Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kat Cancels Show After Alexis Fight And Exhaustion

Seems like the two lovebirds are having some problems in their "relationship"as it's reported that the two had a fight today. They are both on tour together and they have a show tonight in New York and during rehearsals they began arguing and they started fighting and a manager had to break it up.  Afterwards Kat walked out and a short while later she announced the show tonight would be canceled.  She said it's from "severe exhaustion"but sources close to her say otherwise and that the reason is due to the fight which left her angry and just not wanting to be around Alexis right now. The show will be made up tomorrow so hold your tickets.  Here's what we know: we know they fought although it was brief they DID in fact fight.  What we don't know is why and if that's the reason for her canceling the show or if it was actually exhaustion.  Alexis and Kat have been contacted but are unavailable for comment.  Kat and Alexis are both apart of the June Releases so be on the lookout for that.


johnny1 said...

Couples fight especially when it's a girl-girl couple so this ain't really news it's life

johnny1 said...

Wait they're a couple??

johnny1 said...

Where the hell u been bro