Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NiNi Gets A 10 Month Prison Sentence

The N's are going crazy as the Judge announced that the queen has been found guilty of "Dangerous Assault" She was charged with the more serious crime of "Attempted Murder" but her lawyers argued their way down to a lesser charge. Zoey has not died.....yet.....but she remains in a coma. NiNi will be flown back to America to complete her term in a Georgia women's correctional facility. She also has to attend anger management classes for 2 months after she is released and will be on probation for 1 1 year and she just got off of her previous probation of 2 years. Fans and her associates are pissed and don't feel she got a fair trial and no one bothered to even try to give her a break due to the trouble she's always in. But it is some people who are happy and that's the cops who have been dying to see the queen behind bars for the past 3 years now. One cop was fired for "Unprofessional behavior of an officer" when he posted a post celebrating her arrest he posted "YAYYYYYYY! FCKN FINALLY!! NOT SUCH A QUEEN NOW ARE YA!! BIG OL' BAD QUEENY ABOUT TO BE LOCKED DOWN AND TOLD WHAT TO DO LIKE ALL THE REST OF THE LOW LIFE'S, CANT USE YOUR SO CALLED "POWER" IN THERE" N'S GET OVER IT, THE QUEEN IS IN JAIL GET OVER IT!!! GONNA GO CELEBRATE DRINKS ON ME" This particular cop is one who has been trying to get NiNi behind bars for so long and was punched by her at least twice, so we see his reason, but many thought that this was him being racist, but he's actually a black cop. He was terminated immediately, he hasn't issued an apology. Supporters are still down in London holding it down for the queen. Stay tuned for more info on this story....

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