Saturday, January 31, 2015

Katy Adresses Taylor Feud Ahead Of Big Superbowl Show

Katy and NiNi are about  to be apart of the most historic event in either one of their careers and that's performing the halftime show at the 49th Superbowl show tomorrow and as far as Katy You will most definitely hear her roar. Ahead of her Super Bowl halftime gig on Sunday, Feb. 1,Katy Perry spoke to Billboard today about her feud with Taylor Swift, saying a response will come. The singer, promised the mag that she wasn't one to simply take hits. quote "If somebody is trying to defame my character, or slander my name you're going to hear about it" She also added: "They call me boss lady on the field and off the field. I feel very honored and very proud and very blessed that I get to play the halftime show at this age. I feel like it’s an incredible humbling spiritual experience." She also says that she wasn't  the one to start the feud and that its much bigger then NiNi or PSR. She said "The whole thing was on her part, my part is clean, because I met her a couple times and from one artist to another it was love, OK I respect what you do, you respect what I do cool good luck,  It was no bad blood, but she made it be for whatever reason. But this is much bigger then Nisha or my label, that was later on, we had our feud way before Nini or PSR ever got into anything, and I didn't initiate anything with them, she put  them in it, naturally my team will fire back, but that doesn't have shit to do with me, but she broke the trust code over whatever she felt she had to do it for. But besides all that, I'm 30 years old, and to have this experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm blessed for this moment, and having my girl by my side is just a more rewarding experience " NiNi was also asked to comment on anything, and she didn't speak on the Taylor feud much ,she spoke more on the halftime show. She said "I think its amazing, I mean its a high honor to be chosen for this, you're on live TV doing a historical event, and that means people recognize you all over the world and they want you to be the representative of basically and that's a huge feeling. Then she addressed the Tay beef briefly "Um its been alot of negative things concerning that situation, its whatever to me, but this is our moment  to show that we are more then just that drama that everyone associates with and we both are looking forward to putting on a great show tomorrow (smiles)" Meanwhile, Tay hasn't been seen or heard from for the past 2 weeks and no one knows where she is, so we're sure she wont respond to any of this. Click here to see their live interviews outside the Superbowl stadium for Billboard...

Friday, January 30, 2015

China Gets Taken Away By Cops During A Rehearsal + OMG Beef Is Real

Today, the famous legend threesome were in Atlanta rehearsing for tonight's show when all of a sudden three cops entered and told China she was under arrest and slapped handcuffs on her. Everyone, including China herself was asking what she did, but they ignored everyone and just continued to read her her rights. They tool her out and placed her in the back of the police car. NiNi told everyone to stay put and she left to go to the precinct. We haven't been hearing anything that China has done lately, so the reason why she was arrested is unknown, but many people say Taylor had something to do with it. We reached out to her, but she is unavailable. It is unknown whats going on with China or whats going on with her right now. We are currently digging for more info, let you know soon. In other news, we've been hearing about a possible feud between Beauty and her ex group The OMG Girlz. Since she split with them and went Solo, there's been talk of beef, but its never actually been confirmed, well today it has been. A source close to all 3 mentioned that they are involved in a feud and they have been for the past 9 months and its getting worse between all of them. Its still unknown why the feud started, but many think that Star and Babydoll feel betrayed by her leaving the group, and maybe jealous because she is having more success as a solo artist then what she was having in the group. Also its said that a recent interview by beauty has her saying that she felt held back by being in the group and she couldn't spread her wings because she always had someone in her ear doing what they wanted to do, being that Star is the leader of the group and very strict about their sound, many felt she was referring to her, and obviously Star and Babydoll took offense to that, and called her fake and a traitor. Those messages were deleted very very fast, but they were still seen by over a million people click here to see them. So far it hasn't been any fights yet, but its said that Reggie, who was with OMG  Girlz for a while before leaving due to issues with Babydoll and Star, and was always close with beauty, is taking Beauty's side naturally including herself in the beef. Its many stories as to why these once upon a time "sisters" are now against one of their own, but unless you're them, you wont know the real reason. But it is true, they are beefing with Beauty, and Beauty is beefing with them, but why is anyone's guess. Stay tuned for info on their beef.........*Update* China is being charged with robbery as witnesses report her robbing a store with a fake BB Gun and then robbing an elderly couple who was out taking a walk, and witnesses say they know her face (come on really, even I don't believe that) but regardless, she is being held on 1 million dollars bail, which sources say NiNi has posted for her, and she has a court date for Feb 7th and if convicted she faces up to 7 years in jail. Crazy crazy nonsense.......Check back later for more details on this.....

Thousands Of Unsigned Artists Rush The Queens Today

Today the queens were with each other (not sure why yet, although some say she will be a guest at the 3some's show tonight) and they were literally flooded with thousands of unsigned artists with demos of their music and photos and bios of themselves in their hand. It was at least 5,000 men and women crowded around them, and they came out of nowhere, literally just came from behind buildings, jumping out of trees all of that, it seemed like a movie the way it went down. They both were in Atlanta and it got so bad that their bodyguards couldn't hold the large crowd off and the police had to be called. They arrived 2 minutes later and arrested over 200 people because they were getting aggressive with the queens. A couple minutes later, there were over 50 cop cars on site and over 130 cops breaking up the large crowd. They pulled the queens out of the aggressive crowd and got them to safety. They took both queens in the back of the police car and drove away, many fans were throwing their Cd's at them and one hit B in the head and she turned around like she wanted to fight whoever threw it, but the person who threw it yelled out "sorry queen, I didn't mean it, but please listen to my music, you'll love it!!" and they grabbed her and quickly put them both in the back and pulled off. The others who weren't as aggressive were told to go home or they will be arrested. Some left after they pulled off, others actually chased after the car for at least 10 blocks (crazy ass people). The whole crowd was gone by 35 minutes after the queens pulled off. NiNi and B later addressed the huge incident over Twitter. First NiNi posted "My oh my, what a day! Look, I don't accept people just  throwing shit at me on the street, that's not professional, if you can't market your material well enough to the point to where its so good that it reaches my ears and you have to throw it at people on the street, that means you have no real passion for this, this is just a hobby for you, and I wouldn't want you anyway, even if you're the best rapper or singer ever, you gotta take it serious, and today, you people didn't take your careers seriously at all. Here's a thought, maybe if you invest in your career,  market yourself, get a fan base, put on some shows, get a following and show that you are doing you with or without a record label, maybe we can talk business, until then me or my girl @B don't wanna hear it, so please never pull that shit again, cuz next time one of us is knocking a MTF out #Ipromiseyou" B later posted @NiNi Retweet I agree......."Many fans who were arrested were arrested for improper grabbing and touching of public authority figures, some were later released on bail with a court date, some are still being held. The entire chaos was caught on a nearby security camera which was released to the public shortly after the incident. Click here to view it. (In the video, both queens seem so mad, but you can tell they are trying to keep themselves under control, but that crowd was nuts) Some fans have apologized to them for their behavior already, they haven't responded to any of the fans though. Seems like its thousands of people who are looking to break into the music industry and our advice is do it the right way, because those old days of throwing music at a celebrity while their walking and miraculously getting signed to a huge record deal are OVER,.. completely OVER, .....nowadays you really better be somebody BEFORE even having a conversation about signing a deal, its getting harder and harder, can you keep up with all the new changes on how to get in the game? If not, don't quit your day job........

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nini And Katys Halftime Performance Is More Anticipated Then The Actual Superbowl

The 49th Superbowl is this Sunday the 2nd where the Patriots go against the Seahawks  (Boooo and booooo!) And although everyone is excited about it, the two bestie divas are the main talk of the year. Nini especially because this will be her 1st ever superbowl performance, she was suppowed to do it back on 2012 but due to an argument wit the show producer, she canceled and the other queen took her spot, so now with the big game being just 4 days away, she couldn't back out now if she wanted to. N T and C have put their "Legends" tour on hold for a while so Nini and number 2 can rehearse for the big game. We gave some exclusive footage of the two rehearsing and we even get a glimpse of what the outfits will be looking like (oooooh weeee) in a mini rehearsal documentary that leaked earlier. Click here to check it out. Don't miss out on the two divas at Superbowl Sunday, this Sunday starting at 6:30pm.....

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nini Gets Stranded In New York Rehearsal Building

A deadly historic blizzard hit the east coast yesterday morning and continued all day and night dumping over 29inches of snow to all of New Jersey and many parts of Nww York and Long Island NY got the worst which is where Nini is and she was preparing for a show last night, but during rehearsals, it started getting really heavy and really bad but they thought it would calm down but it didn't, it got worse and it trapped Nini T and C in the rehearsal building as the state of New York issued a state of emergency and a travel ban meaning no one is allowed on the roads. They had to cancel the show and sources say the three "legends" had to spend the night and sleep in the rehearsal building. By 7pm last night the snow was severe bringing heavy thick snow with high winds over 70mph which caused alot of damage and by 9pm the entire city was deserted, not a soul or a car outside. The storm started calming down around 3am but its still going and from what we hear they are still trapped. Tempatures in Long Island is in the low single digit numbers but feels like negative 20 degrees and the snow is up to your stomach. No word on if the 3 will be allowed to leave anytime soon, we'll let you know. Not much info today, when we get more info we'll let you know.......

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In House Beefs Getting Bad +NiNi And Usher New Song?

The beefs at PSR are not slowing down, in fact they are getting worse. Tegan and Sara have been beefing since before the new year, and obviously sisterly twin love means nothing to them and time after time its been #twinfight after #twinfight constantly, its so bad that they don't even wirk together anymore and they dont speak at all. Things arent getting better between them. Today Tegan (the older twin) completely embarrassed her sis over Twitter posting "so guess who still picks their nose and wets the bed.....I'll give you a hint #Getitgirl lol #Iloveme. "Get It Girl" is Sara's newest song so when she used that hashtag we automatically immediately knew who she was referring to. Sara didn't respond to her, but sources say that she was so upset she was crying and she now is ready to kill her. Those two dont seem to be getting any better, and what's sad is that they were so close and nobody knows wth theyre even beefing about. Then its Banks and Nicki. They actually squashed their beef, but obviously they only did that so their albums wouldn't suffer as this was around the time of the PSR release and maybe neither one wanted each others fans to be mad and not support them but whatever the reason, their fake looking hug and truce on live tv was faker then clip on nails as those two are still beefing. A song released by Banks called Barbie Cars and takes severe nonsubliminal shots at Nick about her butt, her runored relationship with Wayne, and how she really got famous so quick. Nick responded 12 minutes later with a freestyle to Ninis beat "Queen Shit" and she took even more severe nonsubliminal shots and she went so severe she says a line that references Banks younger cousin who recently was.killed in a drive by last month she says "You a featherweight mama shit im loving the drama you better stay with the armor ill lay you out like Karma" "Karma"was Banks cousins upcoming stage name.  Banks naturally was very pissed and she tweeted "shit just got real, i hate the bitch but not once did i bring any fam into my mouth alive or dead, you bold for bringing him in your mouth you fucking bitch, you're dead and i swear to god #RevengeIsABitch" Many say Nicki went too far and she's really low for that and no offense we kinda agree. Nick hasnt responded to the controversy yet. And of course who can forget about ex besties Nick and KC. Their beef started after KC won album of the year in early 2014 beating out Nick and she tweeted her disapproval over the decision tweeting "guess when you sing about nothing but sex and your baby daddy you blow, but when you sing or rap about real shit that everyone can relate to, youre low, this game is a trip. Its obviously that was a subliminal diss to KC since her early 2014 album was actually about her ex husband her son and sex and KC took offense and posted "well maybe if you stopped paying so much attention to your over inflated ass and focus on whats real and focus on your material, people would recognize you more, right now when I hear your name i think "oh the girl with the huge ass" the fuck? How do you think everybody else looks at you, get your mind off your body sweets and use your brain, maybe you'll FINALLY win next year #HarshButTrue" Ever since then the two have been going back and forth at each other but no fight, but its said that they had a huge fight today in KCs hometown of Oakland during her show, but we're trying to still figure that one out if its true or.not, but we DO know something went down between them. Its also been a long standing rumor that the OMG Girlz and Beauty are beefing, and now those rumors may be true But more on that later. Click here for all the info on these In House beefs thats getting bloodier. In, its being said that Nini and Usher are teaming up to collab for a new song, but we dont have much info yet, stay tuned for more info on that too.....

Monday, January 26, 2015

Is NiNi Suffering From Depression?

Remember those strange insta posts that NiNi posted yesterday? Well sources say that all this BS and drama is getting to the queen and she is super depressed. Its said that she showed up to prepare for a show today but she was uninterested and she didn't want to dance, didn't want to sing, didn't want to do anything she just looked miserable. Tinashe and China had to help her out and pretty much carried her out and told the crew she is going home and they'll handle the show. Of course NiNi complained, but its said that Tinashe screamed "get the fuck out of here, go home, rest you really need it, don't make me drag you home, or even worse get you escorted home by the worst people in the world (she was referring to cops) Its said that Nini said "Always killing my fun' and made a sad face, and then she listened and left. Awwww what is wrong with NiNi? Her fans and friends are worried about her, and pretty much all 7 of her besties (yes its 7 now because of Eminem) posted support tweets and let her know they are there for her. Its said that NiNi did in fact go home, and she will not be at tonight's show, but you still get the other two legends. We hope you feel better queen, if you need anything, you know I'm your friend, I'm always here for you.....Click here to read all the news about NiNi's depressive behavior today, which people say was sad to see.....So the queen may be depressed and I think we all need to get together (me, her fans, her besties and whoever else likes her), and do something really special for her to make her happy. Who's with me?

Porsha Settles Nini Drama Calls It A "Misunderstanding" + Toya's Truce Offering

Yesterday a story ran about the queen and Porsha Stewart's tension turning into beef, then they had a small subliminal war over Twitter, but today Porsha made it very clear that she assumed based on others word of mouth and she called it quote "A really big misunderstanding" She says that Nini is really cool, and she would love to work with her one day. So for all you people who were hoping for another girl fight...sorry. Click here to check out her tweet and her live statement squashing the "beef" with the queen. NiNi hasn't responded yet. Another person who also wants to be cool with Nini is Toya. She posted "I'm not proud of alot of things I've done, but I'm proud to say i have matured and I'd like to apologize to @NiNi for my childish dumb ass behavior so I extend my offer to you #TRUCE???" This is the 3rd person to offer NiNi a truce, A.Keys was first, Mimi was second and Toya is the third, the only one NiNi accepted was Alicia's, and that's probably because it wasn't that bad like the rest. NiNi hasn't responded to Toya's truce offering yet, and she probably never will, but  hey, this is a Hollywood business, maybe they'll become friends, stranger things have happened, NiNi hated Nina B and she is cool with her, she hated Gaga now they collabed over 22 times within a year, and who can forget Ke$ha, you already know what label she is signed to. So are you looking forward to a truce between NiNi Mimi and Toya, honestly we are, we feel they can make a bomb ass song together......Click here to check out Toya's truce tweet.....

Nicki And The Queen Dropping A Video Together

So far,Nicki and Queen B have done 3 songs together, 1 from B's newest mixtape and 2 from Nickis newest album . Their most recent collab was the remix to the queens hit song "Flawless" and thats the song they both are dropping a video for. Its said that its nothing but sexiness in there and lots of skin from them. In fact its said that Nicki and B are secretly dating, but that's a story for another time. Its said that there will be twerking, lap dances and just a whole lot of sexiness, its also said that the other queen will have a small part as a video girl in it. An 8 second clip released earlier of what is aupposedly the leaked video, and it looks really nice. They are down to bra and panties dancing and twerking next to each other (cant get much better then that)but being that in both queens latest video for "Wind It Up" they twerk next to each other too in the same exact way, many think Somrone photoshopped a video of Nicki twerking and inserted it in Ninis spot in that video to make it seem real. Regardless. Ut has been confirmed that they are in fact making a video for their song, whats not confirmed is if the 8 second teaser video we saw earlier is the actual video or just great technology geek worK. Who cares though, Nicki and B finally collabing and working and performing together, you cant tell me that ain't cool. Stay tuned more Info. to check out the "supposed"leaked video of "Flawless"(Remix) by B Ft Nicki......

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nini Posts Weird Insta Pictures + Kat And Perez Not Calming Down

Today after all this talk of a new war popping off, Nini posted 16 pictures to insta, not of herself but just random things like a picture of a noose (which is what you use to hang yourself) a bottle of sleeping pills, a picture of someone going insane and so on. Many people thought she was thinking about committing suicide and over a billion people messaged her to try and talk her out of it. She ignored the messages and continued to post strange pictures and message one pic was a head chopped off with the message "this is how I feel all the time, just a chicken with no head" then she posted "why bother, just why, why why hmm........................ idk why!" Seems like she was going crazy (no offense queen) many people were so scared for her and some of her fans actually called the cops and told them about her strange behavior and begged them to go check on her. After a while of over 3,000 people calling into the police station they went to her house and she happened to be home. She later posted "I'M NOT KILLING MYSELF THANK YOU" It was a sigh of relief, but the question remains: what was all that strange behavior about? Some say that with all this bullshit with the war and a new war then the PSR wars and this that this that this that, maybe she's really stressed and she snapped for a minute. The strange behavior on her insta has since been deleted but here's a screen shot of it, it was really creepy click here to check it out. Hope you're OK queen. In other news, the other day Kat and Perez Hilton had a little argument over Twitter and although Perez has been called "homo" and "faggot before, seems like Kat really got to him, and we see why, she more then just dissed him, she teased him, toyed with him and messed with him in a manipulative way to the point to where he started attacking his self, that's smart Huh. Now he's pissed and he's been trashing her and everything she's been doing. Her show last night he called it trashy and slutty, and commented that she isn't gay her mouth done took lots of dick because it's so big" (his words not mine ) Then he made a blog about her saying she doesn't write her own songs and she auto tunes the hell out of every song she puts out and that the only reason she's famous is because she joined the Illuminati and fucked her way to the top and he says he had proof of it (once again his words not mine) Kat responded to all this, but she's still messing with him and obviously it's really getting to him. She tweeted @Perezbitchboyhilton aww does little baby waby need his nappy wappy? Goo goo gah gah #wink wink (have you ever noticed that all the besties are so goofy) anyways she's still just messing with him, and Perez responded "ahhhh I hate her!!!!!" Kat responded "Aww somebody needs a hug, or a nap, or a girl...or guy #confused" So seems as if this "beef" is getting bad and it's not calming down anytime soon, but then again everyone is beefing with Perez and most of them are PSR artists from Nini to A$AP  Rocky to Jessica Lowndes to Banks to others like Lindsay Lohan, everyone is against him, so this beef is nothing new, but this one which created the hashTag #Kat Hilton,  seems to be a lot worse then all the others. Stay tuned for more info. And click here to view their 2nd mini twitter beef....Also nini made a statement regarding the orphanage situation. Click here to check it out...

More New Music + Rumors Of A Feud Between NiNi And Porsha Stewart

Its been alot of drama at that famous PSR building over the last week, but they aren't letting it slow them down and today,  we yet again got new music. 1st up is Cymphonique with a new song titled 'Since DAY1" Its produced by herself and features French Montana. Her baby is also in the background throughout the song which sounds cute. It is mostly hip-hop, but has a little bit of girl swag to it too. She sing raps, he raps and they both sound well, although French is being criticized for sounding slurring like he's drunk, which many say kills the song, but regardless nice job. It is currently number 3 on the charts and quickly climbing. Click here to check out "Since DAY1' By NiqNiq Ft French Montana. Next is Keri Hilson with a bomb new song called "Check Me Out Now" It has the beat to Breezy's song "Look At Me Now" but her own version and just like they did, she raps fast on it and its pretty much the first time we heard her rap and she doesn't sound crazy, she actually sounds really good, although does the supersonic speed rap for 1 verse, the other 2 verses she sings on. Its a dope beat produced by Lazy Bone and NiNi and it is number 2 on the charts so far. Click here to check out "Check Me Out Now" by Keri Hilson. Last is NiNi with a nice R&B single titled "Too Much" She does an amazing job of singing and she hits the right highs and lows at the right time. Its produced by herself and Ye and its getting lots of buzz in the streets. It has taken the number 1 spot beating out pretty much everyone. Click here to check out "Too Much" by NiNi. More new songs are coming soon, and we can't wait. In other news, its a story that broke earlier today that says that NiNi and Porsha Stewart from "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" are in a feud with each other. Its said that the feud has been steaming since late last year when NiNi was invited to appear on the show as a guest, and NiNi at first accepted, but when she found out that Porsha was gonna be there, she backed out and its said that Porsha was heard saying "What, so she backed out because of me? I never did anything to her, that"s some bitch shit to be having beef with someone for no damn reason" Ever since then, she hasn't liked her, and the tension just kept getting deeper and deeper but there were no words or disses exchanged, but today Porsha tweeted something that might be aimed at NiNi. She tweeted "On my way to the BDAY BASH, don't invite little miss thang, she might go all "platinum" on you #BOOGIE #2015" (notice she put parenthesis around Platinum) If that was directed at NiNi, it was subliminal. NiNi then responded with what might be her own subliminal, Tweeting "All the horses  hair in the world can't take the focus off of your personality, and all the dicks in the world doesn't mean you're pretty #ThoughtYouKnew" This might be a reference to the fact that its said when Porsha was younger she slept with more people then a porn star. But still, all of this is not officially confirmed,and its in rumor status. Maybe their tweets are not related at all, maybe that never happened last year, maybe just someone wants to see another girl fight (even though its been many of those since  the Taylor war) but hey, you can never have too many girl fights right? NiNi and Porsha aren't available right now, but we are trying to get in touch with them to get some more info and when and if we do, we will let you know. But for now, it seems like it may be another war added onto the bloodiest war of 2015......Not cool...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

B And NiNi Wins Lawsuit + NiNi Still Is Quiet

A little while ago, a foreign singer sued the two queens for the song "Drunk In Love" claiming that the beginning of the song was her voice as well as her beat used without permission. Today they went for their last day of trial and a judge ruled that what they did was considered recycled and since the song is over 10 years old, they are not in violation of any copyright laws and her case was denied and dismissed and she didn't get 1 cent from either queen. Now it seems to be another beef happening, this time it may be between the number 1 besties in the game, and the other singer, making a new super royal threesome beef. After she was denied she made this statement after being asked is she upset at the judge's ruling and she replied "Of course I'm upset, but I also realize that those two are the face of the music industry, everyone bows down to them whenever they ask them too, so when you have people like that, no one cares about the truth,or who was hurt behind anything, all you care about is the status and its sad how that works, if you're wrong you're wrong, and those two sluts are wrong" Why did she have to include the sluts part? We're sure one of the queens will be pissed about that and will respond creating another famous threesome beef. NiNi and B insists that they had no part in the judge's or jurors decision to find them not guilty, but many think otherwise. NiNi and B are the 2 most powerful women in the game so think about it......stay tuned for more info. In other news Nini still is quiet about everything which many say is making her look more guilty, what do you guys think....

NiNi Falls On Stage Doesn't Miss A Beat + Why Is It Being Said That NiNi Killed Solo's Unborn

Seems like the queens are in the habit of falling and getting right back to work. The other day, queen B slipped on her very long Bee dress and fell, but she got right back up and didn't miss a beat like nothing happened, and now queen N  has done the same thing. Yesterday, she was with T and China in Virginia and she was performing their hottest threesome collab song "Legends" and halfway through, she slipped and fell on her head. But like the warrior she is, she hopped right back up and finished her verse, no missed words, no off beat, she didn't miss one beat, and she is being praised for that. Of course people recorded it to YouTube, but surprisingly, it wasn't her fans, it was the media that was there that posted it, and they uploaded the video to YouTube where it has received over 100 million views within 20 minutes, shes a star even when she falls. But we think that all this attention is coming from the fact that when she fell, her butt crack showed a little bit and of course all the pervs are zooming in on that part. The video is 39 seconds long, but all butt cracks aside, she did amazing at jumping right back up after falling on her head and finishing the verse, although some sources say she was bleeding after the show but that hasn't been confirmed yet., Click here to check out NiNi's performance last night. In other news, its going around that NiNi intentionally or unintentionally killed Solo's unborn baby. It started with an argument, Solo did something that's not allowed at PSR, we still don't know what that is, but whatever it was, NiNi was pissed because she should've known better. After NiNi confronted her about it, its said NiNi was all in her face and Solo, trying to prove her bad girl status, got back in her face. Words were said, blah blah, and its said that NiNi socked her and pushed her super hard and she fell on her tummy and started bleeding heavily. Solo told her to call the hospital and she did and its said that she miscarried and doctors say it was because of the fight. This seems fake right, but Solo made it more believable by posting "The saddest day of my life, but I know she didn't mean it, I forgive her, its my fault anyway, she's family, I'll always love her regardless" Is she talking about NiNi or is she saying a random thing? Who knows, we are trying to figure that out, but still, the queen is unavailable and she is not responding to anything, which many people say proves that she is guilty, here's what we have to say: SHUT THE FUCK UP! THAT DON'T MEAN SHIT! Was I too harsh? GOOD! I'm sorry but its dumb ass people in the world, you feel just because she doesn't respond right away she's guilty, she's a very busy person duh! Anyways, the queen hasn't responded to Tays cousin, the orphanage incident or this incident yet, but when and if she does, we will let you guys know,........

New Music + Tay's Cousin Wants No Drama

Today we got more new music from the PSR crew. First off is Ari. She released a nice song today titled "No More Drama" and it features her hubby Big Sean. Its produced by DJ Drama and the song is Pop and Rap,  she sings and he raps, and they both do really good and they sound awesome together, it currently is at the number 3 spot beating out Fi5th Harmony's new song. Click here to check out "No More Drama" by Ari Ft Big Sean. Next is Rita Ora with a new song titled "Growing Pains"Its a real song, its 8 minutes long where she goes over all the hard times in her life from the time she was born to the time she move to America at 17 from London until now, its one of those songs where many people can definitely relate, and its produced by Jimmy Anderson and K.Michelle. It has stolen the number 1 spot so far and is getting positive reviews. Click here to check out "Growing Pains" by Rita Ora. Last is Brianna Perry with a bomb new song called "Worn Out" It seems to be a diss to Taylor which is the first diss to her from PSR since the war started, but its subliminal if it is, but whether its a diss or not (we really think it is) its a bomb song produced by Kayla Starr, and it is number 2 on the charts so far. Click here to check out "Worn Out" by Brianna Perry. Its said that next up is Tamar Braxton and NiNi, cool. In other news, yesterday, Taylor's cousin Mia, spoke up about NiNi and Tay and said that they were close friends before they both were famous, and today she spoke up and said she doesn't want any drama with NiNi OR PSR, and she insists that she wasn't trying to start anything she just wanted to clear the air and let everyone know that it was love before all this hate.  She posted a tweet today after obviously receiving hate messages from PSR fans. She posted "Look, I'm cool with NiNi, or at least I was, I'd still like to think I am, I'm not trying to start any drama, I have a son and I don't need that mess around me, it wasn't to make her look bad, but my cousin looks bad right now too, but it wasn't in defense over anyone, I just wanted to make it clear that we all used to be so close and it hurts me to see it like this, they used to call each other besties, just like the ones she has now, It sickens me to see it come to this and that's all I was trying to say" Its said that many NiNi and PSR fans have been attacking her because they think she is lying, but so far she hasn't got death threats yet (not yet anyway) She also is aware that Taylor is still missing, but she feels that she is missing because she wants to be, she says that ever since she was younger, when things get real stressful, she goes away from everyone and everything. She also insists that although Tay is her fav cousin, she has no issues with NiNi, she still wants to be her friend, and hopes that this quote 'silly nonsense" can end soon. Click here to check out her post and her live audio on the Tay and PSR subject......

NiINi Gets Backlash From An Orphanage Home

NiNi was contracted last week to perform at an orphanage to perform in front of thousands of her young fans which range from age 12-17 who are homeless with no parents either due to death or just never having any, some are really sick, like with cancer and such. Every celeb that shows up somewhere to perform, whether it be to a concert stadium, all the awards shows, or just private bookings, charges a fee for them to come out. They agreed on her price to come and perform privately and set it up. Well today she showed up with her backup dancers and they were ready to perform. Sources say that the agreed upon price was 10,000 dollars, being that every celeb collects their money before they start performing, NiNi went to collect hers, but the head of the orphanage told her that due to one of the girls getting really sick and having to be hospitalized due to her cancer, they had to use some of the money for her room and medical and they only had 3,500 dollars left. The orphanage doesn't make much money since they accept children for free, so it was very hard to raise up the 10,000 in the first place, and they hoped that being that NiNi loves her fans, she would understand and perform for the $3.500. Well that's not what happened. When NiNi was told that its only 3,500, this is how they said it went "Hmm, I can't do that, we had a deal, if you can't keep that deal, I can't perform here" He says he begged her and explained that they had it all but the girl is very sick and very close to death so they had to use it, and maybe she can do whatever 3,500 is worth, but he claims that she was just rolling her eyes as if she didn't care and after at least 3 full minutes of him explaining about the girl, begging and pleading with her, she said "so anyway, is it 10,000 or not?" He said he was in shock and said "Miss did you hear anything I just said to you, whatever happened to having a heart, especially for children, isn't that what your label and your image is about?" He said she said "Bye bye" and she instructed her team to pack up because they quote "Fucking wasting our time" He then says at that moment her manager Johnny came up and said "Who whoa, did I just hear the gig was canceled, why whats going on? The owner explained the same to him and he said "Yeah" and he turned to NiNi and said "I can't let you play for 3,500" NiNi said "Duh, I already told him that" He says he was in shock, he knows that they had a deal, but he was expecting some kind of break being that its homeless kids that been through so much and some are dying, and he thought NiNi would care but she didn't, and neither did any member of her entourage. He said "I know I didn't have enough, but I tried to reason with her, I even offered to pay the rest over time, she wouldn't hear any of it, the way she acted in front of those children, and just as a human being in general was disgusting and very wrong for someone of her nature. Many children were left crying and she flipped her hair and walked right by them as if she was better then everyone here, I was a huge fan never knew that's how she really acted, these kids love her, all they want is her, they have nothing or no one and some wont be here by next year, and the way she acted was just completely unacceptable, I lost so much respect for her and her entire label, I'm sure they are all the same, I know it doesn't matter because its millions more,  but NiNi lost a fan" Its also said that the kids were begging her not to go and she just ignored them and walked off, and they were crying asking "why doesn't she like us?" The entire orphanage is bashing NiNi and her crew for their behavior, they didn't expect to get off for less, they were willing to pay her the rest and they explained that the place is struggling financially, but they will get her the rest, all they wanted is a couple songs and maybe autographs, she still just quote "looked at us like we were so low because we aren't the kind of people she's around everyday. The media has been trying to get info on this from NiNi's side, but she isn't responding to anything, and neither is the crew that showed up with her nor is PSR. But as always, there's two sides to every story, and many media outlets are refusing to run the story or believe it until she confirms it, after all, the queen is crazy,  but she damn sure isn't mean, and the way he described her was a stuck up mean ass celebrity, and come on that ain't NiNi. Stay tuned.....

Friday, January 23, 2015

More New Music

Kat, Keri, Cymphonique and Katy Dropped new songs today. Click here to check all the new songs put. They're all badass! I PROMISE

Quik And Kendrick Confirmed To Be The Assaulters + NiNi And Taylor's Beef Might Be Way More Personal Than We Thought

Yesterday, PSR artists DJ Quik and Kendrick Lamar were arrested for the vicious beating of a gay fan at their show Wednesday night. Although they denied any involvement, police held them on bail, but now they can no longer deny anything as the Police have discovered on the stadium has 52 camera's in and out, and 8 of them are outside, once they reviewed the footage, it clearly shows, Quik and Kendrick doing exactly what the man said they did, Quik was beating him with a bat, and Kendrick was stomping him all in is chest and ribs. They were cooperating with the police at first, since they were claiming innocent, but since the video released, they no longer want to talk to the police, they refuse  to talk without a lawyer (busted!) The man still is going through with his lawsuit, but he isn't getting any help from any PSR fans, or Quik or Kendrick fans, instead, he's receiving death threats, some people are saying he shouldn't be gay and its his own fault and that if he doesn't drop the charges, and drop the lawsuit, he'll be dead before his 28th birthday, He also has been getting called many homophobic names all day and threats to him and his family are non stop. Its so bad, that  the police had to remove his entire family to witness protection, yeah those PSR fans don't play. No matter who is wrong or right, to the PSR fans, the PSR artists will always be right, and that's just what it is. The judge has accepted the mans lawsuit and trial for that begins next week, and being that its so much evidence against the two rappers, he has a 95% chance of winning his case, and on top of that, he has  the injuries to go along with it,. So it looks like Kendrick and Quik may be in trouble, and if they are found guilty (with the security tape they will be) they are both facing up to 5 years in prison for vicious assault (if they didn't beat him so bad, they probably would've just got probation, but being that they used such extreme force, they're being charged with attempted murder which carries a much bigger prison term) Currently, they have been transferred to the Los Angeles jail/courthouse where they are awaiting trial for this, and their bail, which was 90.000 dollars a piece has been taken away. Its said that their trial begins Monday, and if they lose, well, lets just say, sorry PSR fans, you wont be seeing them for a while. Sources say that due to the severe death threats to Dayshawn, he has serious police protection around him at all times, which many people are saying he's a "bitch" for.....Guys he's gay, I don't think he's hardcore, no offense but think about it. Anyways, stay tuned for more info on the fate of Quik and Kendrick. In other news, seems like the Taylor and NiNi war is bigger then just a comment Taylor made. The story goes that when NiNi first was signed back in late 2007, that's when Taylor was first starting to blow up, and she immediately fell in love with NiNi's music and so desperately wanted to be cool with her and collab with her and she did and they were actually really good friends Its said that she was so busy so she really didn't get a chance to contact NiNi as often as she wanted, even though they were friends before she started blowing up, but she always kept her in her mind to eventually work with  her. But by the time that she finally had time to contact her, NiNi started becoming Betty Boop and Miss Hollywood (meaning she started getting big) and its said that she changed when she got this level (not queen level yet) and when Tay finally approached her to work with her, she told her she doesn't know her never heard of her so she must not be big enough and she doesn't work with amateurs. Taylor was offended and they entered a small mini beef then, but when NiNi entered queen stardom, Taylor realized that despite the fact that she disrespected her the way she did, she still thought she was so talented and loved her music and wanted to remain friends with er, so her attempt at doing another collab was a way to end their feud which at that point would've been going on over 5 years. When NiNi denied the request, is when she got upset, but not because she said no, but because its said that NiNi was acting the same way towards her as she did back then, which is why she made the comment about her being stuck up and whatnot. But before ALL that, its said that the two were friends at one point as mentioned above, and Nini killed it by becoming bigger and bigger and left her in the dirt. But its said that they used to have girl dates together and pretty much do everything together and pretty much be each others shadows, and that Tay would've gave her life for her.  This is why many say she is acting so crazy towards NiNi because lets face it, who would act this cray over someone just not doing a song with you, think about it. Its said that Tay is mad because she threw away her friendship for the music game and now is using the music game against her when she was on the level of how Selena Demi or Nessa used to be. This info comes from one of Taylor's family members named Krystal which is confirmed to be her cousin, and she even says she used to hand with Taylor and NiNi and they used to all smoke weed and drink together, and she even recalled a time at 3am Tay and NiNi were at her house when they both were just getting famous and NiNi smoked too much and passed out, fell in the pool and they both rushed to get her from drowning like lifeguards, she says the reason why no one knows about how close they were and why its not in the media is that this was all going down before they had their name in lights and that NiNi changed soon as she became big and shut Tay out.... Its alot on this new article, and its things this girl knows about NiNi, personal things that a liar couldn't just know. So is this true, were they once real close but NiNi changed and forgot about Tay and Tay is pissed because of that? Or is this woman just reading her bio and making up things and just happens to be right about it? PSR and NiNi fans don't believe one word of it, what about you guys? Click here to view all this lady had to say about them two in the past and why Tay is so mad at her (and its not because of the song as mentioned) Crazy if all this is true. But the media is trying to get an exclusive interview with her, so far she is unavailable. Stay tuned for more on this, the whole world is tuned in to this, and its attracted over 66 trillion people so far, so yeah huge huge topic which created the hashtag #TayNiNiFriends???????" .....

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Man Claims He Was Beat By DJ Quik And Kendrick Lamar + PSR War Leaves Taylor Missing

2 PSR artist, Kendrick and DJ Quik, are facing charges that they assaulted a gay man last night at their show. This gay man has been named as 26 year old Dayshawn Jacobs, and he was in attendance at their show in Compton last night and he claims that after the show, they did a backstage signing and he admits he may have offended them, but he says they didn't to do what they did, He said when it was his turn to get a signing, he said to both you guys are both really cute" At this point, he said that, they began reacting violently screaming and cursing telling him to get out and get away from them, and said that Quik said "leave in the next 20 seconds or you're dead you punk bitch" After it got loud, security had to escort the man from backstage before it got really bad and he was unable to get his signings. He says, they caught him outside and Quik beat him with a bat all in his face while Kendrick kicked him in the ribs numerous times. He says that being he was escorted out there was no witnesses, and he lay there bleeding and crying until everyone began coming out of the stadium. He was rushed to the ER where he had to go through 19 surgeries to repair broken eye bones, broken ribs, and a punctured lung. He is suing both of them, for assault, medical payments, and pain and suffering in the amount of 20 million each. He's also pressing charges. Police arrested both Quik and Kendrick at a signing in Lakewood today, and they are being held without bail pending an investigation. Being that there were no witnesses, its hard to prove they were the ones who assaulted him. But it is known he was not beat when he approached them for his autograph, so between the time he was escorted out someone beat him badly, question is who. Quik and Kendrick deny any involvement. Stay tuned for more info. In other news, Yesterday, Tay was sent to the hospital yet again, but now she is missing, and Police suspect that being that this war is getting so huge, maybe fans of PSR or fans of NiNi may have done something with her, and they fear she may be dead. Its been a frantic search all day to find her, and they aren't turning up with any solid leads. Tay's fans are going crazy (speaking of fans, 2 of them were also assaulted late last night, no leads on that either, police suspect it has something to do with this war) Cops have no reason to name anyone at PSR a suspect but we're sure they will try and find a way, meanwhile, the PSR people have been questioned and they all denied any involvement in  her disappearance. Crazy huh... Also on another note, it is said that NiNi will be opening up a club called TPS (The Platinum Spot) in Atlanta, eventually spreading across the world, similar to Jay's failed 40/40 club, but this isn't truly confirmed yet....P.S sorry about  the comment section still being down, working to get it back up soon.....

Fan Does Good Gesture For NiNi Gets Praised

Somehow, someway NiNi dropped her precious NiNi necklace along with some other Jewelry way back before the New Year when she was giving away free gifts before Christmas during the Christmas event in the park. This is when she was in Brooklyn, and her necklace snapped and the other jewelry was all dirty after being out in the weather for the past month. NiNi rocks the most expensive jewelry out of anyone in the game, besides maybe Ru Paul and what this man found was worth over $670,000 dollars. Normally, anyone who is lucky enough to find real jewelry belonging to a celeb, and its worth that much, would run straight to the Pawn Shop and cash in. But this man, a 17 year old guy from Brooklyn, happened to notice a couple shiny things in the grass while he was out on a stroll through the MLK park with his daughter. He said when he saw it he knew it was NiNi's, not only because her name was on the necklace, but those are some of her most prized possessions, including her wedding ring and she wears all of them all the time, and he recognized them from her videos and during her shows. He says he "cant believe that no one found it all this time" and we can't either. But since she was being hugged and grabbed by all the female fans there, its suspected that maybe it snapped and they wrestled it all off of her, and she didnt even notice, until maybe later.  But he didn't rush to collect, instead he went to local jewelry store, had them fix the chain since it was snapped, and had  them clean all the rest up to make it shiny again. After that, he tried unsuccessfully many times to reach NiNi. Quote "I was in the phone book, I got the PSR number, tried calling but always either got a busy signal or the receptionist would say she isn't taking unsolicited called (that means from people she doesn't know) or that she was busy,and that I can leave her a message" Eventually, he found out  the mailing address to the PSR building and he sent the jewelry back to her along with a note on where and how he found it and what he did for her, to the label. Sources say it arrived at the building today and it was about to get thrown away since PSR doesn't accept unsolicited mail, but Tina had a hunch and saved it for NiNi, She recognized the name on the package since he's been calling non stop leaving his name, so she decided to call the number he's been calling from, and she found out exactly what he wanted all this time, and she was so impressed with his honesty that she offered him a reward which he denied, saying he doesn't want anything for doing the right thing. But she still felt that, he deserved something so she took the story to the media (the respectable ones) and aired his story and all morning he has been receiving so much attention and his story is literally ALL over the place right now and nobody can believe he was sitting on that much money and decided to throw it away. He is being praised for being a very good Samaritan and for the fact that although he could've had at least 600,000 dollars in his pocket (that's more then half a Milli) which would've really came in handy for his family, he didn't do what anyone else in his position probably would've done, and that's get rich off of someone else's heartbreak, he decided to give it back to it's rightful owner,, and the Mayor of Brooklyn has rewarded him with a key to the city, which means he can eat or shop anywhere free of charge for an entire month. He still denied any rewards, but eventually decided to accept the key to the city, but he still refuses any money from anyone as he claims its hers not his it was just the right thing to do. NiNi hasn't responded to this yet, but many PSR artists and other artists in the game have praising him, click here to check out what they have to say. And click here to check out this amazing story of what you just don't see happening often these days, now that the economy is so bad......yes thankfully there is still some good people left these days, sadly, its very  hard to find them, especially when money is involved, what would you have done?

More New Music + Tinashe And Khloe Squash Their Beef

PSR is on a roll, for the past 4 days we've been getting new music, and all the music we've been getting so far has been bomb, and today is no different. 1st up is Beauty with a new song called "Problems" Its her self created famous girl swag style and she sounds really good, and as usual she shows that you don't need to do a whole lot of cursing to have a mega dope song. Its produced by herself and NiNi and it is currently at the number 2 spot. Click here to check out "Problems" by Beauty. Next is China, she didn't celebrate her birthday at the ballroom yesterday like we thought, but she celebrated it by creating a real cool song for us called "Countdown" which features Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove. This song is Hip-Hop and Pop and produced by Solo, Tyga and Ye and its doing well around the industry and in the streets and it is currently at the number 4 spot on the charts. Click here to check out "Countdown" by China Ft Victoria and Miranda. Next is Jessica Lowndes. When she first was signed to PSR, she was in the "Never heard of category" but ever since the famous "PSR Album Release" that category has disappeared since everyone is on their grind, and Jessica is no Different and her music is becoming seriously anticipated, so naturally this new song was met with great reviews. Its called "Fire Burning" Its a little different for her, its a reggae beat, and she occasionally changes her voice throughout the song and puts on a Jamaican accent which she sounds officially like a Jamaican girl, and that creativity goes really good with the beat. She also has parts chopped and screwed and her new style on this song shows how creative she is. Its produced by RiRi and it stole the number 1 spot in under 45 minutes beating out Selena's bomb new song that she released yesterday. Click here to check out "Fire Burning" by Jessica Lowndes. Last is Fi5th Harmony. They too have been on the grind alot, and this new song shows they are maturing with their style and musical abilities. Its called "Benefits" Its a smooth R&B mellow laid back song and all 5 are wonderful singers. Its produced by Swizz Beats and Charlie Brown and is number 5 on the charts currently. Click here to check out "Benefits" by Fi5th Harmony. Next up is said to be Lorde, Cymphonique Keri Hilson and Kat, those are exciting names, cant wait. In other news, the other news, T and Khloe K had a well publicized feud over Facebook over assuming on Khloe's part, but today out of nowhere, Khloe posted to @Tinashe "I'm sorry sweetie, I overreacted, I apologize, hope you can forgive me, I don't want to fight" Many thought that because of Tinashe's bad girl image, and the fact that its rare that people be forgiven in this game especially when harsh words are said, that Tinashe was gonna respond in a rude way denying her peace offering, or just not respond at all, but she responded and said "@Khloe apology accepted, don't even worry about it its #oldnewsk :) :) :)" Seems like it is SOME mature folks in the world huh? Click here to check out their squash.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Its China's BDAY And PSR Is Celebrating It + Taylor Apologizes For Involving Children

Today China turned 18, and along with millions of fans wishing her a happy birthday over Insta and Twitter, PSR is also taking notice. It is said that they are planning on taking her to a ball room where they serve newly grown people liquor. Although, the age is 21, in Florida, some spots is legal to serve 18 year olds liquor and that's where its said they are taking her for a party in the ballroom, and her first drink (although we are 99.9% sure this isn't her first drink) It is not open to anyone but PSR people, but since NiNi and T still have a show in Houston tonight, they may not be in attendance, and they'll just hold it down for China. It is still unknown if this is true though, but if it is have fun and Happy 18th! Speaking of China, she is doing amazing at PSR, and her new album (yes I said ALBUM) is coming on February 21st, she's not wasting no time, we can also expect a new song from her tomorrow, which is highly anticipated. In other news, believe it or not, Taylor apologized for her words on Demi's son, Ye's daughter, B's daughter and whoever Else's kids she talked about in her infamous rant a little while ago. Click here to check it out. Do they forgive her? Not at all, can't say I blame them. Demi posted "Fuck you and your apologies, I'm still beating that ass trust me!" Ye didnt respond to the apology yet, neither did NiNi. Its still said that Police are around Ye NiNi and Demi all the time, because they're kids were talked about and they want to really hurt her so they're making sure they don't or they'll all go to jail.Kim is also in it too since thats her daughter, but Kim never responded to her so it is unknown if the cops are around her too, so her apology doesn't mean anything to them, and being that all 3 named are royal, we feel that the police eventually wont be able to be around them and then all hell will break loose. Cant wait (sorry) In the meantime, if you have tickets to tonight's show, have fun!

New Music + The War Continues

Today a couple new songs released from the PSR crew. As we have been told, its supposed to be 5 new songs today, but so far we have two. First up is Selena with a collab song with NiNi titled "Stacks" This is the most amazing song of the year so far, and it stole the number one spot and beyond within 15 minutes. Its basically Hip-Hop with a little pop thrown in produced by NiNi. Its an amazing beat and they both have amazing lyrics. It is getting a huge buzz on the streets and in the music game. Click here to check out "Stacks" by Selena Gomez Ft NiNi. Next is Zendaya. She released a new song called "Flash The Crowd" Just like the name suggests, its a dirty song (not seriously NiNi type dirty though) And she does great as well. The song is mostly pop, but the beat has Hip-Hop elements to it as well, produced by Lady Gaga (she made a great beat) Her voice is more swagged out and she sounds really good with that low gutta type voice, and her song has stolen the number 2 spot which was Reggies new song from yesterday. Click here to check out "Flash The Crowd" by Zendaya. In other news, the PSR war VS Taylor continues as Taylor brought in a new name, and thats China. China just recently did a photo shoot to celebrate her 18th birthday,(HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS CHINA!)  and she has on a bra and some very short shorts, and Taylor criticized it simply posting @China, you turn 18 and now you wanna show some skin? please, just because youre  technically grown now don't mean you have to turn into a slut" China hasn't responded yet, but strangely someone did respond,but it wasn't a PSR artist, it wasn't even a famous person, it was one of her own fans who posted @Taylor, why can't you just leave them alone damn #Instigator" Taylor responded and said "UMM WHO ARE YOU?" That was the end of it. So, although it technically is a war going on between PSR and China, which means China is included regardless, China hasn't been speaking up on Taylor, but she is including people in it for no reason, and thats making her look bad to the point even her own loyal fans are starting to realize she might be going too far and if its nothing happening why make something happen, just let it cool down. We feel that way too, but obviously Taylor doesn't so now we expect to see a Twitter war, or maybe even a fight pop off between China and Taylor, because China ALWAYS responds to stuff like that. Stay tuned guys......

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kat Involved In Argument With Perez Hilton

Seems like the PSR crew doesn't like Perez, especially NiNi, that is her worst enemy, probably even more then Taylor, and obviously Kat isn't too fond of him either. They had a 33 minute argument over Twitter which started when Perez said that Kat's skin looks fake, like Bruce Jenner's" They began arguing and she used many name callings to him, some which weren't nice, and used some homophobic slurs too, such as fag and faggot (every time someone argues with him those names are thrown out, so we're used to that) Kat isn't facing any heat from the gay community since she is gay (excuse me lesbian) herself, similar how black people can call each other the N word with no problem, or white people can call each other "cracker" or "honky" with no problem, yeah same thing you get the point. But Perez still doesnt like being called a "homo" "fag" or "faggot" so he started flipping on her and she was laughing at him. It wasnt a severe bloody argument, it seems more as if Kat was just messing with him to get him fired up and it worked as he put a curse on her and her family (what are you a damn genie now?) anyway, it ended when Kat ended it. Click here to check it out....

NiNi Addresses The Chaos From Yesterday + New PSR Music

Yesterday all hell broke loose due to a video of NiNi hugging a young fan and his hands were in 2 inappropriate positions, and she didn't seem to mind. But late last night, she made a statement and she seemed so upset she said "First off, to my crew to my friends to my real fans who all was on the Same page with me on this bullshit, I thank you I love you guys, to the rest, to hell with y'all and I'm talking all y'all. I'm not a fucking sick person you fucking assholes, don't ever put me in that category again, like I'm about to have sex with a little 5 year old, I don't even like messing with people who's younger then me, especially not that damn young, that's why Beith is older then me, its a personal choice, so for all of you who believed it and have been saying all of this negative bullshit about me but now want to apologize but your brain decided to kick in, fuck you and fuck your life, you don't know me and its obviously that I don't want to know you, and to all the collaborators I had over the years from other label who claimed to be my friends that bought into this bullshit, how dare you, you guys aren't worthy, you're on the same level as that bitch as far as I'm concerned" The media, specially the ones who ran the story must've realized that this was the most ridiculous story they ever did, because they have been apologizing to NiNi all morning, but she isn't responding to it, and some people who believed it (mostly Taylor's fans, because literally NONE of NiNi's trillion plus fans believed it for one sec) are even apologizing to her, but the queen isn't hearing any of it. The story, as far as we are concerned has been erased from the media, and even if you go search for it online, no articles or stories pop up about it anymore, so the whole world owes the queen an apology and they all have been trying too, but the queen responded to the part of the world that bought all of this with a pic on Instagram of a middle finger the caption #shoveyourapologies" The queen doesn't forgive you, her bestie clique doesn't forgive you, her crew doesn't forgive you we don't forgive you(not that we matter, but still) and her billions of fans aren't forgiving you, so you guys are hated and hated by the biggest name in music, the biggest name in the world which is Queen N, sucks to be you guys........Click here to check out her statement (as you read from above, she curses alot which is her fav thing to do, so be warned about that) In other news, 5 new songs have released today. First up is Sam Smith who released a brilliant love song which is doing super well called 'I Want You Back" the song is slow and he is a wonderful singer, and its not often I say that. Its very popular between women, (even though based on the lyrics, he may be talking about a man, but you know women can relate to that kinda shit) and he is proving why he deserves to be at PSR. Even some female PSR artists have been praising his song such as KC who posted #IWantYouBack #SamSmith, OMG I LOVE THAT SONG, I CRIED WHEN I HEARD IT, ON REPEAT #ALLDAY" It is number 2 on the charts. Click here to check out "I Want You Back" by Sam Smith. Next is Milla J. She has an equally good song called "Weight" Its Hip-Hop/R&B and Pop all combined together and features NiNi on the hook. She sings and raps on the song and damn she is really  talented and she is another one who is proving that NiNi made the right decision by signing her. Click here to check out 'Weight" by Milla J Ft NiNi on the hook...Next is Keke Palmer with her last song before she goes on maternity leave appropriately titled "Be Back Soon" Its a nice song with a hip-hop and pop feel, coming in at number 4 on the charts. Click here to check out "Be Back Soon" by Keke Palmer (today is her last day by the way) Next is KC with her super anticipated new song called "Oakland" Its R&B and Hip-Hop and its a really good song coming in at number 3 on the charts. Click here to check out "Oakland" by KC. And last is Reggie with a very anticipated song called 'FOH" (For those who don't know cell phone talk that's "Fuck Outta Here" Its rap and features Chanel West Coast and Tyga and that girl is mega talented and has skills that's being compared to Lola Monroe or Mona L and we agree. The chart spot for this song is unknown yet. Click here to check out "FOH" by Reggie Ft Chanel West Coast and Tyga. New music is coming, we hear that Jessica Lowndes, Kat, Selena, Demi and Fifth Harmony are next, cool.....

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Media Blasts On Nini

Earlier today, Nini kissed a little kid and the way he was hugging her seemed like he knew exactly where to grab and now the media is putting the heat on her saying that her facial expressions say that she knew where his hands were and she liked it, now the story is that maybe she likes younger younger men. Now me and all her fans and friends know this is straight bullshit and many people are so upset about it including the kids mother, but hey, the media will take anything to get a story. But why is this time any different from the millions of other times she hugged kids. Mainly because she kissed him super close to the lips and his hands were in inappropriate spots. One hand was wrapped around her on her booty, the other hand was by her......private other kid did that and we feel this kid may or not have known what he was doing. There are kids who have perverted father's and tell them all about a woman at very young ages and that's exactly what her fans are blasting at. They are saying the kid is perverted and Nini was just being nice and she didn't even notice his hands were where they were, and judging by the video she doesn't seem to be paying attention to that at all so we say it's bs. The mom is pissed because all of Ninis fans are attacking the kid like he's some pervert in defense of the queen. Wanna know what we think?  WHY THE HELL IS THIS A STORY????? REALLY????? COME ON!!!!!!This is stupid and the people who ran this shit need to be shot. Anyone else agree with me?

The Famous PSR Leaks Continue

Last August, a hacker posted at least over 200 celebrities private pics and videos from their phones and videos to their Internet. Some people were PSR artists such as Nicki Minaj Keke Palmer, Victoria ArI and Lola Monroe, and now it continues. Today more pics were posted to the Internet of PSR women. Nini was first. Judging by the tattoos you know it's her. It shows 8 hacked pics from her cell phone. A couple are just her in panties and her bra, but the others are full on nudity head to toe front and back showing her boobs, but and........"that" area. It's also pics of wardrobe malfunctions which shows her performing and her boobs popping out for a sec without her knowing or when she leaned down to sign autographs and her nipplea showed. Others included on today's hack include Tinashe who is seen fully naked from the back showing her huge but (sorry I had to say that ) Miranda, Jordin Sparks, Ke$ha, Ann Margaret, Kat, China, Ciara, Rihanna and KC (very very explicit) None of them have spoken up about their private pics bring leaked except Nini who posted "Enjoy the show asshole, that's as close to pussy as you'll ever get " So obviously the pics are real since she didn't deny it, in fact in a way she may have confirmed it. Tinashe may have also confirmed it, she posted "Old news #Perv" None of the others hAve said anything yet though. Stay tuned for more info on this

Nini Has A 5 Year Old Admirer + PSR Has Their Own Street In ATL

Today, Nini returned to America from Europe, and she did a short signing and discovered that a 5 year old white kid adores her. When it was his turn he ran up to her wrapped his arm around her and told her he loved her. She smiled and said "Thank you" and he wouldn't let her go. He took out a little toy that he probably got in a happy meal at McDonald's and said "Ma'am you're the bestest ever, I want you to have this" She said "Aww thank you cutie, I'll keep it close to me forever" She gave him another hug, kissed him on the cheek and took a selfie with him and you can tell the kid was having the time of his life. Then he huffed her again and wouldn't stop, it got to the point where his mom had to say "ok sweetie we have to go, it's other people waiting" and she pulled him off of her and he began to cry. The mom apologized and Nini said "Don't apologize he's so cute" and then she said "in fact here" and she gave the mom a PSR paas. A PSR pass is a coupon that let's a fan get to tour of the PSR building and meet all of three artists and the kid got a pass for next monday along with his mom. The woman seemed excited and hugged Nini and thanked her, it was a cute sight.  As they were leaving the boy kept saying I love you ma'am you're the best over and over and another fan commented "looks like you have an admirer...a very small admireradmirer" and she said "yeah when don't I?" And she finished signing and taking selfies with the fans. The entire moment was recorded from a nearby cell phone, click here to check it out. In other news, PSR is the biggest label on the planet with most of the biggest artists on the planet and many people are recognizing them as the greatest, and apparently so is Atlanta Georgia. Today a street that was being built for the past 3 months was named Platinum Ave in honor of Platinum Sound Records. A shopping mall down there on 21st hwy has also been renamed from "Plaza Mall" to "Platinum Mall" and it's said that a "Dontanisha Blvd is coming soon too. Cool right. Congrats guys, tall are changing the world, and the world is taking notice.......

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vic And China "Beef" + Solo New Mixtape 1-22-15

Did I get your attention? Good, nah though not a real beef, although I know some of you shit your pants when you saw that headline lol, don't mind me I amuse myself sometimes. Anyways, no, Vic and China teamed up today to release a hot song called "Beef" and its basically about fake people who start beefs.....because.....they're fake and jealous. Zendaya released a new song yesterday which stole number 1, this new song came in at number 2, but as much attention as its getting, it might take that spot. Its produced by NO ID and Solo, its pop/hip-hop and they both sing rap on it and they both do amazing. Click here to check out "Beef" by Victoria and China. In other news, speaking of new music, Solo's new music is highly anticipated and she has a new mixtape coming on January 22nd, which is Friday and it has many people excited about it and we are too honestly. Click here to check out her announcement post about the mixtape. Also PSR's new artists Sam Smith and Milla J both have new songs coming tomorrow, can't wait can you. Speaking of China, she is also planned to release a song with her 2 sisters soon, and they are rumored to be joining PSR soon, lets hope so :)

Tinashe And Khloe K Beef + Lena Linked Up With Chief Keef

Why is it that the Kardashians (or the Jenner's) are always in a beef with someone. This time its not Kim K though,  who is the main one who is always in a beef with someone, its her baby sister ( and I use the term "baby" VERY lightly) Khloe. It all started because of assuming things. Believe it or not, although half the industry doesn't like Kim, or just feels she doesn't have a reason to really be famous just because of having sex and not doing any actual work, her and Tinashe are really cool with each other. We all heard about that rumor of Khloe being a man in the past few days right? If you didn't now you know, and its guessed that maybe Khloe thought Kim told Tinashe that its actually true. Khloe and Kim have a severe sibling rivalry going on right now, in fact they all do, so they really aren't feeling each other right now. It started by a post from Tinashe on FB, She posted " man my girl just told me some cray shit, LMAO man so it is true, OMG that is so funny, I always knew it too though, it looks like it 4real" Obviously, for some reason, Khloe though that was a subliminal message to her and she responded @Tinashe, I don't care what your "girl" told you, you and that bitch can go to hell for all I care, if you both are gonna talk about me be right sweetie, keep my name out y'all mouths and I will not say that again #DumbBroads. Tinashe later responded posting "What the hell r u tlkin about, ain't nobody talking about you, but if you want me to I sure as hell can" That should've been the end of it right? yes it should have been, she clearly said she wasn't talking about her, but Khloe obviously didn't believe it, and although we like Khloe more then any of the others, (no offense) we have to say she started this one because she wouldn't be quiet. She posted "Bitches always kissing her ass you ain't no different don't lie tough girl be real, I though that's what you were about, you and your new little bestie bitch aren't getting to me, so lets be real"Still T didn't come at her wrong she responded "Look idk wtf u talking about but you need to go deuces right now, and I have respect for your sis sweetie, I'm trying here, but if you call me out my name one more time, I swear none of that shit will matter to me Khloe I'm so serious....."Khloe continued to assume and not pay attention to Tinashe clearly say she wasn't talking about her, and Tinashe got fed up and began cursing her out. Eventually Kim got in it and tried to tell her she wasn't talking about her she posted "@Khloe she wasn't talking about you, I didn't say anything about anything you're starting unnecessary drama please stop" But Khloe continued and the war between those two went on for close to 2 hours. Tinashe ended it by saying "I swear I'm fucking you up when I see you U Dumb bitch, you really fucking with the wrong bitch" Khloe responded "W.E HOE" and it ended. We don't know exactly, but in our opinion we do feel that  Khloe may have taken it too far and a beef started for no reason, but there now IS a beef, and neither one is ending it (although Tinashe tried many times to end it) so now it may be an unnecessary beef between Tinashe and Khloe K. Neither one are available for comment as of yet. Stay tuned for more info....In other news, Selena is also apart of the huge huge PSR and Taylor war, but her name is making headlines in a new way today. It is said that she is dating controversial rapper Chief Keef (ewww........sorry) This is based on a pic (see above) where he seems to be kissing the side of her face, and the fact that he has been spotted with her many times over the last 2 weeks, but since Lena or Keef isn't responding to comments or denying or confirming anything, this is pure rumor, and we don't know if this is official or not, but we will find out. If it is true, congrats.........I guess..........stay tuned for more info..........

Taylor Sparks Back Up The Threesome Beef But Turns It Into A Foursome Beef

KP And Tay Happier Times
B and Tay Happier Times

Taylor has been acting cray as hell lately, from disrespecting her fans to throwing things at them and most importantly starting this huge war that's going on with her and PSR. She now is saying that all of her past actions were not committed by her, instead she is blaming the darkness that exists in the game, but no one is buying it, she's just making herself look crazy and many people think she is either suffering from severe depression and bi-polar disorder, or she is on drugs. But none of that is stopping her from keeping this war going. Taylor and Katy used to be real cool, but have been beefing for the longest after Titi made an inappropriate comment about her love life which Katy didn't appreciate. NiNi was added to it after Taylor said a small remark about how close  they are (she insinuated that they might be more then just "friends") and it became a threesome beef. But Taylor and NiNi have been having tension since 2011 when Taylor asked to collab with NinI, and the story goes that NiNi agreed and after Taylor paid for all of the studio time and booked everything out, she never showed up, which pissed Taylor off and she went live and said the now famous line that started ALL of this "She thinks she's too good to record a song with anyone who isn't on the same status as herself". But this threesome beef did start to calm down, then the famous PSR Vs Taylor war started popping off after NiNi and her had a fight, and it started to spark back up, but it calmed down once again, after Taylor was sent to the hospital, and she came out attacking mainly her 3 besties (well ex now) Selena, Demi and Vanessa. Although she attacked all of PSR at one point, the famous threesome beef still wasn't mentioned. But today, she put it back in the headlines, but she added a person to it making the new headline and hashtag #4SOMEBEEF. She first posted a Tweet about NiNi and Katy's upcoming halftime performance at the upcoming Superbowl next month and she criticized the amount of attention they are getting for it. She posted "God, its just a stupid football game, everyone is going nuts because those two will be there, who cares! neither 1 performs that well anyway, #justmy2cents" Then shortly after she added another name by posting "It will probably be just like @Beyonce's performance which was weak whack and full of the usual stereotypical garbage of throwing around sex and half nakedness to get the pervs in the crowd to cheer without paying any attention whatsoever to the actual talent, which there was NONE! So @Katy @NiNi @B congrats you all are exactly the same" All 3 responded and they all attacked her. First it was NiNi she posted "Man shut up dumb bitch, its amazing how you don't like us, and this and that, but our names keep ending up in your mouth, sounds like someone just can't get enough huh, gon and cherish us sweetie, because lord knows nobody cherishes you, least you have something to look forward to" Then Katy was next and she posted "LOL did anybody notice how she only paid attention to the so called "throwing around sex" comment that the bitch posted, hmm you looking at it huh?,focused all on what you don't have but want with your lil 12 year old body,  we all know you can't get a man sweetie, your comments about lesbians and being too close and shit is a misdirection away from your real feelings huh? Its OK mama we forgive you, for you know not what you're saying and you're  little cuckoo, but bitch put my name in your mouth one more time and the footballs wont be the only things flying around #notjoking" Then it was B and usually she is the calm one, but she shocked the whole Beyhive with her comment, she posted "I used to feel sorry for you, but I realize your ways, baby please, sex appeal or not you couldn't do this on your best day, where should I start, no talent, no good looks, no body, no recognition, no awards, damn should I keep going?, lets keep it real, you are you because of the many men you chased after, if a woman uses a man to further her career, you really have no damn business here do you? .listen up #Beyhive, don't touch her, I will,  because she's one of those bitches that wants to get touched and I will GLADLY give her her wish, she's so funny to me and in a bad way because nothing that she ever says makes any sense, its like listening to a #rabbit #punintended, and remember who got your ass at all the awards show MTF, remember they ain't want you #TRASHYBOOGIEBOWTIEWEARINGASS #BOWDOWNBITCH" These comments did get to Taylor and sources say she was so upset by them that she canceled the rest of her entire day today. Now that B is involved in it, so is the Beyhive and they are now against Taylor, so lets lay it all out. Taylor has approximately lost 52% of her fans, they are now against her, she has everyone at PSR against her, she has the PSR fans against her, she has NiNi's fans against her, she has Katy's fans against her, she has the Beyhive against her and she has pretty much the whole music game except the ones who don't want to get involved, against her, Id'say that she is digging a huge hole for herself that she wont be able to climb out of easily because of the royal stats and huge names that's involved here. One media outlet reports that Taylor's career is almost over because of this war as she isn't selling well, no one wants to book her for shows and her tour was canceled. Seems like the queens and PSR has more fans than she does, add on top of that the rest of the people who are on their side, and when its a situation like that, that person will never have a shot at winning. Click here to view the attack against the famous threesome divas by Taylor, and click here to view their fire backs.....Stay tuned for more info on this,.....and trust me, will be more info, this is getting bigger and bigger and bloodier everyday.......