Monday, June 15, 2015

NiNi Still Not Cleared

Even though  the queen is not in America, cops still are pinning the drive by shooting on her. NiNi has made a statement as well saying she had nothing to do with it (click here to hear it) but the police still think she had something to do with it because of her involvement in the "war" Yandy has come to her defense and said that NiNi is innocent but they feel that NiNi paid her to say that and the fact that NiNi is her boss, she doesn't want to snitch and lose her job, yeah the cops  think crazy we see. So NiNi is still a suspect in the drive by attempted murder of Yandy, and seems like police aren't suspecting anyone else, but without any real hard evidence, they can't  touch her. Lets hope she's cleared....

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