Tuesday, June 16, 2015

NiNi Cancels Insta

Fans are left shocked as the queen of Insta (yes that's actually her name since she uses it more then anyone) because she canceled her instagram account today. It is not known why and all of her 4 million + pictures are gone. Maybe she's making a new one or maybe she's going through something. This may not seem like news, but just like because NiNi drinks so much Red Bull, she made the drink and company SUPER popular, and it's no different for Insta, she uses it more then anyone, so she made the service and the company super famous so for the main one to quit the service is baffling and it actually is a very huge topic and is making headlines on many tabloids and news outlets. NiNi still is unavailable for comment and she hasn't given an explanation for doing it. Click here to see what I mean about how much chaos it's causing. (not a bad kind of chaos)

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