Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Havana Brown, Reggie, Taylah P Next

Havana Brown (seriously close to the "never heard of category) Reggie and Taylah P (previously in the never heard of category) all announced they will be apart of the #JuneReleases. Havana's 7th PSR album is due for release on June 20th same as Zendaya. Reggie announced her 2nd PSR album will be released the 21st and Taylah P has announced her 2nd PSR album will be released the 22nd, same as Miranda Cosgrove. So starting Saturday we will have albums back to back for 3 days, and after those 3 days we get 2 more back to back with Tinashe and China. Super cool huh. Being that June is coming to an end, we aren't sure if there will be anymore releases, but it was one cool month. Click here to check out all of their "June Release" announcements. *UPDATE* Rita Ora, Ye, Babydoll and Star have been added as well. Rita is the 26th, Ye is the 27th and Babydoll and Star's are on the 27th as well. Keep on the lookout....who's next?

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