Monday, June 22, 2015

Taylah P And China

Next up in the #JuneReleases is Taylah P with her 2nd PSR album "Turn Up" Taylah has done a good job with inching closer and closer to the "never heard of category"  but she also proved herself on why she still deserves to be at PSR. This album is Pop-Hop, Girl Swag, Hip-Hop and a little bit of every genre thrown into the mix on here. It is produced by Solo, Kay-Slay, NiNi, Def, Just Blaze, Ye, Lil Jon, DJ Khaled and Mikey Reed. It has features from: Meek Mill, Nicki, The Game, Jacob Latimore, Niq Niq, NiNi, Demi, Lena, Tay, Bow Wow and Master P (yes he still raps obviously) It is being praised in the streets and in the industry and Taylah is being praised for her artistic growth and many notice her lyrics have matured as well as her sound and we notice it too. It released at midnight and so far she has sold over 620,000 albums so she is doing well for her first day. It is available on her site, the PSR site, in music stores, on Itunes, Pandora and in Retail stores worldwide for $8.99. Click here to purchase "Turn Up" by Taylah.(Click here to read my full review on her album) Next is China. This is her 6th PSR album called "#5ive+One" We thought that the title was weird at first, but when we found out the true meaning behind it. That is 5 + 1 and that equals 6, and this her 6th album, the other meaning is more deep, its very rare that an artist stays on top successfully long enough to reach 6 albums especially at PSR, and when an artist reaches 6 albums, that's when they're officially considered to have "made it" so looks like miss China has "made it" Anyways, "#5ive +One" is doing very well and is looking good on the charts. It is mainly Girl Swag and Pop mixed with a little Hip-Hop produced by herself, NiNi, Ye and Karmin.It has features from KC, Madonna, Dolla (on sample) Reggie, Star, TIP, Eminem, Diggy, Vanessa Hudgens (super close to NOH) NiNi and Wale (Dangerously close to the NOH) It hit shelves around 9am this morning and so far she has sold over 550,000 copies, slightly trailing behind Taylah but still doing very well for her first day. Her album is available on all the music sites, her site, the PSR site and in retail stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase #5ive +One" by China. (Click here to read my full review on her album) Next up is Niq Niq (The 25th) Ari (The 25th), Ye (The 26th), Beauty (The 27th), Star and Babydoll (The 29th) Look out......

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