Monday, June 1, 2015

NiNi Sues BMW For Unauthorized Commercial + Determined To Stop Bootlegging

BMW, one of the largest car dealerships in North America is in trouble with the queen, why? because they used her music and picture on one of their commercials without permission. They were advertising their new model x7 for 2016 and they used her song "When I'm Ridin" which actually fits perfect with advertising a fast car, but the problem is when you use someone else's material, you have to ask permission and give them whatever royalty checks they might request and they didn't do either, so the queen is suing the company for an unknown amount for unauthorized use of her material. BMW issued an apology to NiNi and her publishing company but obviously that didn't make NiNi or her lawyers call off the lawsuit. The commercial has since been taken off air since it's in the middle of a lawsuit but sources say that BMW is trying to work out a solution with NiNi. Stay tuned to find out how that's going. In other news, NiNi is also trying  to get a lawsuit against illegal music companies such as Limewire, Frostwire, Mp3Juices and many others who are bootlegging her music and allowing fans to download full albums and songs for free. The streets also are bootlegging her music and movies. On every corner especially in urban area, people set up a booth with bootleg Cd's and DVDs and so far the street sources report that NiNi's new album is already bootlegged and being sold in over 50 cities and her newest movie "Don't Look Back" has been bootlegged too by someone who walked in  the theatre and recorded the whole thing on camera and its being sold in over 40 cities. NiNi is beyond upset and she wants to put a stop to people bootlegging her stuff. It's not much she can do about the streets, but she can do something about the music sites bootlegging and offering up her music for free download and that what's she determined to do as she already has at least 10 lawsuits against different illegal music companies, and so far one, MP3JUICES.COM has been shut down. Stop bootlegging guys, these artists work hard for you, give them respect and buy their stuff the old fashioned way.....

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