Friday, June 5, 2015

Did NiNi And Zendaya Brawl?

Multiple sources are reporting that the queen and Zendaya had a fight today after an argument. They say the argument started due to Zendaya's lack of work and she didn't meet her work quota for last month and Zendaya felt that she was singling her out when it's many others (and it really is) that haven't done work in months and she isn't saying anything to them, so she got frustrated and told her to "leave me alone" at which point NiNi pulled out her famous "You can get out" line and Zendaya got fed up with the threats since she hears that more then any other PSR artist and she told her if she wants to drop her then just do it because she's tired of her threats and harassment against her and got in NiNi's face. At that time NiNi told her to get out her face before she puts her out of her face and Zendaya walked by and intentionally bumped into her which made NiNi stumble and then she punched her and they started throwing down which ended when PSR security and some of the "numbers" broke it up and Zendaya left. It is unknown if Zendaya is suspended or dropped. It is also unknown if this actually happened, but many sources are reporting it and alot of them are reliable and close to the PSR crew so who knows. It is a huge headline right now, but we feel that if this really happened it will probably be on tonight's episode of "LWN" so make sure you tune in at 8pm tonight on VH1 and maybe we will get some answers on this alleged "fight" between NiNi and Zendaya.....

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