Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Was N And C Victims Of Racism Today?

With all the killing of black people at the  hands of white officers and white citizens, we are living proof that racism is not dead just slightly buried, and although N T and C aren't coming back to the states until Friday,  they might wanna leave sooner because the spot of London they're in right now seems like they're not welcome. It started when N and C went to a "Build A Bear Workshop" (for unknown reasons) and they were told that the store was closed although they just opened less then 2 hours earlier. But it didn't end there, the store was filled with people building their bears and NiNi and China were staring right at a store full of people while they were being told the store is closed. It still didn't end there, after they all started getting loud the manager (a white woman) told them they aren't allowed to come inside and some customers were actually walking by shaking their head and mumbling "ghetto" due to how NiNi and China were acting. Its said that NiNi almost fought at least one person (also white) when she mumbled something while walking by which black witnesses say was "Niggers" The lady in question denied saying anything like that and says she wasn't even over in that location, but many people say she is lying. They threatened to call the police and then 3 more white folks walked right by them and entered the store and were greeted by the other person on the floor, and N and C looked shocked and the manager was at a loss for words and couldn't explain why other people just walked in when they're supposedly closed. Eventually NiNi cursed at the woman and they left and many witnesses say the white customers that were around clapped and praised the manager for getting "THEM" away. This story, although huge, is not confirmed and NiNi and China are unavailable for comment. Its been said that they have been experiencing alot of racism over there and one person even joked about T getting hurt posting "One less nigger to worry about" Yeah it ain't dead...Click here to read the article about this. The manager of Build A Bear was interviewed and she denied this incident she said "I can 100% guarantee you that did not happen here, maybe it was another location but it was not here, we treat all of our customers equally we are color blind and we do not discriminate on anyone. Also me and my entire staff and many of my customers are huge fans of the Legends crew and it would be a true honor to serve them and have them in our shop. That did not happen, I don't know where it came from but its simply not true" Is she lying in an attempt to not have a riot at her store (which is in a mainly black neighborhood by the way, yes its blacks in London) or is someone once again just making things up for a story. This particular Build A Bear hasn't had any complaint since they opened in late 09' so if this is true this is their first incident, and a racist one at that, not too good for their resume. Stay tuned for more info soon.....

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