Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Last Of The June Releases Released Late + London In Chaos

Due to the chaos that's been going down with the queen in the last couple days, the last 5 people who were scheduled to release their #JuneReleases albums, didn't release it, but today they all released it at once. The last 5 are Ye, Beauty, Star, Babydoll and Kat. I have prepared a full 2 page long review on each of their albums along with complete tracklist and stats. So far though Kat is leading the way with 100,000 copies sold so far. Click here to read my full review on each album....That's the end of the JuneReleases, but many sources say its now about to be a new hashtag called #JulyReleases since its many PSR artists who are dropping their albums this month as well. We'll see....In other news, London is under State Of Emergency because the N's are running around blowing up cars and beating up cops and just going literally NUTS because their "leader" is locked up. Fire is all in the streets, stores and buildings are destroyed, cars are on fire, houses are on fire, its total chaos. At least 360 people are confirmed dead either from being blown up in their cars or the cops killing them due to their activities. Click here to see how London looks live right now. Not a pretty sight. NiNi is scheduled to be transported back to America sometime this week to serve out her 10 month sentence, but sources say she will be making a live press conference before she leaves and it may be about all this chaos that's going on over her. Stay tuned for more info soon.....

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