Saturday, June 13, 2015

Solo Day Today

Next up in the #JuneReleases is Miss Knowles herself who almost fell into the never heard of category but came back with her powerful newest song "Step Up" a couple weeks ago. This is her 4th PSR album called "Living Fancy" and the album is bomb. It is produced by Kay-Slay, herself and NiNi and it is R&B and Pop and features NiNi, Justin Beiber, Diana Ross, Evan Ross, Tinashe, China and Lady Gaga and Tay. It is being received well and is receiving positive reviews from the media and from PSR fans as well as her fans. It so far has sold over 650,000 copies in the first day so it's doing pretty good. It went on sale at midnight and is sold out in over 400 stores already (10am) so babygirl did well. It is available on her site, Itunes, the PSR site and in retail and music stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Living Fancy" by Solo. P.S......She deserves 2 congrats, first congrat is this album, and second congrat is for her staying out of all the drama, she is one of the main ones who has not been in trouble or drama for a long time........YOU CAN DO IT PSR PEOPLE!!

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johnny1 said...

Sounds good solo definitely better then she used to be