Sunday, June 7, 2015

Is Kandi Number Beefing With NiNi Too? + Honey Ends It

Although we have yet to find out who is number 9 (if you believe it's actually a number 9) many sources say that Kandi may not be number 9, but she is beefing with the queen, not because of the war, but because of personal reasons. We haven't been hearing any disses from Kandi to NiNi or disses from NiNi to Kandi so we never suspected that she is beefing with the queen but there is  no real confirmation and there is no real info about it so we can't say for sure. But some people swear up and down that Kandi is that long lost number 9. Lets not forget, Kandi was a PSR artist at one point but was dropped due to poor record sales, and she said she left on a positive note with NiNi, so if they are beefing now, it isn't due to being dropped. We don't have much info on this, but we will soon, so stay tuned. In other news, one person who was salty at NiNi for being dropped is Honey Cocaine who entered a beef with NiNi about 2 months ago, but there is no beef anymore at least according to Honey. She did an interview today and was asked what the situation is with her and NiNi and she said "There is no situation anymore, its over and done with, she do her Ill do me and we just keep it moving, its no reason to keep it going because at the end of the day it's really not worth it, life is too short for all that just do you and live your life that's all" NiNi didn't respond to that as of yet. But looks like Honey ended it without NiNi, so is NiNi gonna jump on board and end it too?  or will she continue to hold a grudge against Honey? Click here to view Honey's full interview about  the beef between her and NiNi....

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