Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A$AP Rocky Added

A$AP Rocky (very close to NHO) has been added to the #JuneReleases and he is the last day. This is his 2nd PSR album and although its an extremely anticipated album, his fans are disappointed that he made them wait so long for new material from him, and when fans get mad at their artist, sometimes your sales will suffer because as crazy as it sounds music fans hold grudges and take things like that very seriously and will treat it like its life or death (yeah weird) so lets hope A$AP has something up his sleeve to win his loyal fan base back. Click here to view his announcement. It's called "Long Live A$AP Pt.2" which is the 2nd part of his 2012 album "Long Live A$AP" and its dropping on the 30th which makes him the last of the #JuneReleases......

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