Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy 22nd To Ari + The Legends Coming Home Today

Looks like Ari has 2 reasons to celebrate today because in addition to her new album that dropped yesterday hitting platinum in only one day, today is also her 22nd birthday.  She posted a pic of herself and many of her co-stars from "Victorious" including Vic and they had a reunion at a local bar 2 blocks down from the PSR building in downtown ATL.  Ari shared with her fans that nini is treating her to a surprise when she gets back and she is excited for it. Earlier reports of PSR throwing a party for her is false as most of them aren't even there they are back on their tours since they all missed yesterday for the MJ celebration. (Click here for the drama that went down with that) She has already been sent tons of gifts and birthday wishes from fans and Vic gave her a huge cake which barely fit inside of the PSR building. Speaking of NiNi her and C are coming back to America today. T, who is still in a coma will be flown back tomorrow and put in a private hospital.  NiNi also is said to be revealing that huge announcement she mentioned last week when she gets back. That announcement has been the talk of the world since she announced it. Wonder what it is.....

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