Saturday, January 24, 2015

B And NiNi Wins Lawsuit + NiNi Still Is Quiet

A little while ago, a foreign singer sued the two queens for the song "Drunk In Love" claiming that the beginning of the song was her voice as well as her beat used without permission. Today they went for their last day of trial and a judge ruled that what they did was considered recycled and since the song is over 10 years old, they are not in violation of any copyright laws and her case was denied and dismissed and she didn't get 1 cent from either queen. Now it seems to be another beef happening, this time it may be between the number 1 besties in the game, and the other singer, making a new super royal threesome beef. After she was denied she made this statement after being asked is she upset at the judge's ruling and she replied "Of course I'm upset, but I also realize that those two are the face of the music industry, everyone bows down to them whenever they ask them too, so when you have people like that, no one cares about the truth,or who was hurt behind anything, all you care about is the status and its sad how that works, if you're wrong you're wrong, and those two sluts are wrong" Why did she have to include the sluts part? We're sure one of the queens will be pissed about that and will respond creating another famous threesome beef. NiNi and B insists that they had no part in the judge's or jurors decision to find them not guilty, but many think otherwise. NiNi and B are the 2 most powerful women in the game so think about it......stay tuned for more info. In other news Nini still is quiet about everything which many say is making her look more guilty, what do you guys think....

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