Sunday, June 21, 2015

NiNi Has A Huge Announcement That She Will Announce On Oprah When She Gets Back

The world is in complete anticipation and excitement due to NiNi announcement that she has a huge announcement that she will announce on Oprah's show. Is she dropping a new unexpected album? Is she pregnant again? does she have a new girlfriend? It's so many questions as to what the answer may be but NiNi isn't giving any hints until she get back next week so looks like we have to just wait. NiNi also is said to be on lock down because she is trying to find the girl who slapped her and her bodyguards hired actual cops to guard her door and if she tries to go look for her the cops can arrest her for attempted murder so she can't really do anything but take it and that's pissing her off more. Sources say  that she is firing her bodyguards once they get back, but they are just trying to help her because if she finds that girl she probably will kill her and being how the cops are so on her, she wont get any mercy this time so that's why they are doing what they are doing but she isn't looking at it like that and she is getting more pissed off by the minute especially when she is being labeled as a punk. Anyways, what do you guys think the HUGE announcement is?

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