Friday, June 12, 2015

Ari Added To #JuneReleases

Looks like Ari has taken Kc's spot and she is now added to the June Releases. Her manager and herself announced her 2nd PSR album is due for release on June 25th which coincidentally is the 6th year anniversary of MJ's passing and PSR is doing something special on that day so we have two good things to look out for on that day. Her album title is unknown right now but remember June 25th is Ari day. KP is the 19th, and Solo is the 16th so be on the lookout for these highly anticipated albums coming between this week and next week......Click here to check out Ari's album announcement and the chaos (good chaos) that it caused) Speaking of her, she has something to say about everyone saying she killed the relationship between her and Sean and being labeled as his ex wife, and being linked to Justin Beiber and it ain't pretty, she really bought out her diva behavior saying "Just because you're friends with a dick doesn't mean you're jumping on it" Click here to watch her total diva interview where she got pissed when she was blamed for her and Sean breaking up and other things, she went off........

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