #NoBadBlood. Then she really confirmed it today at her show in Miami where at the end she bought out China to help finish her last song and they hugged at the end of it sending the fans into a frenzy and they received a loud standing ovation. But what made them end their feud after how bloody it was. Apparently it was China who made the first move. Niq did an interview shortly after her show and she said "well she approached me and apologized for everything and that she was offering peace and whatnot and I just respected that. For her to be a real woman and own up and just throw it away shows alot and I have so much respect for women like that. We good never knew how cool she is (laughs) It's always good to see moments like this. Let's hope it stays. And let's hope the semi bloody beef with the queen and 5th Harmony will end like this too.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Next Up: + The Legend Girls In Hot Water Again

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Carly Rae Jespen. Carly has been in the NHO category before but she got put of it , but she landed right back in it as we barely hear of her or anything from her. Anyways this is her 3rd studio album titled "Sweet Canada" which obviously is honoring her home country.. Despite the fact that she is in the NHO category, she still has extremely loyal fans and believe it or not she actually passed NiNi and is now in first place. NiNi isn't too far behind though. Her first day sales are extremely impressive and she has a huge buzz with this album, mainly with Canadian sales of course. Click here for my full review, details, info and purchase links for "Sweet Canada" by Carly Rae Jepsen. In other news, speaking of Canada and Canadians, NiNi and China managed to end up in hot water once again and it's with that country. The legends girls performed in drake's hometown of Toronto and it didn't go well as someone threw a beverage on stage and splashed N and C, T wasn't hit. They all stooped the show and instead of trying to find the person who did it they just canceled it which left fans booing. Today NiNi and China Damm near at the same time tweeted "Fuck Canada" only difference is China posted a hashtag of #USA. Although their tweets received many likes and retweets, it also received many hateful tweets mostly from people in Canada responding like Fuck Americans and fuck America which had others from America take offense and respond to them and it just started a full war between our country and our sister country. Even some celebrities from Canada wasn't to pleaded with their tweet. Like Drake who tweeted "@NiNi @China not cool at all yall could've said fuck the show but to shame the whole country wasn't nessacary" China didn't respond to him but the queen did tweeting @Drake fuck you drake" He didn't respond to that.  Jessica Lowndes also may have responded as she is from Canada posting simply "SMH" but it's not clear if that was regarding something else. Justin Bieber may have also responded saying "I'm not from this country but I love it never said anything wrong about it even though even Americans find a million and one things wrong with it, but you go to a new country and shame it not knowing about it it's fucking shameless" Once again it does seem like he's referring to them 2 but he denied he was talking about them and said he didn't even know what was said and his response to it was "well that's their opinion can't force someone to like somewhere they're both grown woman what that gotta do with me? " but many feel he changed up because he realizes that NiNi can end his entire career with one snap of a finger.  Who knows. Other Canadian rappers or singers and fans have also been responding in a sub way but none of these tweets are confirmed to be directed at N and C. China has since deleted her tweet, NiNis tweet is still up and neither have issued an apology. Looks like they started a war between America and Canada which already had tensions. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Did 5th Harmony Respond To NiNi's Diss? + Next Up

As we all know, the hottest topic and the biggest headlines is that NiNi is beefing with her group 5th Harmony.  Yesterday NiNi switched the words to her song which many feel is aimed at them due to so many things. Check previous blog to see why we all feel it was directed at them. Today their Twitter page seemed to have responded to her sub posting "And neither are we! #Fallback" Quick recap,  Yesterday At A show, NiNi changed her song to say tell them bitches I ain't backing down" so for them to say "Neither Are We" it says alot. This is literally everywhere, overseas cross country wherever there is Internet and TV everyone knows about this. We caught up to 5th Harmony earlier but neither one accepted to comment on anything. NiNi was also grabbed by a paparazzi guy and she didn't say much all she did when asked "what's up with you and 5th harmony queen?  She laughed and said "please" and walked away, so clearly it's a major issue happening at PSR and if any of you are wondering why she won't just drop them,  you must not be a true fan of NiNi because we all know NiNi accepts any challenge thrown at her and she would rather beef with her own artists to show them their place then drop them. But despite all of this seeming confirmed it's really not so we can't say for sure if they are beefing or if this is all just a coincidence. Stay tuned. In other news Miss Tinashe is arguably the most biggest artist at PSR besides NiNi and KP and she's definitely living up to her title. As we know she was apart of the #JulyReleases but now she dropped a very unexpected album as apart of the #OctoberReleases which means she's working her as off to drop 2 albums dam near back to back less then 3 months apart. This is her 7th PSR album titled "Legend" which is appropriate since she's on of them.  She is currently in 2nd place right behind NiNi and first day sales are going through the roof. Very good album guys trust me. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for;"Legend" by "T"

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tension At PSR

The tension at PSR between Nick and NiNi is so thick you can cut it with a knife, but that's not the tension I'm talking about today even though NiNi is in it. It's no secret that NiNi and Dinah have exchanged words in the past which started when Dinah who is the most outspoken member of the group , voiced that she feels NiNi gives more attention to the Royals and her numbers then she does to them or any other artist. NiNi didnt argue with her, in fact she admitted she was right apologized and promised to give equal attention to her entire roster. Even though most of PSR bashed Dinah, they didn't disagree with her either. We thought that was the end of that, but it seems like almost every Damm month those two are in some kind of tension due to Dinahs mouth and it's no secret that 5th Harmony may be breaking up which Dinah subbed a hint to say that it's NiNi's fault when she said "How can you keep a 5 girl group together when that group isn't being taken care of properly financially" implying that they aren't paid enough as a group to continue. This naturally sparked rumors that NiNi and 5th Harmony may have an in house going on which went ignored by both NiNi and 5th harmony.  But NiNi seemed to confirm it earlier at one of the legend shows where at the end of "Break It Down" she rapped "What I got is what you lacking now call it how I see it tell them bitches I ain't backing down" The actual line for that song is "what I got is what you lacking now call it how I see it tell em that the bitch is back in town"  its a few reasons why many including us feel that that was for 5the harmony. Being that she switched up a whole line that's now the original way on her song is unusual. 2nd 5th Harmonys newest song is called "Back Down" which many swear is a diss to NiNi and the legends crew. 3rd isn't it weird how she changed the lyrics to up include backing down which is the name of their song and she used the term bitches instead of just bitch. 4th they rapped something saying We get it where you fail so tell shorty to back it down" Coincidence?  Highly doubt that but this move just exploded onto every social media site that's out right now and it's got the headline"NiNi Vs 5th Harmony. It has the hashtag #NiNiPleadsThe5th which is actually cool. Search engines like Google and bing have crashed 33 times due to so many people searching about this way bigger than the meek and drake beef by a longshot. Neither artist has responded to NiNi's sub and NiNi isn't available for comment. Stay tuned guys. Click here to see NiNi's bold move on stage earlier today.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Next Up + NiNi Gets New Tat

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Elle Varner seriously in the NHO category. This is her 2nd PSR album titled "Good Life" It's a pretty cool album and it's doing pretty well in first day sales. She is doing well with it coming in at 3rd place. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Good Life" by Elle Varner. In other news, have you guys seen NiNi's new tattoo? Yup she's adding more to her collection.  She went and got inked up by legendary tattoo artist Johnny B at the "Inked Up Shop" in New York. It's cool it's in cursive with orange red flames around it that says "I Am Music". She got it on her forearm which makes this her 14th tattoo (at least that we know of.) Her most recent one of an angel blew our minds just from the details and how the color popped like 3d. Her most impressive tat is her PSR tat on her hand that glows in the dark from special uv ink. So it's apparent NiNi is adding herself to the long list of celebs who aren't planning to slow down with inking up and we couldn't be happier she's so pretty tatted up the way she is. (No offense Beith) Click Here To See NiNi's new ink.

Friday, October 2, 2015

"Stackz" Is The Biggest Talk In The Industry

Today NiNi's new movie "Stackz" hit theaters and it is all the buzz. Many people are buzzing over the in movie music video with NiNi and Tay which blew everyone's mind and will be made into an official music video in the next few days. Celebrities (like number 2 and number 4) as well as fans are praising the movie, it even got a praise from ex PSR artist Justin Bieber. The movie topped the box office beating out the previous number one which was "Hotel Transylvania 2" which stars Lena lending her voice to an animated character.  The movie has topped off at 62 billion dollars so far which is the highest so far of all the movies that have been releasing lately. I went to watch it early and it's really good and her cameo is cool too. Did any of you guys see it? If not click here to view my full review on "Stackz" Multiple sources also say that NiNi is in the middle of making a new movie, but that hasn't been confirmed by her or her team yet.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

First 2 #OctoberReleases

Kicking off the #OctoberReleases is 2 artists who are seriously in the NHO category but still are talented regardless. First is Wocka Flocka. This is his 2nd PSR album titled "Real Nigga" It's seriously overdue but very anticipated and it's doing well but not better then NiNi's new album which is still climbing and still number one but he's got very good first day sales and the album is doing well. Click here to read my full review, get stats, info and purchase links for "Real Nigga" by Flocka. 2nd is Aiesha Allen. We can't say she's completely in the NHO category because she is touring and making appearances, she's only there because it's been about a year since she's made any new music. Anyways, miss Allen is on her 3rd album titled "Precious" It's a pretty cool album and every song has a feature on it, meaning she has no solo spots. And it's doing pretty well on first day sales and she is at number 3, Flocka is 4. Good start to the #OctoberReleases. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Precious" by Aiesha Allen.