Monday, January 19, 2015

Nini Has A 5 Year Old Admirer + PSR Has Their Own Street In ATL

Today, Nini returned to America from Europe, and she did a short signing and discovered that a 5 year old white kid adores her. When it was his turn he ran up to her wrapped his arm around her and told her he loved her. She smiled and said "Thank you" and he wouldn't let her go. He took out a little toy that he probably got in a happy meal at McDonald's and said "Ma'am you're the bestest ever, I want you to have this" She said "Aww thank you cutie, I'll keep it close to me forever" She gave him another hug, kissed him on the cheek and took a selfie with him and you can tell the kid was having the time of his life. Then he huffed her again and wouldn't stop, it got to the point where his mom had to say "ok sweetie we have to go, it's other people waiting" and she pulled him off of her and he began to cry. The mom apologized and Nini said "Don't apologize he's so cute" and then she said "in fact here" and she gave the mom a PSR paas. A PSR pass is a coupon that let's a fan get to tour of the PSR building and meet all of three artists and the kid got a pass for next monday along with his mom. The woman seemed excited and hugged Nini and thanked her, it was a cute sight.  As they were leaving the boy kept saying I love you ma'am you're the best over and over and another fan commented "looks like you have an admirer...a very small admireradmirer" and she said "yeah when don't I?" And she finished signing and taking selfies with the fans. The entire moment was recorded from a nearby cell phone, click here to check it out. In other news, PSR is the biggest label on the planet with most of the biggest artists on the planet and many people are recognizing them as the greatest, and apparently so is Atlanta Georgia. Today a street that was being built for the past 3 months was named Platinum Ave in honor of Platinum Sound Records. A shopping mall down there on 21st hwy has also been renamed from "Plaza Mall" to "Platinum Mall" and it's said that a "Dontanisha Blvd is coming soon too. Cool right. Congrats guys, tall are changing the world, and the world is taking notice.......

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