Sunday, June 7, 2015


#QUEENSREUNITE is on the map today as the new 1st collab song between them in over 2 years has dropped called "Get Loud" It released at 9am this morning and it was highly anticipated by all the Beyhive and the N's and its getting very good reviews. It's hip-hop and pop and its very good for a club setting. The beat is catchy and the hook is something that will get stuck and play in your brain over and over. They both do their sexy moaning sounding voices during certain parts of the verses in their lyrics and it compliments the beat well. It's produced by NiNi and Envy. Thing is though, although we thought that the queens were working on this song together recently, especially since they were both spotted exiting a studio together, many sources say this song was actually recorded almost a year ago, and is just getting released now. Does that mean, the new song we've been waiting for still hasn't released yet? and we may get two reunion songs? That'll be nice, but in the meantime we don't care, we're in love with this new song and so is everyone else, which is why it hit the number 1 spot in less then 1 hour replacing NiNi and Beith's song which was number 1 for over a month. The song is available for purchase on iTunes and on both of their official sites. The full version isn't available on YouTube yet, but you can click here to listen to a 1 minute clip. Click here to purchase 'Get Loud" by B Ft NiNi......

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