Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Next up in the famous #JUNERELEASES is Lena with her 5th PSR album called "Lena" She didn't do any different like she did with her last album when she went hip-hop, she's back to her famous pop style with this album, and hardly any xrated or foul lyrics at all. The album was very anticipated so naturally when it dropped its started selling pretty quick. It's produced by NiNi, Solo and herself and is Pop and R&B and pretty good. It features: Mya, Kat, Madonna, Gaga, NiNi, Tinashe, Demi, Omarion and Rita Ora. It's on sale in retail and music stores worldwide as well as Itunes and on her site as well as the PSR site for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Lena" by Lena....Next up is KP and Solo....

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