Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NiNi Speaks Up On Joe Jonas Affair Rumor

After remaining quiet for over a week after the Joe story first started, NiNi has made a statement addressing the chaos and it appears that Global is up to their old tricks yet again. According to NiNi, they are photoshopping her head onto other women's bodies and they are using color imagery software to change the women's skin color to fit NiNi's exact skin color. She said "You're busted just get a life" Global has responded to her statement and the head douche bag.....I mean reporter of Global said "Tell her to prove it" Like clockwork on cue, the N's started ripping all on Global and sources report that the head office in Santa Fe was swarmed with angry fans yelling out threats until the cops had to be called. Another rep for the company said "They (the fans) really need to calm down, she's just a person" Those statements angered fans even more and it's been chaos all day. Its well known that NiNi and Global have pretty much NEVER gotten along, and that's mainly because they do stuff like this to her, and the other half is it seems they always print up a negative story about her whether its true or not as if they just are after her for some reason. Late 2013, she was in a huge fight with a lead reporter when she printed a story that NiNi is actually a transsexual (that means a dude) and she approached her and actually said "So did you cut it off or is it still hanging down there) That fight is still talked about today and it was the blowing point between their feud and they're still at it despite all the negativity that comes to their business for their shady business practices. smh looks like some people will never learn....Click here to hear the audio of NiNi's statement. (strong language is used) Joe also spoke up with a tweet saying "To whom it may concern, me and @NiNi are NOT dating. Thank you.

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