Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tinashe Up + NiNi Arrested For Breaking Zoey's Neck

The legends weren't able to return to America as planned yet due to a huge rainstorm that hit yesterday and all flights were canceled so they're still in London, but T has woken up from her coma and doctors say its a miracle because she is perfectly ok and she is ready to leave (that's what you call tough) despite the fact that she had an explosive bomb blow up right on her she can walk, talk, eat, drink and can even dance and make jokes, and doctors say they have never seen anything like it.  T has did an interview and she says she still plans to perform in the BET Awards tomorrow (someone still loves her up there) T may be released today and all 3 legends may be returning  together on Monday but that's the 29th so it's unknown how N and T will be able to perform in the BET awards which is Sunday. Anyways T is back and although they're leaving London they will be back real soon since she's up now and feeling better. In other news looks like nini probably won't be coming back to the U.S with the others since today she got arrested. The beef between her and Zoey came to a huge fire today and nini snapped her neck.  Zoey didn't die but she almost did. Click here to see video of the fight and read more on eat happened. ....

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