Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NiNi Tells A Fan Off After Negative Comment

Today NiNi corrected a fan outside of the Nashville Music Stadium in Nashville Tennessee after he said "You gotta stop letting people run you it's making you look bad" She responded "What the hell are you talking about, nobody runs me sweetheart, I run this you got that, don't ever come at me like that. You wanna talk about people running somebody, it's obviously you still have your parents dress you huh, boy you like 40 years old and you dressed in a turtleneck and jumpers fuck outta here" The fan was left shocked literally his mouth was wide open it was hilarious but he is still attending the show tonight and he apologized to NiNi and said he was out of line. It was pretty funny. It was recorded on another fans phone and it occurs around the 54 second mark after the "Legends" exit their limo and walk inside the stadium. Click here to check it out.....

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