Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trouble In OMG Paradise

The "Officially Miss Guided Girlz" (OMG Girlz) are having trouble. Recently, leading member Beauty departed the group and their official imprint label "OMG Records' to be signed only as a PSR solo artist and it led down to only two, Star and Babydoll, they tried out a few girls to replace Beauty, but none fit the cut. They unsuccessfully tried to sign Reggie back into the group, but she denied the offer stating that she is comfortable with being her own artist. Now seems like the "sisters" are having creative tensions and sources report they are about to break up as a group, so OMG Girlz may be disbanded and they may all be solo soon. Sources report that Beauty is the one who kept  the group together, despite the fact that Star is the lead artist of the group, and ever since she left, tension has been building between the remaining two "girlz", and now its just becoming so bad that they don't want to work with each other anymore. Recently, the two girls were scheduled to appear at a show in their hometown of ATL, but at the last minute they cancelled and to this day haven't made it up, this led people to first suspect that there may be problems in the group and it seems like it is. We don't think they are beefing, we just feel its one of those things where you'll aways be friends you have great memories of sleepovers and dating each others boyfriends and blah blah, but eventually you get older and you wanna do your own thing and be your own artist and we think that's what it is with the OMG Girlz. Many sources are reporting that the girls are breaking up soon, and they will be making an official announcement about it, which has many of their fans pissed. Beauty on the other hand, is doing much better as a solo artist and she is achieving new levels of fame that she didn't see when she was with the group. Its said the OMG Records imprint has already been shut down and they are no longer looking to sign artists and they are back on PSR only once again, but that isn't confirmed yet. What do you think about the possibility of the OMG Girlz breaking up for good?
Star and Babydoll

Taylah P-"Lets Roll"

Today a new song released by Taylah P which is the 4th single from her upcoming 2nd PSR album called "Lets Roll" She sings beautifully on the song and she reminds us why she's still a "boss' She samples various voices on the song such as  lyrics from"2 on" and "Diamonds new song "Diamond In The Rough"  The song is produced by Monica Spears who also has a small part in the song. Taylah has been doing extremely well, but we think she is very underrated and people are sweeping her under the rug for the bigger artists and not noticing her true talent, but with her level of talent, we're sure she will get her credit where its due soon enough. The song is receiving positive reviews and landed at number 3 on the charts. Its a dance/pop/hip-hop song and the way she does it, goes all together great. Click here to check out "Lets Roll" by Taylah P..........P.S Taylah is now going by her government name Taylor Blayne and she is now switching to rapping instead of singing, and she posted 2 freestyles over YouTube this past week one called "Tatted Up" and another called "Show Me The Money" Click here to check both out, she's a pretty dope rapper....
Taylah P

Kat And Demi Is NOT Friends Beef

Usually most of the PSR artists have what we call 'friend beefs" which is just a disagreement between two friends that usually isn't serious. With Kat, she has many of those, but with Demi its not like that. Its getting worse, as Demi was in her hometown of Albuquerque New Mexico today where she showed a picture of Kat in the backdrop with bullet holes in her face and the audience booed at her, and Demi FLIPPED! She screamed at the crowd "Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo!! Don't ever fucking boo at me for her, lets remember who has 5 number 1 albums in a row back to back and lets remember who has only 1, you tell that bitch I said that!" The audience continued booing at her and she cancelled the rest of her show after walking off the stage showing her fans the finger. A short while later Kat posted this "LMAO see where being a hothead gets you, not only do you have your own home state booing at you instead of showing you love, you also killed your show and lost money ha ha so stupid and so funny :) I love me :)!" So it seems as if this beef isn't about to calm down anytime soon. In fact some sources are reporting they are trying to get each other fired (which is beyond childish if that's true) Kat being number 3 is not getting no support from her bestie, but the thing is Kat doesn't want any support as she mentioned that already. But NiNi has got on both of them according to sources close to PSR and warned them that if this beef gets any bigger or pops off inside of the label they will both be gone, friend or not. We have more info on how this beef started and as usual its something petty and stupid (at least in our opinion) Seems like NiNi paired them two up for tour since they both are on tour and both needed a tour buddy. They were cool at one point and neither one of them minded they were even excited about it. But somewhere down the line, Demi's backup dancer is said to have called Kat quote "Faker then implants" while talking to the other dancers and to Demi which Kat overheard and Demi laughed and didn't defend her although she is supposed to be her friend, and Kat felt that shes fake because she acts nice in her face and talks about her behind her back. The other story goes the opposite, that Kat's dancer said something foul behind Demi's back and she overheard it while Kat said nothing to defend her, which caused Demi to request a new tour buddy and this is where it all started. Its no proof that either one said anything about the other, and all of the backup dancers from each woman say that nothing like that was ever said and they have no idea where that came from, so it may be a case of mistaken identity. Regardless though, it seems these once two good friends cant stand each other now, so their popular collab song last month will probably be the last we ever hear from them sadly. What do you guys think? Will Kat and Demi be taking that long walk down the "dropped from the label carpet"?
Kat and Demi

NiNi Signs Tasha Morgan

The unsigned up and coming artist known as "Ta-Ta" recently had NiNi make a beat for her that blew up over the Internet, then not long after, she signed a deal with PSR. Sources report that Ta-Ta received a call from NiNi offering a deal with the label which she accepted. Its said that she has been signed to a 1 year development deal worth 44 million dollars which is for one album and 3 videos as well as studio costs and marketing/promotion costs. After her development deal is up she has the option to sign a full artist contract with the label if she does well in this year. Her development contract lasts until September 29th 2015. She announced it herself over her Twitter posting "Thank you to @NiNi and @PSR for taking a chance on me, dream come true!" If you aren't aware on who Ta-Ta is, check out this mini-biography of her. Ta-Ta was born Tasha Nicole Morgan, she was born and raised in Detroit Michigan on July 4th, 1989 (25) and she began singing at the age of 7 in her mother's church. Local talent scouts recognized her singing ability and put in calls to talent shows in the area. She was a huge part in local talent shows at schools in her neighborhood, but she grew up in a very rough neighborhood in Detroit close to 8 Mile. She struggled with poverty and violence for the first 13 years of her life and had to put up with not knowing her biological father and a stepdad who would physically and emotionally abuse her and her mom when he was drunk. She never lost her passion for music through all of her hardships and used music as her healing outlet. She began writing songs at age 11 and by 12 was in the studio professionally recording her music. At age 15, due to a fight, she was kicked out of high school, and shortly after she lost her mom due to a fire while she was sleeping over a friends house. Her stepdad also abandoned her when her mom passed. She moved in with her aunt where her passion for music continued and became deeper. Throughout the next 6 years she made a name for herself around Detroit as a talented singer earning money for performing at local clubs during mic nights and etc. Her music was doing well, but her personal life was not, during this time she was 21, and she fell into a heavy addiction of Alcohol and other drugs like weed and Ecstasy until she checked herself into a 3 month rehab program where she was able to get and stay sober. By pure luck, on her 23rd birthday her and a group of friends were at a popular pizza spot where she was singing just for fun, and one of the talent producers from the TV show "American Idol" walked in and was blown away by her voice and offered her a spot on American Idol. Within 2 months she was on American Idol where she impressed every one of the judges, but unfortunately, she did not win. That appearance though skyrocketed her name in the music game and she set up a website where her fans can download her music and get her full bio, and she gained over 6 million fans within 7 months. She has recorded songs with big names like Mary J Blige and Keyshia Cole and was offered a 1 song deal with AR Records which she turned down. At age 24 her daughter was born to another up and coming artist named "Piru B" based out of LA who was killed in a drive by shooting after leaving a local show in Compton a few days after their daughter was born. Ta-Ta began her career as "Tasha Morgan" but changed it to Ta-Ta recently because that's what her late baby's father always called her. Her musical influences are Keyshia Cole, Beyonce, MJB, Mariah Carey, Gladys Knight, Cymphonique, Taylor Swift and NiNi. To check out her full bio head over to her official website here.....Sources say she is in the process of recording her first song for PSR which always is a collab with the boss for new artists first songs, so lookout for that....Congrats to Ta-Ta on signing pretty sure we will be hearing much of her in the future....

Monday, September 29, 2014

NiNi Reveals Bonus Track + Makes Beat For Unsigned Artist

A track that did not appear on NiNi's new album "NT" released today called "I'm On My Own" Its her solo song and she sings on it which is about the only song on "NT" that she sings on, and she shows us why at first she was considered the best singer of all time before she took on the title of best female rapper. She proves she still has it and hits those high notes like she has lungs of steel like usual. The song is basically about a woman who has no one in the world, and the people who she eventually came to trust, proved to her that that isn't true and they turned their back on her. Its really a heart tugging song and being that she gets so deep in it, its making people wonder if the message in the song is true and more then just lyrics. After all, NiNi has many people in her life that would probably take advantage of her because of her status. The song pulled in at number 2 within a couple of hours and its getting positive reviews, mainly because of her singing skills, and Global reported "We are used to her being the fierce ferocious rapper, but we may have forgot that she is also an amazing singer, and when she began her career, that's the way she started as before she made the transition to rap, and this song reminds us that first and foremost, she is a very talented singer with a golden voice" The song is reportedly produced by Kay Slay and Angie Martinez, who NiNi had issues with during the whole New York Vs Cali thing. The song will not appear on the album, but is for sale on Itunes and on her site as well as the PSR site for 0.99 cents. Click here to purchase "I'm On My Own" by NiNi. In other news, not only is NiNi a very talented singer, rapper, actress, mentor, boss, entrepreneur and dancer, she is also an amazing producer. She produced a beat for an unsigned artist who contacted her through Instagram and she paid $1,500 for the full exclusive rights to the  beat. $1,500 may seem like a lot for a celebrity to make a beat for you, but compared to other artists who make beats for unsigned artists, that's pretty cheap. The female singer released the song over her facebook page today and many agree that she is talented and the beat sounds wonderful. Her name is Tasha Morgan, but she goes by the stage name of Ta-Ta, and she is based out of Detroit Michigan. Her song is called "Butterflies and she really is a good singer and its said that she is getting attention from big names in the music industry....maybe even NiNi. Click here to check out "Butterflies" by Ta-Ta (Prod By NiNi)......

Guess Who Donated 500,000 To NiNi's Campaign Charity

If you have money you want to prove it right, but when you have good friends, they'll stick by you through thick and then. Remember when Katy was about to fight for NiNi, or how about the time China DID fight for NiNi, but its no other real good friend besides number 1 the queen. Today she donated $500,000 dollars (that's half a Milli) of her own money towards NiNi's campaign to stop bullying, drug abuse, and violence. All that money plus the $75,000 they already raised will go to help out many victims and their families. She stopped by in Atlanta earlier today where all of the PSR artists are out on the street like a block party playing music sharing food and passing out support T-Shirts and she dropped a check in for that amount and received hugs from all of her besties which are all NiNi's besties too. She stayed a little while dancing and helping out with the cause until she had to leave. It was recorded and the celebrations are still going on, click here to check out the large rally in the streets of ATL in front of the new PSR building. Speaking of her, at least 600 sources are reporting that Solo who is a PSR artist is super angry with her sister for being number 1, when she's been trying to impress NiNi for so long and NiNi acts like she doesn't exist and she is mega jealous. It sounds crazy right, but it may be true, due to the fact that Solo posted this earlier today "What do she have that I don't?" Who  is she talking about? Think about it. Many people are calling Solo pathetic to be jealous over her sister and for something so small like that, and she is receiving no support and no one is on her side because many feel that its not something that should even be bought up in the first place. What do you guys think?

NiNi Has Awkward Run In With Kendall And Kylie Jenner + Has Wardrobe Malfunction

NiNi has been having issues with the Kardashians for the longest, but the Jenner's were never  in it until Kendall made a video about the things that famous people wear, and she pointed out NiNi's 2011 appearance at the Met Gamma Hall and stated quote "She looks so tacky" since then, NiNi has publicly announced her extreme dislike of those two. Kendall said it was a joke, and Kylie apologized saying they were just acting stupid and didn't mean it, but nevertheless, NiNi didn't buy it. She also has problems with Bruce due to him joking on the Jimmy Fallon show that her butt is what landed her in the spot that she is in, because everybody focuses on that and that her butt can make anyone buy anything she puts out. After that, she publicly fired back saying that his face is what makes everyone notice him and not in a good way, quote " he has the face that will scare even the toughest niggas" Bruce went live and publicly apologized to her stating  that he was just acting goofy and he has much respect for her and her occupation and doesn't want any problems. Kris also apologized for her then husbands actions, as well as many of the other Kardashians, but once again it didn't matter. Today, NiNi ran into her enemies in San Diego where they were both at a charity/fashion event to raise money, and NiNi was also there promoting her newest additions to Platinum Wear, and both sisters approached her in a friendly way saying hi to her. She said hi back but they stayed there staring at her until she said "what?" and Kendall told her they need to speak with her after the event was over. NiNi replied she has to be somewhere immediately after, and they continued to just stand there and smile at her, NiNi got louder and said "WHAT?!" and they said "Just meet us outside at 12 k" and they smiled, stood there a little longer and both walked away at the same time. NiNI looked confused and the Jenner sisters seemed to be acting weird throughout this whole event, but then again, when doesn't the Jenner's and the Kardashians act weird? NiNi did actually meet them after the event as evidence shows by a camera that she went on the side of the building, but it is unknown what they discussed. Most of this awkward creepy meeting was recorded by a spy paparazzi who was in attendance, and you can see just how weird and creepy they looked and were acting like they were under a spell or trance or something, it looks weird. Click here to check it out. In other news, NiNi flashed more then her talent at her show last night in Vegas, during her performance of "Cant See Me" her shirt flew up and revealed her breasts no bra. She quickly put her shirt back down and continued dancing, but although she was quick enough to pull her shirt back down, it wasn't fast enough to stop pictures from snapping it and posting it all over the web. It has hit YouTube and so far has over 200 million views and even more comments. Most of the images and video of it has been removed, but it is still available on YouTube. NiNi has not spoken up on the incident. No I will not be posting it here, if you have to be a pervert, go to YouTube.........
Kendall And Kylie

Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Hell No"

Just when you thought Reggie's new song was the hottest of the month, a new song released today that killed that called #HellNo by Cymphonique Ft Selena Gomez. The song is badass stealing Reggie's number 1 spot and both women's lyrics are beyond badass and phenomenal. It created the new hashtag #HellNo which is exactly how the title is. Click here to check out #HellNo by Niq Niq Ft Lena. Also Zendaya is about to release her 1st PSR album titled "Been There Done That"Sources say it will be released sometime in November, and Nicki Minaj is also about to release an album which will be her second which is the long overdue "Pink Print" which she says will "Definitely be released November 24th 2014" so be on the lookout for these upcoming albums....


Ye And NiNi

The Uncle and Niece have teamed up and created a song titled "Family Affair" which seems appropriate right. NiNi steals the spotlight on the song though, and YE falls flat on his face (they're words not mine) Ye uses Auto tune and sings on his two verses which kills it, NiNi raps and she does amazing, so technically according to the words of Jay-Z 'NiNi murdered him on his own shit" The song still is doing well though, and that's because of the queen, if Ye would've did the song solo it probably would've flopped, it hit the number 3 spot on the charts which is excellent. What do you guys think about the new song? HOT OR FLOP? Vote below......Click here to check out "Family Affair by Ye Ft NiNi....Speaking of YE, he and his soon to be ex wife, Kim K got booed when they visited a show by Ye's good friend Hova in Brooklyn NY, yup booed told to get the hell out, and it got so bad that Ye and Kim left. Click here to check that out (its actually pretty funny to us)

KC And NiNi Team Up To Stop Bullying

Bullying is at an all time high these days, and today a commercial released by KC and NiNi talking about the dangers of bullying and when to swallow your pride and ask for help. They advise you to never take on a bully alone as many men and women have died at the hands of a bully trying to protect themselves especially in rough neighborhoods, instead they advise you to tell a friend, a parent, a teacher or even the police. The commercial sends out a positive message and they end it both saying "Together, we can stop bullying" The commercial is praised for the message it sends out and its real because bullying is the 3rd largest problem in America, behind drugs and murder. PSR has also set up a rally and campaign for anti drugs, anti bullying and anti violence where they are raising money for the families of victims. But the label is being criticized for their campaigns due to the fact that pretty much everyone on that label smokes weed and drinks alcohol (drugs) half of them ARE bully's (bullying) and more then half participates in violence (beefs etc) so they are being called hypocrites. Still its many people who support them and appreciate what they are tying to do for the public, and more importantly, PSR is pretty much the only label who actually gives back to the community which people love to see and so far they have raised over $75,000 dollars for the cause. The negative remarks are drowning in the positivity that they are trying to do. But still, what do you guys think? Do you feel that they are hypocrites because they all do exactly what they're speaking up against, or do you feel it doesn't matter? Sound off in the comments. Click here to check out KC and NiNi's commercial. Speaking of KC, her 3rd PSR album "A Walk In My Life" is releasing on October 15th, her 33rd birthday, so be on the lookout for that. And not only that, but just talking about being hyprocites, KC is said to have been arrested.......yet again for assault on an unidentified female. We do know she was arrested early this afternoon, but we don't know who the female is or if it was in fact for assault on the female, but many sources say she damn near killed her, but the reason is unknown. SMH KC, KC, KC. Stay tuned for more info on Miss Cole......

NiNi Wins First Emmy

Last night was the 2014 Emmy Awards. For those of you who don't know, the Emmy awards are awarded to movie stars, much like a BET or MTV award, the actors and actresses receive a trophy for their roles in movies. NiNi is a musician, but she is slowly becoming accepted as a actress as well, and she was nominated for her performances in her 2011 horror film "The House" for best actress and for her performance in her recent 2014 movie "Life Of A Call Girl" for "best supporting actress and best action scene'  She won both awards, she was not in attendance so the two awards were accepted on her behalf by Gabrielle Union. NiNi was also nominated for her small roles in the new film "A Night In Vegas" starring Gabrielle Union for best supporting actress but she did not win for that movie. She is also gearing up to star in two new movies coming soon, so NiNi's movie career is definitely taking off, not just that singer/rapper turned actress, NiNi is being recognized in the film industry as a serious actress and her movies speak for themselves. This is the first time that NiNi has ever was nominated for an Emmy award, let alone won one, so its a proud moment to see her hard work in another industry pay off. Speaking of paying off, "NT" has also been nominated for best album ever, which no one besides MJ has ever been nominated for and "NT" has sold over 965 trillion copies, and its only been 3 days since its release. That's over a 72% increase from where it was at in just 2 1/2 days, so we would say that N and T are definitely on point. Click here to see video of Gabrielle union accepting both of NiNi's Emmy Awards on her behalf last night......Congrats to the queen!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kat And Demi Not Cool

While the biggest beef  in the headlines currently is the threesome beef between NiNi, number 2 and Taylor Swift, its another beef that seems to be popping off and its between "number 3" Kat and Demi Lavato. Tension and words began flying earlier today over Twitter when Demi posted "My, my my, why is it that the weakest people try to get at you when they already know what the business be like? you couldn't touch my kitty KAT girlie :)" By Demi using the word "kitty Kat" and making the word "Kat" in big bold letters, it led people to think she was referring to Kat, and she was. After
that post, Kat didn't respond, but she responded on Live TV, where she announced she will be the featured performer at the 2015 Superbowl in February, which was supposed to be Demi, She said "I just want to let everyone know that I will be performing at the 2015 Superbowl, it was another at first "Then Me" so guess its talent over looks (laughs)" Kat using the subliminal message "then me" sounds like Demi" and no one is stupid, and sources say that's exactly what she meant to do, and Demi noticed it too, she posted "That was the stupidest choice of words to cover up I EVER heard in my life, but guess not everyone is smart huh" We aren't sure of why these two are having problems, especially considering that just a month ago they collabed together on Kat's popular song "Chase Me" but it could just be one of those friend beefs that really wont turn into anything, like Cymphonique and Kat or RiRi and CiCi for example, but we could be looking at the start of something bloody. Who knows, we will keep you updated. Speaking of RiRi CiCi and Katy, they all have announced a collab with each other called "Bomb Boys" which is set to release on October 5th. Be on the lookout for that.....Click here to check out their beef.......
Kat & Demi

Reginae Carter Is Blowing Up + NiNi Slips Up

Reggie Carter was signed to PSR about a month ago, and since then she has been non stop action, doing this that and the third and making an even bigger name for herself.  She has already released 8 songs all of which were hits and she is already working on her 1st album which is said to be completed before this year is up. She also is working on her 1st PSR mixtape which is said to be released around the time her album releases, so two for one. She has released a new song today titled "Bout That Life" which features Roscoe Dash and once again its a hit, it blew up within an hour after its release and has hit number 1 on the charts. The song is receiving very high credit and is praised for the beat produced by Kat, as well as both artists lyrical abilities. Click here to check out "Bout That Life" by Reggie Ft Roscoe Dash. Reggie is well on her way to royalty, hate all you want, but she has earned it and she deserves it. In other news, today NiNi had a performance in West Virgina and during the performance she tripped on her rather large dress down a flight of stairs and she tumbled down eventually landing on her head. But just like the queen she is, she hopped back up and continued like nothing happened and didn't even miss a beat. She was praised for her dedication to what she does best. Out of respect for NiNi, I will NOT be posting the video of her fall here, sorry. The video did make it to YouTube, but has been removed. But you can click here to see her set fire to West Virginia.

Friday, September 26, 2014

"NT" Hottest Album Ever

The New York Times as well as the LA times and other reputable outlets are calling NiNi and Tinahse's new album "NT" the hottest of the year and Global calls it "The hottest album from NiNi in her entire musical career" The album that we have all been waiting for is finally here! "NT" hit the shelves around midnight today and quickly sold out within 33 seconds from Walmart, Kmart, Music World, Target and other retail stores. By 1am this morning, "NT" has so much buzz and has sold over 888 billion copies in America alone, overseas sales total over 198 million copies so far, thus the album is certified diamond platinum 6 times and the numbers in America and overseas are still climbing. The album has reached "Number 1 Album" on the billboard charts. The album is produced by NiNi, Tinashe, Just Blaze and DJ Envy and has 18 all original tracks. There is one solo song from each, number 7 is Tinashe's solo song called "Lowriders" and number 15 is NiNi's solo song called "Profit" all the rest are collab songs. The albums has no features on it, the only collabs on it are just those two together and they make great music together. The most popular songs on  the album are number 8 "LA" which was the 2nd single and we saw the wonderfully made video, number 6 which is "Show Me Where Dem Drinks At" which is beyond dope and number 18 called "Dangerous" which is some bomb chopped and screwed down south type style music and they both go "Eminem Fast" on it. The album is being praised for its word play from both artists, its originality, its message and of course the swag  that both women put out and it has not received one bad review so far. As I write this blog, the numbers are climbing and its expected that by the end of the week, "NT" will be the highest sold album that NiNi or Tinashe ever did. The album is available on NiNi's site: www.therealnini.com, Tinashe's site: www.tinashe.com, the PSR site: www.platinumsoundrecords.com and on Itunes and retail music stores worldwide for $11.99, free shipping if you order it from either one of the websites. The album includes photos of both in the booklet as well as the video to every single song on it (which we didn't even know they did) so you get alot for a little. N and T are both scheduled to appear at a music conference and a collab interview to discuss the album sometime this week and they both are scheduled to appear at the 2014 Hip-Hop Awards,although it is unclear at this time if they will be performing together or solo. Their tour, called "Legends" with China, begins December 4th starting in Tinashe's hometown of L.A expanding over 33 U.S states and over 12 oversea countries, ending sometime around October of 2015, so we will be seeing alot more of them soon. Tinashe's contribution to this album has skyrocketed her into high royal fame success, and anyone who was doubting her talent or her place with PSR are rethinking their doubts, because Miss Tinashe is now high level Royal and apart of NiNi's circle. You can check out my full detailed review on "NT" where I break down and explain each track by clicking here. Click here to purchase "NT" by NiNi and Tinashe, or head into a local retail store and get the hottest album of the year. Congrats to N&T what do you guys think about their new album?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Katy And Taylor Feuding + NiNi Eyes Huge Mansion + Update

Multiple sources report that once good friends Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are now involved in a bitter rivalry that reportedly began over Katy's ex boyfriend John Mayer. Taylor is said to have made some foul remarks which her manager denies, and another says she was just joking. She was heard saying "That man is so cute, don't know what he saw in Katherine" Some sources say she never said anything like that, but many say she did, whether joking or not, and Katy didn't appreciate it and she fired back by posting "Who's the top 10 hottest in the game? Me, Taylor.....oh wait did I say Taylor, sorry she can't be in the hot category, nothings hot about her, that would be the loser category lane 4 sweetie :)" Since then the two have publicly been feuding in the public eye, but so far no fights have happened. Taylor is also friends with Selena Gomez, and reportedly, Taylor is trying to interfere between Katy and Selena's friendship, but Selena publicly denied any participation in their feud nor is she taking any sides. NiNi also publicly spoke out about their feud and famously added herself to it when she posted "Its amazing that someone on her level really feels the need to go up against someone of her level, crave attention sweetie?" Taylor fired back to her posting "Let me get dropped I don't care that don't scare me at all sweetie, why don't you let your so called buddies fight their own battles, why are you even speaking up on anything, if you want a problem, I would love to give you one, mind yours boo boo :)" So now NiNi is involved in a feud with Taylor Swift. But before you guys go down talking NiNi agreeing with Taylor that she should've just stayed out of it. NiNi only went after her because her and Taylor have been having tension for the longest ever since Taylor publicly said that NiNi thinks she is too good to do a song with her, so NiNi just felt the opportunity to get at her more. Videos of these public encounters can be seen here. In other news, sources say that NiNi is eyeing a $850 million dollar mansion in Malibu California. We got word a few days ago that she was thinking about leaving Atlanta and its said that her new spot is going back her home state of California. Pictures of the mansion have been leaked on line and the media says that she is in the process of buying it soon. NiNi will be in California for at least 2 months when her threesome tour "Legends"with Tinashe and China begins on December 4th so it only seems right to move out there for the time being instead of traveling back and forth. It is unknown if she is buying the house or just renting for the time of the first part of the tour. NiNi hasn't been very active lately, its said that she is very busy working on both her new movies as well as her new album which is due next Wednesday September 24th. PSR however has been very busy, the biggest story of the week so far though, is the story about RiRi being back with Breezy. I told you guys the other day it was a possibility but I wasn't sure, now I'm positive. Breezy recently went on the Jimmy Fallon show where he was rocking RiRi's chain and when asked in a joke if they were back together he smiled and said "You know we cant stay away from each other" and the audience cheered. It sure as hell seems like they can't stay away from each other as this is the 4th time they broke up and got back together. Click here to see Breezy acknowledge their relationship on the Jimmy Fallon Show.....
Katy Perry


Friday, September 12, 2014

Rollin With The Evans Season Finale

Today is the season 1 finale of NiNi's animated show "Rollin' With The Evans". It premieres tonight at 9pm on BET. Season 2 is said to began October 10th. Its been a real good season. Season 2 is said to have the characters more grown up and in more mature situations then in season 1. The final episode to season 1 is supposed to be explosive and full of drama with an unexpected ending. It sounds exciting already. Don't miss out the season finale of "Rollin' With The Evans" tonight at 9pm on BET.....

Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Livin With NiNi"

Yesterday, season 2, episode 7 of "Livin With NiNi" premiered on VH1 at 8pm and it was over 887 million viewers. It wasn't much drama which was shock, the only drama came from Mariah Carey who wasn't shown just talked about. If you missed it, you can check out the full episode on the VH1 website by clicking here. NiNi will be performing at the Best Thing Standing Stadium in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at 9pm which will last 3 hours until midnight. Its said that she will have 3 special guests joining her. Tickets are completely sold out, so if you didn't get yours, we'll get you all the details tomorrow.....

NiNi's Music Is On Literally EVERY Radio Station + New Single

NiNi is really out there, her music is all over the place and her name is household. The radio world is recognizing her as a serious musician as well. Its extremely hard to get your music on the radio, even for famous celebrities. In fact, its harder to get your music on the radio then it is to get into the music game. But when you get your music on the radio, it means that you are super famous and the radio needs you, and apparently every radio station feels that way about NiNi. Statistics show that her music is on every radio station in every state in America and ever station outside of America as far as China and Japan. Its said that all 50 states play her music daily, and overseas play her music at least 10 times a day. Its said that NiNi's music is at least in 70 countries out of America, including the place she hates which is Egypt. That's pretty cool, its not many celebs, even the ones who are on her level that can say that. So congrats queen. In other news, today a new single released from "NT" which is the 5th and final single from the album called "L.A" and of course it features Tinashe. The song is pretty cool, with cop sirens and gunshots in the back and it has an amazing bass line. Both women rap.....sort of.....on the song, but its mainly sing rapping and they sound cool. The song is produced by Gucci Mane and he did an amazing beat. Click here to check out "L.A" by NiNi Ft Tinashe, and don't forget "NT" releases September 24th. Speaking of Tinashe, babygirl is on her grind, before she signed with PSR it was many people who didn't even know who she was, now people cant stop talking about her, and she is literally ALL over the place. You turn on the TV you see her, you turn on the radio you hear her, she is all around. And she officially is the first artist who has been with a label less then 3 months and hasn't even released her first album yet that has royal status,which means she is now on NiNi and all her besties levels and she is now apart of her circle. Amazing. Hate all you want, but Miss Tinashe, is doing seriously well and she is determined to make a huge name and mark for herself. We don't think we'll be seeing her in the never heard of category anytime soon, Congrats to Tinashe on all your success......She also has a show tonight in Detroit, NiNi will not be with her though. Click here to get your tickets....She also will be performing on stage at the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards premiering on October 3rd. It is unknown if NiNi will be with her...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kim K Speaks On Aunt/Niece Issues

Its no secret that Kim K and NiNi still have issues, despite the fact that Kim is married to NiNi's uncle. Last month, NiNi failed to show up to a dinner date with them even after she said she would, and she made Kim cry when she promised to attend their wedding and had them make a personalized seat and a spot for her and never showed up never called, just never came. Those actions made people talk of another NiNi Vs Kardashian beef, and today Kim addressed all the rumors, true and false. She said that her and NiNi have issues because of her husband (well soon to be ex husband) Ye. Yup they have been married for only 3 months and they are in the middle of a divorce already. Anyways, she said that Ye fills her head up with drama and being that he's the blood uncle and she's just the aunt by marriage, she will believe him regardless. She goes on to say that its no beef, she respects NiNI too much to ever beef with her, she's always been on her side when NiNi was beefing with pretty much her whole family, and will continue to stay on her side, but she says that NiNi just doesn't like her.She teared up and said "I just don't know why" She further mentions that she doesn't care if NiNi never showed up to the wedding or to the dinner date, things like that aren't important, whats important to her is having NiNi's friendship which she really wants. She says she never told her to call her "auntie" or even look at her as an aunt, all she wanted was friendship and for some reason she was never able to get it. Its many people (and I mean MANY people) out  there who doesn't like Kim at all, but many people are feeling bad for her right now, because if you really pay attention, she is not acting, she really seems so sad that NiNi wants nothing to do with her, and those tears are super real. No one is dissing NiNi (I don't think anyone would diss NiNi for a Kardashian) but people do understand where she is coming from. She further goes on to say that NiNi is important to her, but if she wants her to leave her alone, she will out of respect. As mentioned above, she is in the middle of a divorce with Ye, she didn't go into many details on that one though, but they both will have cutsody of little North. Click here to check out the full heartbreaking interview by Kim K....
Kim K Crying During Interview

Carmen Amere New Album + NiNi Announces Retirement......................Again

Carmen Amere (New category NEVER EVER EVER: heard of category) has announced that she will be dropping her 1st PSR album on September 20th. She posted it over twitter this afternoon. Carmen is a very talented rapper, but the last song we have heard from her is the popular song "Get Like Me" which was her collab song with NiNi when she first signed with PSR back in mid 2012, and she hasn't did anything in 2 years. Still she has fans, and they are excited to hear an album from her. Are you? We don't have any details on the album besides the release date. Click here to check out her announcement. In other news, NiNi reminds us of Jay-Z,  because she has announced she is retiring from the game at least 8 times, and today makes her 9th time. She says that after she releases her new movies and her new album and finishes up her 3 woman collab tour, she will be retiring. She said all of that should be completed by June of next year and after that she will be leaving. She is not getting rid of PSR, she will still be the boss, but the assistant boss, which means the person who takes the boss position when she isn't there will be" number 2":, Katy Perry, which we always knew, because out of everyone on PSR, Katy is the most hardest worker and she always gets her job done on time and follows directions, so she is the right one to take over. She said that just because she is retiring doesn't mean we wont ever see her face again, she still owns the label, and she is still the boss of the entire entertainment industry, its just we wont hear any more music from her, or get any albums or see any movies from her. She will continue to run the music industry which she has been doing very well so far,even better then Russel Simmons. Click here to check out her upsetting announcement. Are you guys upset that NiNi is retiring?We are......but lets hope that she doesn't go through with it, like all those other times.........
Carmen Amere

NiNi Rumored To Be In "Carmen 2"

NiNi is already in the process of making a new movie with her buddy Ali Larter, but sources are reporting that she is also going to be starring in the sequel to 2001's "Carmen: A Hip-Hopera" Which stars her bestie Beyonce. In the first movie,Beyonce's character "Carmen" was shot and killed at the end of the movie, so its said that instead of those kind of movies where the character dies in the first movie, but is magically back to life in the second, it will be flashbacks of things that supposedly went down with her that wasn't shown in the first, and introduces NiNi as the woman who her boyfriend Hill was cheating on her with which is the cause for their friendship ending and Carmen gradually pulling away from him and starting a new relationship with a rapper. Basically its one of those movies where its mostly told in flashbacks and includes scenes from the 1st movie but includes plot holes and twists to explain how the new material is added and we love clever movies like that. Its said that the title is "Carmen 2-No Looking Back" Its said that NiNi is in production with both movies at the same time, but she has been working on the sequel to "Carmen" more often due to the fact she is very excited to do a musical type movie which she never did before. "Carmen 2- No Looking Back" will obviously be a drama/musical like the first, but the new movie with Ali Larter is said to be another style she hasn't done, which is Action/Adventure said to be about a pair of friends who are framed for murder and live their life on the run, but eventually, poverty takes over and they take to robbing banks and committing crimes until eventually they end up getting greedy and getting killed. That sounds good....Its not definitely sure yet, but reliable sources close to NiNi, B, and Ali Larter say that the untitled movie with Ali will be released on October 3rd, and "Carmen 2- No Looking Back"will be released on November 13th, which is NiNi's 25th birthday. We know for a fact that NiNi is in fact working with Ali for their new movie, we still aren't positively sure if a Carmen sequel is being made too, Calls to NiNi and Yonce's reps went unanswered as well as to their managers, so when and if we get more info on it, we will let you guys know. *UPDATE* It has been confirmed by a representative of Queen B that there is in fact a Carmen sequel in the works, and she reports that its is almost halfway finished. She says the film will star NiNi, Beyonce, Justin Long, Megan Good, Michael Ealy, TI, Fat Joe and Mekhi Phifer as well as Rah Digga will be reprising their roles as well. She goes on to say that the movie has been in production since last month and it is hoped that it will be completed by November 13th, but with the amount of work that both queens have coming up, it may be slightly after that date. B is working on a new album and touring,  and NiNi is doing the same, so it be days sometimes before they get back on set, but they have an amazing working chemistry together and she says the movie is coming out well and it should be very interesting. She also says that there will be updates on the release date and the trailer should be airing sometime next month. Click here to hear her full statement. That's pretty cool and exciting huh? Shit we can't wait for both these movies, especially Carmen 2, we loved the first one..........:)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NiNi And TIP + Beauty Really Impresses As A Solo Artist

Lots of new material and info coming from PSR lately. Earlier, Lola and Kelly killed with their newest song, now its another song that's killing and its by the queen Ft her old buddy TIP. We aren't sure if this is from her upcoming album because Tinashe isn't in it, and the album is supposed to be just those two, so it could just be a random single or maybe from an upcoming mixtape. The song is called "Chop Shop" Its straight ATL south and its pretty much all about cars. They both rap hella good, but TIP kills it with his signature style of complicated word play and fast rapping. NiNi though, does very well as well with her signature of throwing words around and using super dope punch lines. The song has stolen the number 1 spot, which Miley took a few days ago with her newest song. The song is down south rap and has a really nice beat, said to be produced by Soulja Boy. The song is blowing up huge and knocking everything out of the park. Click here to check out "Chop Shop" by NiNi ft TIP. In other news, Beauty is becoming the next Michael Jackson or Beyonce. We say that because Michael and B both left their group and blew up even bigger which made people say that the Jackson 5 and Destiny's Child was holding them back, and Beauty is no different. She left  The OMG Girlz about a month and a half ago and since then she has been blowing up even bigger then when she was with them. The OMG Girlz haven't been heard of lately, but Beauty is dominating the game and everyone agrees that she is so much better without the other two holding her down. Beauty and the OMG Girlz were not royal status, they were just "Dope" status, but now Beauty is royal status which means she is apart of NiNi's annoying secret circle (no offense guys) and she never had that title when she was with her "sisters" Beauty is ready to release her first solo album on PSR, but we aren't sure of any titles or dates yet. Congrats girl, seemed like you did need to break free of the nest. Click here to check out Beauty's newest song "About That Money" which killed the charts when it first released.......P.S sorry guys comments section bugging today



Lola Monroe + Kelly Clarkson

Today a new song released by Lola Monroe produced by Birdman called "I Got It From My Mama" and it features Kelly Clarkson. The song released early this morning and has been doing well in the game coming in at number 2 on the charts. Lola and Kelly are preparing to release albums. Lola's 3rd PSR album is said to be coming sometime in late November, early December and Kelly's 5th PSR album is said be released late December, early January. Kelly sings on it, and Lola raps on it very well. Its pure rap, but Kelly's singing goes well even though its rap. The song is being requested all over and is said to be in line to be played at nightclubs. Click here to check out "I Got It From My Mama" by Lola Monroe Ft Kelly Clarkson. Speaking of Kelly, we would like to congratulate her on bringing her new daughter River into the world with her long time boyfriend. She has released of her and she is so beautiful, click here to see little River,.....
Lola Monroe

Kelly Clarkson

Monday, September 8, 2014

Katy Perry And NiNi Said To Be Opening A Southern Joint In ATL

Buddies are teaming up to do more then more then music. Its said that NiNi and number 2 are teaming up to do a collab, but not a music collab, a restaurant collab. Its said that they are opening 2 soul food restaurants in downtown ATL, and in Katy's hometown of Santa Barbara CA. The story broke out from super close sources to PSR and its said they will have all of that good southern food that we all love and at affordable prices. Its not known what the restaurant will be called, but on 268th ave in ATL its a building that has for the longest  time, been deserted, but the for sale sign has been taken down and construction workers are beginning to work on it and its possible that that is the location. Also in Santa Barbara, a building on West Hollywood BLVD is currently under construction as well. Its said that the ATL spot was $898,000 dollars to buy and they both went half on it, and the SB spot was a little over $700,000 dollars and once again they both went half. From what the sources say, both spots will have the best soul food that you can ever have, and it will be super fancy, as in waterfalls with fish in it, giant flat screen TV's, games, pool, and everything else that a super royal celeb can think and lets face it, NiNi and Katy are the most royal fancy celebs you can find and they both go all out when it comes to Fancy, Katy is the one who fancied up the PSR building so think about it. Its said that the ATL spot will be having a grand opening sometime in January of 2015 and the SB spot around the same time, but don't expect to see the owners there, unless its a special event or a signing. The project is already underway and many people in ATL and in SB are excited to eat at the besties restaurant and its highly anticipated. Its many soul food restaurants in ATL, but this one is expected to blow all the rest away especially since its owned by famous celebs. Residents of ATL and SB,  keep looking out for the restaurant it should be dope. Speaking of Miss Perry, she's another one  that added herself onto the "PSR Albums Coming Soon" and she is said to be releasing her 4th PSR album on her 30th birthday October 25th. That is also very highly anticipated. Its alot of good things coming from PSR, whether it be albums, tours, clothes, or restaurants and dope investments and all PSR is doing is getting more popular by the second. When their new soul food spots open, we are trying both, how about you guys?
Katy Perry

Tamar And Rita No Longer Beefing, New Song + New Albums From Both

A while ago, tour buddies and label mates Rita Ora and Tamar Braxton were involved in a super bloody beef that made headlines after their fight backstage at one of their shows. But today, they showed that they are no longer enemies as a song released by Rita Ora called "Right Where I Wanna Be" which features Tamar. The song is pretty cool, landing in the top 5 at number 5. Its half R&B and half smooth Hip-Hop and they both sound well. It is unknown when they ended their feud but sources say that they are doing well and looking forward to the rest of their tour. Not only that, but both ladies have albums coming out. Rita is one of the highest selling artists on PSR, So far she has released two albums and they both did extremely well selling over 6 billion copies, this will be her 3rd PSR album. Tamar has released one album so far and it did really well selling over 200 million copies and this will be her second. Rita's album is said to be released sometime in November and Tamar's release date is still unknown. Neither one has a title yet. Click here to check out "Right Where I Wanna Be" by Rita Ora Ft Tamar Braxton......
Rita Ora

Tamar Braxton

Selena Gomez New Song + Sevyen Streeter Mixtape + Update

Today, Selena Gomez has released a new song Ft Nicki Minaj called "I Swear" and its dominating the music game coming in at number 1 on the charts beating out Tegan and Sara's new song as well as Nicki and KC's newest song. The song is "Pop-Hop (Pop and Hip-Hop combined) and Selena sing-raps on it and Nicki raps of course. This is the first collab between those two and they make a good pair and they sound good together,. The song is sexually explicit and has jaw dropping lines such as Selena when she says "He or she can make me squirt like a water hose" Despite the sexually driven lyrics, it is very popular, and its not taking away from the popularity of the song. Selena is said to be dropping her 3rd PSR album soon, and this is the 2nd single from it. The song is produced by Kelly Rowland, according to sources. Click here to check out "I Swear" by Selena Gomez Ft Nicki Minaj. In other news, Sevyen Streeter has announced her 2nd PSR mixtape. She has been doing lots of songs and has already dropped a mixtape, but she hasn't dropped an album yet, but regardless she is doing well. Her mixtape is said to be dropping on September 19th which is literally 11 days away, and its very highly anticipated. She also is said to be dropping a new song tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that. Speaking of Miss Streeter, she is set to go  on tour with her tour buddy Vanessa Hudgens sometime this month also, so make sure you look out for tickets. P.S the story that broke earlier about the two queens beefing is false. Seems as if someone set it up just to see how the headlines would look, and whoever did it got their wish, because the headlines blew up huge, but it has been confirmed by both of their managers that it is no beef, it is no tension, it is no disagreements, no arguments, no fights its no NOTHING, in fact they seem to be getting closer as friends. Another rumor that was once big is that, we all know that NiNi has 6 besties right? (well as far as we know) and it was said that the other 5 were jealous cuz the queen is number 1, but truth be told, besides maybe Miley, all of them are super close with each other, and the others can care less about who's closer to who. They are all close with each other. NiNi is close to B, B is close to Katy, NiNi, B and Katy is close to Kat, Kat is close to Cymhonique, Kat and Cymphonique are close to China blah blah blah, so they are all close like sisters,  and that's why they are called "The Royal Friends" they stand by each other no matter what, how many people can say  they have friends like that. So no beef between the queens, which is good because we're looking forward to more collabs between them and maybe even a collab album in the future how about you guys? Click here to check out their managers denying any beef rumors....question is,why couldn't they deny it themselves?
Selena And Nicki

Sevyen Streeter

Did B Diss NiNi?

Someone is trying to start a queen war between the two besties, at least thats what we think. Its said that NiNi walked up to B and said hi and B rolled her eyes at her and walked away from her like she didn't even know her. NiNi looked embarrassed, but shrugged her shoulders and walked away. We find this one hard to believe, but its said that tension between the two queens are flaring up due to just recently, NiNi was supposed to be a guest at one of B's shows, and they had it all planned out, but NiNi never showed, never called to explain why, just didn't show, and B is said to want nothing to do with her now for making her look bad by making her announce that she will be there and then having to take it back. Furthermore, its said that its other reasons for the tension and it has been boiling for months. It was at first a disagreement, then tension, now its said to be a full grown beef between them. Friends have issues, we understand that, but the way that this is being blown up is just unbelievable to us, and frankly we don't believe one word of it. Its quite common in the music industry for people to try and break up people who are close, all of NiNi's other friends have gone through the same exact thing and it always turned out to be false, except for that one time with Kat, but that was quickly settled and they hugged it out on stage. NiNi has once said that she loves all her besties and she will do whatever she can to resolve any issues before it turns into something big because that is not what she wants, so why wouldn't she try to resolve this so called issue then? It just doesn't add up and we smell bullshit. But anything is possible I suppose especially in the music industry. We are digging to get more info, and if this is true, it will officially become the biggest topic in a long time. 2 queens and besties beefing? That's almost NEVER heard of, especially 2 people as close as they are, so it will definitely be a juicy story. If we get anymore info, we'll let you guys know........Click here to check out all of the drama talk about the two queens.....

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Keke Palmer Is Growing And So Is Her Status, But Is There Competition With NiNi?

2 months ago, Keke Palmer announced that she was pregnant by her fiance Evan Ross and she added herself to the hashtag that Cymphonique created on Instagram called "#BabyBumpMarathon" Every other week she posts a pic of her growing stomach and she is getting very big and it looks like she might be having twins, because she is bigger then average for how far along she is. She was spotted today with Evan and her "bump" is no longer a bump, at this point you can tell she is pregnant and she isn't trying to hide it. Keke once said that she has the full support of PSR and her boss and they have been helping her through her journey. But not only is her belly growing, her status as an artist is. Nickelodeon artists have a very hard time to get out of the character that people are used to seeing  them as, it took Miranda Cosgrove 2 years before people stopped looking at her as "Carly" and started accepting her as a serious musician, and Keke is no different. Everyone recognizes her as "True Jackson VP" but since signing with PSR, she has tried very hard to make a new name for herself as a solo artist and its paying off. Keke has been doing super well with PSR and she is making a huge mark for herself and she is said to be at royal status now. But with royal status comes drama, and she is said to be at war with her own boss and they are said to be rivals. Where this story came from, we have no idea, but its said that NiNi is intimidated by her and she is determined to not let her steal her spotlight, because lets face it, Keke is huge now, and she is at least almost at both of the queens level right now, so she is definitely on a real good level musically. Its said that NiNi and Keke are not really vibing and they have super tension with each other,but that is unconfirmed. Keke has just released a new song recently called "Hello Baby" which is a song dedicated to her baby and it features her fiance Evan Ross. Click here to check it out. So is NiNI And Keke beefing? That's what we're trying to figure out and we'll let you know.......
Keke Palmer

Nicki Minaj And KC + Rihanna Topless With Female Fan In San Fransisco

Nicki is another PSR artist who is gearing up to release an album which will be her 2nd. Its said to be called "Pink Print" and its due for release early November. Today she released the albums 4th single called "I Still Ain't Thru" which is kind of a remix to her and KC's 2013 collab song "I Ain't Thru" Its a really bomb song and it came in at number 2 on the charts. Its a sexually explicit song and KC sings of course and Nicki raps. Both women cuss like sailors but it doesn't take away from the bombness of the song. The song is produced by Diamond and we must say she made a very good beat. Its getting positive reviews and the only negative reviews is the unnecessary cussing throughout. Click here to check out "I Still Ain't Thru" by Nicki Ft KC. In other news, RiRi is out in San Fran for tour and she is warming up to the female fans and getting close with them Over the weekend she was spotted with a San Fran resident and Saturday night she was in a local nightclub and she got topless and was hugged up all on this girl and the girl had her face in her boobs and she actually allowed another fan to snap a picture. Its obvious that RiRi was drunk, but regardless that's how she acts anyway so its nothing new. Lately RiRi has been posing nude for almost every magazine cover, and I mean REALLY nude, not that I'll take my shirt off but cover my boobs with my hands type nude, nah the whole thing. She most recently posed on a beach and she was bent over in the face down ass up position and posted the pic to instagram and yeah you can imagine the reactions. RiRi is deep into her music and she is doing well but she is making a second career out of modeling and doing nude photo shoots. She hasn't released an album in over 8 months so its about that time, but she is on tour with Eminem for their "Monster Tour" The photo is floating around the industry gaining massive attention. RiRi is known to take random sexual type pics with females and she isn't scared to show her bisexuality. Why do you think she's the "Good Girl Gone Bad" Click here to check out the photo of RiRi and a female fan in San Fran. (Warning, she is nude and topless in this picture and the girls seems to either be licking or sucking, please be over 18 to view)
Nicki And KC


Demi Lavato Newest Spokeswoman For Breast Cancer + Miranda Cosgrove Suspended

Demi Lavato has recently signed on to be the newest spokeswoman for the fight against breast cancer. She is working with the LABC which is a company who supports women who have or have had breast cancer and it stands for Ladies Against Breast Cancer. She is in commercial talking about it and asking people to donate anything they can to help find more cures and save more lives and says that her label PSR is also involved in the support. She is said to be signed on to be the spokeswoman with the company for the next year for 10 commercials. Click here to check out her 1st cancer and click here to help support victims of breast cancer by donating anything you can for the fight and more cures. Speaking of Demi, she is ready to release her 3rd PSR album, but we aren't sure of a release date or a title. She is currently on tour with her current enemy/ex-friend Katy Perry and despite their tension they have been putting on amazing shows. They have a show tonight in Washington D.C and tomorrow in Newark, NJ. Click here to purchase tickets. Keep on the lookout for Demi's new album, as well as Katy's. In other news, sources are reporting that Miranda Cosgrove has been suspended from PSR due to going to lunch and pretty much never coming back. NiNi is much more strict now, and according to sources, every artist has a 2 hour lunch break, and she never showed back to the label. Today she came in and was told she can go right back home. Its said that she said she wasn't feeling well so she went home, but she should've called so NiNi suspended her for a week for basically unprofessional behavior. Miranda is in the process a releasing  new song which she announced the other day over Twitter, but now that she is suspended, that song will be delayed. She is expected to return on September 14th.


Katherine Mcphee Album + Zendaya Has Severe Wardrobe Malfunction

Today, Katherine Mcphee announced  that her 2nd PSR album called "In My Mind' will be releasing on October 25th which is her 31st birthday. "In My Mind" has been highly anticipated since she first mentioned that it was being worked on, and now we have a date and it became even more highly anticipated since the announcement. Katherine has been doing pretty well at PSR and she's a good fit, but some say her music just doesn't go well with the style of PSR, but its millions of others who would quickly disagree with that and we are some of the few who disagree with that. The album is said to be produced by Envy and Katherine herself and will be her signature swag Pop/R&B style. We aren't aware of any features as of yet. Her 1st album did very well selling over 90 million albums to date. Miss Mcphee is also beginning a 9 month world tour with Azalea Banks starting sometime this month, and its also said that she will be the featured performer at the 2015 Superbowl 5 months away in February. So big things coming from Katherine, and we are sure we will be hearing much more from her. In other news, Zendaya has been in the headlines alot lately, whether its for her music or her outspoken personality, but mainly its due to the crazy sexual things she does on stage, but today she is in the headlines for a different reason and its due to a wardrobe malfunction that has the world talking and the perverts pressing the rewind button over and over. She was performing in Atlanta GA and during her performance her and her dancers were bending over and her jeans ripped right down the middle and exposed.......pretty much everything from top to bottom. She had no panties on so you literally saw EVERYTHING. She wasn't aware of herself being so exposed until the crowd was cheering super loud and it flashed up on the screen and she got up and looked so embarrassed but she joked about it and said "Never thought a whole bunch of strangers would be seeing my pussy, does it look good?" The crowd cheered super loud (yup even the females) and she went backstage to do a costume change, and finished up her show without further incident. After the show was over, she and her......you know......were all in the headlines, pictures videos you name it and it of course was posted to YouTube. The full uncensored version is not shown on YouTube since YouTube has a no nudity policy so when the malfunction happens, its blurred out, but the unedited video is on TMZ and they have it posted all over the damn place. Anyone would be embarrassed right? well not her, she still joked about it posting over Facebook "Damn she's all over the place, she's so happy,  never thought she can be more famous then me, everybody likes her right? so do I lmao!" (Nice to see she has a sense of humor even though her most private body part is splashed all over for the whole world to see) Click here to check out the full unedited wardrobe malfunction of Zendaya (Warning the video has extreme nudity of course and shows her........thing........in full close up, please be at least 18 or over to watch)
Katherine Mcphee


Drake Denies Any Affair With NiNi + NiNi Throws Tantrum At VMA's??

This morning, Drake put all of those affair rumors that's going around to rest. He posted a statement to his Twitter account and it says "Its bullshit is what it is, I tell you one thing, I never had an affair before in my life, I ain't about to start now, if ima be with you ima be the only one, I don't share with other niggas that's my philosophy, me and @NINI are just tight, she's cool she's fun to chill with but that's where it ends, neither one of us looks at the other in any other way and probably never will" NiNi hasn't responded to the rumors yet, but lately, she hasn't been responding to anything. Click here to check out his statement. In other news, a behind the scenes VMA video is said to exist that shows NiNi preparing for her big 22 minute performance for the show and its said that she caught up a temper tantrum while rehearsing for the song "Legs Open" She screamed and yelled at everyone and was heard saying "I can't believe after all this time we been doing this, y'all still can't fucking get it right!" Its said that she actually smacked a dancer and made her cry. The article further states that she was very difficult to work with.....more  then usual and it was so much tension during the performance and some dancers were ready to quit. The supposed video has not been released to the public yet, but its said that after the performance, she apologized for being so rough and they all posed for a picture together backstage and she treated her entire entourage to buffalo wings and wine (that's a nice boss) Her crew is used to her being rough when it comes to performing, NiNi is a perfectionist and if everything isn't right she wont be apart of it, it has to be perfect for her, so its nothing new. The video is said to be in the hands of Global, who will be releasing it soon to the media. Click here to read about NiNi's supposed crazy temper tantrum before the big show.....

Saturday, September 6, 2014

NiNi Said To Be Dating Drake, Beith Said To Be Dating Jazmin

The affair rumors continue. NiNi is now being linked up to Young Money artist Drake who was previously dating PSR artist Rihanna. Rihanna recently broke it off with Drake due to what some sources say was because of cheating on Drake's part. But who was he cheating on her with? Well, at least 200 sources say NiNi is the relationship breaker, and RiRi wasn't sharing. Its no secret that the talk of cheating/affairs between NiNi and Beith are huge, but this one is the most believable due to many pictures of NiNi and Drake all over the Internet, some pics show them actually hugged up all close and smiling and Drake made it worse by posting the line to one of NiNi's newest songs where she says "Got a bad bitch on my side you know she gonna ride ride or die getting high give me head in the ride" Why did he post her lyrics? Think about it. Beith is linked to Jazmin, who is a former PSR artist who was dropped 3 weeks ago, and sources say that those two have been seen together numerous times, and once again, hundreds of sources report the same exact story. He is said to be looking at her as a friend, but she wants more and he is willing to give it to her. NiNi and Beith do show signs of tension in their marriage, she never talks about him anymore, he's no longer in the
Livin With NiNi" episodes and she generally tries to avoid all questions about him now, when at first she used to blush when talking about him, now when asked about him she says "anyway next question" Maybe it is trouble in paradise and maybe these rumors are true. TMZ has picture and video of Drake and NiNi in his hometown of Ontario, Canada, and they also have picture and video of Beith and Jazmin in both of their hometown Newark NJ. Click here to check them out. So is NiNi and Beith separated, divorced or just having an affair with other people? Judge for yourself....


Dancing With The Stars + Fan Posts All About Kat's BDAY House Party

Last night was the premiere of the biggest televised event of the week which was the Battle between the PSR crew and the JBC crew on Dancing With The Stars" The show started at 8pm and lasted for an hour and a half. Both crews were amazing, both did amazing moves and PSR of course had to get sexy and erotic with it. Both teams had to go through 3 rounds, and then a final face off where both teams dance on stage and compete against each other and in that round anything goes. The teams were going against each other for the title of "DWS Champion" the 1st place trophy and $30,000 dollars. Of course it can only be one team that can win. At the end of the show, the judges were allowed to speak and comment on all 4 rounds of each teams performances. The judges said great things about PSR and said they loved their teamwork and originality blah blah blah, and pretty much the same for the other team. But in a shocker, the PSR crew DID NOT win. They were off by 2 points, the JBC Crew got 10 and PSR gt 8. When that was announced, the PSR crew clapped for the other crew of course, but some of them looked a little disappointed, but they hugged the other crew and congratulated them regardless. After they accepted their check and trophy, the other team made an unscheduled speech and congratulated PSR and told them that they are the first group that scared them and actually put a beating to them and PSR forever has their respect, and that they would love to dance with them one day. The PSR crew clapped for them and the audience showed the PSR crew love. Then the leader of the other group announced that even though they won, she would like to share the trophy with the PSR crew since they did amazing as well. The PSR crew came to the front and all put their hands on the trophy and they all put it in the air while cameras were flashing and fans were cheering loudly. But the PSR crew didn't go home empty handed, they received the 2nd place trophy which is almost the same size as the 1st as well as the title of "2nd Runner Up" which is still a a very good title, they didnt receive any money though. The show brought in over 78 million viewers and many people feel that the PSR crew should've won. Click here to check out clips from the show and judge for yourself. In other news, the PSR crew had to celebrate after losing and right afterwards they headed over to Kat's house in New York and hit her Bday party. The 25 fans passed the trivia questions about her and were invited and one fan posted all about it. Drinks, weed brownies, crazy ass females, girl on girl lap dances and kissing, just CRAZY! Click here to check out her full Twitter post on what went down last night at Kat's party (7 pages long, so hope you have time on your hands) Also, a new episode of "Rollin With The Evans" premiered at 9pm on BET, Click here to check out clips from the episode, its pretty cool......

India Benet Said To Have Attempted Suicide

Its a major breaking story that's floating around the industry getting hella attention, and its that PSR artist India Benet has attempted to kill herself today by swallowing 65 heart pills and slitting her left wrist. Its said that her boyfriend discovered her on the bathroom floor of the home they share, and she had foam and blood leaking from her mouth, her wrist was bleeding heavily and she was shaking. He quickly called the ambulance who came and took her to the hospital where they had to spend 3 hours pumping her stomach to get all of the pills out and she had to receive over 67 stitches for her wrist. This is the second time that India has tried to commit suicide while she was at PSR. Her dad mentioned the last time that she has issues and is going  to therapy sessions to deal with it and taking meds for it, and apologized to NiNi for not giving her info on her condition earlier. The last time, she apologized and promised that it will never happen again, but looks like she didn't stick to that promise. India is said to be suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder which means she has more then one personality and some people with the disease may act like a different person and have multiple agendas and names and might even change their voice to fit their alter personality. Her dad mentioned she was born with the condition and as long as she takes her meds she is fine, but when she doesn't take it, that's when things like this happens, and obviously she hasn't been taking her medicine. India is doing really well at PSR and she is gearing up to release her 1st PSR album due in October. Many PSR artists including NiNi are said to have gone to see her at the hospital. Doctors say she should be OK and her boyfriend found her just in time. Her dad is said to be thinking of putting her with professionals to get help (that means a damn mental clinic) but that is unconfirmed. Doctors would like to keep her in the hospital for a while because they feel she is a serious danger to herself and possibly to others. Still though, all of this is hearsay and hasn't actually been confirmed. *UPDATE* It has been confirmed that India Benet did in fact try to kill herself for the second time, but this isn't just the second time. Its actually the 4th. She tried to kill herself when she was 11 and another time when she was 13. She stopped for a while after she began taking meds, but she stopped taking them when she signed with PSR and another episode came on. After that time, she started taking her meds again and she was fine, for some reason she stopped again and this happened (STAY ON YOUR MEDS SWEETIE!!!!!) Doctors say she is extremely lucky due to the fact that she didn't cut too deep into the vein in her wrist, if she would've cut just 2 inches deeper, the blood loss would've been enormous and unable to be fixed and she likely would've died from massive blood loss. Also the pills she took, even though it was alot of them, were only 5mg so they weren't too strong, if she would've taken something much stronger, like Tylenol to be exact, which is 125mg per pill, she wouldn't have been able to be saved. They say she is recovering and will be kept in the suicide watch area for the next 2 weeks. India currently is on tour and was supposed to be in her hometown of Chicago today, but all shows are cancelled until further notice, but her manager says to hold on to all of your tickets as it will be made up. We would like to say get well soon to Miss Benet, and no offense, get help and stay on your meds at all times, its many of your fans that do not want to lose you........Click here to read all of the articles about her 4th attempted suicide......
Inida Benet