Friday, June 12, 2015

NiNi Cleared As Suspect In Somaya Reece Assault

We all know the police are out to get NiNi, and are the main ones who want to see the queen rot behind bars,  but they now have no choice but to clear her as a suspect. The woman who attacked Somaya yesterday has admitted that she acted alone and she did it because she is simply a huge fan and she didn't like the comments Somaya made to her idol. She also admitted that her intention was to kill her and if the cops hadn't pulled her off she would've killed it and she doesn't feel the least bit bad about it. Despite the police trying desperately to get her to admit that NiNi hired her, she insists that NiNi had nothing to do with it and she doesn't even know NiNi personally, she's just a huge fan of hers. Cops made the announcement late this morning clearing her and they consider the case to be closed. Being that the woman whose name is still not known admitted that she was trying  to actually kill her, her bail has been raised from 1 million to 100 million and her trial is set for Monday June 15th where if convicted she can face up to 25 years in jail. Police say she is unusual and she has no remorse and she laughs everytime they talk about the damage she did to Somaya and she is extremely bizarre such as when they try to talk to her she makes weird faces and sticks out her tongue and then laughs, they say she acts like a serial killer and consider her extremely dangerous, but they don't consider her to be a mental case and feel that she is simply just acting crazy due to her violence issues. They have her held in her own cell because after she was arrested she beat a girls face in with a metal pole when she tried to rape her (yeah this broad is crazy) Cops object to the idea of setting bail for her any amount, but the law states that everyone must get bail UNLESS you commit a murder, and in this case its ATTEMPTED murder, not ACTUAL murder so she is entitled to bail. She has no known family and no one has come to see her or bail her out. Looks like those "N's" are alot more crazier then we thought huh? Congrats to NiNi on being cleared......

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