Sunday, June 28, 2015

NiNi Denied Bail And Faces 3 Years For Assault

Looks like the Legends crew will be returning as a 2 woman crew as their leader, Miss Queen has been denied bail and has to await trial in jail until a hearing opens up which can be as late as 2 months. Zoey's family are pressing charges on her and if she is found guilty she faces the maximum charge that London gives out for "severe assault" and that's 3 years, if Zoey dies (which she still can since her windpipe has been snapped) that charge will be changed to 1st degree murder and the maximum penalty for that is the death penalty, so naturally all of the N's in London and in America are scared because if that girl dies, so will NiNi. Fans have gathered outside the jailhouse in support of her, and although its unconfirmed its said many fans from America and many of the "numbers" are catching flights to London to visit her and show their support for her. T has officially been released from the hospital this morning and she is one of  the supporters along with C in front of the jail. Her bail was at first set at 1 million dollars, but for whatever reason they killed her bail. Her rep commented that he is pushing for an early hearing as early as tomorrow and her lawyer is trying to get her charge downgraded to a fighting in public charge if Zoey doesn't die, with the provision that NiNi is not allowed back in London. Looks like NiNi may be in trouble this time but she has the entire worlds support. NiNi's manager and handlers declined to comment. Stay tuned for more info..

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