Thursday, June 18, 2015

NiNi Selling PSR?

Is NiNi selling her beloved famous label? That's what sources say, they say she is finally ready to retire, but for some reason, instead of transferring ownership to one of her most successful artists like most bosses do, it's said that she's going to just sell the ownership. That means that the artists can stay if they want, but they will be under new management and obviously wouldn't be "PSR artists" anymore since the new owner would have to change the name since its copyrighted to NiNi and they would have to sign new contracts and agree to new terms. Many PSR fans are pissed and Twitter is on fire with the hashtag #DontSell. NiNi hasn't responded to the chaos surrounding this so its really just a rumor since it hasn't been confirmed so calm down. Many fans feel that she should hand the title over to the best successful artist on the roster instead of selling, because the PSR brand is one that is huge and they don't want to see someone else changing and ruining everything that NiNi worked so hard to build. How do you guys feel? *UPDATE* NiNi was visiting her buddy T in the hospital earlier today and news of this reached all the way out in London and reporters ran up to her to ask her if the rumors were true and she wasn't even aware of them. She said "I'm selling PSR? Wow that's news to me, no I'm not I would never sell PSR" BUT she did mention that she is retiring "I am going to be retiring in late 2016, not fully but you'll see less of me, I'll still release projects but not regularly and I'll still manage the label but I will appoint someone to carry my main duties, but that's a long time away so don't worry about it now" says NiNi. So looks like one part of the rumor is true which sucks, but looks like PSR is not for sale.....Click here to see NiNi's mini interview.

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