Sunday, June 14, 2015

NiNi Has Yet Another Fight + Drive By Shooting, Cops Suspect NiNi

NiNi is in Amsterdam (that's in Europe) with her "Legends" buddies, but just because she isn't in America doesn't mean that the drama doesn't follow her. We have reports that NiNi had a fight today with an up and coming singer out there. The woman is known as Princess Peaches and she is well known all over Europe despite not being signed to a record label. She's getting big and her name has reached America. It is unknown how the fight truly started, but witnesses say that Peaches accused NiNi of ripping off lyrics from her most recent song and that's how the argument began. She then pushed NiNi and asked her to do something about it and they starting brawling until they were broken up by Tinashe and China. This happened in a bar (or "pub" as it's called down there) around 12pm this afternoon, which would've been 4am American time. Witnesses say that NiNi won the fight and the singer was taken to the hospital. Cops came but did not place NiNi under arrest and allowed all 3 to go after hearing people say what really happened, Peaches isn't charged with anything either as of now besides maybe DTP. NiNi did not want to be interviewed about the fight and as far as we know the show is still on tonight. There was video of the fight, but the bartender who recorded it says the video was wiped from her phone accidentally after she dropped it so no video, although cops are looking at surveillance video and if they choose to release it to the public, we'll see it. Click here to read the full article on her fight. In other news, the drama back in America isn't stopping either, NiNI isn't even here, yet police are still trying to tie her to everything that's happening. This afternoon, Yandy Smith was shot at while she was walking with a friend in a drive by shooting from an unknown all red car. Neither one was hurt, but both women were shaken up. Police suspect that NiNi is responsible due to the fact that they were both involved in the Love And Hip Hop Vs NiNi war, and even though those two made up and even hugged, cops feel that NiNi may have hired a hit man or hit men to put a hit out on Yandy. Yandy doesn't suspect it's NiNi but police are conducting a full investigation and they contacted Europe Police and they want them to question her, which they agreed to do. NiNi has no obligation to return to the states unless she is officially charged with a crime, which she's not so right now it's just a questioning. Police also suspect it may be someone from PSR as well, and they showed up to PSR and questioned many of them, so far as far as we know they have all been cleared. Anyone else tired of the Police picking on NiNi and blaming everything on her?

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