Monday, June 1, 2015

NiNi Accepts Olivia's Peace Treaty

NiNi made a statement addressing Olivia's most recent offer of a peace treaty, saying that although she accepts the treaty and is willing to sign it officially ending it, she says that the two won't be looking at friendship anytime soon, due to the things Olivia said. She also sat down with her and had a heart to heart and they each actually signed the treaty and had it sealed. Olivia later talked about it to Vogue saying "Yeah its done, I needed to do it my way because I had some things I wanted to get off, and I wanted to hear what she had to get off, and uh, it made for a better situation I think, it went well though" When asked if they could be friends sometime in the future" she responded saying "um well, I was with PSR for a time so I know how stubborn she can be, but I also know how cool she is and we were friends at one point, alot people think that this whole whatever you wanna call it is because I'm mad because I was let go it wasn't it was much more personal but it doesn't matter we're both over it, as far as friendship goes, anything is possible, I wouldn't object to it" So now that Yandy Erica and Olivia are now on the peace treaty level, that leaves us with 5 (or once again 6 if you believe its 9) So who's next? Click here to hear NiNi's statement and click here to see Olivia talking about their treaty sit down"