Tuesday, June 9, 2015

There Is No Number 9 + NiNi Released A New Laptop To PW

All the trying to find out who's number 9 is done as NiNi confirmed herself today that there is no number 9 and it stops at number 8 (which will be number 5 now, since 3 people have signed truces with her) So that's done with. Those 5 people who are still beefing with her are not seeming to give up, so looks like this war wont be over anytime soon. In fact Somaya woke up late last night and accused NiNi of her attack and said she's not pressing charges on her, instead she's gonna do something that will hurt her more, she's gonna get her husband to fall in love with her and get her kids to call her "mommy" those are her exact words. So as you can see its still #LoveandHipHipVsNiNi even though since 3 people grew up and decided it's not worth it and fans hoped that the others would follow and the war would be ended, sadly that's not the case, but the queen doesn't care if it doesn't end, she simply said "Bring It On Boo" Hmmmmm.......In other news, NiNi has released her own laptop called "Platinum" It's a full touch screen laptop with front and back camera's very advanced like a professional movie quality camera, and it flips around a full 360 degrees. Its a pretty dope computer, but the price tag isn't so dope coming in at $1,099 with free shipping if you order from the platinum wear website. But with that price you get the computer signed by NiNi, an autographed poster of her,her platinum headphones and rare never before seen behind the scenes from the first half of the "Legends Tour" so that's pretty much worth the price. Click here for full details on NiNi's new laptop and click here to head over to the Platinum Wear site to purchase it.......

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